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Top-rated weekly lifestyle podcast, brand, and community where women of color come to commune. Hosted by media veteran and entrepreneur, Loni Swain. This is a safe space for sharing our honest, relatable, and inspiring stories of navigating personal and professional transitions. Each episode serves as a resource of support to help us process experiences and potentially challenge our perspective. We also discuss the parts of our journey that we often find uncomfortable to talk about – we’re digging into them here in hopes of helping to normalize and destigmatize vulnerability, but to also positively impact other women's outcomes. Creating community and conscious connection, one authentic conversation at a time. Some common themes are wellness, entrepreneurship, mental health, dating/relationships and self-development in candid, vulnerable chats with fascinating guests. Join me and my guests as we live and learn more about ourselves and life, together. Let’s start the conversation.

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I am joined by special guest Rhea Pitre ( Life + Relationship Coach) for (Part 3 of 5) of the special COVID-19 “How Are You” virtual podcast recording series. We discuss how COVID19 may be challenging many relationships due to social distancing and quarantine, plus ways we can create more space for love, compassion, and connection. Rhea shared great tips for setting boundaries, communicating our needs with love, ways to support a loved one who is now out of work, and turning disappointment into grace. Connect with Rhea on her website. and on Instagram @rhealone Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review, and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
I'm joined by special guest Dr. Akilah Jefferson Shah, MD - Immunologist - Allergist in "Debunking the COVID19 Myths" (Part 2 of 5) in the “How Are You” COVID-19 series, we will discuss many of the myths circulating about COVID-19 (ways it is transmitted, how it is treated, and how to take care of ourselves + while caring for others in our lives) and Dr. Shah clarified the facts from fiction. Connect with Dr. Akilah Instagram: @akilahjeffersonmd FaceBook: Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
Now, more than ever, we could all use some healing conversation and connection. Join me and special guest Rakima D. Parson (M.S., LPC, RPT, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor) for a special virtual podcast recording (Part 1 of 5)in the "How Are You" COVID-19 series. We will discuss all the feels, how to navigate them, what "toxic positivity" is and might look like, and how to take care of ourselves while caring for others in our lives during these uncertain times. Resources Mentioned: Disaster and Distress Helpline: 800-985-5990 Psychology Today : Connect with Rakima D. Parson online Website: Instagram: You can listen to the podcast on Spotify iTunes Google Play SoundCloud YouTube and Stitcher. Please subscribe, rate, review, and share with at least 3 friends who you think would enjoy and/or benefit from this episode and let me know what you think! Tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast
With the holidays in full swing, many will find ourselves with family members who we haven't seen most of the year - and sometimes by choice. As if boundary setting, in general, wasn't hard enough, try setting boundaries with family members! As an adult, many conversations with friends reveal dysfunctional family dynamics that lack boundaries altogether or very few in place. This realization then sparks the conversation: how does one go about implementing healthy boundaries when the life span of the relationship has been without them? Some may be asking - What is a boundary? Thomas Fischer, M.Div states “Personal boundaries define you as an individual, outlining your likes and dislikes, and setting the distances you allow others to approach. They include physical, mental, psychological and spiritual boundaries, involving beliefs, emotions, intuitions, and self-esteem.” SOURCE In this episode of The Loni Swain Show Podcast, my guest Dr. Pia Holec will help us navigating determining our boundaries and how to approach implementation with family and loved ones. Dr. Pia Holec is a psychotherapist at Resilience Psychological Services. Here she specializes in working with minority populations in the areas of sex therapy, relationship concerns, family of origin concerns, and trauma. Dr. Holec received her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She completed her clinical internship at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals in New York, New York. Here she received extensive training at the Addiction Institute of New York and the Center for The Intensive Treatment of Personality Disorders. Prior to this, Dr. Holec trained at Rush University Medical Center, Marital and Sex Therapy Department in Chicago, Illinois where she gained specialized training in working with couples and treating sexual dysfunctions. Dr. Holec has worked with individuals, couples, and families presenting with a variety of clinical concerns including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, psychosis, PTSD, complex trauma, and addictions. Dr. Holec specializes in the successful treatment of Female Hyposexual Arousal Disorder, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, unconsummated marriages, gender dysphoria, and LGBTQ+ concerns. You can find Dr. Holec on Therapy Road, Therapy for Black Girls as well as: @sexdrpia You can listen to the podcast on Spotify iTunes Google Play SoundCloud YouTube and Stitcher. Please subscribe, rate, review, and share with at least 3 friends who you think would enjoy and/or benefit from this episode and let me know what you think! Tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast
Rewinding to one of my favorite episodes. I recently re-listened to this episode and deeply needed to reminder and thought I'd share with you while we navigate the holiday season and interact with people who we may wish to connect with on a deeper level. This conversation can offer some perspective. Jenny D. Brice is helping us to better understand attachment theory and how we can use it to deepen our connections. Deepening our connections can result in more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in our relationships. Jenny says in fact that “There’s nothing more disheartening than spending time tending to your mind, body and spirit, only to return day after day to a relationship where you feel emotionally unsafe and abandoned, with no tools to communicate your needs effectively. If your relationships are not nourishing you, they’re depleting you.” Jenny believes in the power of personal narratives to radically re-shape one’s life, relationships and experiences. Her mission is to elevate and encourage the practice of self-realization through awareness, acceptance, compassion, communication and appreciation; with the knowledge that people are genuinely doing the best they can with the mindsets and resources they have. Jenny is a clinically trained Psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of Individuals, Couples and Families. She is Core Skills certified and trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Level I trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She is also a Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner, a thirteen-year Public Health Professional and passionate Wellness Enthusiast. Her aim is to support clients in vibrating higher in all aspects of their human experience, by helping them improve the quality of the tools within their reach. From the concrete and analytical to the experiential and spiritual, Jenny utilizes an integrative approach to cultivate healing. Check out this article Jenny wrote about the subject and some suggested reading on the topic. Connect with Jenny at @jennybmytherapist Let's continue the conversation online and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people you think would enjoy or benefit from this conversation. Tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast #attachmenttheory #connection #attachment #relationships
After spending over 10 years in entertainment radio and media, deciding to make a career pivot ultimately became a full-on search for my identity which had gotten wrapped up in titles, accolades, access and earnings that really didn't mean anything to me - but were associated with me and my external persona had overshadowed my internal identity. Can anyone relate? Erica Williams Simon can. So we sat down to chat about the journey and the strategies for separating your identity from your career, pivoting, and redesigning your relationship with your life's work versus your job. Erica Williams Simon is a social critic, author, host and CEO of Sage House Media, a content and experience company that surfaces wisdom about “who we are and how we want to live”. Most recently the former Washington politico and lifelong civil and human rights activist was Head of The Creator's Lab at Snapchat, a first of its kind program that developed inspirational programming for a global network of young storytellers and creators. The self described professional question asker is an accomplished moderator and interviewer: She is host of the popular podcast The Call with Erica, creator and host of the Rosario Dawson produced digital talk show The Assembly and author of the book "You Deserve the Truth” (Simon & Schuster). She has been featured on The Today Show, O Magazine, and Washington Post and is a frequent TV commentator. Connect with Erica Williams Simon Instagram: @missewill Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
Dr. Akilah Reynolds joins me to discuss the "Strong Black Woman" archetype - its origins, it's benefits, ways it hinders our mental health and how to redefine it for ourselves. Dr. Akilah Reynolds resides in Los Angeles where she is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is passionate about helping people transform their lives by promoting psychological health and wellness. Dr. Akilah sees her role as a mental health educator, consultant, and advocate, helping modern women and parents prioritize self-care, self-expression, and social support. Her work includes a private psychology practice, research on the Strong Black Woman (SBW) and mental health, parent education and coaching, and wellness workshops and retreats. Dr. Akilah is committed to supporting contemporary women and parents achieve balance, emotional wellness, and live the life of their dreams. Connect with Dr. Akilah Instagram: @dr.akilah SBW Instagram: @sbw.selfcare Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
