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A podcast that helps you find fulfillment amidst chaos.
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Welcome to The Lindsey Elmore Show, a podcast that helps you to find fulfillment amidst chaos. When you listen to this podcast, I hope you feel challenged to think about health and wellness in new ways. That you gain courage to push outside your comfort zones, clear out emotional clutter, and create a vision for the future of your own health. Health is more. It’s more than what the scale says. It’s more than what the prescription in your hand reads. It’s more than anyone else’s opinion of what your personal wellness should look like. When you listen to the Lindsey Elmore Show, you’re invited to become a citizen of the world, fully empowered in your own health, and ready to pass it along to others.
In this week’s episode of the Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey has a raw and real conversation with recovering alcoholic and real estate investor Justin Balunsat. He left his six figure income job to start Just Divine Properties, which is now a successful real estate company focusing on large scale luxury renovations and additions. But Justin’s story is far from normal. He was raised in a military family, and survived sexual abuse from both men and women. He became a college athlete and survived addiction. He has now come to the understanding that one of the most important things we can do is protect our state of mind. After Justin’s interview, we hear from his fiancée Devinne Bravoco who was with him during the days of his drinking, and even has stood by his side when she found him drunk on the streets of New York. She pours her heart into a letter to him, detailing their highs, and lows, and why she is grateful to have made it through their struggles together.
In this special highlight episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey and her guests discuss how to craft your story, how to stay authentic, and how to impact those around us and create a better world. This episode features segments from the following guests: Illana Raia, Ian Morris, Ben Cooley, Carry Somers, Lindsay Pinchuk, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, and Madeline DiNonno. Thanks for tuning into this "best of" episode!
In this special highlight episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey and her guests discuss how to craft your story, how to stay authentic, and how to turn your passion into your life's work. This episode features segments from the following guests: Kathleen Entwistle, Tanya Dalton, Melissa Koehler, Chelsea Tenney, Kate Lyons, Haylee Crowley, Michael Trefel, Laura Bull, Dale Smith Thomas. Thanks for tuning into this "best of" episode!
This episode of the Lindsey Elmore Show features Dr. Trevor Cates, Dr. Sarita Cox, Robyn O'Brien, Amanda Nighbert, Mollie McGlocklin and Lara Zakaria as we cover the best of Health and Wellness from the last 50 episodes of the show! Thanks for tuning in to this special highlight episode.
Following her own battle with eating disorders, Nikki Ostrower originally opened NAO Wellness to help people to transform their relationship with food. However, her business turned into so much more. In her unwavering dedication to holistic wellness, she believes that long term health is accessible to anyone who chooses positive, thoughtful, healthy habits. This includes addiction recovery, eating habits, lifestyle changes and more. She also shares why Ear Seeds can be an easy, simple way to introduce a little bit of acupuncture in to your daily life. Then, Dr. Elmore shares her own story with acupuncture and why she sees it as such a valuable healing tool.
Nicola Humber is the founder of Unbound Press, where she helps women understand the need to share their stories. She helps women not only to write but to publish their books, but also helps women shift their perspectives, letting them know that when you don’t share your story, you’re holding yourself back. Nicola took a leap of faith which lead her to helping women embrace their imperfections and shake the tyranny of what they think they “should” do. Then, Dr. Elmore shares how to respect the beginning, middle and end of your own story. Whether that’s a project you’re working on, your journey, or writing your own book. For Daniel Pink’s “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” head to:
In this episode of the Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey shares simple tips and tricks that help you become a better speaker. She states that even those who may feel natural in front of a crowd can become prolific public speakers with formal training and lots of practice. She is sharing exercises, techniques and personal stories that will help you take your speaking game to the next level.
As an entrepreneur with a growing business, speaking clearly and thoughtfully is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Focusing on simple tips and tricks to make you a better speaker is crucial. Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, public speaking coach Jane Paterson shares how she helps to transform every day speakers into confident and engaging communicators. Jane has taught etiquette, Modern Manners for the 21st Century, and now owns One Perfect Speech that helps people comprehend and overcome the fear some people experience when they speak in front of people. She believes that everyone has the ability to present a great speech if they are given the right coaching, which Jane argues is crucial to to not just business but life in general.
Pili Yarusi will be the first to tell you that she is scared to talk about money. But as an entrepreneur who is managing millions of dollars worth of real estate investments, she shares why women absolutely must talk about money and realize that they too are worthy of wealth. Pili talks about goal setting, how not to be fearful of those major goals, and how to choose if renting or buying real estate is best for you. Then, Dr. Elmore shares five steps for becoming an entrepreneur. She states that every person deserves to have the business of their dreams, and is passing along strategies to help get you there.
Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Kara Collier, registered dietician, nutritionist and certified nutrition support clinician shares why it’s so important to continuously track your glucose, whether you’re diabetic or not. When Kara became frustrated with the typical healthcare system, she started a company called Nutrisense where she now is the Director of Nutrition. She has interpreted thousands of complex glucose data sets in non-diabetic patients helping people to make lasting life-style changes reverse metabolic disfunction and prevent chronic infection. She states that blood sugar tracking is critical to seeing how the body reacts to each food that we eat, and helps us control our weight, our energy levels and more. Plus, her company has the technology available for you to easily and conveniently do this from the comfort of home. After that, Dr. Elmore shares why we should be avoiding sugar in our diet, and how we can affectively break our addiction to sugar. For more information,
Dr. Chrisanne Gordon is a researching physician who studied traumatic brain injuries before unexpectedly suffering a traumatic brain injury of her own when a freak accident changed her life forever. Now, as both a physician and a brain injury survivor, she says she was drafted by the universe to advocate for those with traumatic brain injuries. After recovering from her own injury, she returned to medicine with a new expertise and a new empathy as she was able to see the struggles from a patient’s perspective. She founded the Resurrecting Lives Foundation and advocates for the proper diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries, especially among veterans returning from military combat zones. Then, we hear from Veteran Jason Sapp who underwent 11 minutes of active fire while serving in one of his military tours. This caused severe Post-traumatic stress and affected Jason in many areas of his life, including most poignantly his relationship with his wife. He’s reading an emotional letter that he wrote to her detailing the arduous journey they’ve been on while living with Post-traumatic stress. Warning: This episode may contain sensitive material for some listeners.
