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Welcome back Quantum fam! Today we thought we'd give an in-depth recollection of our timeline of Quantum Leaps, since we recently hosted a Quantum Creation Masterclass and were reminiscing on the crazy things that have taken place since we started with Quantum Creation! We're also excited to announce that we're now on YouTube! Follow the link below if you prefer to watch our episodes moving forward
Welcome back Quantum fam! Today we're chatting about a favourite topic of ours-- how to PIVOT into new directions in life, love and career, and why it's vital to allow yourself to be lead down paths you didn't previously imagine for yourself. Enjoy!  Watch our free Quantum manifestation masterclass:  Get 50% off the Quantum Creators Course for a limited time using code "QUANTUM" at checkout: 
Welcome back Quantum fam! We're so excited to introduce to you today's guest, yoga instructor and human connection expert Chris Walker.  We chatted with Chris about how to celebrate and LEAD with what makes you different in order to create a prosperous life/brand, and impact others in the way you're meant to.  Connect with Chris at and check out his website at  Enjoy!
Welcome back Quantum fam! Today we're talking all-things relinquishing CONTROL, especially in today's world of uncertainty. We chat about letting go and surrendering not only in regards to the big things happening in our world & environment, but also in regards to our desires and within the manifestation/allowing process itself. Enjoy! Join Quantum Creators for 50% off (pay-in-full ad payment plan options) with code "QUANTUM":  Watch our free quantum manifestation masterclass: 
Welcome back Quantum fam! Get 50% off Quantum Creators (limited time offer) using code "QUANTUM" at checkout:  Today we're chatting about how and when to let things be EASY, by recognizing where we're bringing 'should', self-judgement and productivity wounds into the mix of creating the things we want. We share a story of letting go of the struggle we'd been pushing through for MONTHS with a Lo & Zo project, and simply letting ourselves take the easy route instead. Where in your life are you making things harder or more complicated than they need to be? Enjoy!
Welcome back abundance fam! Today we're bringing things back to a very simplified approach to manifestation, which is simply asking yourself: am I being love towards ____ (area of your life you desire to change) or am I being fear?". In other words, by making it as simple as being abundance in order to receive abundance (in love, in money, in your relationships, in your place of work, etc.) we can cut out all the manifestation neurosis of trying to play by a million rules and meet a tons of contradictory energetic criteria in order to receive. It's really as simple as feeling GOOD about the thing that you want, to call it right in. Enjoy! Watch our Quantum masterclass: 
Welcome back abundance fam! Today we're heading back to our Lo & Zo ROOTS to chat about the power of creating the way of BEING that supports your desires, by understanding how to reprogram both the brain and the body, and get them on-board with your manifestation.  If there's an area of your life you've been struggling to create a desired outcome within, look to the emotions that are most familiar to you within that area. Are they the emotions of abundance, freedom, joy, excitement, and love? Or is your body still running on an old program based in fear, scarcity, or control? Begin to practice new emotions in your body (and the new thoughts in your brain that accompany those emotions) until they begin to become more and more familiar), and your way of being will create the manifestation FOR you. Enjoy!  Watch our Quantum creation masterclass: 
Welcome back abundance fam! In today’s episode we’re chatting TIMELINES, and how to work with them successfully when manifesting. We get questions constantly about manifesting on a timeline, and generally we advice people against it. However this isn’t because you CAN’T manifest on a timeline, it’s because most of the time when we’re trying to force something to happen by a specific date, either we’re trying to control, or we’re introducing unnecessary resistance (or both). There are two ways you *can* energetically align yourself with a specific desire coming in by a specific date, and which one you use depends on the current beliefs you have about what you want. Find out how to manifest on timelines effectively in today’s episode! Watch our free quantum masterclass: 
Welcome back abundance fam! Today we're talking about your Divine feminine magnetism, or in the words of Ana Kinkela (linked below), your soft power-- and how to access it.  Soft power is about receiving. It's about feeling safe to let in and enjoy your desire. It's not a forceful or loud power. It's quiet, suggestive, alluring. It allows more than it does make it happen. Enjoy! Watch our Quantum masterclass:  Checkout Ana Kinkela's work (referenced in this episode - @iamanakinkela)
Watch our Quantum masterclass: Welcome back abundance fam! Today we're sharing our favourite and most personally impactful methods of nervous system regulation, and doing a deep-dive into why this is the best, most powerful thing you could do for your MINDSET, and your manifestation abilities! Hope you enjoy! Follow us now on IG and Youtube @theloandzoshow 
Watch our Quantum masterclass:  Welcome back Quantum fam! Today we're doing a deep dive into the topic of REJECTION: why it shows up in our lives, how it holds us back, and the truth about actually healing our relationship with rejection so that it no longer runs the show or holds us back.  Follow us on YouTube, TikTok and our new Instagram account @theloandzoshow!
