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Author: Dr. Lindsey Elmore

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A podcast that helps you find fulfillment amidst chaos.
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In this week’s episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey is sitting down with Erin Khar, author of Strung Out: One Last Hit and Other Lies that Nearly Killed Me. During their conversation, Erin shares with Lindsey her 15-year battle with drug addiction. She first began experimenting with drugs at the age of 13, and talks about why self-hatred and depression were the root cause of her drug use and destructive behavior. She also shares the moment that immediately inspired her to stay away from drugs forever, and how therapy, journaling and open communication with her family has helped her heal from her past traumas. Then Lindsey shares the benefits of yoga for the brain, and talks about the struggles she has personally faced that yoga has helped to heal.
In episode 16 of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey chats with two fitness experts about how to make it accessible and attainable for every woman. They talk about how to conquer fitness stereotypes despite age, race or sex. Dr. Stacie Graham tells us all about her OYA Retreats, which are immersive, holistic wellness events for black women and women of color. She strives to stretch her reach to all yoginis of color, reaching their body, mind and spirit. Rooted in healing and growth, these retreats provide a safe space and community for women of color to feel supported in their processes of survival. Leslee Bender, creator of the Bender Ball, has spent her entire career in the fitness industry and drops some truth bombs about our health. She says you shouldn’t pick a trainer based on what they look like, but instead how they plan to devise a program that is built specifically for you. She shares what frustrates her about the fitness industry, and why movement is a necessity at every age. If you’ve been looking for motivation to get moving, this episode is for you. Tune into “Fitness for every woman” now!
In this week’s episode, Lindsey is sitting down with some truly woke men, who are on a mission to support others on their own spiritual paths.First, Lindsey sits down with Scott Ware, publisher and editor of Radiance Multidimensional Media, a publication that focuses on spiritual and holistic modality. Scott helps people come out of the spiritual closet. What does that mean, exactly? It means giving people the freedom and power to find their own spiritual path. He is sharing permissions we must give ourselves, and how to stay true to our life’s path while supporting others in their own journeys.Then, Lindsey speaks with Toby Gant, her own personal spiritual guru. Toby has a Masters of Education in Counseling in Human Development and is a certified holistic life coach. He talks about how we can embrace our divine feminine and our divine masculine, in turn showing us how we can move away from shadow femininity and shadow masculinity.  He helps to align his clients’ career life, personal life, and their inner world by helping them find their highest truth.Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a short meditation with Toby, and Yoga Nidra with Lindsey.
In this episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey and her guests tackle one of the biggest issues that women face: lack of self acceptance. First, Lindsey talks with Virgie Tovar, author of The Self-Love Revolution: Radical Body Positivity for Girls of Color and You Have the Right to Remain Fat. These books help to uncover unconscious biases against fat people and help people to accept the body they are born in, no matter the size. Virgie brings her own journey of radical self acceptance to the table, challenging people to rethink how they many see the world. Then, Lindsey sits down with Dr. Komal Pandya, who defied her family's expectations of her while still maintaining an excellent relationship with them. She learned how to accept herself and defined what she wanted her own life to look like, despite some of the rigid expectations her parents may have had of her. She talks how therapy, confidence and open communication can greatly encourage acceptance of self. Finally, Lindsey talks with Dayna Mott, author of Kinky Locks about how people with textured hair can care for it without exposing themselves to harsh chemicals that are often marketed to African Americans. She talks about the necessity of seeing textured hair in the media, saying an absence of textured hair only encourages young African American girls to believe they need to change something about themselves, instead of promoting self acceptance.
In this week's episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey sits down with three women that are facing obstacles in their own day-to-day in order to achieve their dream. Joy Womack is an artist for the Boston Ballet. She formerly danced with the Bolshoi Ballet, and talks about the many obstacles she faced physically and mentally while practicing and performing her craft. Joy talks about perseverance in the pursuit of her dreams, and why she constantly thinks about writing a letter to her future self when making big decisions. Chelsea Tenney, Kate Lyons and Haylee Crowley are business owners at Put On Love Designs, Modern Makerie, and Whimsy + Wellness respectively. This girl gang talks about leaning on each other for support and how their collaboration has led each of them to excel in their own entrepreneurial journey. An important lesson they learned: in order to receive the kind of support you want, you must first give that support to others. Then Lindsey shares some tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur, including a great free tool that will help you get on your way to growing your business.
In this week's episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey tackles another issue that many women face: figuring out a healthy diet. With so many options and opinions surrounding the specifications of a balanced diet, it's hard to know what you really should be putting in your body and when. Amanda Nighbert sits down with Lindsey to help separate fact from myth, and addresses intermittent fasting and the idea that fat is not what's going to make you fat. Dr. Vivian Chen shares her journey of treating her patients through the recommendations of diet changes. She talks about why after her own family's experiences, she has shifted from traditional medicine to a more natural approach. Then, Lindsey sits down with her partner Derick for a segment called, "The Perfect Relationship," where they discuss lessons learned after their Valentine's Day turned into a comedy of errors.
