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We host casual conversations with the movers and shakers of today's music industry to get firsthand stories, knowledge, and strategy about the business. These conversations are aimed at independent artists and can benefit anyone in the industry to carve their path faster while building their network, hearing insider tips, and having a good time.

Provided by Artist Collective.
Hosted by Vinnie Hines.
8 Episodes
Suzanne Paulinksi is the Founder & CEO of Rock/Star Advocate and the name says it all! She teaches folks to embrace the 'Rock' side of their career as a way to ground themselves and balance their careers to become the 'Star' they so badly want to be! With a long history in the music industry, she's worked for top labels and bumped elbows with the likes of Russell Simmons, who inspired her to carve her own path. Rather than working for the corrupt record labels at large, she decided to create a system of consultation and accountability that has radically changed the lives and careers of her clients.  From the streets of Queens to the halls of Drexler, and the offices of Atlantic Records and Astralwerks Records, she has a resume that would make anyone blush. Her integrity and unique approach specializing in productivity, focus, and accountability have made her one of the most recognizable names in the independent music scene and beyond. By the end of this podcast, you'll hear all about the history of gang-affiliated labels, Suzanne's superhero origin story, what a record deal really is, where so many artists go wrong in their early days, and how you can reinvigorate your career in 2021 and beyond! --- SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES & REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! ( JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP:  (
Kyle Weber of Indie On The Move is one of the most seasoned booking experts in the country! His platform has guided thousands of musicians across the country to find bandmates, local showcases, and even piece together national tours using the super simple profile options. Not only have they created the largest live music venue database, but they regularly connect with the talent buyers and agents involved to make sure their contacts are regularly updated! We've truly recommended this super affordable platform to countless artists and use it ourselves regularly. The college booking database and blog sections are also chocked full of valuable contacts and articles. Even our CEO Evan Price booked his first national tour almost a decade ago using this site and you'll hear how easy it can be. In this episode, you'll get a clear vision of the booking landscape in 2021 and beyond with some great tactics to be seen! SUBSCRIBE + REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! ( JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: (
David M. Adler, Esq. is the principal attorney and driving force behind his Firm's Technology Division with an extensive background and experience in corporate law, including contract interpretation, drafting, negotiation, and enforcement and intellectual property law. He received his law degree from the DePaul University College of Law where he wrote for the DePaul Arts & Entertainment Law Journal. He received a Bachelor of the Arts in English, a Bachelor of the Arts in History with a minor in Chemistry from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. David also happens to be our lawyer and has helped dozens of our clients with various legal needs! His expertise can be heard on this podcast episode as we weave the conversation through the first steps of copyright, the foundations of intellectual property law, and what you need to do to protect your ideas from creation to publishing! We hear some David vs. Goliath legal stories and even dig into what made our guest choose the creative field instead of others. Listen to the end of this episode to hear David break down how he sees NFT's and cryptocurrency playing a role in the future music industry and his personal recommendations for how to treat the new digital landscape! SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES & REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! ( JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: (
Introducing Leonard Patterson, the authority on live streaming for musicians. We are proud to have him on the MICPodcast, not only because he's a member of the AC Team, but also to showcase his wildly popular debut release "365 Livestream Ideas for Musicians", available everywhere. In that book, he not only redefines what people assume a Livestream can be, showing ways to diversify the content, the conversation starters, and most of all, how you make money and create Superfans along the way! {SNAG YOUR COPY TODAY:} Leonard's expertise starts with a long history as a corporate trainer, where he learned the art of taking something dull and informational and making it fun and interactive. Some might even call that engagement! Now, he focuses on showing music brands how to keep their audience engaged with the fastest, direct-to-consumer content type. Combining that know-how with his first-hand knowledge leading a six-figure dance band as well as acting as a booking agent for years, he has become one of the leading experts in music consulting. Whether negotiating an arena, co-producing virtual concerts, or guiding artists through career transformations, he's an asset to the independent music industry working hard for the little guy! By the end of this MICPodcast episode, you'll learn how to engage with your audience, keep your live streams interesting and fun, how to get new viewers, and how to make music money from your live streams whether it's a concert, Q&A, or another one of the hundreds of ideas in Leonard's amazing book! We show why live streaming will continue to be a cornerstone of successful music careers, how you can use them to create an international audience and the incredibly successful types of innovation such as The Observatory by Underoath we expect to see in 2021 and beyond. Get your copy here: --- SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES & REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!  ( JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: (