Welcome back Quantum fam! We're SO excited to kick off an all-new free training, The Quantum Creation Masterclass: how to use Physics to Quantum Leap your manifestations & why the LOA isn't *really* working for you -  Today we're talking about how to create more FUN, EASE & JOY in your bridge of incidents that is life! We could all benefit from more of this and we invite you to listen in and ask yourself how you can create more of this in your life. You're also invited to join us in our quantum intention of having our BEST Summers yet!  Also mentioned in this podcast was our Imperfect & Prosperous program: Don't forget to join the masterclass linked above!  Love, Lo & Zo 
Welcome back Quantum fam! We're SO excited to kick off an all-new free training, The Quantum Creation Masterclass: how to use Physics to Quantum Leap your manifestations & why the LOA isn't *really* working for you -  Today we're talking about getting OUT of our limitation and INTO the realm of Quantum possibility, through consuming and understanding Quantum content like The Holographic Universe, The Divine Matrix, and just about anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza. When we take a very "human" approach to manifestation, we get stuck in our 'humanness': trying to change our reality through force and effort.  When we instead invest in a higher level of awareness about the true nature of things, we can transcend our limitation and create manifestations far outside our current paradigm of possibilities.  To dive into the Quantum world with us, join the masterclass linked above! 
In this episode we dive into the topic of self-judgment and illuminate how this can and is most-likely creating a lot of resistance in your divine unfolding. Let's dismantle this together!    Join the next Quantum Masterclass: 
We're back-- like, back back. And we're so excited to be dropping weekly episodes starting now. Stay tuned for exciting things in the coming weeks!
Join Imperfect & Prosperous for 50% off using coupon code MINIMIND:  The Divinity Mastermind closes in 2 days!  Welcome back Abundance Fam! Today we're sharing a bonus training replay from inside out Divine Magnetism Minimind, on how our false self-perceptions and identities keeps us attached to outcomes, preventing desires from arriving. Reach out if you have questions about IAP or the Mastermind!
Join Divinity - The Mastermind (bonuses expiring tonight at 10PM ET!):  Welcome back abundance fam! Today inside the day 6 replay of our Divine Magnetism training, we're chatting about the power of finding a space of acceptance a non-resistance through choosing to forgive-- both ourselves, and others. To join us inside the Divine Magnetism Minimind, head to Enjoy! 
Welcome to Episode 100 of the Lo & Zo Show! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for following us along on this journey and for investing your valuable time into supporting our little corner of the internet. We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.
Join the Divinity Mastermind (bonuses expiring tonight!):  Welcome to DAY 4 of the Divinely Magnetic Minimind, abundance fam! Today we're distinguishing between ineffective vs. effective & aligned ACTION taking, and how to move from a space of devotion and flow in order to receive the impulses that'll deliver you to where you're wanting to go. Join the Minimind if you haven't yet here: 
Welcome to day 3 of the Divine Magnetism Minimind! To join us, head to  Join Divinity (price rising tomorrow!):  Welcome back abundance fam! Today for Day 3 inside DMM, we're chatting a major, often unknown source of resistance that keeps so many of us stuck in unwanted patterns of lack and struggle. Realizing and healing this, grants us access to becoming outrageously open towards our desires so we can receive with ease in all areas of our lives. 
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Grace Feeney

half way through the first episode, and I am feeling so affirmed in knowing that this is Knowledge I want✨🙏 love the give and take and easy flow of the conversation between Zoey and Lauren. If you're curious about Law of Attraction, Abundance Mindset, or being a successful entrepreneur, go check it out. now, right now.

Oct 18th
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