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Join The Live Stream Show to find out what happens when videomaking pioneers and everyday entrepreneurs go live and create something special and unexpected that could only happen because it was live.

We’re living in a world where anyone with a smartphone can post a video. So there’s really never been a more exciting time to get your message out. But, if it was that easy, why is it that most people can’t bring themselves to hit that record button?

The Live Stream Show is about how we choose to show up in the world. It’s about the stories we want to tell and how we tell them. It’s about making videos and going live. And it’s about the people who dare to face the camera.

Hosted by video marketing coach and live stream videographer Brad Powell.
10 Episodes
If you're posting content on social media then you know that:#1. There's a lot of mediocre content out there and#2. It's super hard to stand out from all the noise.So, what can you do to ensure that the right people will notice all the work you're doing and the important message you're sharing?First of all, you need a strategy for creating your content that's streamlined so that it doesn't take you a lot of time - so you don't get burned out and just plain give up.My method of choice: Go Live Regularly - for the biggest reach in the least amount of effort.So now, since we're talking video, you need a method - a framework and process - that will capture people's attention so they'll start watching and keep them watching until the end.That framework and process I call Livestream Leverage. This is a 3-part framework which includes Mythbusting and Telling Stories That Sell. Join the Mythbusting Masterclass Join the Tell Stories That Sell Masterclass Big Reach Audio - Podcast Funnel Building Masterclass
What is Eye Hacking and what does it have to do with making super engaging videos? A few weeks ago I posted this question: "What topic could you talk about passionately for 18 minutes without preparing?"Among the many comments, I got a two-word response from videographer, Paul Martin, "Eye hacking." I had to know. What the heck is eye hacking? And that's why, for this week's episode of The Live Stream Show, I've invited Paul on to tell us.Paul says, "I've been studying visual perception and gestalt psychology to make videos more engaging and effective for brands. It's what directors like David Fincher and cinematographers like Villenueve have been doing in movies for the past 10 years."Sound super cool? 😎 In this episode we're uncovering the secrets of the masters to make your videos more engaging.Reach Paul Martin at Knackhaus: the videos and video highlights in this episode:
What if you were able to loosen up, get out of your own way and thumb your nose at your comfort zone - so you felt ready to start showing up, to put on a great show and capture that creative genius inside you?This week's guest, Whitney Lauritsen just might help you get there. She's the co-host of the This Might Get Uncomfortable podcast and she's a video and social media marketing coach. Plus she hosted the Eco-vegan gal Youtube channel with 60,000 subscribers and is the author of three books on vegan cuisine.Listen to our conversation as Whitney shares the most effective ways to transform the overwhelming feeling of social media and leveraging the power of bite-sized content to build your online brand. Watch the full live video interview
We've all been taught that stress is something to be avoided – that we need to remove stress from our lives as best we can.This has been the conventional wisdom for decades.But what if rethinking stress as a friend rather than a foe could serve to make stress something that works for us, rather than against us? What if there was such a thing as Good Stress?This is the question that my guest on this week's show has been exploring.About a year ago, during the start of the pandemic, yoga & meditation instructor David Magone found that he needed to pivot from in-person classes to online instruction.At the same time he also rose to the immediate need that he saw globally - that everyone on the planet needed to boost their immunity to help them survive the pandemic.So he developed his Good Stress method. The idea is both contrary to conventional wisdom and utterly simple. We've all been taught that stress is a leading cause of multiple health issues, but David started experimenting and found that "good stress" actually makes you healthier, stronger & more successful by optimizing your immune system. In this conversation we'll hear how David successfully pivoted to video by running his teaching online and how you can start practicing "Good Stress" to not only maintain your optimal health but also optimal success.Episode Highlights:David walks barefoot across frozen pond and jumps in ice water!What training David did to allow himself to be comfortable in cold and ice.Good stress benefits beyond cold water.Final Takeaway - Something to try right away!
Want to create content that connects with the right people – who consume all your content and demand even more? Wondering how to make videos your audience will share with others?Would you like to ask a video creator who’s videos have attracted over 2 million subscribers on Youtube and over 3 million followers on Facebook?And received over 1 billion views? Join our conversation with Benji Travis, who is the host/co-host of 3 highly successful Youtube channels including “Video Influencers” and is the co-author of “Youtube Secrets.”We talked about not just how to capture attention but how to keep people watching and coming back for more. Plus, how he’s been able to interview some of the most successful video creators on the planet.Get Youtube Secrets:
You know how sometimes you meet someone and they're able to bring something out of you that lets you be the kind of person that you don't usually allow yourself be?Well, I had this kind of experience this past week when I met my guest Victoria Labalme for the first time. But it wasn't just Victoria that gave me permission to open up in new ways - it was her new book - "Risk Forward"So, it was Last Sunday morning, and I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts - and Victoria was being interviewed - and practically everything she was saying was resonating with me. She was busting the myth about goal setting - saying you DON"T have to set goals every time you set out to do something new and it's OK to try things out without knowing where you're going.So, by Tuesday I had downloaded a copy of the book and i'd listened to it twice. and immediately reached out to see if she would be willing to join the show.Then on Wednesday she got back and asked if this week was possible and so we went live together and recorded this discussion on Thursday. Victoria Labalme, is a performing artist, performance coach, documentarian (her film Muppet Guys Talking is a must-watch) and she's the author of the new book, "Risk Forward - Embrace the unkown and unlock your hidden genius."She's performed in film, Television, Broadway and comedy clubs. Now she's helping people unlock their inner genius and perform at the highest levels So, to paraphrase the opening line of her book, if you're NOT one of the few people who knows exactly what they want in life - then this episode, is for you.
Ariel Viera is the creator of Urbanist, a live video series that takes you into the streets of New York in an intimate and engaging way that only live video can provide.A film maker and live streaming videographer, Ariel is a true live stream pioneer who's told over 1,000 live video stories while roaming around New York in City.In this episode Ariel talks about:What got him hooked on Live VideoHis 3 different equipment setups for mobile live streamingHow he grew his audience to over 40,000 followersWhy it's good to be branded as a showMake sure you stay until the end because Ariel breaks down how you can tell compelling stories with live video that will keep your viewers engaged, enthralled, and yearning for more.
Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get more done in less time? If you've ever questioned the culture of workaholics and the idea that the only way to success is to work until you drop, then pay attention to what today's guest has to say. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. He's the author of two books on How to do more by working less. His first book is called "Rest" and his latest release is called "Shorter - work better, smarter and less - here's how"When his new book, was released last year, Alex was all geared up for a new book tour. He was looking forward to traveling, he was eager to talk about the new book, and make the case for the shorter work week.But then, just a of couple days after his book came out, the pandemic arrived and shut everything down.Alex realized that if he couldn’t talk to audiences live, he needed to look and sound as good as he possibly could. And since it was likely that we’d ALL be doing remote events for a long time to come, he figured that the people who do them well will stand out.So he’s become an expert on webcams, lighting, sound, and backgrounds – and that’s where we’re going to start our conversation.Oh yes, and we also talked about how you can do more by working less and hear stories about the businesses who've been able to reduce working hours and yet increase productivity, employee retention and revenue.Alex's website and post on Building Your Home Studio
How do you create true influence? How do you build trust with your audience so that they start believing in you and your mission? Meet Tony Award-winning producer Nick Demos. Nick is a dancer, filmmaker and storyteller who actually produced a musical that made it to Broadway! His work now is teaching storytelling to marketers and entrepreneurs who want to market their brand through storytelling.In this episode Nick talks about how to tell relatable stories that connect you and your brand. And he explains a really great method for how to find the stories that you want to tell with a daily practice that you can do in just 9 minutes a day. And then he goes really deep on the biggest mistake that people make in their marketing when it comes to storytelling.So, if you're the kind of person who wants to learn how to tell stories and use those stories in your marketing, this is the episode for you!



The Live Stream Show is all about how we choose to show up in the world. It’s about the stories we want to tell and how we tell them. It’s about making videos and going live. And it’s about the people who dare to face the camera.We're living in a world where anyone with a smartphone can post a video. So There's really never been a more exciting time to get your message out.But if it was that easy, why is it that most people can't bring themselves to hit that record button? Join The Livestream Show to find out what happens when videomaking pioneers and everyday entrepreneurs go live and create something special and unexpected - that could only happen because it was live. cawgZgIbXOFS2dSDgyaa
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