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Reverse scooby doo, Kount Fif, where is springfield? introspection, the dirty coder, waving, shooting Deuchebag, going old school, Pro Love, Carl Thomas??? Justin did it to Janet, Ruined? Tittie fell out, Camel toe, they Know, take the Pic, Sleep Jerking, Permission? wet dream? so far out? lots of buttons. Ju can Fly? always makin' money... fish video's, wedding interuptions, security help, snagged pole, pole priorities, hi viz fishing, Kount Fif, the music of this episode@\ support the show@ movie trivia, warriors. fishing issues, cinco de miyo, appropriation, drinking excuse, chicken issues, cooking issues, pandering, pride? Trae hot headed. Mario Beef challenges, madden complaints, soul caliber, charlestown, winning? kentucky derby, only two tables, four leaf clovers? crystal growth, Us, get out, names, DMX movie, prime? time goes by, the music of this episode@ support the show@ jacob's ladder, Meth Lab 3, chappelle attack,. Benzino? eminem beef. depp heard? Floridian couple. fuck relevance, madder and madder about Brady, blood pressure., Ju Be Lke... amazon, stupid, statute of limitations, union issues, no work outside this union, closing ? blizzards are important, shit job pay, job searching, a sweep/? no more paper, month number?? pills by hand, Punked? the music of this episode@ support the show@ movie Trivia, the Bruce Lee Story, be like water my friend, RIP Bruce Lee, Ric Flair body count, Regrets, child being annoying, spilt liquor, coulda been clean, stephanie mcmahon, dark side of wrestling, earthquake squishing snake? crazy guys, sting still, breaking up that ground,. sledge hammer, NATO, Ukraine, Russia, Twitter, CASH, you give it power, 10% what happens & 90% how you react, Elon Son's name, next step, grow with shit, doodie plants, Epps?? weak material, wildNout, Zombie's, Million Dollar Man, church tax breaks, Shame on you Joel Olsteen, old Ju, Meta Verse Fishing, Sharks, Fishing Help, the music of this episode@ support the show@ Welcome Johnny Three Legs, Check out Johnny Three Legs, info at bottom, shout out local artists, shout out Kount Fif., fishing, cooked bait? first striper, netty Pot, "booger sucker:" circumsision, blood, absorbing in, baby dick cream, briss, earn that, porta style, handicap, weighed, too much giggling, not like jenny, pregnant? like Louis? polite enough, huh, either way, a league. athletic appriciation, married and divorced self, accesories, whats that bitch, listen up boy, how sway? Skeet did WHAT?? only Zool, dingleberry, shit it once, 4-6 months, no pre nup, crazy knowledge, a Mike named Susan, Cosmic Pussy, Check out Johnny Three Legs, JOHNNY THREE LEGS INFO Youtube Channel Facebook Hit us up here for physical copies Hyperlink to the streaming buying album everywhere but bandcamp bandcamp the music of this episode@ support the show@ Regulating, Regular food required. menu's, no trust, professional, Luscious, Shout Out Mark at pink fox, RIP Kay Slay, Johnny Depp, Heard Problems, Fire Bet, at least a month, yes a month, BJ included, bedtime same time, control issue, 2-4 weeks, Life issues, only fans, trials of... Dad bod style, dig mullets, real actor, flamboyant problems, baltimore, batman dissappointments. dashed hopes, forever purge, sounds terrible, thriller, rewriting the horror film, things change, tropes, old folks care too, Ric Flair at the ol folks home, Rolex cock ring, couldn't deal with either, in-law preference, the music of this episode@ support the show@ Movie Trivia, same plot as what? simulators, Cannabis Festival, Phone Homie Shout out, get well, Lambda Shout Out, outfits, DC organix, So Baked DC, washington Vape Company, Drinking too, no Shit Given, Good portaJohns, Marketing stickers, RFK, earth organix, Equilibrium Genetics Shout Out, Landrace, DC seed bank Shout Out, Neptune Seed Bank, Smoke Island, igrow VA, ideal weed, Mammoth Microbes Shout Out, P, Si, Level Mushrooms, Rolling Bouqe Shout Out, Manny Pack be Loud Shout Out, Gentleman Toker Shout Out, Carl Shout Out, Red Grant From DC For DC, Pink Fox Shout