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The Marianne Williamson Podcast: Conversations That Matter
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The Marianne Williamson Podcast: Conversations That Matter

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People are ready to go deeper, be more truthful, and face challenges that confront us in far more meaningful ways. We need to talk about causes and not just symptoms, face some inconvenient truths, and have more than prepackaged conversations among us.

One question weaves throughout my conversations with guests: how did we get to where we are, and how can we change things now? Listen in as I talk to some of the wisest people I know.

I’ll also answer questions from listeners. Send your questions to

8 Episodes
Author Sue Monk Kidd is one of Marianne’s favorite contemporary novelists. In this episode, Marianne and Sue discuss Sue’s books “The Invention of Wings” and her latest, “The Book of Longings.”  “The Invention of Wings” is based on the historical figures Sarah and Angelina Grimke, sisters born into a slave owning family in Charleston, South Carolina, and then converted to the anti-slavery cause. They ultimately became leading abolitionists and feminists. “The Book of Longings” is Sue’s fictional account of what would have happened had Jesus been married - who the woman was, and who he was when he was with her. A fascinating conversation with one of the greats of American literature.Follow Sue on Social MediaTwitter: @SueMonkKiddFacebook: Book of Longings: Invention of Wings: to The Marianne Williamson PodcastYouTube Channel: Podcasts: Marianne on Social MediaTwitter: Facebook:
Michael Lewis takes the most left brain issue and gives it right brain impact. That’s exactly what he does in one of Marianne’s favorite books, The Fifth Risk. The book has been called “a love letter to federal workers” by the Washington Post. In this episode, Michael and Marianne explore why a presidential transition, or lack thereof, is so critically important. The book’s major theme is that “a bungled transition becomes a bungled presidency,” a particularly important issue as Trump continues to withhold vital information from the incoming Biden administration.Marianne and Michael discuss the more shocking parts of the 2016/17 transition, and why its lessons are so important for us now and going forward. Following the interview, Marianne answers a question from a concerned citizen. Website: MichaelLewisWrites.comAgainst The Rules (Michael's Podcast) Michael on Facebook: Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy - to The Marianne Williamson PodcastYouTube Channel: Podcasts: Marianne on Social MediaTwitter: Facebook:
Political powerhouse Nina Turner opens up to Marianne about growing up as a member of the “working poor” and how that fuels her fight for justice today. The two also discuss the importance of electing social justice warriors at the local level, the need for universal healthcare and why reparations are crucial for the nation’s healing.Follow Nina:Twitter: MarianneTwitter: Facebook:
Marianne Williamson welcomes her friend Andrew Yang to the podcast this week. They talk election results, the need for direct cash relief and the work that needs to be done as we “battle for the soul of the Democratic Party.”Following the interview, Marianne answers listener questions about politics and spirituality.Watch this episode on YouTube: Andrew on Twitter Andrew on Instagram Marianne on Twitter Marianne on Instagram visit for more information.
Some people talk and all we want to do is listen. Author and journalist Anand Giridharadas is one of those people. His most recent book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World, explores the rigging of the American system and how even the most altruistic billionaires are doing more harm than good while ostensibly “giving back” to society.The two also dive deep into America’s dark history while acknowledging its light, what Marianne refers to as the “both and” that’s embedded in our country from its founding. Looking to the future, they talk about how the country can move forward and how we can form a more just society for all. For more information please visit and Anand’s website, Anand.Ly.
Referred to as the “Amazon Chernobyl," it's the largest environmental disaster that you’ve probably never heard of… Billions of gallons of toxic waste dumped into the Amazon by American oil company Texaco (now Chevron), leaving indigenous Ecuadorians living in a sea of pollution. Attorney & environmental activist Steven Donziger took on the behemoth, winning a multi-BILLION dollar settlement for the indigenous Ecuadorians.Then the unthinkable happened. Refusing to accept responsibility, Chevron has chosen to go on a years-long attack against Donziger rather than cleaning up the environmental mess it created. Seeking to destroy him personally and professionally, as well as intimidate any other human rights or environmental activists who would come to his defense, Chevron has used legal maneuvering to go so far as to strip Donziger of his passport, freeze his assets, and have him placed under house arrest where he’s been for more than a year. Marianne sits down with Steven for a wide-ranging conversation about the disaster in Ecuador, his ordeal and how a corporation can easily twist the judicial system to serve its own needs at the expense of the people. His trial is coming up within days and in a very real sense it pertains to us all.Associate Director of Amazon watch, Paul Paz Y Miño, also joins the show to explain the background of the disaster and Steven’s case.Visit to learn more about the case, and please consider contributing to Mr. Donziger's legal fund at
Author and leader in the higher consciousness movement Caroline Myss applies her wisdom to America’s predicament today. In her first episode, Marianne sits down with her longtime friend for a conversation about America’s psychological dynamics, spirituality, politics, and the oversecularization of our society.
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