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The Marvell Essential Technology Podcast

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Welcome to the Marvell Essential Technology Podcast. Tune in, subscribe and learn from Marvell leaders as well as industry experts advancing transformational growth in data center, carrier, automotive and enterprise. Essential technology, done right ™
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Kevin O’Buckley, Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Compute and Custom Business Unit, and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss silicon customization, advanced technologies and their increasing importance for data infrastructure on this week’s episode. Learn more about the factors driving customization and what is required. Hear Kevin discuss how Marvell is enabling customers to deploy advanced AI/ML applications for hyperscale clouds and for 5G radio access networks (RAN) in the most space and energy efficient fashion. Be sure to also read the latest press release on Marvell demonstrating the industry’s first 3nm data infrastructure silicon, mentioned in this podcast:
Catch up with Peter Carson, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing and podcast host Chris Banuelos wrapping up MWC Barcelona 2023. Hear about the what’s new from Marvell, the latest trends from the show floor, and the key takeaways from the show. Be sure to also check out Marvell’s blogs, press releases and videos:
On this week’s episode, join Peter Carson, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing and podcast host Chris Banuelos to hear their discussion on Marvell’s most recent product announcement as well as what is to come at MWC Barcelona 2023. Be sure to stay tuned to hear how Marvell enables carriers to efficiently transform their networks. Check out the latest press release:
Amir Bar-Niv, VP of Marketing, Automotive Business Unit, and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss some of the latest automotive trends, including zonal architectures and end-to-end Ethernet in-vehicle networks. Be sure to listen in to learn how automotive OEM needs are evolving and how Marvell’s Brightlane™ family of products will enable software-defined vehicles.
On this week’s episode, join Mark Casper, Senior Vice President and General Counsel and the executive sponsor of Marvell’s ESG program along with Rebecca O’Neill, Marvell’s Global Head of ESG to hear their discussion on why ESG is an important initiative for Marvell and what the company is doing to address climate change and inclusion & diversity, among other key topics.  Be sure to download a copy of Marvell’s most recent ESG report by visiting our website:
Join Willard Tu, Associate Vice President, Automotive Compute, and podcast host Chris Banuelos on this week’s episode as they discuss some of the latest automotive megatrends, OEM business models for software-defined vehicles, and how the next generation of vehicles will radically enhance the driver and consumer experience.
Listen to Radha Nagarajan, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Marvell’s Optical and Copper Connectivity Business Group and Chris Banuelos on this week’s episode, discussing a recent white paper “2.5D Heterogeneous Integration for Silicon PhotonicsEngines in Optical Transceivers.” Learn more about the key takeaways of heterogeneous integration, what it means for cloud data center infrastructure and use cases. Read the white paper: 
Join Hugh Durdan, Vice President of Marketing in the ASIC Business Unit and podcast host Chris Banuelos on this week’s episode, discussing all things 3nm.  Learn more about how 3nm is advancing cloud-optimized silicon solutions, the driver behind the evolution, more on Marvell’s recent announcement on the 3nm silicon platform and much more.  Read the press release:
Join Mats Oberg, Associate Vice President, DSP Architecture and podcast host Chris Banuelos on this week’s episode, discussing the heart of hard disk drive (HDD) controller design -- Marvell’s read channel technology. Learn about the challenges of data storage as data continues its explosive growth, future technologies shaping HDD controller design, and what is next for HDDs. Be sure to check out our other recent podcast episode 24 “Scaling HDD Capacity in the Data Center” to learn more.
Todd Owens, Field Marketing Director, and Nishant Lodha, Director of Product Marketing – Emerging Technologies, discuss some of the metrics most commonly used to refer to storage performance, how the figures are derived from Marvell as well as other I/O device manufacturers, how performance figures drive decisions, and an in-depth discussion around IOPS.  Learn more:
This week, join Sarvagya Kochak, Senior Director, Product Marketing, and podcast host Chris Banuelos to discuss the fundamentals of Compute Express Link (CXL) technology. Marvell, along with a consortium of industry leaders, is transforming the next generation of cloud data centers with a new industry standard for connecting processors, memory, and accelerators. With CXL based memory expansion and pooling, Marvell is uniquely positioned to transform the data center with architectures that have significantly improved scale, flexibility, and performance. Hear why CXL is imperative to the data center, its use cases, and future trends.
