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After the Legendary balls are over and the scores have been counted, competing houses let off some steam, throw a little shade, and speak to their legacies in this series of intimate interviews on HBO Max’s brand new podcast hosted by writer and editor Mikelle Street. Season 2 of Legendary begins on May 6th, only on HBO Max.
12 Episodes
Mikelle speaks with New York City father Arturo Miyake-Mugler as well as house members Diego Miyake-Mugler and Tati Miyake-Mugler about what it was like winning the season. The team talks about how they became the powerhouse performers they are, and how in the middle of the season they made an integral change that left them with the top prize. Legendary judge Leiomy Maldonado also chats about her relationship with voguing as well as Arturo, who she used to look up to coming up in the scene.  See for privacy information.
Mikelle speaks with overall mother Shannon Balenciaga and house member Honey Balenciaga about being the “fab” girls of the season and what it felt like to get so close but not take home the trophy. Shannon also gets emotional speaking about what ballroom has taught her about family, and Honey explains how she’s come into her own voguing style. Trigger warning: this episode contains some mention of suicidal ideation. See for privacy information.
Mikelle speaks with overall godmother Stasha Garçon and house member Milan Garçon about the House of Garçon’s best Legendary performances and the house’s history. Stasha also shares the long legacy she’s built for herself outside of the ballroom scene (including drag’s House of Sanchez) and how she changed the category of face. Additionally, Milan shares how ballroom whipped her into shape and prepared her to walk New York Fashion Week runways.  See for privacy information.
While most houses had one house parent on Legendary, the House of Oricci had two. Mikelle talks with overall father Omari Oricci and overall mother Gilette Oricci about their time on the show, why Gilette was so key to the leadership of the house, the origins of the house of Oricci, and what it’s like building a legacy outside of ballroom teaching runway and choreographing dance internationally. See for privacy information.
After what will undoubtedly be the most talked about exit of the season, Mikelle talks with West Coast Mother Gia Tisci and house member Simone Tisci about the elimination no one saw coming. With that out of the way, they also discuss Gia’s legendary career on ballroom runways, Simone’s career outside of the scene building her life as a celebrity makeup artist, and how Legendary is putting a spotlight on femme queens this season. See for privacy information.
Mikelle can’t get enough of the sound of Ballroom. Its layers and complexity are the inspiration for this episode. We hear from internationally known DJ MikeQ and King of Vogue, the Icon Dashaun Wesley. They discuss the chemistry of sounds, the dynamic between DJ, commentator and dancer, and what it means for the scene that Ballroom is receiving the cultural attention and acclaim it so very much deserves. See for privacy information.
Mikelle talks with Philadelphia father Jamil Icon and house member Kylie Kat about their final performance, where they explain the gag factor they experienced of being sent home after their best performance of the competition. But, at the end of the day it was the house’s bond that shown through. Here, the two reflect on their own legacies, as well as the purpose of the kiki scene and the role Philadelphia plays in the overall narrative of ballroom. See for privacy information.
Mikelle chats with New York City Mother of the House of Milan, Jocelyn Milan, and house member Maleek Milan about their house roots and history, the different kinds of mothers in Ballroom, what it means to actually BE a house mother, as well as the ways Ballroom has made space over the years for non-binary identity. See for privacy information.
Mikelle and House of Luxe member Becky Luxe dive into all things Luxe as Becky gives us a behind the scenes look into how she came to Legendary. Becky shares her experience coming up in the Los Angeles ball scene, discusses how gender transcends in Ballroom, and how learning to vogue not only freed her to be her most whole self, but now consistently encourages it. See for privacy information.
Mikelle and Overall House Mother Jacen Prodigy take a deep dive into what it means to have Face in Ballroom, how the House of Prodigy chose their members, and the grit behind the glamour of the House’s fight-ready Grand March Performance. In this interview, Jacen takes us through his history as a young person finding the scene, being a part of the Ball community for 22 years, the moment that made him an Icon, and how Ballroom shaped him into who he is today. See for privacy information.
In this inaugural episode, Mikelle introduces himself as a writer and oral historian of Ballroom culture and all things therein. Mikelle invites Legendary Cookie Chanel of the House of Chanel to chat about coming up in the Ballroom scenes in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC, Chanel’s role as one of the oldest Ballroom houses, all things Vogue Fem, and the unusual trajectory that led to him becoming a legend. See for privacy information.
Join host and unofficial Ballroom-expert Mikelle Street in conversation with members of the iconic Houses competing in HBO Max’s Legendary season 2. Each episode, Mikelle and his guests get into the episode, share their House’s legacy, throw a little shade, and spill ALL the tea. Legendary Season 2 premieres on HBO Max starting May 6th. Subscribe now to listen to The Let Out the very same day. See for privacy information.
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