In today's episode, Lindsey is talking with two incredible humanitarians. First, Lindsey speaks with Ben Cooley, CEO and co-founder of Hope For Justice. He talks about philanthropy and why it is so important that we each get involved in our own way. 40.3 million people in the world are victims forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced marriage. Hope For Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery while helping to restore victims lives. Then Lindsey talks with Naomi Ackerman of The Advot Project, an organization that prepares youth for success by teaching them communication and relationship skills through the arts. Naomi views her passion through the arts as a responsibility to educate youth in communities all over the globe. Want to know how to get involved? Tune in.
Did you know that how much sleep you're getting is directly affecting how your brain and body function? Sleep is linked to neurological issues, metabolical issues and more. Mollie McGlocklin, founder of Sleep Is A Skill, sits down with Lindsey to talk about why it is so imperative that we get the proper rest to stay healthy. Then, Lindsey shares a CBD Sleep Balm recipe that is sure the help you peacefully fall asleep, with lots of other added benefits.
In this week's episode, Lindsey sits down with Emily Gaudreau who helps parents navigate the important task of talking to their children about sex. Emily is a former Playboy photographer turned child sexual abuse prevention educator and anti-pornography activist, and talks about the high price we pay for our pornified culture. Then, Lindsey shares her thoughts on shame and sexuality, and how being brave enough to talk about what you want out of a physical relationship with your partner can impact that relationship in a very positive way.
In this week’s episode, Lindsey challenges women to fully embody their authentic self. Knowing who you are and embracing your truest form will add success to all areas of your life. Lindsey talks with with Melissa Koehler who shares her expertise on the Enneagram and why knowing not just your strengths but your core fears is vital to self-realization. Then, Carol Tuttle explains how dressing your truth can help you outwardly express who you are at your deepest level, and talks about the disadvantages of dressing outside of your personality type. Lindsey shares her personal Enneagram number and how knowing both that and her Dressing Your Truth personality type has positively impacted her life.
In episode seven, Lindsey tackles the age-old complaint, “I don’t have enough time.” First, Lindsey speaks with Tonya Dalton, author of The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less. Tonya talks about why it’s important to find your North Star, and challenges women to rethink ‘busy.' Then, Lindsey talks with Jenny Fenig, a business coach who teaches women where to start when turning passions into a profitable business. Jenny talks about how each of life’s moments are fleeting and precious, and has seen firsthand that when women gather, magic happens.
In today’s show Lindsey will be chatting with Laura Blackburn, Director of Giving at Thinx period proof panties. They will be discussing access to menstrual care products and how we can have a sustainable and easier period. Then Lindsey will be giving a bird’s eye view of a critical nutrition for a healthy period according to Chinese medicine.
Today Lindsey will be talking with two of her personal care providers, Dr. Keri Chiappino her chiropractor here in New York and Dr. Sarita Cox, her acupuncturist back in Alabama. There is something different about these two women, because their relationship with Lindsey went beyond practitioner and patient, and extended into friendship which is rare.
In today’s episode Lindsey will be talking about self care through even the toughest times. First up we’ll be chatting with Christine Shevchenko, a principal ballet dancer at the American Ballet Theatre about how she cares for herself in one of the most demanding of jobs. Lindsey will be sharing her personal journey of dance, the best and the worst of it.
Susanne Tedrick currently works as a cloud computing technical specialist at IBM, and is the author of Women of Color in Tech. She and Lindsey will be chatting about how women can have a greater presence in technology jobs, and how we can find the mentors and advocates in the workplace that we need. Then, there will be the first segment of Ask Me Anything, the part of the show that you can submit a question for Lindsey to answer live on air.
Raise your hand. Don't lower your standards. That's the message from this week's guest Illana Raia, an attorney who left the profession to start her own company that aims to inspire middle school girls to stick with their creative passions and transform them into careers in the future. After that, Lindsey reads a letter to her younger self.
In this episode, I go over the purpose and history of the podcast. To inspire women of all ages to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and leave their mark through interviews with thought leaders, doctors, creatives, spiritual leaders, and game changers.This show was created for women who: Are open and receptive to new ideas.Desire balance in their business, family, health, and spiritAre interested in the newest health and wellness trends.   Want to turn passion into life’s work.Want to give back and serve a greater mission.Want guidance living their best life.May be changing direction and may be facing fears of the unknown.When you listen to this show, I hope that you will call it: PurposefulThoughtfulEvocativeInspiringBoundary-PushingEver-EvolvingSelf-ReflectivePlanned, Paced, and Executed to the Highest QualityWelcome to The Lindsey Elmore Show
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