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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, & add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time.
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TLS #281: Welcome to The Lively Show!
Welcome to The Lively Show! Though clocking in at episode 281, on today’s show I’m welcoming new Lively Show listeners to the podcast and walking them through the many facets and aspects of TLS over the past 280 episodes - so that newcomers can explore the parts of the show that may resonate with them the most.I’ll be sharing where TLS got started, how the show changed and evolved over time, how to go deeper in the concepts shared on the podcast, and the episodes I personally suggest starting with if you are just diving in. This episode is perfect for anyone new to TLS who wants to hear what the show is all about and where to get started.     [Tweet "“The answers are in you." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Happy. Thank you. More Please." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“As within, so without." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  We learn who Jess Lively is, her background and how The Lively Show got it’s start. What The Lively Show is all about, and how it evolved over the past few years. Jess guides you through the various episodes and suggests where to begin listening if you are new. She reviews several options for listeners to begin or continue their journey.  SHOW NOTES Jacob LibermanTLS with Jacob LibermanMake Under My LifeTLS with Elizabeth GilbertTLS with Brené BrownTLS with Gabby BernsteinTLS with Lewis HowesTLS with Gary VaynerchukTLS with Byron KatieTLS with Rob BellConscience Uncoupling EpisodeAbraham HicksThe SecretTLS #214: Quantum LivingcSchoolThe Lively ShopWriting to Your IntuitionIntuition IntensiveFlow With Intention OnlineTLS with Catherine GreerA Lively AdventureJess Lively Instagram LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #279: Q+A: Answering Questions on Alignment, Emotions, Vibration & More
Today’s TLS is one of my favorite kinds… it’s a Q+A episode where I answer listener questions off the cuff based off of DM’s I received on Instagram.In today’s batch of questions we are tackling... pain + alignment, alignment when you’re feeling ‘off,’ what vibration has to do with emotions, how my first class (Life With Intention Online) compares to LoA,  my next travel plans, and more.This episode is for anyone who enjoys hearing off the cuff question and answer sessions covering all types of alignment, LoA and personal questions.     [Tweet "“Listen to your intuition, not your ego." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Alignment before action." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  What’s the balance on honoring your feelings and releasing them versus trying to force yourself into alignment? What’s your thoughts on feeling so aligned versus being grounded? Did you ever circle back to Life With Intention teachings to see how it applied  Law of Attraction principles? How do we hone-in on our blocks to get what we want? What if doing what feels good directly interferes with my long-term well being? How do we know if we are vibrating and do positive emotions make us vibe higher/faster than negative emotions? Are you still eating gluten and dairy-free? Can the intuition sometimes guide us to procrastination? Is procrastinating the result of a lack of alignment and not feeling ready to take inspired action? Best ways to deal with energy flucuations? How do you increase your sense of intuition and distinguish my intuition voice from my normal thought voice? What other podcast or books do you recommend for newbies? What episodes of your show do you recommend for insight on writing to or tapping into your intuition? Best tips for staying high vibe when you don’t physically feel well? Do you find your alignment and intuition is impacted by your moon cycle? How do you stay in alignment when reading terrible, sad things? What do you think about the books your reading? If you were to travel for fun, what trip would you take? DO you think you would live in tiny houses and have a garden of crystals? Who are the YouTubers you like to watch? What surprises you the most about the person your are now? If you had a flow bucket wish list, what would it be? Anything you’re eating or drinking that you are digging? Anything new as of flow? Can you explain what it means when you get really close to a manifestation but it doesn’t work out? How do you balance between what is in your control and what you leave to believe? SHOW NOTES Rock & Co.Marisa PeerAbraham HicksTLS with Marisa PeerTLS with RTT TherapyAlignment Q+A EpisodeWriting To Your IntuitionTLS with Hibiscus Moon (Crystal Episode)Abraham Hicks on YouTubeLaw of Attraction on Audible.comFor a Free Audible Book, Go to DryThe Power of NowThe Anna EditMimi IkonnAlex IkonnMatthew HusseyThe Limbo Song by Matthew Hussey LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #278: What Flow With Intention Online is All About + Who It’s Ideal For with Catherine Greer
