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Author: Andy Frisella #100to0

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Do you really want to fulfill your own true potential? Learn how to build a real business with Andy Frisella on The MFCEO Project. Andy is an entrepreneur, CEO, author, and public speaker. He's built a $100+ million empire from nothing; and on the MFCEO Project he's going to show you how to do that, too. His podcast covers entrepreneur basics like money, marketing, and management. But Andy also takes your business to the next level with goal setting, productivity, the success mindset and more. Learn what it takes to truly live the "100-0 Lifestyle". Don't just learn to win. Let Andy teach you how to run the score up on your competition and dominate in your business.
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And now...the final episode of The MFCEO Project podcast (which, by the way, has language and adult humor that is not suitable for kids. Use your brains. Be a good parent.)  
Preview of the final episode.
What makes your work worthwhile? Is it only worldwide influencers who make 9-figures that should feel good about themselves & their lives? Or can you feel great about life if you're a blue collar worker, a teacher, or someone who doesn't even earn $45,000 in income? Whether it's people who think "happiness is the new rich" or people who equate being famous with being impactful, there's a lot of confusion out there about how to evaluate the worth of a job & the value of a human life.
Are you "woke?" That's a phrase that's thrown around a lot these days. Sometimes it's used in politics to talk about people who say they really care about racism & injustice & sometimes it's used for dudes who think they've uncovered a worldwide conspiracy that nobody else knows about! But what does it really mean to be "woke," to have your eyes opened to what life is all about & what it takes to be happy & successful?
I recently had a friend admit to me that he didn't feel "worthy of success." The reality is...a lot of people feel like that. They feel like a fraud. They feel like they are running behind. They feel like there is some "secret formula" that's complicated & too sophisticated for them to understand. Listen...all of us feel lost & like we don't know what we're doing. In this episode, I talk about how to overcome that & we share OG stories about the early days of MFCEO. (Oh...& we announce contest winners!)
What is the key to ultimate happiness? Ask most people in the culture today & they'll say "the freedom to do whatever you want" & to indulge yourself any way you live a life of leisure, comfort, ease, whatever. The reality is, that is absolutely, 100 percent dead wrong. In fact, the answer is pretty much the exact opposite of that. In this episode, I talk about the key to ultimate happiness & why it's ---not coincidentally--the key principle of my program, 75Hard.
Most people just don't understand how simple it is to advance in your career & climb the ladder of success all the way to the top. They think there's something mystical about it, something beyond their control, & that they have to be "chosen" to become the elite leaders of business & society. But the reality is, it's not hocus pocus or complex & complicated at all. There are 4 steps...4 concrete, actionable steps...that *anyone* can take to start moving up in the world NOW.
This is a message to anybody who is frustrated with some aspect of your life...whether your frustration is with your business, or a relationship, or your fitness...or whatever! There are two realizations you must have before success will materialize for you, & when I tell you what they are, you're probably going to say "well, no sh!t"...but I guarantee you're not really acting on these realizations. When you do...& I'm going to tell you how...things will go far, far better for you.
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to be successful. So why isn't everyone happy & successful? The truth is, it's not because people aren't willing to work hard. A ton of people in the world work hard & are still not happy & successful. The problem is in how they approach the work. In this episode, I talk about why choosing the hardest path possible is a good idea & the incredible thing that happens when you push yourself beyond your limits.    
So many of you are good people who genuinely want to kill it in your business & life, but a ton of the advice you are getting on the internet...on Instagram & YouTube & on all the podcasts by the success gurus & "business coaches"...well, it's f*cking terrible & really counterproductive to your success. There are three pieces of advice in particular that are the worst. In this episode, I tell you what they are & actually provide the right advice, so you can make the impact & money you really want to make.
What really does make America...and YOU...great? I've been reading a ton of U.S. history, & I've learned more about the most incredible men & women our country has ever produced. It's been so impactful to me that I created a course called UNITED WE WIN: 7 Lessons in Excellence and Success From the Greatest Americans of All Time. The full course will only be available to my email subscribers, but I'm publishing the first lesson as a gift to you for Independence Day. Happy 4th of July, Mother F*ckers!
If you completed 75Hard - I introduced it in episode 290 - you know it's the program I created for winning the war against yourself & developing the kind of mental toughness that makes anything possible for you. You know it's changed your life & you'll never be the same. But you might be asking yourself..."now what? Where do I go from here? How do I take my mental toughness to an even higher level as I pursue my own full potential?" Take a listen to this episode & find out!
I don't know about you, but with all the crazy sh*t going on in the world & all the things going on in my own life, sometimes it's hard not to go insane or feel stuck & overwhelmed...not just professionally, but personally, too. The good news is that my guest on today's podcast is an incredibly insightful & brilliant woman who has a real gift for helping people live with peace & power & purpose. Dr. Nicole LePera, aka The Holistic Psychologist, is in the house!
The longer I live, the more I believe that people's success is determined by the questions they ask themselves. There's a bunch of people out there who really aren't succeeding & really aren't getting the results they say they want, because they don't have the right answer to the question, "will I put in the work when no one's looking?" And there are other people who are paralyzed with fear & regret because they constantly ask "what if?" Listen, regardless of the question, the answer is always GO HARD.
It's amazing to me how most people have an excuse for why they aren't winning. They have every tool...resource...opportunity. But there's a factor in the way they think & how they operate that is going to ruin them. Our culture is cursed & the mindset of the majority is hellbent on mediocrity. As sick & tired as I am about all this, I can't stop caring, & I won't stop working to make sure that the people who really, truly want to succeed know the hard truth about what it's going to take to do that.
Nike running shoes? Check. AirPods? Check. Weighted vest? Check. Alright...let's f*cking GO! Yes, that's we made podcast history as the first episode recorded *while* doing the SECOND of TWO workouts, after an already long & busy day of running a 9-figure business. Was I tired? F*ck yeah, I was tired. But that doesn't mean I can't execute...& what you need to understand is that if want to enjoy your best possible life, you have to learn to push yourself hard, even after you're exhausted.
What can you learn about business from two guys from Tupelo, Mississippi? A lot. Josh West & Nick Weaver are two of the most incredible entrepreneurs I’ve met in a long time! They were best friends as kids & are now the founders of Blue Delta Jeans, a company that makes the best blue jeans I've ever worn in my life! We talked about their story, their struggle, & the lessons every entrepreneur can apply. You're not just going to learn a lot in this episode. You're going to laugh, too. A lot.  
If you could take a time machine back to your biggest win in life…would you? If you’re thinking “Of course! I'd love to rocket back to Yesteryear to relive the Glory Days," then your chances of being a real success in life are probable zero. ZERO. Truly successful people have a completely different mindset. They are guided by a major rule in life: The 24-Hour Rule of Bragging. This rule protects you from mediocrity and helps you move on from massive mistakes.
Just "winning" isn't enough. "Winning" doesn't earn you glory or the right to brag. You have to DOMINATE. That's the mentality you have to have to truly be successful on an elite level...& this isn't an ego thing, either. It's not about just trying to prove you are way better than somebody else. It's not about feeling good because you decimated your competition. It actually has to do with YOU...your potential..& whether or not you die feeling proud of how you lived.
What if you could retrain your thought process to actually go the extra mile to the point where even if you were sleeping, your dreams would be driven by a sub-conscious commitment to excellence? I’ve actually experienced that & you can too. While everybody else is conditioning their minds to do the least that is still acceptable...YOU can condition your mind to do the most to WIN. You can actually become the person you want everybody to believe you really are.
Comments (361)

