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Quantum Creators is 50% off before tomorrow at 11:59PM ET! Gain lifetime access here:  Welcome back Creators! Today we wanted to simply acknowledge YOU. The person you are, the things you've created and overcome, and the commitment you've made to yourself, to your growth, and to opening yourself up to a world of possibility while taking radical responsibility for your own life. You'll never know the ripple effect you've had on those around you, and the hugely influential role you're playing in this world's evolution. So THANK YOU for being here with us, for co-creating the Lo & Zo space with us, and for going against the grain in pursuit of the life you deserve.  It's not easy, and that's why the Universe knew YOU could handle it. ;)  Xo  Lo & Zo
Quantum Creators is 50% off between now and Friday night: (use code "QUANTUM" at checkout)  Welcome back Creators! We're honoured today to have Quantum Creator alumni Aisling on our podcast, sharing her story of life before and life after going through the Quantum Creators Course. She speaks not only about the crazy external transformations that have happened in her life since taking the course, but more notably, the INTERNAL ones. She no longer feels panic around unwanted circumstances or things that are seemingly out of her control, because she knows that there's nothing that can't be shifted through the process of Quantum Creation and connecting with the Field of infinite possibilities.  Quantum Creators is 50% off for Black Friday for the next two days only. Claim your Quantum leap at! 
Today is the DAY! The Quantum Creators Course is 50% off for 3 days only! You can gain lifetime access for just $444 at  Quantum creation is the "magic pill" everyone's looking for but no one seems to be aware of. It's the little-known and deeply hidden piece of the conscious creation puzzle, that allows for manifesting even the really big things to be exactly the way it was meant to be: fun, fast, easy.⁣  Quantum Creating is the "anti" LOA manifestation method, that will wake you up to TRUTH: that you're not an attractor, you're a CREATOR, and your thoughts are so. much. more powerful than you've ever been made to believe.⁣ It's not necessary to have iron-fisted faith, be in constant belief that what you want is coming, be committed to your desired outcome while simultaneously 'letting go' of it, too.⁣  Join the course for half price here before Friday at 11:59PM ET, or reach out to us at with any questions you have.  Xo Lo & Zo
Welcome back abundance fam! We're so excited today to have been joined by our inspirational Quantum Creators alumni Melissa Ratti, and hear her beautiful story of creating her Quantum life since enrolling in QC in August of 2020. If you've been wanting to create clarity for yourself in any area of your life, this interview will be sure to give you insights as to how to do that using the principals of Quantum Creation, even if you have no idea where to start in getting clear on what you want! You don't need to know what you want in order to step into your roll as Creator of your best, most Quantum life. You just have to decide it's time and trust your intuition. Join us inside Quantum Creators at half the price starting tomorrow!  Connect with Melissa:  Get on the Quantum Creators sale waitlist (opening Tuesday at 8AM ET!):  Watch Creator - The Masterclass: 
Welcome back, abundance fam! We're SO excited to be sharing with you a very special price cut on Quantum Creators, happening next week for Black Friday between Tuesday, November 22nd and Friday, Novembers 25th! Jump on the waitlist at  Today we're talking about why it's so important NOT to feel bad about being a HUMAN while manifesting, and why having "negative" thoughts and emotions, isn't going to block your manifestations from coming in. Take this episode as your permission slip to let go of the impossible requirements and conditions you may have placed on your ability to create a life you love.  If you're ready to manifest wildly abundant up-levels and create Quantum leaps in any area of your life, join us inside Quantum Creators at this very special price, or watch our Creator masterclass (it's free!) here: 
Doors for IAP close this Friday!  Welcome back Abundance Fam!! Today we're talking about the power of letting your BODY lead the way when it comes to the unfolding of your desires, and why it's SO different and more powerful than the mind. Inside of Imperfect & Prosperous, we'll be teaching a deeply-integrative, body-based approach to manifestation that allows for ease in both the unfolding, and the receiving of your biggest desires. It was always meant to be easy! Inside IAP, we're ushering in a new paradigm that allows it to be just that. Join us before Friday at 10PM ET! We begin together November 1st. ✨
Read about Imperfect & Prosperous: ($111 off until Thursday evening!) Join The Force vs. Flow Masterclass on Thursday, October 20th at 7AM ET:  Welcome back abundance fam!! Today we're coming at you with a deep-dive discussion on the easeful energy of the new paradigm we're each being called into, and why forcefulness and hustle just don't work anymore. The NEW paradigm of receiving is here, and we're sharing inside Thursday's masterclass, how to access it by embracing imperfection and allowing it to be (more than) enough to receive everything you desire and more. Enjoy! 