Today on the show show I’ve invited TLS listener, FWIO member, author, and happiness blogger, Catherine Greer back on the show.Catherine is a dear friend of mine as well as a beloved leader and support for many people within the Flow With Intention Online Masterclass community.As someone who has transformed her life so dramatically through applying the FWIO process, I have invited her on to share her expanded perspective and experiences with the work. This way anyone who is considering FWIO can hear in her own words who she believes it’s good for and what it’s all about.This episode is perfect for anyone who is new to FWIO and is curious to hear what it’s like from a member’s perspective.    [Tweet "“Stop telling the stories that aren’t serving you." - @catherinegreersydney"][Tweet "“Everything does change for you because you change." - @catherinegreersydney"][Tweet "“Flow does teach you a way to go about making your dreams come true." - @catherinegreersydney"][Tweet "“Really learn to listen to your own heart" - @catherinegreersydney"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Catherine tells us how Flow With Intention has moved her career path in a positive direction. She tells us how much Flow has changed her world and point of view which put her on a path for happiness. Catherine discusses how the class helped her access her own authenticity. She tells us the results from the FWIO class and how it can build your dream by removing some of the drama from life. They discuss how the class is currently available for those wanting this in their lives. Catherine mentions that the class can help find your own happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances. SHOW NOTES Flow With Intention OnlineLaw of Attraction  LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #277: What I’ve Learned From Living + Flowing Intuitively For Two Years
This week marks the two year anniversary of selling my home and possessions to flow around the world.In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the experience, which everyone has the ability to do… Whether it’s transcending cultural stories of “what’s possible,” or defying our own limiting beliefs, I share how we can all chart a course that truly astounds us and continues to unfold in unusual ways.I’m also sharing a bit about the new journey I’m embarking on personally, beyond the study of Law of Attraction and deliberate thought and creation.This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn about how they too can break the limits of their own beliefs and explore possibilities they currently may not even be able to fathom.    [Tweet "“A happy ending is from a happy journey" - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Your thoughts create your reality." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Jess talks about the last two years of her life and the show. She talks about how she started on her journey, leaving school and becoming an entrepreneur, and why that was important to her. Jess describes how she came to discover her “inner voice” within herself. She reviews aspects of her life; from building schools in Ghana to PCOS and her period to her eyesight. Jess mentions her journey exploring the Law of Attraction and Alignment before Action concepts. She begins to describe what this means and what she is looking forward to in the future. SHOW NOTES Abraham HicksWriting to your IntuitionTLS 100 with Liz GilbertPencils of PromiseIntuition IntensiveFlow with IntentionTLS with Alisa VittiLewis HowesTim Ferris LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #276: A Scientific Look at Crystals & How They Work In Our Lives with Hibiscus Moon
The crystal episode. It’s here. And it’s one of my favorite TLS episodes of 2018. I learned so much in this conversation with crystal expert and physics teacher, Hibiscus Moon.In the show, we go deep into the quantum mechanics, molecular structure, technological uses, and the metaphysical uses of crystals. Plus, we explore the concepts of vibration, frequency, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum.Then, in the second half of the episode, we discuss ways to begin selecting and using crystals that are ideal for your daily life.This episode is perfect for anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of what crystals are and how they can enhance our daily lives.     [Tweet "“Where thought goes, energy flows." - @hibiscusmoon"][Tweet "“Energy is an influencer." - @hibiscusmoon"][Tweet "“Let your heart pick the crystal." - @hibiscusmoon"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Hibiscus tells us why she used her pen name and how that allowed her to teach others about the metaphysical of crystals while still maintaining her role as a scientist and teacher. She gives us an overview of the science with crystals and how they interact in life. Hibiscus describes the physical makeup of crystals and how we define crystals. She describes crystals as both a tool and support to help amplify your intentions. Hibiscus talks about cleansing your crystals and programming them for yourself. She reminds us that crystals cannot create or generate energy, but crystals can transform energy from one for to another. Hibiscus teaches us how to select and use crystals in our daily life. SHOW NOTES Abraham HicksTLS #214: Quantum Living TLS #189: Quantum LivingTLS #215: Quantum Living Bulletproof Radio with Dave AspreyChakrasMadame Dry LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #275: Q+A: Your Alignment Questions Answered
Today’s TLS is a fun one... I’m going really deep into some of the finer points of alignment. (And yes, as FWIO members will guess, “chocolate for breakfast” is included.) ; )I’m answering the questions you’ve asked on Instagram about this very essential subject. This includes things like routine, consistent alignment, alignment with and without a schedule, intuition vs. “Joe,” and what alignment looks like when you are in a very low state. Plus, I’m sharing how I believe our creative alignment time will often (but not always) spark new chapters in our relationships, career, and much more.This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to go into the deeper aspects of alignment, and learn more about how they can access alignment in a moment-to-moment basis.    [Tweet "“Alignment is feeling good in the present moment." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“The answers you need for your situation are in you." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“You can’t give what you don’t have." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“You are a growth seeking being." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“You have to stay alert and aware to what’s bringing you alignment now." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  What exactly is alignment, and how do you get into it? What is the daily practice? What tips do you have about getting into alignment on a consistent basis? What do you do to flow between your alignment activities before work and work? Describe the difference between being in alignment and channeling Joe? Is Joe the same as you intuition and if not, how do they differ? How do you push through the fear when taking that quantum leap? Any suggestions to listen to my intuition? What advice can you give about thinking a scary, negative thought, even when I’m at a high vibration? How do you handle the feeling of not being ready to handle the things I’m manifesting in my life? What do you recommend taking with you or doing to prepare for an Abraham Hicks event. SHOW NOTES Law of AttractionFlow with IntentionAbraham HicksWriting to your IntuitionThe Master Key SystemIntuition IntensiveThe Big Leap LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #273: LoA Q+A: How to create what you want consciously with Caroline Rector
Today on TLS, I’m having a now three-peat guest on the show, Caroline Rector, of the incredibly popular mindful style blog, Un-fancy.Caroline is a wonderful friend from my time back in Austin, Texas... and she’s someone who I’ve admired for her light and calm energy for many years.In today’s show, Caroline is asking me the questions she has about LoA, now that she and her husband are into learning about the concept. I’ll be talking in depth in particular about the new realizations I’ve had about manifesting and the intersection of what our feelings and our thoughts indicate about what is coming next in our lives.This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how feelings and thoughts connect to what we create in our lives, and for anyone looking to learn more about how Caroline is applying LoA in her own life.     [Tweet "“Law of Attraction is about responding to what you are feeling about, not what you are thinking about." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Keep using your feelings as your guide." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“All I can do right now is give myself compassion." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“There’s no power in helplessness." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“The body can only be well through wellness." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“We can’t give out of an empty cup." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Caroline talks about how she progressed her career from photography to wardrobe and style. She discusses how the Law of Attraction has evolved and integrated in both her and her husband’s lives. Jess explains about alignment and the inner being with Caroline. Caroline asks the question about changing the emotion when we don’t have that good feeling. Jess talks about the difference of her inner being and soul when looking at a particular situation. They discuss tapping into the love and compassion which is needed to align with the inner being. Jess reviews her ways to feel better such as sleep, meditation and appreciation. Caroline tells us that she used yoga as a way to tune in to her body and the way she feels. She asks Jess questions about overcoming the fear of being unworthy. SHOW NOTES The Anna EditThe SecretAbraham HicksThe Journey of Souls LISTEN TO THE SHOW
TLS #272: CSCHOOL: the secret project I’ve been working on… what it is & why it’s the most impactful thing I’ve ever created
Today is a really fun day!! I’m sharing (in a solo show this time), all about the secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes since mid-December!Cschool (short for Consciousness School) is a new approach to education designed to help people learn how to use the other 95% of their minds.How to deliberately change our brain states, program (and re-program) our subconscious, and deliberately develop the ability to live in peak states is not taught in traditional education. And the time has come for a live and online experience to introduce people to the power within themselves - to know how to deliberately use their mind, thoughts, and emotions in a practical, step-by-step manner quickly and effectively.There are four phases to Cschool, and the first is the live one time only event called Cschool Live, which is happening in Sydney (in my favorite spot in the city) on June 9th and 10th, 2018. Spots are limited, and I’m sharing more about this event and how you can participate, if your intuition is calling you to! This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear more about what Cschool is and how it has unfolded thus far, and how I am also rethinking what it means to grow a pleasure-driven business utilizing all of my LoA practices.     [Tweet "“I feel happy and aligned." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“CSchool is alignment before action for each team member." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Our input does create our output in our realty. " - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Jess talks about the aligning activities and events she attended while traveling and how that inspired her to this project. She discusses what she learned, the ignored parts of traditional education that does not address how to use your mind to control and react to conscious awareness. Jess describes how CSchool flowed through her and became the realty it is today. She tells us how CSchool introduces a practical approach to all her consciousness work to a larger audience. Jess believes that CSchool has the ability to change the world in the coming decades. She reviews the modules, topics and stages that make up CSchool. SHOW NOTES Journey of SoulsDestiny of SoulsPencils of PromiseAdam BraunGary VaynerchukDr. Joe DispenzaAbraham HicksGregg BradenMarisa PeerFlow with LISTEN TO THE SHOW
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