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Author: Clinton Kehr

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The Liminal One Project is a weekly podcast that provides applicable knowledge and skills for leading and managing change. It explores the ways in which people and organization can improve to meet maximum efficiency and happiness. New episodes released every Wednesday.
77 Episodes
Implementing Your Change

Implementing Your Change


In episode 77, we talk about change implementation, the hardest phase of change. Choice is actually the easier of the two. Throughout we will touch on the change curve, how implementation is cyclic, the ways in which we can improve our success, and alignment of thought and behavior. By far this is where most of us are not successful, and where we need to spend most of our focus working toward our end goal and success. 
Episode 76 turns our attention back to Designing Your Life with a focus on Odyssey Plans. Odyssey Plans allow you to visually plan your life and then gauge the likeliness of success. They also ask you to generate three questions surrounding that each plan. The authors of the book suggest that you complete three of these plans, one around your current state and trajectory, one of what you want to go after, and your cloud-9 plan. Once these plans are completed, you can start to analyze each, allowing you to understand which may be most suited. They are paramount to successful prototyping, the next session of Designing Your Life. 
Episode 75 touches  on a challenge that all humans have - finding more time. It's not possible to find more time, but better to improve the way we use the time that we have. This is also not easy. We touch on two tools to assist how we can reflect on what is most important to us and equally, how we are currently spending our time. Tune-in for simple tools that will generate understanding, clarity, and a future focused on maximizing the time that you have. 
Coming back from a great family vacation, I dive right back into the Designing Your Life content, offered from the NY Best Selling book. We discuss a few final steps before we reach Prototyping, and this week's session focuses on Choices/Decision-making and Mind-mapping as a key tool. Why is it so difficult when we have been making decisions our entire lives; actually each day. It's one of two options, 0 options or 1000 options. We either have zero or too many. By using tools like mind-mapping we can start small and work our way to the granular or we can work through all the ideas out and look for similarities. Either way, this simple tool starts the process and simplifies the decision making process. 
This week, I take some much needed with the family to sit back and relax. So, this episode is a repeat, and I'll return next week with some new content. We spend this session taking about...What does it take to create impactful change in your life? Do you have the Spirit of Change? There are many sets of D's - three of which I find that build that fire in your belly, the Spirit of Change. Dedication, finding the passion. Determination, your purpose and why. And Discipline, set your own rules. Follow these 3 D's to create success in your life and build your Spirit of Change. You do have it. 
In Episode 72, we transition back to the Designing Your Life content and discuss the benefits of the Good Time Journal. One of the most benefit tools in the kit, discussed by Burnett and Evans, is this idea of taking scope of your daily activities to understand your engagement and energy. This allows one to get a good idea of what is working and what isn't, which leads assisting where we really want to end up or work toward in life. Tune in to learn more about Engagement, Energy, and Flow, as well as the AEIOU. 
In this week's episode 71, we talk about rituals. What are rituals, anyways? They are purposeful habits. We brush our teeth, put on our cloths each day; we have habits or those actions we do that we don't have to think about. Rituals on the other hand, have a purpose, there is meaning behind what we do. When you have changes you want to make in your life, make new rituals, find the purpose, and create an easier pathway with successful outcomes.  
In Episode 70, we continue the conversation around the Designing Your Life methodology and embark on the adventure of life. Can you answer the three question, the three we most care about in life?  Are you connecting the dots that provide meaning?  We dive into the questions asked by the authors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans surrounding what makes up your lifeview and workview; and why they matter. 
In Episode 69, the conversation focuses on Self Growth and how it should be part of everyday life. I spend some time talking through a single question that I have been thinking about and how I was able to resolute that question by seeking out the advice of a reliable source. The answers, feedback, direction from this conversation are all components of growth, of the everyday self development.
In Episode 68, we discuss the Designing Your Life (book) - Acceptance (You are Here). We take a look at the authors' views on the present, accepting where you are in life and being able to evaluate your current status on 4 life areas. These areas, Health (physical, emotional), Work (greater cause), Love (we know this feeling), and Play (our Joy) are our life. They can be evaluated based on our understanding and satisfaction. They show us Where We Are, and once Accepted, allow us to move forward. We will also touch on (external of the book), the alignment of self awareness and aware of where you are in life at this moment. 
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