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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.

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Reviewing Opp Stoppa by YBN Nahmir (feat. 21 Savage) This should be interesting... Other rap songs I've reviewed Matt Walsh Reacts to "We Paid" by Lil Baby x 42 Dugg Matt Walsh tries to understand Tekashi 6ix9ine   Matt Walsh Reacts to "Around" by NBA YoungBoy!
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media said there would be an insurrection in D.C. yesterday. It never happened. Now they’re saying the insurrection will actually be another day, and the military has to remain in the city until this new date. Are we starting to see a pattern? Also Five Headlines including eBay’s ban on the newly “offensive” Dr. Seuss books, the Washington Football Team decides to get rid of its cheerleaders, and BLM is revealed to be one big grift. What a shock. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about one Democratic representative’s plan to lower the voting age to 16.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Arizona Department of Education is concerned that our babies might be racist. What can we do about racist babies? We’ll talk about that today. Also Five Headlines including the creepiest COVID PSA you’ve ever seen, Joe Biden lashing out at people who are fed up with masks and lockdowns, and Andrew Cuomo addresses the sexual harassment scandal, while mostly ignoring the real scandal. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the former host of the Bachelor, who continues to debase himself in increasingly embarrassing ways in the hopes of earning forgiveness from the cancel mob. That never works.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, now that the Cancel Mob has started canceling dead children’s authors, it is clear that eventually everyone will be canceled unless the madness stops. We’ll discuss that today. Plus, Five Headlines, including the FBI Director suspiciously refusing to provide any information about the death of Officer Sicknick, Texas lifts all COVID restrictions, and Joe Biden says that maybe, if we’re lucky, we can get back to normal next year.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are supposed to celebrate because, for the first time, a child has three legal fathers listed on her birth certificate. I don’t feel much like celebrating. Also Five Headlines including Governor Cuomo facing political disaster due to his sexual harassment scandal. But how is this the scandal that takes him down, and not the nursing home scandal that resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people? And the cancel mob is coming for Dr. Seuss. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about the Left’s latest linguistic innovation: women with an ‘x’ instead of an ‘e.’
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left detects Nazi symbolism at CPAC. There really are Nazis everywhere these people look. What should that tell us? Also Five Headlines including a brave congressman standing up against the mask cultists, public health officials in Canada recommending solitary confinement for all children exposed to COVID, and Lebron James bravely vowing to continue speaking out against all injustices that happen anywhere but in China.
Reviewing another workplace harassment video designed for the woke corporate world.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats declare total war on reality, passing the Equality Act which seeks to legally erase women and give delusion precedence over reality. Also Five Headlines including Rand Paul’s brilliant and bold questioning a HHS nominee who supports drugging and mutilating gender confused children, and another race hoax exposed, but not before lives were ruined because of it. And in our Daily Cancellation, we will discuss the plight of Mr. Potato Head, who is struggling to decide whether he is gender fluid or not.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I am being canceled for criticizing the LGBT indoctrination of children. Also Five Headlines including Marjorie Tayler Green is being called a bigot and a transphobe for defending biological science, West Virginia moves to ban critical race theory, and the cruise industry starts to institute vaccine requirements for passengers. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about Canada’s recent anti-bullying campaign, which promises to be about as effective as every other anti-bullying campaign.
Join Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles as they discuss Joe Biden’s totally normal, 100% NOT radical presidency, what we can do to fill our time now that literally everything is canceled (yes, even The Muppets), and why we’re thrilled to be making a film with Gina Carano. Tune in every Friday to watch Ben Shapiro dismantle leftist myths in his brand new series—DEBUNKED, exclusively at Become a member today and use the promo code DEBUNKED to get 25% off your membership! | JOIN:
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a recent survey shows just how thoroughly the media has misled the public on the topic of police shootings. Also Five Headlines including Dr. Fauci stating that society will not be allowed to go back to normal until he says so. And Biden’s health secretary pick tries to dodge questions about his support for infanticide. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll cancel the chief of the Cherokee Nation, who demands that Jeep stop using his tribe’s name, though he can’t explain why.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden’s Attorney General nominee claims that domestic terrorism doesn’t count when it happens at night. We’ll talk about that and some of his other bizarre statements during his confirmation hearing. Plus Five Headlines including the head of the American Federation of Teachers arrogantly waving away concerns about the well-being of children. Also, Coca-Cola continues its damage control efforts after its racist anti-white indoctrination of employees was revealed. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss a recent study which claims that left wing female politicians are the primary targets of abuse and harassment online. Is there any truth to that? No, there isn’t, but we’ll discuss.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as Disney adds an ‘offensive content’ disclaimer to The Muppets, we’ll discuss how Leftists have become modern Puritans. Also Five Headlines including Fauci’s declaration that we may have to wear masks into 2022, and Kendall Jenner faces claims of cultural appropriation for her new tequila brand. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s trip down to Texas to ‘help’ during the winter storm.
Join Matt Walsh as he gives advice to people posting on Reddit.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media goes wild over a supposedly major scandal involving Ted Cruz. But I think they’re focusing on this story for a different reason. Also Five Headlines including NASA’s successful mission to Mars, school board members caught on camera insulting parents, and the White House attempting to appease the people begging for student loan forgiveness.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left celebrates the death of Rush Limbaugh, proving again that they really do hate you and want you dead. Also Five Headlines including the disastrous winter weather across the south. If you think that a deep freeze in Texas is evidence against global warming, think again. The media tells us that this is even more proof of their theories. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the mysterious spike in ADHD cases during the lockdowns.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school in New York encourages its white students to be “white traitors” and “white abolitionists.” We’ll talk about how this is only one of the ways in which our culture instills self-loathing, especially in children. And in our Five Headlines, the media starts “updating” its reporting on the death of Officer Brian Sicknick. The update is that their original reporting was bunk. Also Bill Gates tells us plebes that we need to stop eating meat. For our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the story of the father who sent out a few bad tweets and had Child Protective Services show up at his house because of it.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school district uses a picture of children sledding without masks on as an excuse to keep schools closed. Also Five Headlines including Governor Cuomo deflecting blame for his nursing home scandal, and more big UFO news out of the Pentagon. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll cancel a famous male YouTuber for the crime of appropriation. In this case, he is trying to appropriate pregnancy.
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the woke mob cancels a contestant on the Bachelor and then cancels the host for defending the contestant. What can this teach us about how cancel culture works? Also Five Headlines including Trump getting his record second impeachment acquittal, plus Biden making a move on gun control, and Cardi B advocating for chivalry. And in our Daily Cancellation, I’m afraid we have to talk about Cosmo and their article fetishizing Cannibalism.
I suffered through watching clips from Lilly Singh's show, so you have to also. See how long you can hang in there...
Comments (208)

