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How you can monetize a small audience?We've all been told that the thing we need to do in order to be successful online is to reach and grow a large audience. And after we've attracted a big audience and earned their attention and earned their trust, then - after all that happens - then we can start making money.But, in this episode, my guest, Ina Coveney, is here to challenge that conventional wisdom.Ina is a business coach for online coaches. She's the host of the Global Phenomenom podcast - which I highly recommend listening to. And her program is called Get Clients First.So this is not Grow Your Audience first - it's clients first. You don't have to wait! Imagine if you didn't have to spend all of next year promoting on social media trying to reach and grow the biggest audience possible.What if you could actually make your living doing what you love - right away by getting clients first and monetizing a tiny audience. How do we do that?That's what we're talking about, so stay tuned!!Get Ina's 100 Post IdeasIf you're inspired by today's episode and you're ready to build a stand out business and void getting lost in the crowd then I have an invitation. I'd love to talk with you about how to make your brand uniquely compelling, effective and radically different. I've still have a few spots in my calendar for a standout business breakthrough session where we can make a plan for you to become a Standout CEO. Schedule a call with me
There used to be only three ways to get noticed: Buy expensive advertising, get the mainstream media to tell your story for you, or hire a huge sales staff to interrupt & tell people individually about your products.But now, with the myriad of new opportunities to market and promote yourself online, the key to success (and to standing out) is to think more like a journalist and publish amazing content that will build trust and affinity for your brand.These ideas form the main premise of the newly published 8th edition of "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" written by my guest, David Meerman Scott.As we've seen over the past two years where we could not meet one another face-to-face, the kind of online marketing that David writes about in his book has become even more essential.Here's the key takeaways from this episode:The old rules of marketing that haven't changed in the past 15 years.Newshacking - a word coined by David - and why it could be the most effective way to reach a wider audience.How the new rules are all about taking charge of your messaging and publishing content your audience looks forward to.Stay tuned for a deep discussion of what are the new rules of marketing that work today and how you can harness them to help your own brand stand out!Want to stand out as the face of your brand and get more engagement from your social media posts and videos?Earn the attention of people who know they’re a perfect fit for your offer with my FREE guide: 40 Video Engagement Post Ideas.
We all know how much first impressions count. And you only get one chance to make a good first impression.So, with so many first time encounters happening via people bumping into your online profile, it's more important than ever for you to stand out with a personal bio that reveals the multifaceted human with a powerful story that you are.But what stories should be telling in your bio? Is there a specific framework that you should follow to help shine a light on the things you stand for and believe in? How do you create a bio that captures your particular magic?To answer these questions I've invited The Bio Writer, Christina Lawrence onto the show to talk about how you can capture your unique brilliance in a bio that speaks to the essence of you. 
We've all been exposed to so many 'must do' marketing strategies insisting that we need to reach a big following online or build a complicated funnel, or (you fill in the blank...)But what if we could forget all that?What if the secret to truly great marketing had nothing to do with what most of the marketing gurus are telling you?My guest in today's episode is Christina Frei, founder of InnateMarketingGenius.comAnd here's the thing that Christina's figured out: The key to standing out in the market - it isn't outside your business, it's not the funnel you've built or the webinar you host or the ad campaign you run -  it's inside you.Stay tuned! Get ready to discover your innate marketing genius.
Today's episode is all about how my guest, Aimee Montgomery, used LinkedIn to grow her digital marketing & business coaching agency. We really went deep into the details of exactly how she pulled this off - landing 20 new clients in her first month just from building relationships on the LinkedIn platform.BUT, I also want to share some huge news! I've combined my LinkedIn Live Jumpstart Masterclass with a bonus bundle and I'm offering it to listeners of this podcast right now for half off! Live video is finally available to all users on LinkedIn now is a great time to start using live videos so you can show up on the platform & introduce yourself to your ideal prospects in a genuine and authentic way. If you want to get this complete walk-through on how to go live on LInkedIn look use this link: find me on Linkedin and send me a DM!