Break-ups are never fun, but they are an opportunity to reassess what you want and how you want to show up in your next relationships. In this episode, I'm sharing the top 4 things I learned from my last break-up. Support for The Loni Swain Show comes from Manscaped, who is the best in men’s below the belt grooming. Manscaped offers precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. Since I'm single now, I got to try out the Lawn Mower 2.0 myself, and ladies this works wonders for our below the belt grooming as well! Get your guy the gift that keeps on giving - or gift yourself with a pain-free hair removal process. Win-win! Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code LONISWAINSHOW at Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
Do you have a career that you hate, but you’re sticking with it because you’ve invested a lot of time and money on degrees in the field? Are you afraid to make the leap into entrepreneurship? You should talk to Michelle Thames. I had the chance to speak with her for you. She’s been there. As a matter of fact, she’s been there, done that, and made the t-shirt line to prove it. In this candid conversation, Michelle shares her journey of unceremoniously leaving her corporate career and why she is not looking back, stepping into the blogging sphere, reinventing herself, and how positive thinking paved the way for a life she loves. Book Recommendation: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero®-Doubting-Greatness/dp/0762447699/ref=sr_1_1?crid=10YO52AWGUKF3&keywords=you%27re+a+badass+book&qid=1573186820&sprefix=you+are+a+badass%2Caps%2C267&sr=8-1 Connect with Michelle: @naturalista86
In this episode Dr. Natalie King joins me to discuss the challenges of life and how we always have the choice to make them a stepping-stone or allow them to be a road-block, using loss as a motivator to live fully, getting creative about how to not allow our circumstances to hinder our progress, knowing when we need to seek extra support and not allowing the world or anyone in it to limit us. Natalie King is a Doctor of Neuroscience, Fashion model, Speaker, Medical Affairs professional and Healthcare Provider. She earned her Ph.D. at the age of 26 studying the complex interplay of brain pathology in Depression, Suicide, and Autism, all while overcoming the sudden death of her father and the suicide of a friend. Resilient to the core, Natalie’s inspirational journey is centered around family, purpose, and curiosity and she’s passionate about teaching others that they can truly be anything they want to be in life. The youngest ever to receive her degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the first Afro-Latina, Natalie embraces her uniqueness as a woman of color and strives to pave the way for other women and girls to achieve their dreams in the STEM fields. Serving as an advisory member of "The Girls for Science" mentorship program in Chicago and Black Girls Do Stem, in St. Louis, both groups empower young girls to pursue careers in these hard, technical fields. She is currently double-licensed (IL and MO) as an Emergency Medical professional and has held various roles as a Medical Affairs professional for the last 3 years. These have allowed her to manage and implement both Vascular Medicine (previous) and Neuroscience (current) Medical Strategy as a disease state expert for territories ranging from 16 states to 4 states, respectively. Her experiences have ranged in her 32 years of life and her various works as a model can be seen on the shelves of Walmart, CVS, and Beauty Supply stores across the globe and she’s been featured on, Essence Magazine, Jet Magazine, and NDigo Magapaper, to name a few. Finally, as a Brain Health Expert, STEM Advocate, and soon to be Social Entrepreneur in the tech arena, she loves to speak on topics related to Leadership, Self- esteem, Resiliency, and Health. Book Recommendations: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Connect with Natalie: @neuronat26 -
Are you ready for some inspiration? Denayja Reese is sharing HERstory, so press PLAY! This was such a soul-centered conversation covering the gambit of vulnerability, healing, transformation, finding and pursuing your purpose fearlessly, overcoming setbacks, turning your pain into power and creating whole-hearted brave communities. Denayja Reese is an Event Strategist, Producer & Writer whose love of culture has fueled her diverse career journey. From her time at the helm of a San Francisco marketing agency where she increased sales by 50% each year and worked with companies like Uber, SF Giants and Live Nation to working on experiential campaigns for Airbnb, content at Coachella and more as a consultant. Her full-service Event Production company Girl With That Laugh Productions has worked on events including A3C Festival & Conference and BlackTech Week. GWTLP has managed $600K+ in sponsorship revenue and generated $50K in ticket sales. She remains guided by the principles of inspiration, connection, productivity, community, and self-expression, applying the concepts as the ethos of GWTLP’s work. Connect with Denayja and Girl With That Laugh Productions (GWTLP) Website Instagram: (@gwtlp) Spotify Playlist
