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Welcome to my podcast!! The number one goal of this podcast is to have fun and connect with the creative and awesome hairdressers of the world. Add me to your favorites ⭐️ to receive tips on Hair, Salon Marketing, Social Media, and more! Support this podcast:
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In this podcast I have on Jason Everett and we discuss booth/studio rental and why commission salons are still a good option if not the best option for most stylists. Plus we dive into why playing is the best way to learn and social media strategies. If you like this podcast please share it and tell your friends. Thanks so much!!This podcast is brought to you by my friends at Minerva Beauty--- Support this podcast:
On this episode I answer your questions on subjects like Not being busy in the salon and I also share with you why you should be grateful you have social media to market yourself. --- Support this podcast:
You Should Quit...

You Should Quit...


People reach out to me a lot about their boss saying they have to do a women’s haircut in 15 minutes or they will lose their job. Do yourself a favor and QUIT 💯 go work for someone who cares about quality and relationships. It’s the only way you will truly be happy and proud of your work 👍❤️--- Support this podcast:
Why are you getting no engagement on social media? Most people post on social and reach the wrong audience by accident. What if we flip the way we post and stop posting to the masses and start targeting the individual? This class is packed with tips on just that. I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for listening! --- Support this podcast:
Anymore Using facebook to promote your salon or yourself feels like it gets you no where, unless you want to drop some 💰In this podcast we discuss adding your customers to a facebook group that focuses on styling tips and hair discussions. Imagine if your clients had a way to connect to you where they could ask questions about their hair and you could share tips. Facebook groups is the best way to build your own hair community and it brings a ton of value to your customers.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode we discuss if taking deposits for your clients appointments is necessary and maybe some better options to help deal with no shows--- Support this podcast:
What is an Influencer and how many followers do you need to be an influencer? Should brands care how many followers you have? In this episode we discuss the value of hairdressers working with brands in the Social Media world. --- Support this podcast:
Ever wonder the difference between cheap Tools Vs Pro Tools or Cheap Mannequins Vs Quality Mannequins? On this episode we talk hair tools with Andrew Carruthers from Sam Villa about the process of making tools and we have a great time doing it. You don't want to miss this episode. Hope you enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
The other day I had the pleasure of not only hanging out with Sam and Andrew but filming 15 youtube videos for Sam's Youtube channel. After a long day of shooting we jumped on the podcast LIVE to answer peoples questions and talk about our thoughts on the industry. This is a podcast that is sure to inspire and for me it's always my favorite thing when I'm able to sit down with people that have the same passion as me. Hope you enjoy the podcast and please give this a share on social to help spread the word. Thanks for listening! --- Support this podcast:
Sued for $30,000

Sued for $30,000


Loved hanging out with you all again this morning. Today we talked about a women that sued her hairstylist for damaging her hair in the blonding process leaving her with a mullet when her hair fell out. Also we discuss cheap shampoo ruining your hair, cutting your own hair at home, and I share with you my favorite way to cut a face frame haircut on super thick hair. Hope you enjoy this episode and I look forward to seeing you all on the next one. Thanks for watching! Check out the full LIVE Podcast including the Haircutting portion on our youtube channel me for a NEW morning adventure filled with Hair, Social Media, and Conversation--- Support this podcast:
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