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The Makewell Podcast unveils the behind-the-scene stories of creatives, entrepreneurs, and risk-takers living a creative life.
4 Episodes
Beth Schatz Kaylor is a  marketing strategist, Spanish speaker, and food co-op president. Listen in as Beth's story reveals how a wide variety of passions can align into the sweetest opportunities on the path that is your career.
Episode 2: Amos Kolbo

Episode 2: Amos Kolbo


"If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?" Amos' dad asked him this question as a teenager on a road trip home, and it radically changed the trajectory of his life.  Listen in as portrait photographer and entrepreneur, Amos Kolbo, shares his incredible entrepreneurship journey.
Episode 1: Jordan Loftis

Episode 1: Jordan Loftis


Jordan Loftis is a small business owner and content marketer who's ghostwritten over 18+ books in the last few years. Listen in to hear the crazy challenges that came along his maker journey, and how the most painful, soul-less job may have been exactly what lead him to the success he has today. 
Season 1: Trailer

Season 1: Trailer


Ashton, Ben, and J.Morgan take five minutes to share the 'why' behind the podcast. Subscribe now and get the first episode with Jordan Loftis on Tuesday, June 4th. 
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