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Author: Rusty Quill

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Make your statement, face your fear.

A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back…

New episodes every Thursday produced by Rusty Quill, featuring guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more.
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Comments (25)

Sean Wooten

v tfk Ajax ! m o.k. a

Jun 22nd

Cole May

"Let it never be said that the Hive and its ilk are subtle." Favorite line in a while. So glad MA is back!

May 24th


YIKES! .... Didn't see any of that coming...

May 22nd

Stefacho Strandberg

Can't load any episode !!

May 19th


After weeks trawling through horrible audio dramas... I stumble upon this! Great find anyone who likes this Knifepoint horror, Aethuran, Palimpsest and Archive 81 are all great!

May 9th

Emily Jane

this is an amazing podcast! Made me fall in love with Eldritch horror type podcasts.

Apr 19th

Sean Allen McCorquodale

truly loving this podcast!!

Apr 18th

Shay Karnish

Truly just what I was looking for in a narrative podcast. if you're looking for a lovechild of r/NoSleep and maybe King Falls AM, look no further than The Magnus Archives. Its a wonderful mix of horror and mystery that just doesn't quit. the acting is impeccable, the mystery is interesting and leaves you hanging in the best way, and the horror will leave you looking over your shoulder, or maybe keeping an eye out for silver worms... Regardless, if you like horror, you'll find yourself more than satisfied from just the first episode, and you definitely won't be stopping there.

Mar 2nd

Ryan Gilligan

I must admit that in the beginning of the story, it seemed a little slow... but soon the plot started to develop, new characters were introduced and all the pieces of the story line started falling into place. What I find most refreshing after listening to 'The Black Tapes' (which sucked after the 2nd season, worst ending ever!) prior to Magnus Archives, is the story gets better as more questions are answered and newer, more interesting questions central to the plot are asked and explored in detail. Great podcast if you're into Horror/Mystery fiction. keep up the great work and don't screw up the ending John!

Feb 15th

Dustin Lawson

anyone else not able to load the episodes?all other podcast are working fine but this on will not start

Feb 11th

Julianna Rantz

This is awesome I’ve been looking for something to fill the gaps from my other favorite podcast Knifepoint horror and this is it both are equally eerie and has the perfect cringe and creep anyone who enjoys this should also see knifepoint horror

Feb 1st


The folks performing this has really, really turned my wife & I into listening to podcasts! Very well done. Extremely well written.

Jan 15th

Kelly Marie

It's Gwydyr forest... 😊

Jan 4th

Anita Chambers

Rather intelligent. I wish you well.

Dec 19th

Travis Evans

I need more like this

Dec 16th

Ialy Alves

Best podcast ever

Dec 14th

Brooke Venning

this is easily my favorite podcast of all the 100 I have favorited. I'm already dreading when it reaches its end and hope you'll be creating another similar format of podcast. it truly is unique among the masses of others. 😊

Dec 11th

Peta Crockett-Wilkinson

I LOVE this podcast! It's like listening to a radio serial. I'm hooked!

Dec 3rd

Nick Joannidi

love this podcast! just the right kind of creepy, surreal and sinister. doesn't use cheap gore ... builds dread.. just simply wonderful

Dec 1st

Aimee Miller

Nov 23rd is taking too long to get here.

Nov 18th
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