Here's a new angle for why you might consider starting a podcast this year. Podcast content marketing can be a powerful way to build an audience for your business and there are a growing number of ways to monetize a podcast effectively.For example, podcast listeners are perfectly primed to be receptive to online courses, and have the disposable income to pay for them.Just imagine: Instead of letting your old articles or videos sit on your website with little to no traffic, you could use the same information to create an exciting podcast series that reaches a brand new audience.But what are the most innovative ways that podcasts are being produced right now that will help you grow your audience? To help explore these and so many other reasons why starting a podcast could work for you, I've invited Mark Asquith onto The Live Stream Show.  Mark is known as 'That British Podcast Guy' and is founder & CEO of which is a podcast hosting service. 
Why is it becoming so important to build an engaged community for your business? Why should you focus more on getting people to stay than attracting the largest crowd? And how can you be using video to create raving fans who binge on all your content and start bringing all their friends? To help answer these questions I've invited Ben Toalson onto The Live Stream Show. Ben is the Video Content Marker for Podia, a platform that provides creators with everything they need to create & sell courses, webinars, downloads and build community. In this episode we take a deep dive into how you can use video to build an engaged community that grows and sustains your business.Check out PodiaLearn about Podia's Nominate a Creator FellowshipThanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Live Stream Show!If you love this episode and you’re loving The Live Stream Show series, there’s one thing that I would love for you to do:Tell one friend.Share this episode with someone who you know who is a creator, who’s looking at doing video and they want to get better at it.You can help us grow the community of the people who are using video to make better things that make things better.
Whether you're delivering presentations, speaking at conferences or facilitating meetings, the last two years have taught us that it's now essential to learn how to communicate virtually.As we move into the future, this is not going away.Most major conferences are going to continue to offer on online component.Many employees and entrepreneurs are going to continue to run their businesses remotely.And those who master virtual communication skills are the ones who will excel as leaders in the 'new normal.'In this edition of The Live Stream Show I've invited communication coach, Laurie Schloff to help us enhance our virtual speaking and communication skills.Laurie is the author of 'Smart Speaking' and has appeared on Oprah and the Today Show. (Imagine that? After listening to Laurie you'll be one degree of separation with Oprah!)
All of your efforts in promoting your work and getting your name out there usually revolve around attracting as many new people as possible.But, here's the truth: How many people you attract is not nearly as important as who stays.So what can you do to keep people coming back?When you're publishing your content marketing stuff - your live videos, your podcast or your LinkedIn newsletter - how do you attract your ideal clients who will binge all your content, buy everything you sell and come back for more?I've invited Tracy Hazzard, host of The Binge Factor' podcast, on to help answer these questions. Tracy has interviewed & coached hundreds entrepreneurs & content creators to help them discover what they have to share that will give them that sticky quality that will keep people coming back again and again.Buckle up!
When you want to learn something new what do you do? I'm betting you look for a video that will show you how to do what you're looking for.Consumption of online video has skyrocketed in the past two years since we've all been working from home and social distancing.So, if you’re serious about teaching others, growing your business, or building an online course, instructional videos have turned out to be the best delivery method.But how do you make a great instructional video? How do you create video that shows how instead of telling how?For this episode of the Live Stream Show I've invited Andy Owen on to help answer these questions. Andy is the social engagement and video manager at Techsmith the company behind the amazing screen recorder & video editing software, Camtasia.We took a deep dive into the hows and whys of sharing your wisdom on video. Stay tuned!
How do you maintain your creative flow when it comes to creating video content? (or any other kind of content). How do you stay inspired within the constant grind of posting on social media?​The conventional advice for being consistent is to batch your content. For example, you shoot several videos in one morning so that you're able to produce a lot in a short amount of time.​But, what happens on the day you've scheduled to shoot your video when you're just not feeling it? Or you're distracted by some fire you have to put out in your business?​You can end up forcing yourself to make your content in spite of how you're feeling - and it will show. Your energy just won't be there and your content will suffer.And if this keeps happening, you can start to burn out. I know. I've been there!!​So, what I'm sharing in this episode is what's really worked for me in not just creating content on a consistent basis, but how you can create truly amazing video content that lights you up inside and creates real change for your clients.
