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The Love Drive podcast is spreading love through emotional intimacy. Learn playful and practical ways to cultivate love and build intimacy.
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Authentic Seduction Skills with Dr. Alison Ash
We can't flirt and seduce like we use to. The landscape is changing and what we used to get away with no longer works. It's time to step up our seduction game, but how are we supposed to know what works when different people react to different approaches.Thank goodness for people like Dr. Alison Ash. She's a sex and intimacy coach, educator, and the founder of She's the host of a fantastic workshop called Sleaze-Free Seduction Skills and she's here to show us how sexy seduction can be when it's done with respect and honesty. Let's dive in. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• The Three-Part Invite to minimize your risk of getting it wrong• How The Almost Kiss takes the guesswork out of the first kiss• What you can do to make talking about consent sexy• Real life examples of sleaze-free seduction you can start using right awayWhere to find Dr. Alison Ash:Website on the podcast:A list of Alison's workshops Perfect Pickup Line blog post Women Wished You Knew About Oral Sex more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Intuitive Eating and Magical Diets with Jenna Hollenstein
What would it look like if we approached food, eating, and how we view our bodies not with restriction, fear, and shame, but rather with love and compassion? Lucky for us, someone can show us how. Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RDN, CDN is a non-diet dietitian, meditation teacher, and the author of the book: Eat to Love - A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life.I don't normally pre-order books but when I saw this one being promoted by Susan Piver on Facebook, I jumped. I wasn't disappointed, and you won't be either by this conversation. Jenna is warm, knowledgable, and a delight to speak with about disordered eating, the dangers of 'magical eating', and what we can do to cultivate compassion for ourselves and our bodies. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• What the heck is 'magical eating' and why the diet industry is hell-bent on selling it to you• How mindful and intuitive eating can bring peace to your relationship with food and your body• Why diets don't work and what you can do instead• How meditation can transform your hunger and fullness awarenessWhere to find Jenna Hollenstein:Website https://www.eat2love.comEat to Love book: on the podcast:The Body Respect book by Linda Bacon Carroll Dines | Anti-Pornography Activist, Lecturer, Author, and Professor more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Connecting to Female Pleasure with Emilie Guimond Bélanger
Emilie Guimond Bélanger is a sex coach, founder of the Institute of Desire in Montreal, and a teacher of Orgasmic Meditation. She grew up having painful intercourse and got fed up with the lack of pleasurable sensation. At one point, decided to do something about it. She discovered Orgasmic Meditation, learned from some of the best teachers, and now makes it her life's work to help women reconnect them to the pleasure that sex can bring. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• What the heck is Orgasmic Meditation and how can it help with pleasure• A step-by-step description of the practice• Resources on finding a partner and ways to approach the conversation• What non-sexual benefits it can bring to your lifeWhere to find Emilie Guimond-Bélanger:Facebook Page Group on the podcast:The Institute of OM Forest OM Meetup Group 38 Orgasmic Meditation Meetup Groups more about The Love Drive Website Page
Healing from Sexual Assault with Coco McKenzi
Coco McKenzi is an inspirational speaker, sexual assault survivor, and transformational coach who has helped hundreds of women over the last 3 years live their most radiant lives after sexual abuse. When Coco was assaulted, she desperately tried to find resources that could help her make sense of what had happened, and how to move forward.Overwhelmed with resources that were hard to understand, she set out to create the one guide that was easy to read and could help survivors begin the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Her purpose isn't only to help survivors recover but to help them create true power and extraordinary bliss post-sexual abuse.What you'll learn (or why you should care):• How to begin recovering from sexual assault• The importance of telling someone, and of reporting your assault• Ways to begin feeling into your body again• Why the healing journey is worth itWhere to find Coco McKenzi:Website | | on the podcast:Coco's free book "Fresh" - The Starting Point Post Sexual Abuse Nagoski's blog post What to do When Someone Tells you They Were Assaulted International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Breathwork and Trauma Release Therapy out more about The Love Drive here:
How to Love Bravely with Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a love nerd, there's no denying it. She's dedicated her life to the pursuit of learning about love and teaching those around her how to love. She's a clinical psychologist, a professor who teaches the Marriage 101 class at Northwestern University, the author of my new favorite book, Loving Bravely, and so much more.This is a lovely and sincere conversation about vulnerability, boundaries, relational self-awareness, attachment theory, and so much more. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• Why relational self-awareness is key to a healthy relationship• That reason that even therapists need therapists• The importance of boundaries • Why we choose partners that trigger our old woundsWhere to find Dr. Alexandra Solomon:Dr. Alexandra Solomon on the Web | Alexandra Solomon's book, Loving Bravely: Alexandra Solomon on Instagram | Alexandra Solomon on Facebook | on the podcast:Ester Perel's book: Mating in Captivity: Johnson on Emotional Focused Therapy: Roth's book Women, Food, and God: Linehan, Ph.D. and Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Brown on Shame and Vulnerability: Therapy - Getting The Love You Want: out more about The Love Drive here:
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