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The Love Drive podcast exists to help people develop the emotional intimacy required to have loving and connected relationships with themselves and others.
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It can be incredibly vulnerable to receive, especially if you've been a giver or an over-giver your whole life. To receive means believing yourself to be worthy of attention, respect, care, compassion, and love. Intellectually you might believe this, but do you feel it in your body?Janne Robinson is an author, poet, friend, and a woman of distinction and we talk about the power of receiving. We dive into what blocks us from receiving the gifts this world and it's people have to offer us. To give and to receive means being available to ourselves which is some of the most challenging work we'll have to do in this lifetime. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• The power of receiving as an act of giving• The importance of compassion and empathy when it comes to seeing people for who they are and not their actions• How to receive love, vulnerability, and openness Where to find Janne:Website Resources and LinksThis Is For The Women Who Don't Give a Fuck book am a Woman of Distinction poem Wood-Schatz from Integrity Seminars https://integrityseminars.comGay Hendricks and The Big Leap Big Leap book St Louise is a Certified Money Coach Prem, the healer from Crete, the book on Attachment Theory by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller Learn more about The Love DriveWebsite Become a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Pleasure is fundamental to happiness, productivity, and health. And in this hyper-productive world, we're likely to put pleasure on the back burner as we strive to get more shit done.Euphemia Russell is a pleasure educator, and they believe that it's best to do less, better. I agree. Let's focus more on cultivating pleasure within ourselves (and with others) and less on being productive (and oh so busy!)They've dedicated their life to resourcing people with practical pleasure and embodiment tools through coaching, writing, and facilitation. And they were a delight to connect with on the topics of pleasure, passion, and the power of slow sex. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• The role of the central nervous system in pleasure activation• How to release stress in the body using simple daily pleasure practices• The power of slow sex and the importance of pleasure mapping Where to find Euphemia:I Wish You Knew Website Resources and LinksThe Power of Slow Sex Online Workshop Savage's Hump Film Fest Resources Blog Post Theory Explained Love Not Porn (not discussed in the podcast but an excellent resource for real sex videos)'s Newsletter Love Drive's Newsletter Availability Post Learn more about The Love DriveWebsite Become a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
It's nearly impossible to have deeply connected relationships without vulnerability. And unfortunately, we weren't taught how to be vulnerable in school, or why it's important to stay open in your partnership. And, it's even harder for men to be vulnerable because the messaging has taught us that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, when in fact, it's a relationship strength. Jayson Gaddis is the founder of The Relationship School, and the host of The Smart Couple Podcast, and is actively doing the work to help folks have healthier and more connected relationships. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• The importance of vulnerability and courage in your relationship• What it means to be emotionally available and how to move towards it• How relationships will highlight your areas of development and your zones of discomfortWhere to find Jayson Gaddis:The Relationship School Smart Couple Podcast and LinksRaising Boys to be Better Men with Rachel Guise more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Loneliness is a systemic issue, and a huge problem in the United States (and probably around the world). It's hard making friends as an adult, and lots of folks are unsatisfied with their adult friendships. So what are we to do?Jillian Richardson is the creator of The Joy List NYC and the author of Unlonely Planet: How Healthy Congregations Can Change The World and today we're talking about how to make friends as an adult living in a society that it isn't set up for connection and community. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• How connection is the best way to heal trauma• Skills required to crate connection and make new friends• The importance of creating the spaces you want to see in the worldWhere to find Jillian Richardson:Website to The Joy List Book Unlonely Planet: How Healthy Congregations Can Change The WorldFacebook and LinksAdult Children of Alcoholics Within Drama of The Gifted Child by Alice Miller the ACE (Average Childhood Experiences) and Resilience Test Club Roulant by Shasta Nelson more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
If you aren't listening to the How To Human Podcast with Sam Lamott, here's your chance. I'm airing the episode we recorded together in November of 2018. Sam interviewed me about my creative process, the origin story of The Love Drive, and how I came to do the work I do today. We also get real and raw, because that's how Sam is, about our sexual shame, the importance of reducing that shame and how to love when we haven't been shown how. Don't miss this episode; Sam is a skilled interviewer, a phenomenal podcast producer/editor, and a brilliant human. Where to find Sam Lamott and the How To Human Podcast:Facebook: more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Today we're talking about love and depression. How can we love when we're struggling with a mental health issue? How can we support those we love when they're fighting depression?Joelle Pouliot is a journalist, works for a mental health organization in Montreal, and has struggled with the effects of depression on her ability to love. Warning: This episode is not a substitute for therapy, psychotherapy, or a doctor's visit. Neither of us is trained in psychiatry. This is a conversation between a love coach and someone who has struggled with depression and mental health and should not be used to diagnose or treat any mental health disorders. For immediate assistance, please call 911. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• Self-care for the person struggling with depression• How to love someone with a mental health issue• The importance of acknowledging your feelings of depression, and when to say 'enough'Where to find Joëlle Pouliot:Website more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Asking for your needs to me bet can be scary because the risk is that your partner will say no. And sometimes, it's easier to stay in a relationship that sort of meets your needs than to risk not being in one at all because asking for exactly what you want leads to the end of the relationships. And that's the risk. But the payoff is that you might just get everything you ask for if you can come up with the courage to ask for it.This episode is a follow-up episode to last weeks conversation about how challenging early-stage dating can be. Learn more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Dating is hard. How are we supposed to show interest, but not too much? Is it best to be pursued or to be the pursuer? What if you don't want to date online? Are you supposed to talk to strangers on the street?!Early-stage dating can be awkward, scary, and downright unpleasant. It can also be exciting, sweet, and fun. Knowing how to navigate the landscape will give you the upper hand. I like to say that I don't play games because I don't know the rules, but that's not entirely true. I know some rules, and I got some tips.Join us as we try to stay sane and optimistic in a world that is anything but.Learn more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
Whether we're telling boys to "man up" or warned that "crying is for girls" young men are subjected to damaging messages about manliness: they must muzzle their emotions and never show weakness, dominate girls, and compete with one another. And yet we wonder why many men are emotionally unavailable. Rachel Giese is a journalist and author of Boys: What It Means To Become A Man. Her new book examines the myths of masculinity and the challenges facing boys today and how we might consider doing it differently. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• The effects of toxic masculinity on boyhood development• The dangers of raising boys in the 'man box'• How we can expand our current definition of courage and strength to include vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency when it comes to emotions. Where to find Rachel Giese:Website on the podcast:Rachel's book, Boys more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
The data is wrong. Forever we've been told that men are more sexually promiscuous and have a need to 'sow their oats' while women are more fulfilled in long-term monogamous relationships because they value love, stability, and emotional connection more than men. Wrong. The data suggests that women are more sexually adventurous, promiscuous, and cheat more than men but because that goes against the popular narrative, we've been dismissing it. Dr. Wednesday Martin is an author, cultural critic, feminist, and her new book is all about female sexuality and female infidelity and it's called Untrue: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust, and Infidelity Is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free. We debunk some pretty big myths and explore why we've been thinking about women's sexuality all wrong. What you'll learn (or why you should care):• Why women struggle more maintaining sexual desire in long-term monogamous relationships than men• What to do when you no longer feel desirous of sex with your male partner• How come women are more sexually adventurous and cheat more than we think they doWhere to find Dr. Wednesday Martin:Website on the podcast:Wednesday's book, Untrue Ryan and Cecilda Jetha's book, Sex at Dawn more about The Love DriveWebsite a Contributing LovebirdSupport The Love Drive here
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