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Another kick ass mid week reboot with Will Lajeunesse! Starting out at Skydive Crosskeys in the early 2000's was a fucking trip! Just ask Mr. Will Lajeunesse...  From the dropzone fix-it-all man so he could jump his ass off, to a fully sponsored athlete, Will had the chance to see skydiving from every angle, both good and bad. From crazy highs to deep lows, he's had the opportunity to taste a bit of it all. Having become infamous for some seriously sketchy shit, to becoming zen in the alps, Will has some wonderful memories to relive and great advise to pass on that you're not going to want to miss.
Drawn to skydiving when higher education failed to engage him and it's social scene held no interest, Nicolas Armstrong couldn't help but feel when he went out to make his first jump on a weekend that also happened to be during the biggest boogie of the year that it simply must be his destiny. With more than 20 years in the sport, working as everything from a camera flyer to tandem instructor to AFF and competitor, he has more than his fair share of stories to tell. On top of that, having to navigate the sometimes difficult landscape of an athlete living with type-one diabetes has made his journey with the Lunatic Fringe one that for him has been well worth the challenge.
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Shannon and Louise! Living mirrored lives on different sides of the planet, Louise Kristensen and Shannon Seyb had a passion and drive for most all the same things. From Horseback riding and yoga, to tunnel flying and a love of the sky and our community, forming a team to spread the love and a positive vibes was the only natural thing to do. Biding their time until they can train for dynamic two way tunnel comps and get back in the air, Louise and Shannon take the time to tell me how they got their starts in the sport, and how they've spent their "down" time lately keeping it interesting here in the Lunatic Fringe.
EPISODE #300! Fourteen years old isn't terribly early to be exposed to the wonderful world of skydiving if you're a second or even third generation jumper, but for someone with no connection to it... James Heck was that kid. Through random circumstance, James found himself packing parachutes almost right away, and even though he'd be required to wait what must have seemed like a lifetime to manage that first jump, he knew it was exactly what he wanted to do. Now a proud camera flying, TI instructing, pleasure swooping  BASE dabbler, James knows what it's like to just decide to go after what you want full force, just like a good Lunatic Fringer should.
Back in the can after way too long, the one and only David Junior Ludvik catches back up with us to talk about his beginnings in the sport, the wild and wonderful ride that was a decade in Dubai, life after the sandbox and a more military take on the sport, and just some all around fun catching up with The Lunatic Fringe. 
Another kick ass mid week reboot with the one and only Mark Norman! In this episode I get the chance to sit down with one of skydivings true ambassadors.  Having come up in the sport during times of great change and innovation, Mark recalls what it was like to be there "when". Through struggles with burnout and addiction, he's persevered to cultivate a love for skydiving, its community and all the lessons he's learned, and freely shares them with me.
Leaving Southern California for the North Shore of Hawaii Sounded like the perfect opportunity for a then 18 year old Robin Jandle, and it was. So when the opportunity to go make a skydive over one of the most beautiful places on Earth came up, she was... absolutely not into it. So, as good friends are known to do, they took her anyway and peer pressured her on to the plane. One grudging tandem turned into a second, then AFF in one of the most challenging places in the world to learn, and before she knew it, she had her sights set on a career in the sport. Now a competing member of the US  Canopy Piloting team and a working instructor for Superior Flight Solutions in North Carolina, Robin Jandle happily embraces her place as possibly be the busiest skydiver in the Lunatic Fringe. 
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Ellis Danho Bourbonnais! Ellis Danho Bourbonnais is the quintessence of a renaissance man to say the least, but most certainly not in the way most people would think. From surfing in the Gulf and then Hawaii, to MMA, skydiving, BASE jumping and climbing, Ellis is more at home pushing his personal limits than most people are on a sofa. Attacking new passions whole heartedly is where he's at his best, and he takes this time to give us a few of the reasons why.
in 2012 going out to make a tandem skydive in Poland was pretty much like everywhere else. You book it, you jump. But when Marta Molinska made her first skydive, she didn't even make it to the ground before she was asking how she could make it as a pro. Her instructor not only got her to the ground safely and aimed her in the right direction to begin her journey, but remains her biggest supporter to this day. Now, not just the AFF instructor she set out to be on that very first jump, but managing a skydiving operation and now one of the three people helping to organize what has become the incredibly successful European Skydiving Symposium, Marta has taken her initial passion for skydiving to the next level, and the next, and the next... Lunatic Fringe all the way.
Another kick ass mid week reboot with JYRO! Back in the can to talk all things nylon are Julien Peelman, Chris Stewart and first timer Chris Snell who are quite literally the ABC's of canopy development, design and production for New Zealand Aerosports. From concept to the production of Proto types to test jumping, we sit down to chat about exactly what it takes to put together the industries leading wings that help keep the lunatic fringe in the sky.
“Imagine a free fall from an altitude exceeding 26 miles, breaking the sound barrier unaided, and ascending to the highest crewed balloon flight—this is Hera Rising. Their historic dive aims to leave its mark on history and in hearts, smashing records and lifting spirits.” Meet Eliana Rodriguez, Swati Varshney and Diana Valerin, the Hera Rising teammates who, along with everyone at Rising United have aimed their sights higher than ever before., determined to take the Lunatic Fringe to the highest levels.