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let's rewind to a chat that I had with my dear friend (and Professor of Clinical Radiology at LSU Health New Orleans) Dr. Brooke Morell. - - I learned SOOOOOOO much! Because I am not yet the recommended age to start receiving annual mammograms, I had no clue what the process was like, nor was I aware of the next steps if there were to be abnormal findings. I personally know several breast cancer survivors and 4 of them are under the suggested screening age of 40. So how do we protect and early detect before then? We discussed this and so much more! Like: how do breast implants impact your risks for breast cancer, if at all? We discussed breast cancer in men, and the many misconceptions about breast cancer. - - Plus we talked about Dr. Morell's journey to becoming one of very few women, let alone women of color, in the field of radiology. She is making a difference in this world and in women’s health and I am so proud to call her a friend of mine. • • • Let's continue the conversation online and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share! Tag us on social media: #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #knowyourgirls #savethetatas #breastcancerprevention @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
Astin Hayes shares how she came up with the idea for her TipOff gaming app, going from idea to launch, and some of her challenges/ along the way. Astin Hayes is a Chicago-based entrepreneur whose energy and passion are both inspiring and contagious. As of late, she has added app developer to her list of accomplishments. She is founder and CEO of TipOff gaming app, which is a game of blacklisted words that is similar to Taboo, but for you. The inspiration for the app is to bring people together using culture and technology in an organic way. She holds dual degrees in Media Management and Africana Studies from The University of Miami (2006) and a Masters in PR & Advertising from DePaul University (2009). Recently, she has won the 2019 Chicago Culture Awards for her work in the tech industry in Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, planning events, working out and baking.
Gabrielle Pickens, a military veteran and entrepreneur from Chicago, started her career in the Navy in 2013 and quickly climbed the ranks to Petty Officer Second Class in a matter of six years. Awarded three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and a host of other awards, she values high performance and hard work. Her newest venture, Barracks To Baller, is a down-to-earth online transition course stemming from her own journey of transition from Active Duty. She hopes to continue to inspire and help other Active Duty members conquer the mental blocks that are holding them back from living a life they truly desire.
Netta Dobbins is a marketer, entrepreneur and professional hypewoman that's worked with brands like State Farm, NBA, Nike and more. She's the founder of Mimconnect, a career resource and networking platform diversifying the workforce, and Secret Black Girl Meeting, an event series curating a safe space for Black women to discuss issues plaguing our community. Netta's mission is to always create opportunities for POC and lift as she climbs. Connect with Netta: @NettaDobbins Connect with MIMConnect: @MIMConnect Connect with Secret Black Girl Meeting: @sbgmpresents Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast
First solo episode in a while. Addressing a listener question from a previous episode: "When does normal anxiety become an anxiety disorder?" and then my two cents on minding our mental health and keeping the "should" to ourself. I don't know about you, but I've had people tell me what I should and should not be stressed or anxious about. I've had people tell me that because things could be worse, my current circumstances didn't warrant discontent or my level of frustration. This episode is to remind you and them that we all have unique triggers and stressors and everyone needs to mind their own mental health and keep their "should" to themself. In honor of the last week of mental health, lets take the time to be more thoughtful and compassionate about how we respond to people in their time of need, even when we can't relate or understand. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast Visit my website:
How to Secure Your Seat at the Table w/ Minda Harts by Loni Swain
Rakima Dolliole Parson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Play Therapist, and Louisiana Native, whose own experience overcoming childhood traumatic stress, led her to pursue a career as a therapist. Rakima not only believes that there is valuable work to be done through providing individual therapy services, but she also embraces the responsibility of advocating and providing outreach. She has presented at both national and regional conferences and is active in working to help enhance the policies related to mental health. Rakima has also volunteered as a mentor, through an organization that supports children of incarcerated parents. She is driven by her desire to minimize barriers to accessing mental health information and services. Rakima works with individuals of all ages, with the goal of enhancing both mental well-being and interpersonal functioning. Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode. To connect with Rakima, visit her Instagram Page @centeredTX Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share with at least 3 people who would enjoy or benefit from this conversation! Follow and tag us on social media: @loniswain @loniswainshow #loniswainshow #loniswainshowpodcast #TLSS #TLSSpodcast #MHA
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