Sean Dobbins

you killed it on tucker last night

Mar 5th


i will never visit canada, australia, or china. grateful to be an american despite all our flaws.

Mar 2nd
Reply (1)

Moshe Wise

How is biological science different from biology?

Feb 25th


Gosh. What a terrible world we live in where we email prominent figures with death threats.

Feb 24th

Becki Griffith Spera

growing up I knew a kid who's middle name was Uther..... first and last was Justin Johnson.

Feb 18th


I really liked this show until he bashed ppl who decided not to have kids. I can barely afford my existence, maybe I'm being responsible not selfish. I worked in with geriatric patients for 10 years let me tell you that having child in no way guarantees that they will care for you in any capacity. I watched adult children drop off their parents at the nursing home to NEVER return lots of times. Matt really think about what you say! The world is so close to complete destruction, why would I bring children in to this horrible situation we are in.

Feb 6th

Ishmael thank you. Fuck the Republican/Democratic party. A new party is the only way forward.

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Brock Taylor

The show is too short.

Jan 18th

d c

Matt is now the only one at the Daily Wire who understands what is at stake and why we cant apologize for the same things the left never apologized for.

Jan 7th


Satire at it’s best!

Dec 30th

Cara C Strong

can we find these #'s on a website to share?

Dec 1st

Aaron Britton

Congrats on the 600th episode Matt!

Nov 11th

Nelsonomics Runs

Ref 90 passed 60:40 here by childless fools and completely incompetent parents in Seattle, is absolutely disgusting and horrifying.

Nov 10th


Thanks Matt, really appreciate you.

Nov 4th

Tyler Benson

you are sadly cancelled. your wife's argument makes it even more true. If your daughters birthday was on October 27 and someone tells you the event was on October 27, your brain would instantly say "hey, that's my daughter's birthday." Hearing a date with significance and not associating it with the significance in your life is a faux pas

Sep 27th

Edward Polski

I'm not sure why Kim Klacik is being bullied over a fork... according to leftist dogma, she is a black woman, and not Asian. So, if she were to use chopsticks, she'd be guilty of cultural appropriation.

Sep 10th

Rene Vargas

Sad episode to listen to but very informative.

Sep 4th


I don't like polar bears.

Aug 19th

Cara C Strong

love the switch from discussion on "rights" and focusing on "responsibility"! Thanks!

Aug 18th


another great listen

Aug 15th
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