Caylan Cordaro

Best PODCAST for a better life hands down.. Actionable, practical advice free of modivational BS. Andy and team holds up the mirror right up to you and if you have the desire to do so, he will show you what your real issues are. Do the work. I Am, I Can , I Will.

Jan 26th

kevin minogue

This man and podcast has changed my life.

Dec 10th
Reply (1)

Dino Kečević

My favourite podcast has ended. That is new chapter of my life.

Dec 10th
Reply (1)

Debra Dukes

#MFCEO This is absolutely amazing leave something to the Imagination......

Dec 6th

Geoff Cheung

I learnt so much from this podcast and I've been working on my business since 2017. It was a hard struggle but Andy showed me that with a brand with good intentions and grit and grind while learning on the journey, I can't be more grateful to Andy Friscella and his team. Just want to say Thank you and been highly recommending this podcast.

Nov 23rd

ALex Jhon

Great show ever i have listen !!

Nov 22nd

Marko Ilnitski

fak itunes. sorry mfers

Nov 16th

Edward Avery

Thank you for this POD cast. I am new to your cast. As a newly lost retired military member not knowing how I fit into the civilian sector of my life, thank you! I am moving forward to start my own business in woodworking. This is a passion of mine and forming my peer group around me to spring me forward in my success. You are the BOMB!

Nov 12th

Jose Martinez

Damn Andy thank you for this Thursday Thunder, I know it's quick and Old one but it's Golden and I needed this Today💯 Thank you for being Badass And being REAL 😎

Nov 7th

Nate ScagLione

the program is awesome you poo butt mufucka! and Kristy Swanson pre-buffy is still hot

Nov 5th

Leon Pierre

Loads of gems on this podcast

Oct 25th

G & R investments

best episode.... bad ass content #woke

Oct 7th

kevin minogue

this is my go to when shit gets hard

Oct 5th

Scott Young

I fucking love this guy!!

Sep 27th

William Parshall

I absolutely love this podcast. I had stumbled upon Andy on Instagram when transforming what I expose myself to on social media, and haven't been disappointed yet. The podcast has incredible discussion, and points. Incredibly motivational, and thought provoking. I would highly recommend for anyone and everyone because it's content goes far beyond just business practices.

Sep 26th

Daniela Villafurte

Love the content of this episode, you are so on point about our current situation in our society. I'm with you 💯

Sep 26th

Dontae Rochelle

you're woke af

Sep 25th

Nate ScagLione

this is how I have been using my cc for about a year or so. works great for building credit and discipline

Sep 10th

Eric Flat

Yeah, protecting freedom by supplying Nazi's tanks and planes with Tesco oil, keeping Reichs money in Manhattans banks and putting ruined europe in economic slavery for decades after. WW2 is a shame for US. Never declaired war to Germany and only after Perl Harbor, declared war to Japan, in what Germany answered with war to US. 1 single absolute failure operation in Normandy with already loosing war and weakened germans. Besides the awesome podcast idea, everything that he is talking regarding history of WW2 is false. Standart garbage that you've been fed in your shools ( might not today). From the begining of cold war US goverment brewed a "stew" of lies and propoganda. If Andy really was interested in history and spent 2 seconds his your time and going online - it would be not so ambarrassing. As a person who's nation was almost annihilated by Germany ( every 2nd killed) and country that was THE main battlefield of WW2 is touched in a bad way., Even on TV, like Discovery chanel never said such a bs. Yes, by the way, the best aircraft on WW2 was Focke-Wulf FW-190 . Cheers

Sep 8th

Fereshteh A

please use the F word less. You can do it I'm sure 👍

Sep 5th
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