In today’s episode, podcast host and entrepreneur "Super" Joe Pardo paints a picture of forging your own path against all expectations. He left his family's $100M trucking business (the largest independently owned truck part company on the East Coast) with much objection, and without a plan. After working hard to find what was best for him, including combing through many passions and potential opportunities, he knows how to find a need within a market. Now, he helps entrepreneurs go from pennies to nine-figure businesses by bringing strategy, application and execution to entrepreneurs everywhere. He helps to build communities and bring people together to have intelligent conversations that drive business owners forward, getting them to the next level.
Sharon Haver is the founder of Focus on Style, and has been an entrepreneur since 1999. She is an OG in the female entrepreneurship world, and helps women to discover their authentic voice, allowing it to permeate every single area of their brand. She serves as a catalyst that helps entrepreneurs get to the next level, helping them to realize what it takes to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Sharon says that when you fully embrace who you are, you can be confident to get high level clients who truly appreciate you and what you bring to the table. After that, Dr. Elmore shares one of the biggest things that holds us back: being a people pleaser. She shares the art of saying no, and how crucial this is in order to keep us from overwhelm and unnecessary stress.
Dr. Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author and PhD who studies the connection of mind, body and medicine. Her work helps people conquer stress at work and discover workplace wellness to help manage their stress. Dr. Gruver is also an expert in hypnotherapy. While many have heard about hypnosis before, often the preconceived notions of this form of therapy are not what they appear to be. Hypnotherapy has the power to change our mindset, helping us to reduce stress in our everyday lives. Then Dr. Elmore shares supplements, vitamins, minerals that can help to resolve stress and anxiety responses, as so many of us are plagued with stressors in our every day lives.
Sandy Joy Weston has owned and operated health and wellness companies in the Philadelphia area for many years. She was the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers and also worked with the Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team. Her innate desire to dance lead her down a career path of fitness and working with athletes. But even more than that, it uncovered a different mission and passion for her. She loves helping people transform their body, through fitness and dance - but she also loves sharing how to transform your life by finding the joy in every moment. Then, stick around to hear from Lindsey how shifting your mindset and blocking out negative thoughts can lead you to living a more optimistic life, leading you to flourish and grow out of every situation.
What can we be doing to simply live healthier lives? We in the United States are constantly looking for the secret to a healthier life, when in fact we have the tools to create that right in front of us. Dr. Jess Peatross is an expert in the field of stealth infections, infections disease, and more. She is a visionary of the future of healthcare, and is trained in the realm of functional medicine. When Dr. Jess realized that allopathic medicine was not the perfect fit to actually heal chronic disease, she went in seek of the “real answers” that get down to the root of the cause of illness. She noticed that anxiety and hormone imbalances, among other things, were taking a toll on her patients’ health, realizing that true health must include our mind, our body, and our spirit. Then, stick around to hear about finding your people. In the middle of a stressful year or a stressful situation, nothing means more than surrounding yourself with people who accept you exactly as you are. How do we find those people? Tune in to find out.
Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey is talking with Tarin Calmeyer of Remote Team Wellness. Tarin’s goal is to encourage companies to focus on their employees’ health and wellness, sharing principles and practices that will not only improve the lives of their employees but the state of the company overall. Tarin states that when employees are nurtured at a company, they know they are there for a purpose, not just a paycheck. This in turn gives the company purpose on a larger scale. She has spent more than 10 years bringing together yoga and mediation expertise to the workplace, and her teachings highlight an understanding of the body, mindfulness and conscious living. In 2020 Tarin and her team launched Remote Team Wellness, a live virtual wellness solution designed to bring health and balance to companies and their employees. Then, Lindsey will share tips on being successful at home, and finding a work-life balance in order to stay in control of our mental health.
A lot of people are experienced in diversity, but on today’s episode, Lindsey’s guest states that it’s imperative to discuss not only diversity, but also equity and inclusion. Diversity is presence - which is most certainly important, however it’s only a piece of the puzzle. Nicole Lee is a leadership coach and speaker who consults with Non Profit Organizations, schools, businesses and more to help them improve the climate for not just their diversity - but also equity and inclusion. She’s the founder of Inclusive Life, the co-founder of the Black Movement-Law project and more, and works with local community groups to educate impacted communities in understanding their rights. Then, Lindsey talks about disparities in health care and why there is much to change regarding availability to resources within the black and brown communities.
Dajae Williams is an engineer in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. She works on electrical and mechanical assemblies, all while pursuing her creative side hustle: hip hop music.Dajae has made it her mission to empower youth through her company “Listen Up,” which teaches students Science, Technology, Engineering and Math principles through hip hop music.Dajae talks about why realizing she was a unicorn in her industry was a pivotal moment, and why that lead her to continue pursuing hip hop and STEM Education.Then, Lindsey flexes some creative juices of her own where she shares a Pharmacist Rap.
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