Out, Big Up Mark, Thanks to everyone that was there. PRO FREEDOM, early pass value, late arrivals, full crew, talking to everybody, problems last year, Tyson problems, Just defending? Tigers and Mike, fight a gorilla? weed and pregnancy, Mike kicking us out., nationality beef? Disney issues, CRT? Trae be like.. Hi Anderson, penis envy, mushrooms, the music of this episode@ support the show@ little bits... GTA 6 DMV, road rash, oregon Trail, 1883, Yellowstone, Atari, F Up, playstation, Knockout Kings, Big TV,. Cannabis Festival, plans and Time, responsiblity, full life cycle, animal difficulties, chainsaw wait for it, too deep, Ju Video plans.. goofy music, Factory Music, powerhouse, Ju Theme, squints, 9 kids, sandlot sequel, Batman, HBO, spider squirt, Why? kermit never, no frog from pig, foulest, taker of things too far, rocko's... FLE, rubber memories, gross, who's fault? the music of this episode@ support the show@ Happy Easter., Concreting, helping? Jerking on a Plane. videos, Plane status, cum needs, what if? location... ??? brazen Jerking, RIP Gilbert Gottfried, RIP Louie Anderson, RIP Bob Saget, YouTube, Camera watchers, Rumble feature, More Options, FOLLOW., Problems, Horror Movie, Micheal Myers, essence of evil., no fazin, Die in Dream? continued Improvement, Sonic, poor Writing, Jim Carrey, Andy Kaufman, famous Videos, Kardasian BJ, specific Search, Nancy Reagan, throat, never know without video, show listening, promoting, shout out QR codes, listen First., Purge, Ape and Essence, Aldous Huxley, Cannabis Festival, See Us There, Stay Tuned, the music of this episode@ support the show@ video's. WorldWide, shout out Brandon, city driving, Grand Theft DMV, camera feelings, work up, know what you like, electric, wheelie scooter, friends needed, responsiblity issues, 4 wheeler? bird bath, real wood, mahagony, snow white what? disney conditioning, perverted disney, BS, bird issues,. no vision outside, naked with weed? alien hip bowl, $9000 Js, $105 max, $9000 vacation Ju Unit Big Steve 2 11/24/13 the music of this episode@ support the show@ Legal Fishing, for the Fish, not keeping, been eating, lay low, do less, grilling and chilling, pictures and kisses, nice to fish, 1 good spot? came at Ju Wrong, fishing addiction? naming fish, still 23, Tresume, fish concern., geese shooing, geese attacks, dangers of fishing, enhanced difficulties, born with it? cough button, very pleased with , nice weather, well Lit, tik tok? gram too, tied up, recommendations, Ju Unit Bro Code the music of this episode@ support the show@ shout out Bruce Willis. Fuck Afasia, 12 Monkeys, much love, thank you Bruce Willis, kids and bars, Gross Mike, cigarette Machines, Baller Phone? specialty Phone, dejected, Wonder Years, good or bad, New Urkel, Plug Urquel, Mike See's Sex Addiction, Pretty Woman Style w/ Anderson. Worst Gay Ever, No Clique's, StereoTypes, Gay Wedding Vogue Beef, Edibles, Gummies Rule, Shout Out Splinter, Red Table Talk, Pete Clout, Pretty Woman Treatment? Marry an Unknown, upTight, Harry Style, Cosby Theme, Recessive Genes, Spectrums, I choose Zoe, Erica Badu influence... Upgrade Pussy, Badu Splash, elevated Ju, Special Candles, smells Like,? the music of this episode@ support the show@ Video Moves, more to come,. Will Smith, Chris Rock, who? disrespectful, Slap and call Susan, works for some, opened up gap, Bad Lucky charms, forgetful fishing, Anderson Cooper and Trae X, James Corden, Look a like Porn, probably not, Ralphie May RIP. Fluffy. hot hand in a dice game. betting on Black, equipment upgrade, MacBook Pro, video editing, spackle cleaning, time between films,. Scorsese, Casino, qualified, term limits, sound bite bullshit, make a point, fuck parties, flavor of, fuck this place, cleaning up after doo doo, mutant turtle dick, long life, decon., The Ju Unit Sister Tittie 1/20/17 the music of this episode@ support the show@ Tampa Bay, Tom Brady, Hating Ju, buyer beware., the ball? pro fisherman, pond life, t-shirts, sandles, broken flops, balls cooked how'? save the nuts. make more, dick catcher? Tom Green, Forest, handles it