Matthew Wade is the lead singer and founder of "My Silent Bravery"!  Billboard Magazine states, “My Silent Bravery plays like a major label signing, from its production savvy, eloquent lyrics, authoritative imaging, polished web site, a dedicated Northeast U.S. fan following, merchandising, and most important, a chockablock collection of winning songs. My Silent Bravery is destined to make major noise.” We were so excited to have him on the MICPodcast because Matthew focuses on inspirational sounds that raise people's vibrations! He's done an incredible job of diversifying revenue streams, creating platform-exclusive content, and maintaining a captive eco-system of Superfans via a fan subsciption. He's doing it all and managing himself along the way.  He began his career with some amazing sync placements, and he continues to connect deeper with his audience as his Spotify streams soar. Hear his story, how he stays sane, managing himself along the way, wearing so many hats in the industry, and finessing it well!  By the end of this MICPodcast, you'll hear great recommendations for diversifying your fan outreach, how to showcase your brand to inspire fans, creating a fan subscription model, and how to drive streams using intuitive, fun methods! Be sure to tell your friends and strap in for an excellent conversation. --- SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES & REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!  ( JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: (
Evan Price is the Founder & CEO of Artist Collective and in this special episode of The MICPodcast, we take a look at his origins in music business at the age of 15, how the company came to be and how it's pivoted to the music marketing mecca it is today! From humble beginnings in Central IL to the classrooms of Columbia, various internships, and countless industry hustles, Evan is now a public figure in the world of artist management, branding, and crafting compelling artist stories. We talk about music colleges in the modern-day, what ways artists can develop themselves more intuitively and what we've learned over the years with Artist Collective. Fun fact: Evan Price was our host Vinnie Hines' Manager up until the American Idol days, so tune in for exclusive stories and an insider look at Artist Collective, the current programs available to artists and what type of artists we're looking to work with. As always follow and connect with our guest on SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES! JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! (*Link coming soon*)
Few guests have the resume that Steve Zilberman can boast. His video views on combined projects alone have reached nearly 2 BILLION and he's not stopping any time soon. Starting his career in a band touring the country, he noticed the potential for Youtubers to blow up when he started working with Cherdley's after a short series of documentaries. After taking the first six videos viral with Cherdley's, Steve began working with countless artists from Oliver Tree, Bria & Chrissy, and now, Benny Blanco and Bella Poarch. His strategy is founded in A/B Testing and jumping into the trends with both feet while they're hot. He reveals so much of what has gifted his clients their success and urges folks to make multiple types of the same content with some TikTok cheat codes of sorts. Tune in for more industry secrets about virality, the power of the meme, and other content tips.  As always, show our guest some love and be sure to follow him on SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES!  JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! (*Link coming soon*)
CALLING ALL Music Artists, Producers, Singer/Songwriters, Instrumentalists, Engineers, Aspiring Agents, Managers, Unsigned Rappers, Studio Owners, A&R Coordinators, Sync Agents, and everyone else in the music industry... Welcome to the MICPodcast, the best podcast on the planet for developmental music brands. At Artist Collective, we create profitable music businesses that attract lifelong superfans, and the first step in that journey is SUBSCRIBING!  Within just a few episodes, you'll get to hear from top-tier music biz professionals about their start in music, the reality of the modern industry, the strategies that got them where they are today, and how you can replicate their results on your own terms! You get all of this without the fear of 'false gurus' as we've hand-selected each guest based on their expertise and integrity, even giving you ways to add them to your network. --- I'm your host Vinnie Hines and in this episode, we get reacquainted, checking in on the AC Team, the new Music Industry Entrepreneurs Facebook Page, and the exciting new Lifelong Superfan Program more than a dozen clients deep! It's a little strange talking to the camera in such a fashion, but I hope that it gives you a peek at the fun ways we're adding some flavor to the MICPodcast's sauce, keeping it laid back, and sprinkling in some comedic gold here and there.  More than anything, what the AC Team and myself could use from listeners are Apple Podcast REVIEWS! We want to get the message out to as many artists that they truly can build a full-time music career brick by brick on their own terms, and it will take an entire community of creatives to make that happen.  PS: After you leave us a positive review, please SHARE + SUBSCRIBE to the MICPodcast! If you're interested in being a guest on the MICPodcast, be sure to shoot @ac_vinnie a DM!
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