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Your questions, answered.
24 Episodes
Dillon, Sally, and Dave discuss The Homie joining a fraternity, alien hypotheticals, and a college student dating a 44-year-old woman.
Sally is finally back in the studio. She, Dillon, and Dave discuss if Sally and Lily are actually the same person, starting a business, and golf polos in the workplace.
Dillon and Dave are once again joined by Lily Jung to discuss proper bachelor/bachelorette party etiquette, abstaining until marriage, and getting in shape to keep up with your 10-out-of-10 wife.
Dillon and Dave are joined by Lily Jung to discuss hating your engagement ring, eating dinner alone, and the hottest occupations.
Dillon and Dave are joined by Kyle Bandujo to discuss the best Twitter accounts to follow, the best way to ask your fiancée-to-be's parents for their blessing, and how having kids can wreck your social life.
Dillon and Dave are joined by Lily Jung to discuss a caller wanting to ask her boyfriend how many inches he's working with, why Lily has banned children from her upcoming wedding, and a caller wanting his wife to do extra chores to make up for her lower income.
Dillon, Sally and Dave discuss a caller's girlfriend have B.O., getting too drunk and regrettably hooking up on a date, and chasing money in a sh*tty town versus just getting by in a fun town.
Dillon, Sally, and Dave discuss dealing with heartbreak, Chipotle being catered at a rehearsal dinner, and going live at the Jung/deFries wedding.
Dillon, Sally, and Dave discuss what to expect when the bill comes after a group dinner, a guy's girlfriend of two years not getting a plus 1, and health trends we've tried.
Sally is back in the studio as she, Dillon and Dave discuss not being attracted to your significant other, a 22-year-old who bought a house in Vail, and standard procedure after hitting a hole-in-one.
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