Xi Wang, Vice President of Optical DSP Business Unit, and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss optical connectivity – the foundation of today’s internet infrastructure, enabling the emergence of hyperscale data centers and the new era of wireless communication.  Cloud-based services continuously drive the need for data center hardware with high bandwidth capacity along with low power consumption.  Just as data centers begin their transition to 400G and 800G, the bar is rising towards the next evolution of 1.6T and 3.2T, with the same demands for high performance and low power with minimal financial impact. Tune in to hear what is driving the transition and learn more about the advancements needed to enable data centers to advance capacity for future generations to come.
Matt Kim, Vice President, HDD & SCBU Marketing, and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss Marvell’s HDD solutions, powered by a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-optimized silicon solutions for the data center.  Join the conversation to learn more about Hard Disk Drive’s (HDD) relevance to the data center, Marvell’s unique solutions, and what is next for the HDD industry. With over 25+ years of experience developing storage products and over 5 billion HDD controllers sold, Marvell’s cutting edge Bravera™ HDD family of products enables customers to meet surging data demands with cost effective solutions.  Read the press release mentioned in this podcast: 
Samuel Liu, Senior Director, Product Line Management, and podcast host Chris Banuelos take a deep dive into the transition of 10G to 100G coherent solutions for aggregation networks. Samuel and Chris discuss the factors and trends driving the transition, the challenges faced by operators as they upgrade their fiber infrastructure and how Marvell is working with the ecosystem to enable the advancement of disaggregated optical architectures. Stay tuned to hear more on use cases and new applications for 100G coherent and how Marvell’s 7nm Deneb coherent DSP is driving the largest open CDSP ecosystem in the world.
Amer Haider, VP of Marvell’s Security Solutions Business Unit, and podcast host Chris Banuelos, cover the launch of Marvell’s enhanced Hardware Security Module – LiquidSecurity 2, the industry’s most advanced solution for performing key management, encryption, and authentication in the cloud for payment, privacy compliance, and other HSM services - powered by the company’s OCTEON® family of products. Join us and take a deep dive into the critical role HSMs play in virtually all credit card-based transactions, end markets, and where LS2 will have the largest impact, plus much more. Read the press release:
Jon Haswell, Senior Vice President, Firmware and Gary Kotzur, CTO, Storage Products Group join the Marvell Essential Technology Podcast to discuss the evolution of cloud storage and memory. As demands for workloads scale public and hybrid cloud environments face tremendous pressure to provide optimal performance while remaining cost-competitive. Designing the highest performing cloud storage and memory infrastructure for all workloads remains an expensive proposition at cloud scale, leading to underutilized resources. Optimizing NVMe and CXL-based silicon solutions from both a hardware and firmware perspective provides the key to success in driving the foundation for most of the scalable data center infrastructure. Learn more about some of the critical attributes of cloud storage, how the Compute Express Link (CXL) transformation is evolving, and the evolution of the cloud.
Cary Ussery, Vice President of Software and Platforms in Marvell’s Processors Business Unit, joins the Marvell Essential Technology Podcast to discuss the company’s role as a founding member of Linux Foundation’s Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project. Fellow founding members and influential thought leaders from NVIDIA, Intel, F5, Keysight Technologies, and Red Hat, are dedicated to fostering a community-driven, standards-based open ecosystem for next-generation DPU and IPU-based architectures and frameworks in data centers and the cloud. Join Cary in this podcast to learn about the OPI Project and how Marvell is promoting standardization in the ecosystem to significantly contribute to the success of workload acceleration solutions.
Reza Eltejaein, product line director in Marvell’s Switch Business Unit and Edgars Pabẽrzs, technical support engineer at MikroTik join the Marvell Essential Technology Podcast discussing an overview of networking solutions for the enterprise and their unique advantages as well as how Marvell has helped build MikroTik’s portfolio with the Marvell® Prestera® family of switches. Edgars works closely with MikroTik customers, advising and resolving technical challenges along with testing and documenting new switching technologies for MikroTik. With a substantial knowledge of Marvell’s Ethernet switch products, Edgars shares his insights on MikroTik’s unique product range, supported capabilities, and future strategies with Marvell. 
Amer Haider, VP Product Management Security Solutions Business Unit and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss industry trends related to hardware security modules (HSM) as well as how Marvell is shaping the industry.  Hear Amer’s perspective and insights on how security solutions have evolved since the start of the pandemic and how trends in data privacy and trust are at the forefront of thinking across the industry. 
Matt Bolig, Director of Product Marketing, and podcast host Chris Banuelos discuss PAM4’s importance to the cloud data infrastructure market. Hear insights from Matt’s experience working in optics as well as his take on the trends driving the extensive PAM4 portfolio pioneered by Inphi (acquired by Marvell in 2021). Matt also describes the new markets PAM4 is entering, such as 5G, and where the technology is headed. 
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