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ESPN's Zach Lowe talks to various basketball people about various basketball things.
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Austin Shively

love it

Jun 17th

Deepanshu Kabdola

the dude says he is away from social media and posts every day. Stop contradicting yourself. rest I like it.

Jun 14th

Chapin Randlett

Bull shit. He absolutely knew. Don't forget those accounts shut down when he found out. They claimed the wife factory reset her phone but the tweets were sent from and Android. it's BS, quit supporting him. It was unprofessional and wrong and I can't feel bad for a nepotism case forced into a front office by the leauge. The end. He deserves what he got I don't feel bad for him.

Jun 10th

Aniruddha Joi

How did the chimp story end?? We must know!

May 24th

Volley Richard

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May 13th

Scott Dunbar

bill Simmons

Apr 7th


Good pod. Tell Lee that he shouldn't feel bad about the Kevin Durant stuff, he was just telling you want he thought you wanted to hear, and quite possibly us OKC fans, just speaks to his disingenuous self

Jan 31st

Joseph Shinji Leis

lol Jeff... Clippers won!

Jan 11th

Diego A

This show is weakkkkk

Dec 22nd

Felix Sweeney

Diego A on oops

Jan 10th
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