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Martha, a friend and fan of the monumental Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei, notes some similarities between them: a love of food, a love of cats, a life of artistry, and incarceration. Eight years after they last met in his studio in Beijing, they re-connect to talk about his experience “disappearing” from the world into a Chinese state prison where “they count your eye blinks.” Martha asks him about the inspiration behind her favorite of his provocative and engaging works: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, Forever Bicycles, and more. How many people does it take to create 100 million porcelain Sunflower Seeds? Which of these two is more outspoken? You’ll learn this and more.  See for privacy information.
Jean Pigozzi lives by three rules: Never go into the office before 12. Work should be fun. And women like to have sex. This endlessly fascinating and curious photographer and art collector designs homes that make even Martha envious. Jean keeps Martha spellbound with his star-studded stories about his travels, his parties, inventing the “selfie”, and amassing the world’s largest collection of African Art. Listen in.See for privacy information.
Martha finds a therapeutic ear in Chelsea when they sit down to talk about dating, hecklers & haters, and how to be funny in this politically correct world. Find out what Chelsea WON’T talk about. Plus, the two duel it out on a selfie-rematch.See for privacy information.
Making Moves with A-Rod

Making Moves with A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez, one of the greatest baseball players of all times, has transitioned into a powerful hustler in the investment world. Learn how A-Rod starts his morning, and listen as I get personal with him about his dating life, his beautiful family, and his growing empire. I even scored a date with him!See for privacy information.
Two powerhouse female entrepreneurs come together when Martha interviews Calabasas mogul and “momager” Kris Jenner. Having brought the family back to TV on Hulu's "The Kardashians", Kris talks daughters, empire-building, the time she passed on a Tinder deal, and adapting to the evolution of the modern family. See for privacy information.
Martha hates the term “besties”, but there may be no denying these guys are hers. Kevin Sharkey, the Executive Design Director for Martha’s brand, is a constant presence on Martha’s social channels and IRL. The charismatic photographer Douglas Friedman has filmed Martha for dozens of magazine stories and television shows. Together, the three have traveled the world in search of beauty, inspiration and delicious martinis. Listen in as these besties catch up.See for privacy information.
Have you ever wondered if Martha and Snoop are really friends? What do they talk about when they’re not on camera? Martha sits down with business partner and longtime friend, Snoop Dogg, to talk family, friendship, the cannabis industry, and how to be the GOAT.See for privacy information.
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