How can you leverage LinkedIn for lead generation, without without spending a penny on ads or investing time in building funnels?  How do you develop your content strategy so that it positions you as an authority within your field and spurs engagement?My guest, Molly Stovold, joins The Live Stream Show to address these questions. She's created a LinkedIn Lead-Gen System that's focused on permission-based marketing that will build you a network of supportive, engaged professionals - organically. Without ads. Without funnels.Molly helps online entrepreneurs, therapists, business coaches, startups, NGOs, and service providers, who show up for themselves and their businesses every day, yet struggle to find a growth strategy that works. Connect with Molly on LInkedIn
Break through the noise & create demand with your next video!  Join my FREE Mythbusting MasterclassAll of us creators, myself included, are just absolutely killing ourselves by doing tons and tons of how to videos and tons of educational and value content – because we all believe that this is the thing that we really need to be doing.Coming to the market place in our zone of genius and constantly teaching about the thing that we know best.And I’m going to say that this could be one of the things that’s absolutely hurting your business right now.In this video I’m sharing what I think is probably the most powerful thing that you can do when you are talking to your audience, especially when you’re making a video.I know that this is going against the grain of what everyone is teaching but I have to stand up for something and this is what I’m about to say.Why would this be a bad thing?Well, when you’re only talking about the thing that you know, there’s a couple of problems with that.I don’t care what niche you’re in or what field you’re talking about or what your expertise is, the information that you have to share is not that valuable.In fact, it’s already available everywhere. You can search for it on YouTube or you can do a quick Google search and you’ll probably get 10,000 results for whatever question you have.If the answer to everybody’s problem was just a little bit more information, then we’d all be rich. We’d all be slender and have lost our 50 pounds. We’d all have a beautiful spouse. We’d all have great jobs. We’d all be living this fantastic life.And yet here we are in the information age, and all this information has been dumped upon us, and most of us are in the same spot that we were before the time of the Internet.So if information alone isn’t the answer then what is the thing that you really should be trying to focus on when you’re coming to the marketplace and you’re wanting to stand out amongst all of the people who are shouting and talking about the same kinds of things that you’re talking about?You want to come forward with something that’s a bit polarizing.And you want to talk to your audience in a way that first of all they feel like you understand them. It’s not important that they understand you as much as you make them feel like you understand them.You want to make this personal connection in that way and by understanding them, you know that they have a belief system and it’s probably a limiting belief that is keeping them where they are, and keeping them from getting the thing that they would like that your business can help them with.And so there’s a before-and-after here and you want to come to their mindset knowing what their limiting belief is – and you want to challenge that belief.You want to bust it right open. You want to challenge this myth that they’ve created in their head and you want to bust it.You want to have them go, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never thought about it this way.”This is probably the most powerful thing that you can do when you are talking to your audience, especially when you’re making a video.So in the very next video that you make I want you to be thinking about what does my audience currently believe? What is the conventional wisdom that everybody is accepting that I know is limiting them, that I know that I want to challenge, that I know that if we think about it in this new way, then everything will change?And this is the way that you want to be approaching the next piece of content that you create.Want To Learn More?Join my FREE Mythbusting Masterclass
As a creator entrepreneur you can often find yourself making things way more complicated than they need to be. And this is especially true when it comes to social media and video content creation.For the generation that identifies as 'digital immigrants,' who often feel anxious and/or left behind by the fast changing world of technology, there's a growing need for guidance in pivoting to the online business world.My guest, Diana Gladney, joined us to share the innovative ways she's been developing as a creator entrepreneur and how she's helping others do the same - with video content & live video.Diana is a great example of someone who's figuring this 'creator economy' thing out on her own and is willing to show up and bring you along her journey.Connect with Diana Gladney
What does it take to have a remarkable business? To lead a remarkable life? How do you make something so good that people talk about it?How can reach more people online without pretending to be something you’re not? What are some natural ways that people could share your content?These are the questions I'm tackling in this episode! Welcome to a whole new season's worth of content that I want to embark on. I want to find out who is doing the most remarkable stuff out there. I want to showcase people who are doing remarkable things and I want to share with you what it takes to do something that's truly remarkable.Here's my new manifesto: refuse to share any message or create any content that’s less than remarkable.Stay tuned! Don't touch that dial!!Join the LInkedIn Live Masterclass