Join The Formula livestream:  Get on the Quantum Creators waitlist:  Welcome back Creators! Lo here, with a special solo-episode brought to you in part by QUANTUM SEASON, which officially kicks off today! In this episode, I'm diving into the REAL reason behind why we try and control the unfolding of our desires, or prematurely judge current circumstances, making them mean that what we want, isn't coming. I'm sharing the truth about what this need to control or predict is actually about, and how to work with your body to release this habit and move into a state of trust that allows for the easeful manifestation of your desires.  Join us inside The Formula, starting today (Tuesday) at 8PM ET!
Join The Formula livestream series: Get on the waitlist for the newest round of Quantum Creators here: QC Alumni? Become an affiliate here. Welcome back Abundance Fam! Today we're talking about accessing your KNOWING energy and how it goes hand-in-hand with letting go of the when/how. Since we're not fans of simply telling you to "surrender your desire". Instead, we're showing you the science behind manifestation in our 3-day livestream event, "The Formula", so that knowing isn't something you have to try and convince yourself of, it's instead, an easy byproduct of what you know to be true about the nature of reality, and the role you play in creating it. See you inside The Formula! Want to connect? Join our Facebook group here.
Welcome back Abundance Fam!! We're so excited to be dropping some new episodes, and today we're getting really REAL about the ways in which we forgot, fell out of, and then had to rediscover our power as conscious creators over the past year. Feeling POWERFUL is not only your birthright and who you really are, but it also happens to be your access to everything you desire to manifest. Enjoy!    Jump on the waitlist for the next round of Quantum Creators:  Join Lauren's Luminary Livestream:  Join Zoey's Wealthy & Worthy Masterclass: 
Join round 5 of the Quantum Creators Course before doors close on Friday at 10PM ET:  Welcome back Abundance fam! Today's episode is from day 2 of our Quantum Leap Livestream, specifically discussing the #1 manifestation missing piece that changes the entire game--- IDENTITY. Specifically, embodying a feeling of power and confidence that leads you to everything you desire (and the fastest way to get there). Enjoy! 
Join the Quantum Creators Course! (Doors closing Friday):  Welcome back abundance fam! Today's episode is the replay for Day 1 of our Quantum Leap Livestream series happening today and tomorrow! Day 1 we covered the fundamental flaws with Law of Attraction teachings and why they actually set people up for failure and frustration (and what to do instead!).  The newest round of Quantum Creators is OPEN! Four weeks to finally discover the truth, claim your infinite power to create, and quantum-leap into the life of your wildest dreams. Doors close Friday!
Join the Quantum Leap Livestream Series:  Jump on the waitlist for the Quantum Creators Course:  Welcome back abundance fam!! We're so happy to be back with a new episode! It's QUANTUM SEASON! And today we're talking about how to feel powerful AF in 2022, and begin to create quantum-leaps in your reality by embodying the truth of who you really are. If LOA has left you feeling like you're doing something "wrong", it's because you're not an attractor-- you're a CREATOR, and we're here to prove it to you. See you inside the Quantum Leap Livestream!  Enjoy!
Welcome back Abundance Fam! Peak our 50% off Black Friday sale and join the live round of the Abundant Beings Club for half off before Sunday night at  Today we're talking about the power in shifting your relationship with yourself, to not only allow in the manifestations you desire, but to feel totally abundance and fulfilled in the process, too. Jump into The Lo & Zo Show Facebook group to join future live recordings and reach out to us on Instagram if you have any questions about ABC or Fear to Freedom (both 50% off with code '2021' at checkout!
