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Author: Danny D LoPriore

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Brothers Michael & Danny LoPriore have set out the make the funniest podcast of all time and have settled for this. Join them on their infinite quest for podcast supremacy as they spare the lives of no one who crosses them. If you don't listen to this show, something is wrong with you, not them, figure your life out bro.
53 Episodes
On this episode, we talk about butt stuff, Tony Soprano opens Pokemon cards & we do an AMA, Enjoy!!!!
Part 2 is here! Michael and I go crazy on this one, enjoy!!!!!!!
On this episode, its not an episode...all bangers. Enjoy!
Part 1 of our 50th Anniversary! Danny goes live and does a bunch of songs! Tells doctor stories & MORE! Enjoy!
On this episode, we talk about high school nicknames, gay rappers & play a game called "This or That?"ENJOY!
On this COVID filled episode, we are joined by Jared while Danny is stuck in Florida. Danny details his story driving to Florida from NY, we catch us with Jared and his lifestyle down in Miami, and play a question game. Enjoy!
On this episode, we do a gift exchange and talk about our favorite Christmas songs and movies! Enjoy!
On this episode, we go back in time to see the creepiest songs ever recorded in the history of music! Enjoy!
On this episode, we talk about Kim Jong Un outlawing leather jackets & killing the Squid Game smuggler. We also make an awesome holiday movie trailer & more! Enjoy.
Episode #44: PokeSex

Episode #44: PokeSex


On this episodes we take some quizzes and give Pokemon sex names...Enjoy!
Episode #043: Onion Nips

Episode #043: Onion Nips


On this episode, we talk about Michael sucking onion nips, how gross New York City is, our drunk friend & more, Enjoy!
On this episode, we play Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec's game "Pay The Price" Enjoy!
On this episode, Danny gets a squishy surprise, Michael talks about body rights, we make another latino banger & much more! Enjoy!
#040: Zuck's Metaverse

#040: Zuck's Metaverse


On this episode, we discuss Mark Zuckerberg's "Meta" verse & his love for Sweet Baby Ray's. Who would win in a nerd off, Elon or Mark. We slap each others butts as hard as we can & much more! Enjoy!!
On this episode, we talk about Dave Chappelle vs. Cancel Culture, the Alec Baldwin shooting & more! Enjoy!
On this episode, we talk about who would give better BJ's, peeing our pants, fighting small dudes, Halloween Kills, the new Batman trailer & more! Enjoy!
On this episode, Danny talks about his trip to Europe, Game of Thrones, how gross dudes are & Michael finds old raps he wrote in jail.
#036: Is Santa Claus Dead?

#036: Is Santa Claus Dead?


On this episode, we talk about the mystery of Santa Claus, how old will your kids be when you tell them he isnt real, when to throw down versus a new "challenger", Michael's relationship with religion & more!
On the episode, we look at the weirdest dating websites on the planet, Danny takes about his fan meet up, R.Kelly, a fan sends up a gift & more!
#034: Finger Sucking Foods

#034: Finger Sucking Foods


On this episode, we discuss love making with household items, The Gabby Petito story & what foods we enjoy sucking off our fingers, enjoy!
Comments (2)

Christopher Smith

what is that song in your closing? fire podcast as always guys

Mar 24th

Brandon Cortez

Been waiting for this 🙏🏾

Feb 3rd
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