We all want to grow bigger, reach higher, or innovate better. But, what makes someone pick you, stick with you, and stick up for you? What makes your work resonate enough so that people will not only show up, but they'll stay with you and join your movement? These are questions being asked by this week's guest, Jay Acunzo who's exploring the concept of resonance in our work. Join our lively discussion as we chart the difference between how many people see your work vs how much they care.Jay is an author, speak and the creator and host of the podcast, Unthinkable, described by listeners as ‘This American Life for business.’ Connect with Jay Acunzo:
If you're a content creator and a content entrepreneur and you're probably wondering how you can make great content that will resonate with your audience, attract them to you and actually start growing your business.Here's the thing.You can spend a lot of time creating that one piece of really great content but, because there's a ton of noise out there, that one piece can get lost.You're convinced that your message is the best thing for your audience out there and if you don't share it, you're doing a dis-service to the world. And you want to multiply that as much as you can.So how can you do this without spending a ton of time???That's what I'm uncovering in this video: Here's my #1 secret to what makes good content marketing - especially for live video. 
To get ahead in whatever business you're in, the truth is… you've got to be able to create inspiring content!If you don't, you’ll simply get lost in the noise of other businesses competing for your potential customers' attention.Most people believe that you have to spend thousands on creative agencies and professional photographers to create outstanding content, but that's actually not true!If you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or business owner, and you don't know how to effortlessly create content that inspires your customers, now's your chance to learn!I've invited photographer and videographer, Pete Longworth onto The Live Stream Show to talk about how you can create remarkable content that will attract the right audience.After 18 years in the content creation industry, Pete believes that creating amazing content comes down to authenticity, creativity, strategy and implementation and he's going to share some of his secrets on this episode. if you're already creating content for social media, your website, ads or emails and you want to stand out instead of adding to the noise, then this episode is for you.Connect with Pete LongworthGet my FREE Big Reach Audio Guide
Over the past two years practically everyone who shifted into working from home experienced the space and time to reflect on how they've always done their work.So many are questioning the idea of 'going back' to their job the way things were. This has led to what trend spotters are calling 'the great resignation' where more and more people are striking out on their own to live 'the self-employed life.'It's looking super attractive and motivated by the desire to have more freedom, more flexibility and the ability to follow your true passion and purpose, right?But, and this is a BIG but...Most of us who've chosen the work-for-yourself route have discovered that it often involves working longer and harder, having less time and less money, more uncertainty and overwhelm.You can easily find yourself running in a never-ending gerbil wheel of your own making - and feeling like you're getting nowhere fast.So now what?As a solo entrepreneur, how can you avoid this fate?Well, to help answer these questions I've invited Jeffrey Shaw on The Live Stream Show to unpack how you can live your best self-employed life.Jeffrey became one of the most preeminent portrait photographers in the United States. He decided to share his knowledge of business, branding, and marketing to support self-employed and small business owners as well as progressive-minded companies.He's the author of the new book, "The Self-Employed Life," that's full of strategies that will help your business reach your big dreams.Connect with Jeffrey ShawCheck out The Self Employed Business InstituteGet my FREE Big Reach Audio Guide
In today's episode, I'm sharing my best tips and the strategies that I'll be implementing in the New Year to build my personal brand.You want your personal brand to be rock solid.And in this day and age, if you're in the digital immigrant generation, you may be feeling like the whole digital marketing train has left the station - without you on it.More than ever there's new strategies that we can all implement to make sure that our personal brand stands out in a sea among the millions and millions of younger folks who are trying to build their name and build their brand online.If you have any sort of presence online, you have a personal brand and in this episode I'm going to do an end of the year wrap up of what worked for myself and my clients and share the new direction I'm most excited about moving into in 2022!Episode Resources:Mic Drop Moments - Become the face of your business with short, insightful videos that leverage your brand awareness.Remote Video Producer - Power you personal brand with a stand out video podcast.
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