HEY Abundance Fam! We've missed you!! This is one of two live episodes happening inside the Quantum Minds Facebook group. The next one is Wednesday, November 24th at 8AM ET, join us if you're free at Today we're getting really REAL-- and deconstructing the ways in which we previously held a false sense of identity based on the favourable conditions within our external circumstances, and what the work has looked & felt like to undo and rewrite these narratives.  We're running a live round of The Abundance Beings Club at 50% off when you use code ABC" at checkout before Saturday, November 27th at 10PM ET. Head to to join us! 
Join round 4 of Quantum Creators (use code 'EARLYBIRD' at checkout for $100 off before Tuesday at 12PM ET).  Listen to the QC2 testimonials episode HERE  Welcome back abundance fam!! IT'S QUANTUM SEASON! And in honour of that, this week's episode is sharing the ultimate truth-- that you are powerful beyond words and limited by nothing. Don't take our word for it though, Quantum Physics is proving the profound role that human consciousness plays in the 3D world, and we're here to fill you in on exactly how to use what cutting-edge science is showing us, to create everything you've ever dreamed of.  If you have questions about QC2, message either of us on Instagram (@zoeyarielle and @laurencsaunders). Doors close Friday, and this is going to be the most Quantum round yet! Join this week's CREATOR livestream: See you in the Quantum!! 
Welcome back Abundance Fam!! Join Creator - The Livestream here:  Today we're talking about being a Quantum creator in your day-to-day life, and how understanding your innate power to create, changes everything from how you make decisions, to the conversations you have, to the goals you set and visions you hold. Knowing your Quantum creative power means knowing you are limitless. Regardless of what's going on in the world, regardless of perceived limitations or external circumstances, there is STILL nothing you cannot manifest, because there is nothing outside of you. Join Creator - The Livestream to deep-dive into this content more and be the first to know when the next round of QC2 opens!!
Abundant Beings!!! We're BACK! And we've missed you! First and foremost, get on the waitlist/join our upcoming Creator Livestream: In today's episode, we chat about where life has taken us in the past few months, what's next for Lo & Zo and most importantly, honouring the hard times or as we refer to it in this episode, "The Great Rest Period" along your healing and manifestation journeys. We both feel that this is a topic that's not talked about enough, and yet is an inevitable part of being a human being on a journey of self-actualization.  We're so excited to be bringing you new episodes in the coming weeks and months and as always, thanks for coming along with us for the ride. Stay abundant! Xo Lo & Zo
Welcome back abundance fam! We have a "top tips" episode for you today, sharing the 6 different ways we've remained positive over this last year, and how to tune out of the fear and return to a vibration of love, trust and faith.  Every paradigm is available to you, even when it feels like everywhere you turn there's another reason to feel fearful. Choose the tips from today's episode that resonate with you in order to choose YOUR experience of life, no matter the external circumstances.  If you enjoyed this episode, please help us out by rating, reviewing and sharing it. Be sure to tag @zoeyarielle, @laurencsaunders & @theloandzoshow if you do! Join our Facebook group, Abundant Mind Tribe here: Until next time, stay abundant
Welcome back abundance fam! We are SO excited to be sharing this very raw & real episode with you, featuring our good friend and fellow coach Hayley Bowler Cooke. We sat down with Hayley to discuss all-things confidence and the power of embodiment while manifesting, especially for women. Our conversation went just about everywhere possible, discussing the art or orgasmic manifesting, building self-worth and loving the skin you're in. Connect with Hayley on Instagram at  Listen to her podcast: If you enjoyed this episode, please help us out by rating, reviewing and sharing it. Be sure to tag @zoeyarielle, @laurencsaunders & @theloandzoshow if you do! Join our Facebook group, Abundant Mind Tribe here: Until next time, stay abundant
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Grace Feeney

half way through the first episode, and I am feeling so affirmed in knowing that this is Knowledge I want✨🙏 love the give and take and easy flow of the conversation between Zoey and Lauren. If you're curious about Law of Attraction, Abundance Mindset, or being a successful entrepreneur, go check it out. now, right now.

Oct 18th
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