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Author: Joe Glover

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The Marketing Meetup Podcast is an audio series by marketers, for marketers. Featuring live talk recordings, interviews, and discussions, The Marketing Meetup Podcast is the place for marketers to come to stay in touch, learn, and be inspired.
65 Episodes
The question is simple, would you like 20% more energy?The answer is almost certainly 'hell yeah!'In this talk, Ian Hacon explains how with some simple, but transformative tips.
Adelina Chalmers helps technical people understand leaders, and the other way around. It's for that reason we knew she'd be brilliant to present on internal communications, specifically taking on the challenge of one of the Cambridge audience's difficulties in explaining the value of the marketing department to the rest of her company.
LinkedIn is such a popular platform, but at the same time still so misunderstood and under utilised. In this talk, Lenka will address LinkedIn Lead Generation, the organic way, with some simple step-by-step info and what results you can expect from it.
Ever been in that situation where you've been at an event or meeting and got someone's name on the tip of your tongue, but can't quite get there? How about the time you just flat out forgot?It happens to all of us. But, Jordan Harry (TEDx speaker with 1,000,000+ views) is here to help. In something slightly tangential to marketing but still very relevant indeed, Jordan will take you through:- The Geeky Stuff of memory- Short and long term memory training- Memory Techniques- And it's application
This man has some amazing stories, so be sure to grab a drink with him either side of his talk which is titled...."How to blow £500,000 on marketing (and how not to)". Louis is going to help you make sure you don't make the mistake of wasting marketing budgets where they just won't work for you.
As a YouTuber and influencer himself, Harry was unhappy with the way brands interacted with people like himself and so set out to create a business that offered much more than just introductions to people with large social audiences. Harry's talk will help you understand how you can drive genuine value to your brand by using influencer marketing.
We make quick - and accurate - judgments of the people we interact with, and adjust how we talk to them accordingly. Hundreds of thousands of years of hardwired intuition and empathy guide our social interactions. Brands have been lacking this nuance - until now. A combination of data science and behavioural science allows brands to understand consumers’ personalities and talk to them in the best way. If, for example, their Amazon history shows they like dark chocolate and gin, talk to them in a blunter and swearier way.
In this whistle stop tour of SEO, Hannah Thorpe delivers some very very actionable advice for anyone looking to get more traffic to their site.
It's easy to spend £10 on Facebook ads. It's easy to spend £1,000,000 on Facebook ads. So if you're going to do it, listen to this pod first, and make sure you're covering all the basics, courtesy of Simon Jared.
There is no such thing as a bad memory - that's what Jordan Harry reckons. In this useful podcast, Jordan describes the way you can learn to remember names - a true networking superpower!
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