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Mas Di Siena! Mas Di Siena's entrance into skydiving wasn't exactly smooth, and was a start that would have dissuaded more than most from pushing to reach the level in our sport that he has. Hell, it would have kept most playing video games instead. Ex competitor, professional skydiving instructor and proud as hell meat hauler, Mas has managed to project a shiny outlook and happy disposition that most "working" skydivers should strive for, a great way to approach life in general, and a Lunatic Fringe kind of singing voice that's simply to die for...
On location at the absolutely beautiful dropzone located in Mombasa, Kenya, we get the chance to dive into the mindset of a destination boogie goer, the DZO, a first time tandem student, a 77 year old lifelong British jumper younger than most teenagers, and a few regulars to the podcast that help to try and define what it is that makes the worldwide Lunatic Fringe community so damn special. 
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Simon Colmer! It started with an accident onboard a commercial airliner over Austrailia, or at least the catalyst did.  In an event that will forever be a part of Simon Colmer, part of learning to get past it was a bucket list that happened to include skydiving; yet for someone scared of heights dealing with the after effects of a traumatic experience onboard an airplane, it was one that took a bit of time to get around to.  Now, splitting his life quite clearly between the "real" world of an IT job, and weekends as a freefly coach and up and coming canopy pilot, Simon takes time to tell us about his rough beginnings in the air, lessons learned through injury, experience and travel and a host of incredible characters and mentors, and how he keeps the passion going in a sport with changing trends and appearances as he balances between the regular world and the Lunatic Fringe.
Life was all mapped out for Even Rokne. After school and having spent his time in the military, he would be taking over the family business. A hardware store was his future. Right up until it wasn’t. As for so many before him, skydiving changed it all. There from the very beginning, Even vividly remembers Skydive Voss when it was just a club, and a very small one at that. One of the founders of Extreme Week, Even helped not only to shape skydiving in the area, but the very community that would come to embrace not just it, but so many different extreme sports activities. Using his experience to pioneer events around the world, in 2024 he and his partners will be trail blazing new landing areas across islands in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Seychelles. With a story that many a skydiver can easily identify with, Even Rokne is clearly on the cutting edge of the Lunatic Fringe, and not walking away anytime soon.
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Team Airwax! World Champions and always outgoing ambassadors to the world for skydiving, Team Airwax with Greg Crozier, Karine Joy and Ewan Cowie join me face to face in the studio to talk about life after lockdown, travel in the time of Covid, previous lives and what the future holds in store. We touch on what it takes not only to be a championship team in our sport, but how social media plays an enormous part in staying relevant not only to sponsors, but to future generations of skydivers, and how a 2006 Pommero is the perfect bottle of wine to sip while chatting with other lifetime members of the Lunatic Fringe. 
Extreme sports isn’t generally what comes to mind when talking to someone who loves statistics, yet Imane Adel is far from typical. With a wild streak a mile long, it may have just as well been her love for motorcycles or high-speed auto racing that captured her passion, but a touch of ego and a few flips in a rental car sent her on a different path. Due more to work and location than anything else, her time and attention finally turned toward skydiving in 2016, and the shock that was her first tandem over The Palm in Dubai saw her signing up for her AFF that same day. Now an accomplished wingsuit pilot and former member of SkyTrash wingsuit team, her passion for skydiving has not only helped her work past injury and trauma in the sport, but kept in her a deep desire to continue to improve and grow, still solidly a member of the Lunatic Fringe.
Another kick ass mid week reboot with Taihuka Smith! From a missed shot a military flying career due to a childhood illness, to a desire to skydive which lead to an off the beaten path flying lifestyle, Taihuka Smith has had quite a ride so far. Near death experiences in West Papua, peeing in a bottle over the Mediterranean and looking ahead toward an airline career, This is a fun one to give a listen to! (and he sings and plays guitar... Just sayin').
Skydiving was an absolute no for Amberly Brown. Sick to her stomach and feeling out of place, she was much happier on top of her surf board. Having grown up through turbulent times and spending much of her childhood in Alaska, going to college in Hawaii and spending her off time surfing had been an incredibly positive turn, and Amberly hadn’t really been looking to add airsports to the list. Yet through chance meetings with a member of one of skydiving’s most well-known families and a desire to continue to explore her own boundaries, skydiving soon became a driving force in her life. Now, a six-time world record holder, Amberly Brown is busy not only continuing on with her own pursuits through travel and the joy that is a good boogie, but looking for ways to give back to a sport that she still holds an incredible passion for in yet another example of the draw of the Lunatic Fringe.  
Another kick ass reboot with Joe Jennings, Part II On the conclusion of Lunatic Fringe with Joe Jennings... From the X-Games to Good Stuff; from Hollywood to the Super Bowl, Mr. Joe Jennings has helped to shape not only modern skydiving through the lens of his camera, but was instrumental in bringing our sport to the forefront of pop-culture, entertainment and the masses. Like most, his first jump wasn't just entertainment, it was transformation, and on part two of Joe's chat on Lunatic Fringe, I get the opportunity to sit and talk with Joe, and my guest host Omar Alhegelan about the making of not only a world class camera flyer, but of some of the most iconic skydiving videos ever to see a screen.
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