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Author: The Iain Lee Vault

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The Official UK Lost podcast started on Channel 4 but then became The Lost Initiative when the show moves to Sky One,
Iain Lee was joined every week by Lost: The Official Magazine editor, Paul Terry, and fan favourite, Geeky Tom. They also take phone calls from fans and Lost experts,
83 Episodes
Email: Boothyboy - Losties time-shift back to 2007, Fred Lorenzo - Lost marathon.
Email: Steven Cannes - Jacob, Harrison Hodgkin's - Jacob.
A special episode looking back at the highlights of season 5
Contestants: Donna and Daryl.
Email: Dharma Chameleon - Eloise, Angry Charlie - Daniel, Dan - Bram, Murphy - The Temple, Chris - Religon, Pete Wright - The statue, Ross - The statue, Dan - GeekyTom.
Email: Katelyn - Daniel, Oceanic6415 - Eloise, Jeremy - Pierre Chang, James - Radzinsky, Lost In Time - Charlie Hume.
Email: Jeremy Bentham Isn't Dead - Shadow of the Statue, Four Toes - Pierre Chang, Thomas Humphrey - Widmore connections, Jennifer - Jacob, David - The Temple, Aiden - Smoke monster and statue, Rosie - Miles and Pierre, Rebecca - GeekyTom's hair, Rob Leather - Iain stop bullying Tom.
Email: Dharma Chameleon - The war, DriveShaft Roadie - Daniel Faraday, Alex - Kate.
Email: Darth bubba - Smoke monster, Mbruc - Smoke monster, Kittrel - Egyptian mythology.
Email: Faraday4Life - Locke, BenLinusIsAGoodGuy - Ben is a good guy.
Email: LaFleury - Sawyer, TnC Forever - Jack, Therook - The war, James Blundle - Widmore, Mr. Moe - Radzinsky, Mr. E - Horace.
Email: Christian - The Temple, CUInAnotherLifeBrother - Aaron.
Email: Sameth Sabolie - Alternate timeline, Flying High - Alternate timeline, Chris Rooks - Whatever Happened, Happened, Rachael Adams - Hostile attack in Ben's flashback. Callers: Jordan - The Barracks in 2008.
Email: Ever_Adrift - Young Ben, DHARMA_Chameleon - Amy.
Email: Ever_Adrift - Sun, Chris Rooks - Widmore connections, Derby Pride - Jacob, George Morsley - Jacob, Neil Griffiths - Food drops.
Email: BenLinusIsAGoodGuy - Has Jack dropped them in it?, Kip - Ben, Sun, Locke and Frank.
Email: Dreadfull - Anubis and Taweret, Juliet Rules - Taweret, Amy - Donkey wheel, Make Claus - Widmore, Catherine - Juliet and Ben, Nick Rowen - Abaddon. Callers: Seamus - Widmore and Ben.
Email: Teacake - Juliet, Robert Thorley - Richard Alpert, Jo Jo Vor Hove Hove (?) - Hydrogen bomb.
Email: April Cradock - GeekyTom's Facebook group, Arnold - Black Rock, Richard Alpert's Party Pants - Frozen wheel, Darrel Thomlinson - Ray Shephard. Callers: Adam - Oceanic 6 return, Ross - Ray Shephard.
Email: Baker1000 - The papers Caesar finds.
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