well, just a lil slow, principal, forest fighting, Smart Jenny, would that help? ladies? college sports? taking it whole? dick or va JJ,. brand new. vag marinated, how long in panty machine? near strip clubs, straight off, the Ju Unit, Ju Joint 2 3/26/12 the music of this episode@ support the show@ over doing it, 20 years, children and the "best time", ball shot? no ball shot, need to get out, pro wrestling, not wrestling, Shout out Jessy, big thanks, backing to the left? get out, city leaving, racing Ju, ain't Yet? dump trucks on 66, worn out angel, shoulder issues, popped out, muscle thought, rookie of the year, hotels and broken fridges, live events, rat vs catfish? water vs land, pigeon first? thinking Unit, field trips, bacon? close by, Ju Unit Ju Joint 5 3/26/12 the music of this episode@ support the show@ how do you? Never knows, Mike knows that guy, TV reaction, Maury, Ju's Show, opened Lane, finger cuffs. train? 3 to 1, get away, no walls. full base. full effort, paint the wall, how do you initiate? snow melting, porn script, mperfect porno productions, silly people, less people on set, no oil bitch, limited shit, disaster porn, bunker style, saved by sex, zombie style? face swap, look-a-likes, charlie and the chocolate factory, make up issues, the wiz, wizard of oz, lil fro, umpa loompa's, shnazberry wine, chocolate factory porn, risky lane, umpa loompa wisdom, concequence, phsycological, fuck em up. buying in, that game, fuck that game, unless, I'll talk it up, programming us, the ju unit Ju Joint 8 4/2/12 the music of this episode@ support the show@ Freddy? Jason? space? leprechan. beetle Juice, candyman, twilight zone. hitchcock, crypt keeper, old? drive and shut up, magical Kim? candle session. badu? certain type, kanye issues, Brandy's Brother, hotter than paris, Mike Tyson Bites, holyfield cut? flying off the shelf, bite mark, weed business, boxing, Ufc, pay per view,. no limits, drinking and drugs, Razor Ramon, drugs, fucked up jaw, The Ju Unit Ju Joint 10 the music of this episode@ support the show@ hints, Jurassic Park, eye cream, not baby dick cream, old enough, no kicking, C*n#! genderless, personal, word issues, silly words, no equivilence, apathy understanding, ipad. BSn' Weed solves, personally, rough housing, get it out, cyclist, pharmacist,. Ducati, Bike Racing, runned over, bowling alley accidents, super strength. transcription, Siri, HAL, siri interaction, tuning out, Ju-splaning, caulk replacement plans, window needs, shit timing, pooping faster? crapping, duty time? internet clarvoyancy, shower times,. kinder gentler Ju, booty shorts, nuts hanging, hand shaking, nut slap, White Caprice Classic, the music of this episode@ support the show@ Monty Python, Ernest, birthday stuff, Pouncing Unit, Problems for the Unit,. shoulder issues, doctor needs. grown up shit, Choking stuff, Plotting Kids, throat shots, disilussions, titty signature, 30 x 36, 16" saw, messed up shoulder, viewpoint, baby shoulder, visualizing, russia deletes C*^!@, runnning instead of throwing, self hurt, overcoming, cadaver shoulder, haunted shoulder, nutritionist, We Love You, the music of this episode@ support the show@ Theme song trivia, Van Damme, Ju's Birthday, believing, why so expensive? open domestic oil production, gas prices, I want my cut, Legalize prostitution, sex work, Mike's Muff Divers, spices and all, more to eat, all kinds of charges, discounts, pussy eating funds, allligator tail, cook em whole, Noodling, Danger, grab the shark. lung bubbles, ear issues, shoulder damage, gravel issues, beating kids, kicked out kids, pick n roll, Riggs can, So can Ju, Happy Birthday wishes, the music of this episode@ support the show@
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Aaron Winfree

This episode right here is best enjoyed while not driving as it is so funny it will distract you. This is basically the flagship of this show and multiple references are made to it

Nov 3rd

Aaron Winfree

definitely a humorous show that builds itself with a slow burn.

Oct 23rd
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