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The Lively Show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire and help you move from “hustle” to alignment and flow in life & career. Episodes discuss how to apply consciousness, the law of attraction, & the science behind the subconscious in everyday life. See more at
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In today’s TLS I’m sharing my newest live class, Magic, Not Manual, with you -- which is designed to help you begin to create and manifest in your life beyond your mind’s abilities, limitations, and resistance.After working with over a thousand students worldwide via Flow With Intention Online, and exploring the powers of brain states to create the life we want through Cschool... I’ve been diving into the practice of manifesting beyond our minds. And I want to share this next evolution of conscious, less-mind manifesting with you.We are going to be teaching this course live on April 6th in Pittsburgh, and if your intuition feels it’s a fit, I’m excited to work with you -- and for you to meet everyone else who joins us from the FWIO community!Let’s go to the show. : ) PS: To join us at Magic, Not Manual on April 6th, click here.   [Tweet "“The ego is an identity created in the mind" - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Your own wellness is what improves and creates the wellness of the universe. " - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Jess talks about her current travels and what’s been going on lately over the past few weeks. She tells us how she’s been playing life differently Jess discusses the three things of who we are: 1. The Ego Identity, 2. The Inner Voice 3. Pure conciseness.    Jess reviews what to look forward to in the new class,  Magic, Not Manual SHOW NOTES Audible.comLaw of Attraction on AudiblePaul Selig on AudibleThe Calile Hotel BrisbaneO Sun SparklingEckhart TolleThe Power of NowAbraham Hicks LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today’s show is our final episode of Season 1 of TLS TV! Feel free to listen via podcast or watch via YouTube as we share the insights that Lively audience members received from doing inner voice work as groups!Using inner voice in groups of 5-6 people has become a new fascination for me, ever since we tried it in a live workshop last year. The results have been surprising and profound. By hearing the takeaways, I hope it encourages others to consider making groups of 2-6 people to try this as well online or in person, too!Plus, in the second half of the show, we also share the ‘after glow’ conversation. The after glow was a post-show chance to stick around and talk candidly with me about any insights they had or ask questions they’ve wanted to run by me. Let’s go to the show. : )    WATCH THE SHOW The Lively TV Show Episode 4  LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today’s TLS TV in podcast and video form is diving into the #1 topic requested by TLS community members -- career!We will be looking at three different aspects of career resistance, and find clarity within the inner voice on all three topics. With our first guest, Abby, we speak about what it feels like to have an unexpected career shift -- and whether to stick with it or not. In our second segment, we speak with Jenny, a meteorologist who “put all her eggs in one basket,” career-wise, and is now reconsidering based on the toll the job is taking on her personal life. And lastly with Savannah, a jewelry designer, we speak about the pressure she feels to thrive in her career - and take on the extra responsibility of caring for her family, as well.  In each segment, you’ll see how the inner voice of each of these guests help them find clarity despite the mind’s mental confusion and resistance.Let’s go to the show. : )    IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Hot Seat Guest #1: Abby just started a new job and she’s afraid it won’t be as fulfilling as her old one. Hot Seat Guest #2: Jenny is burnt out on her career as a broadcast meteorologist, but she’s unsure of her next steps. Hot Seat Guest #3: Savannah wants abundance in her career, but she may be wanting it for the wrong reasons. WATCH THE SHOW   LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today we are releasing episode 2 of TLS TV on the podcast and YouTube! In today’s show we are doing inner voice work with three new guests, plus we are releasing the tickets for the next taping of TLS TV on April 6th in Pittsburgh! If you’re intuition feels it’s a fit, you can buy your ticket to join us, meet other Lively community members, and potentially become a guest on the show here. Today’s episode has three guests on three different topics around self love and timing. In our first segment we work with Mary, who has trouble separating her mind’s answers from her inner voice. Then, we speak with Sarah, who knows what her next career project may be, but has resistance in the mind determining the timing and what next steps to take. And lastly, we work with Emily, an expectant mother who is looking to raise her child with as much self-love as possible to role model for her in the best possible way.Let’s go to the show. : )Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to watch the new video version on YouTube!    IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Hot Seat Guest #1: Mary wants something more in her life and is having trouble keeping her mind quiet when trying to listen for her inner voice answers. Hot Seat Guest #2: Sarah is a life coach who wants to share her personal story with her audience. This desire turns into a lesson in patience. Hot Seat Guest #3: Emily, at six months pregnant, wants to be an example of self love for her baby, but her mind is struggling to find the feelings. WATCH THE SHOW   LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today we are unveiling the new Lively TV Show Episode 1!This January, we worked with a live studio audience of 140 Lively Show listeners in Pittsburgh. In today’s first episode, we outline what the Inner Voice is, working with three Lively Show guests to tap into their own Inner Voices. This episode highlights tips that are helpful for beginners to those with more experience.Whether you want to think more positively, stay calm as a parent to small children, or you want to have clarity on your next career path, the guests on the show will help you to learn how to get the answers you desire within yourself.Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to the new video version on YouTube! Let’s go to the show. : )    [Tweet "“The inner voice in you is the answer to all of the questions." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Hot Seat Guest #1: Kaileen is an Austin-based writer who wants to find peace and presence in the chaos of being a mom to small children. Hot Seat Guest #2: Alexis is a health coach who wants her mind to stop ruminating on everyday issues. Hot Seat Guest #3: Shaina is a Boston-based wedding photographer who feels called to offer hospice photography, but is struggling to find potential clients. She looks to her inner voice to find wisdom on what she should do next. WATCH THE SHOW Click to Watch: The Lively TV Show Episode 1, Part 1: Introduction To Your Inner VoiceClick to Watch: The Lively TV Show - Episode 1, Part 2: Finding Peace In Everyday LifeClick to Watch: The Lively TV Show - Episode 1 Part 3: When You Feel A Calling But No One AnswersLISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today’s show is a bit different than other shows in the past -- I’m updating you live from Kenya just days after the taping of our first ever Lively TV Show recording!This week with the show and impending African safari adventure has been a whirlwind, and this episode is my chance to catch up with you personally about how the Pittsburgh TV show taping went, how the Lively Community Foundation is unfolding, and a little bit about my unfolding adventure in Africa!Think of this like a casual, fun Whatsapp voice note from me to you. Let’s go to the show. : )    SHOW NOTES Paul SeligThe Book of MasteryThe Book of TruthAbraham HicksLaw of AttractionWhatsAppJess Lively First PostEckhart TolleEckhart Tolle's School of Awakening LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today’s show is an interview with friend and financial expert, Erica Gellerman, of The Worth Project. While I was in London the past week, Erica was positively glowing over her newfound peace, clarity, and freedom she found by using her Inner Voice to change and redirect her life financially and structurally along with her husband, Jordan, and their new baby, Henry.Due to her amazing results, I asked Erica to come on the show to share how she accessed her Inner Voice to do something that seems contradictory to many -- to plan for the future practically, while fully living in the Here and Now.In the show, Erica shares exactly how they accomplished that, along with the resources and questions you can use yourself to dive deep into your inner answers for your life and finances, as well.Let’s go to the show. : )    [Tweet "“The mind lives and thrives on time." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“It’s ok to change." - @erica.gellerman"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Erica summarizes how her life was when she moved to London and how things didn’t feel right for her, including her career. She talks about her experience with RTT and the positive results that came from that session. Erica describes her outcome after RTT and how now she allows without efforting. She discusses how an article from George Kinder posed the question about how to live the life you want today.  Erica shares her time struggles with to work versus time with her child. She reviews some of the changes she has made in her life to live the life she wants. SHOW NOTES Life Planning for YouTLS #235 with Erica GellermanTLS #253 with Erica GellermanFinancial Life Planning  LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today we’re talking with a client named Alexandra, who is looking for career guidance, and the session ultimately flows into a tutorial for tapping into your own inner sense of calm. If the mind in you is struggling with self-worth, this episode will feel like a balm to your soul.We discuss letting go of what we think our life “should” look like and the mind’s need for external validation. We also explore what to do when the mind in you gets impatient and wants to effort its way to its desires. We go into more detail than ever before on how to tap into your own Inner Voice, and I even learn some new things from Alexandra’s Inner Being!Alexandra and I spent a lot of this session focusing beyond the mind, and the drastic change in energy and tone of voice when Alexandra shifts from the mind in her to her Inner Voice is incredible.Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“You are the universe." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“You're doing just fine." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“You are wonderful indeed." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“All is released to the knowing in your heart." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“The peace is always within you." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Alexandra speaks with Jess to get some guidance about her career path. Jess flows the conversation into a tutorial of how to tap into your "inner sense" of calm. Alexandra discusses letting go of what we think our life “should” look like She shares advise about writing and listening to you inner voice and allowing it to guide you. SHOW NOTES TLS #124 with Brené BrownTLS #100 with Elizabeth Gilbert TLS #131 with Gary VaynerchukStar WarsEckhart TolleLaw of Attraction BookAbraham HicksTLS #285: Spiral DynamicsDisney WorldEpcot Center  LISTEN TO THE SHOW
In today’s episode, I switch things up by going beyond the mind in me during a client session. My Inner Being talks with Georgie Morley, a client looking for insight on letting go of struggle, allowing through sadness, and the feeling many of us experience of “needing” to be an expert on certain things before feeling qualified to share or enjoy them.Our Inner Beings get to know each other as we talk about building identities around our work, how the perception of time can hold us back, and what our Inner Voice can teach us about parenthood.We also explore some metaphors that can help the minds in us better understand the reality we live in. We cover the nature of the universe, time, and how to find joy in the uncertainty of our reality - some big, exciting stuff!One thing my Inner Voice makes especially clear in this session is that we don’t need to try so hard. If you’ve ever wondered what allowing actually looks like in everyday life, and what “stop trying” really means for you, you’ll want to give this episode a listen.Let’s go to the show. : )   [Tweet "“Relax and allow." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Your truth is magnificent." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“The repeating and allowing is the eternal process of truth." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“FOMO is only the fear of becoming oneself." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“ Your heart is the key to everything." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Their is no formula for truth." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Georgie talks to Jess about her identity of work and other struggles in her life. Jess uses her Inner Voice to answer Georgie's questions. They discuss "Allowing" and the concept of "Stop Trying" and that that plays in their lives. SHOW NOTES Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle - YouTubeAbraham HicksByron KatieCSCHOOL OnlineWe Didn’t Start The Fire LISTEN TO THE SHOW
Today I’m speaking to you one-on-one in a solo show! I’m talking about how to find all the fun manifestations that your inner being is trying to share… yet the mind may be blocking out.So often, with the laser focus on what the mind perceives to be “a problem” or “a desire,” the mind tends to block many wonderfully unexpected gifts that we can receive right now. I’m sharing the ways I’ve allowed my mind to open up to a plethora of different “gifts,” once I made this simple shift in perception. Plus, I’m talking about a handful of the example “gifts” that have flowed my way since then!Let’s go to the show. : )    [Tweet "“Your perception decides what the gift is." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“A gift is designed to surprise, inspire, and uplift." - @JessCLively"][Tweet "“Just receive what’s flowing right now." - @JessCLively"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Jess asks the basic question of what is the present of the present moment? She talks about the ideas she has had with alignment and how to share that with everyone. Jess discusses the importance of appreciating the now. SHOW NOTES WeWorkThe Power of NowEckhart TolleThe Try Guys LISTEN TO THE SHOW
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this show was amazing!! I really needed this right now in my life - so thankful it found me 💕

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thank you for this i love Abraham hicks i listen everyday to them

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this was so powerful!! thank you! i was wondering, do you have any episode in which you talk about how you have improved your vision? thank you !

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