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The MakkahCentric Education Podcast

Author: Zahra Osman: Islamic pedagogy and teacher training consultant

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MakkahCentric Education Podcast is where we bring you all the latest research and teaching trends related to the education of Muslim students. Our vision is to revolutionize and reform how education and knowledge is presented to Muslim learners in Muslim schools and programs. If you are a Muslim and play a role as an educator, be you a teacher, principal, homeschooler, imam, student of knowledge, or educational activist, this podcast is for you.

Listen in on what other Muslim teachers, academics, students, homeschoolers, Islamic school administrators, students, imams, and other knowledge experts in various disciplines have to say about teaching and nurturing the Muslim child.

On this podcast we discuss and conduct mini- workshops on Islamic pedagogy and teaching strategies, curriculum, classroom management, Islam, transformative curriculum, Islam, and social justice pedagogies. Tune in to learn more about what it takes to improve the academic and social lives of Muslim children. This is a movement, so subscribe and learn how you can get involved!
17 Episodes
After sincerity, time management is the most important tool a teacher needs to thrive, our guest today is an expert and he’s showing us the best time management practices we can use as Muslim teachers to save time and energy while reaping the barakah. The post #017: Time Management Tips for Muslim Teachers with Tushar Imdad appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Teaching is a calling they say. I believe it too. As a Muslim teacher or homeschooler, this is a job Allah selected for you. But the question is, what are you doing with that calling? How are you showing up to do the job Allah honoured you with? More importantly, are you teaching for impact?... The post #016 How to Teach With More Impact This Year, and Build a Legacy as a Muslim Teacher appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Hajj activities, lessons, and ideas that will leave you inspired & energized even if you don't teach Islamic studies or have little time to plan. The post #015: Teaching Hajj & Other Islamic Themes to Strengthen Academic Skills w/ Jameela Ho appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Self-Reflection for Muslim teachers is a powerful tool for spiritual and professional development. In this episode, I'll show you what questions you should be asking yourself so that you start teaching with the right mindset. The post #014: The Power of Self-Reflection: How to use it to be a more passionate & impactful Muslim teacher appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
What does social justice, education equity, privilege have to do with students and parent engagement? Listen and find out! The post #013: Islamic Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Engaging Parents w/ Dr. Nadeem Memon appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Listen in to learn the key differences between Muslim schools and Islamic schools and how you as an educator can play your part to provide an Islamically transformative education to your students. The post #012: The Difference Between a Muslim School & an Islamic One, and Where You Fit In appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
If you’re not having fun teaching, or you’re finding yourself more stressed and frustrated after class than you’d like, or you’re spending way too much time (or too little) on one unit, then I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re not lesson planning…. effectively. I know the days I go into class... The post #011: A Step by Step Guide to Designing an Effective, Islamically Integrated Lesson Plan appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Learn 3 hacks to help you save more energy, so that you can make more use of it at night when you most need it. The post #010: 3 Energy saving hacks for teachers to make the most out of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
It’s not too late to incorporate Ramadan lessons in your teaching. In today’s episode, I’m walking you through 10 teaching ideas and activities to make this Ramadan a transformative learning experience for your students. Tune in and download your freebie here. If you really want to help your students develop a strong connection with the... The post #009: 10 Ramadan Teaching Ideas you can still do w/ little prep and great impact. appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Yawa Baig is on the show today to talk to us about leadership and the values Muslim educators should have and nurture. The post #008: Leadership and Islamic Education with Yawar Baig appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Bilal Philips is with us again for another productive episode! In this session, we bring you a mini-workshop on how you can Islamize virtually any lesson plan or topic using 5 principles. In the last episode, session 006, Shaykh Bilal Philips outlined for us what some of our goals and objectives for education and schooling... The post #007: How to Integrate Islam into Any Lesson with Dr. Bilal Philips appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
In today’s episode, I ask Dr. Bilal a number of questions about Islam and education, our goals and purpose of education and schooling as Muslims, secularism and Islamic schools, what truly makes an Islamic school islamic, and so much more. The post #006: The Purpose of Schooling with Dr. Bilal Philips appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
In this episode, I introduce to you the next biggest thing in Islamic and Home School Education; the launch of our teacher resource sharing marketplace! We're stoked and you should be too! The post MCEP 005: A Marketplace for Muslim Teachers … Presenting appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
In this episode, Sirad educates us on autism, what strategies a teacher can employ to support their learning, and where Islamic schools can find useful resources and expert help to accommodate learners with developmental delays. The post MCEP 004 : Autism & Inclusion in the Islamic School Classroom with Sirad Shirdon appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
Sanaa & Habib are the founders of They're on the show today to tell us their vision and passion for the education of Muslim children, and how they built a company to achieve that goal. The post MCEP 003 : Interview with Habib & Sanaa, founders of myDeen Magazine appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
In this episode, Munazzah shares with us how she turned her grade 7 & 8 spilt class into a lab of Muslim scientists tackling an important environmental and social issue from an Islamic world lens. The post MCEP 002 : Islamic integration in the Science classroom with Munazzah Shirwani appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
In this episode, Roda and I introduce you to the show and walk you through some of the ideas and goals behind the MakkahCentric Education podcast, while discussing educational challenges and solutions for Muslim learners and institutes. The post MCEP 001: Introducing the MakkahCentric Education Podcast appeared first on Podcast for Muslim Teachers.
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