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Author: MalloryBros.

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For a long time subscribers of the MalloryBros. YouTube channel, requested that they start a podcast. After years, they finally deliver. New Episode Every Friday!
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On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas open with a discussion on Kyrie Irving and his choice, they talk in depth about "Male Best Friends", your off day and your significant other, they talk about the Red Flag craze from Twitter this week, John Gruden's resignation, and of course.... NFL Picks! 
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas talk in depth about the tragic death of Miya Marcano and the creepy nature of what women have to deal with at the hands of a mans interest. They talk about the new House of the Dragon trailer from HBO, talk some film and TV, women shooting their shot, and in honor of episode 69, the fellas discuss whether that position is Lit, Shit, or just Ok.    Oh yeah, and NFL Picks of course.
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast. the fellas start with a debate of who was a more authentic fan of their football team, they then talk Netflix's Squid Game, Drake giving J Cole Flowers, A lot of Film Talk!, they speak to Comfort Zones and Speaking things into existence, they explain again the meaning of their signature "Whole 9".  And of course... NFL PICKSSS!!
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros recap a crazy Wedding Weekend, and talk Marriage and relationships. They talk about the events at the Texas border involving the Haitian Refugees, they talk about the conversation between Drake and MJ, they talk body count and the youth mindset regarding sex, they talk giving to the homeless, Red flags, and of course.... NFL WEEK 3 Picks! 
A very off the dome podcast this week, no deep dockett! The Bros tackle some of the events of the last week to include The VMA's, the Verzuz, and some topic requests by supporters. They talk parenthood, ladies, Terrell gives a Storytime to when he got played, and of course.. the NFL picks for the week, as well as a recap of last week.
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the Bros pay tribute to the life of Michael K Williams. They talk the phrase "You can come over.. if you want", they speak to the comparison of Donda and CLB since we've now had both albums for a week, they talk film school and its worth, Steve from Blues Clues, Clickbait and Netflix shows, and FOOTBALL IS BACK so you know what that means!!? Week 1 Picks are in! Lets Go! 
Some Audio Missing from the end. Here's the Podcast in Full.   "On this episode the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a discussion about Only Fans, Strippers, sex work and more. They talk Sha'Carri Richardson, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Beyoncè, Football, and end with a discussion of the new Spiderman trailer, and who portrayed the best Spiderman."
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas talk going to the Gym, Letting go of tough relationships, Advice for these young cats going to school post pandemic, some football talk, and more! 
Episode 60 | "Nostalgia"

Episode 60 | "Nostalgia"


On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the Bros begin with a discussion about the vaccine and the unvaccinated, they talk Verzuz, have a candid conversation about long term relationships, masculine energy, and understanding your woman. They talk Nostalgia and bring back some necessary vibes. They talk Kanye and this new coming album, the football season and more! 
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros have a good time with sharp dialogue back and forth. They start with sports. They talk the Russ Laker Trade, the Olympics, and Football. Terrell gives interview tips, Terrance has a hot take on Simone Biles, they talk Rolling Loud, baseball, and Juicy J receives necessary flowers.
Episode 58 | "Lisa Leslie"

Episode 58 | "Lisa Leslie"


On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the guys start with a personal tribute to a listener of theirs who unfortunately passed away, they talk Kanye, Biz Markie's death, Gianns winning the championship, Jeff Besos and the billionaires going to space, as well as Space Jam 2 and more! 
On this episode of the MalloryBros. podcast, the fellas start with a conversation about first dates, red flags, and women. They discuss the recent Sha'carri Richardson disqualification, asking questions on dates, what not to say, and Terrance poses the question of "Are you living a purposeful life, or will you have regrets". This leads to a beautiful clash in mindset and thought process as these men may look just alike, but they tend to think very different.
On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, the gentlemen discuss the BET AWARDS and some of the issues they have with representation, they discussed the VERZUZ between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, they have an extremely in depth conversation about donating to the homeless and there's an entertaining argument about the Bill Cosby releasing from Jail.
On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, the bros begin with a recap of the Migos latest studio album, they talk upcoming holidays in Fathers Day and Juneteenth, they give KD his flowers for his performance a few nights ago, they talked about Murder Hornets, Philly fans, Washington state, video games, Social Media, upcoming music, and more!
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the Bros begin with reflection on a full year in the podcasting game. They discuss the recents trip to New Jersey, Terrell's trip to Miami, taking Solo Trips and the importance in focusing on yourself, they talk Migos new project, Black film Trauma, and more! 
One this episode of the MalloryBros Podcast, the Bros discuss the Memorial Day Events that just passed, The life of a Housewife, viewing your Instagram as a small business, the slippery slope of DEPRESSION, the Naomi Osaka Tennis situation, and much more!!
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the Bros talk Drake accepting the award as Artist of the Decade, they discuss the importance of the Black Dollar and how much we spend over a year, they discuss relationships, how many times a week should you make love to your woman, a vast tech corner, some strong film talk, and more! 
Episode 49 | "He Can Rap"

Episode 49 | "He Can Rap"


On this episode of the MalloryBros Podcast, the Bros go deep into discussion about the recent J Cole Album "The Off Season" that leads into the GOAT discussion, the Cicadas are back in Trillions, The Masks are coming off right when we got used to them, Terrance enters the Tech Corner HEAVY talking tech and NFT's, Chick-Fil-A running out of sauces, VERSUS is struggling? + More!
On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the guys spend the first 45 minutes of the podcast on J Cole. They first do a live first listen to his LA Leakers Freestyle. They then dive into his upcoming album, expectations, and Terrance has a word for J Cole fans. The fellas then dive into some sports talk, they discuss the untimely demise of the Joe Budden Podcast and give their thoughts on Rory and Mal's exit and Joe's ego, they discuss "Self Care", the Gas Crisis of the East coast, and Palestine. 
On this episode of the MalloryBros Podcast, the Bros talk about the debacle with Two Distant Strangers being stolen, Tips for Young Folks on their way outta mom and dads house, anticipation for J Cole's new album coming up, Terrell gives his thoughts on the Joe Budden Podcast situation, Terrance gives the latest in the Tech Corner and they finish things off with a SUPER CONTROVERSIAL topic!
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