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Author: Precious Bajogun

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What's the secret to beating life in it's own game? Overcoming fear, healing, genuine relationships and a lil bit of spontaneity. Precious Bajogun's experience with life has thrown her off her feet for good while and so now, she is determined to enjoy her life to the fullest; and she wants to do it with you. Here, she'd be touching every single aspect of life; finances, fashion, mental health, religion, family, love, friendships etc.
The weekly conversations will be thought provoking. I invite you to join me on this journey of life and evolution.
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Facelifts, tummy tucks, breast enhancements, breast reductions, and butt enlargements . . . are examples. The miracles of modern medicine comes with a double edged sword. In this new episode of The Lifeaholic Podcast, I just ranted on how it broke my heart to see young girls getting work done on their bodies and doing it repeatedly.
More and more graduates are coming into the workforce and there are thousands of them on the job market. Follow to this series to get regular tips on how to be outstanding in the pool of candidates and how to land your dream job. It's a Journey with me, as someone who has been on both sides of the interview table.
Have you ever felt like you were eating too much? In this episode I talked about the stuff I was going through and wish you guys a Happy New Year. You know it's okay to not have everything all figured out at the start of the new year, let's figure it out together as time goes.
Hey guys, How are y'all doing this fine Saturday? My name is Precious and I'm the host of the show. I thought that to encourage others that on my list that I'm supposed to interview, I should put out my story. So this is me, laying it all down. I'm gonna be talking about my near-rape experience and relationship with food. Listen, leave a comment, and share if you don't mind.😊❤️
In this episode, Uche tells us about moving from the village, to Lagos and then to Ogun State. Delay is not denial, according to him. Listen to Uche's story in this beautiful episode of real people, real stories.
Kenny, in this episode tells us about his interesting childhood, his journey into University and how he broke the record to become one of the people to have a first class in the Department of History and Strategic Studies since it was created in the University of Lagos.
Welcome to the very FIRST episode of the The Lifeaholic Podcast Season Two! REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES. I'm so excited to have you guys back here and for our very first interview we have Ada on the other side to share inspiring stories about her life and how she became the breadwinner of the family after her dad refused to cater for them. Her experience would sound like something out of a Nollywood movie but it is REAL. Listen, share and don't forget to take screenshots and send them to me!
IN THE SPIRIT OF NO SODA MAY, I collated Top 10 healthy alternatives to Soda. Cheers to not breaking our soda fast🍷
When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person that walked into it and so when you can't control what's happening to you, what you should control is how you respond to it. . I collated tips on how to raise your head high when everything is going wrong from Ben Glory. Listen to her and your life would never remain the same again.
Hey there, Happy New Month. It's my birth month but May has been really annoying for all the year I've been on earth. You guys really made my year though. Thank you sooo much🥺❤️ Here's another episode and it's called; How to raise your head high when everything is going wrong. Listen to get tips on how to deal with difficult situations and listen to real life heart-rending stories. Enjoy!
I decided to prank a few of my friends; Yinka, Tricia, Jimeto, Felix, Gift, Olawale and Favour. I was only able to successfully prank Yinka, Tricia, Felix and Gift. Olawale did not pick his call, Favour too and the network was bad so I could not get to talk to Jimeto. I had fun, I haven't done this in a while and I hope you enjoy it too. Pray for me though, I may have a few less friends after this because they are all threatening to "unfriend" me
Did I just see you tuck you dress between your legs and retreat to the shadows? This episode is for you! And some of us are really good at hiding the fact that we have low self esteem. This episode is for us! Infact, this episode is for everybody, ladies and guys alike. I know you'd find something to hold on to at the end of the episode. Listen to Grace, the President, Graciella Initiative, a great woman share her insightful views on Low Self-Esteem among ladies.
We know that Nigerian food is bomb yeah, but here is a list of top ten Nigerian food; nobody should argue with me ohh. If you've not tried any of the food on this list, you should. They would blow your mind. This can also guide you as a foreigner visiting Nigeria for the first time. You should try all of these before you leave!
From Gift and Temitopeoluwa, we learn that, Harassment does not have to involve any physical contact at all — words alone may be enough. Conduct that is sexual in nature but does not include any sexual contact is still sexual harassment. Behavior that is “sexual in nature” includes most situations people think of when they think of sexual harassment: sexual advances, repeated requests for dates, lewd remarks, pornographic pictures, or sexual jokes. Of course, harassment can also include physical contact--and conduct that includes unwanted sexual touching, sexual assault or rape is not only illegal sexual harassment but is also a crime.
Rejection is one of those negative experiences life seems to toss at us to keep things interesting. No one is immune to rejection, but some people do handle it better than others. Whether it creeps up in your work environment, home life or social circles, it's something we all have to cope with at different check points in our lives. So how do we deal with rejection and move on? I shared some simple ways to do so.
So this is an audio log of my journey to the NYSC camp in Niger State.
What is Low Self Esteem? And yes, this is something that's common among ladies, so have we really heard of low self-esteem among men? If there are cases, the what's to be done to get rid of it? Kenny, Comr Bayo and Martin takes this interview to share their life experiences (and share with us how they grew their beards when they were younger)
Hi there, welcome to the Lifeaholic Podcast hosted by Precious Bajogun. Precious created this podcast with the sole aim of creating a platform where everyone can share their life stories, mistakes and experiences so that everyone can learn from it. Her own experience with life has prepared her for what may come in the future and despite that, she is determined to enjoy her life to the fullest; and she wants to do it with you. Here, she'd be touching every single aspect of life; finances, fashion, mental health, religion, family, love, friendships etc.
In this episode precious explains her childhood and all these things she had internalized growing up, how it has shaped becoming an adult and all of the things that she's relearning and learning as an adult.
Oh yesszzz!!! I hate to say we're back too much but WE ARE BACK!!! Lol!!! Is being alone lonely all the time? Is calling someone fat when they're fat body shaming? Listen to this thought provoking monologue and don't forget to subscribe, comment, send screenshots, just... Let me know you were here!♥️