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Author: Miller Williams

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Welcome to the Maui HI Life Podcast. I am your host Miller, and it is my job to introduce you to the cast of uber talented, creative, successful, kind, edgy, wise, dope, and/or spiritual AF people who I find myself in deep conversation and adventure with on the spectacular tropical island of Maui, Hawaii.
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David Bruce Leonard is the author of two books, How To Worship The Goddess and Keep Your Balls: A Man’s Guide to Sacred Sex, and Medicine At Our Feet: Healing Plants of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He founded the Earth Medicine Institute and currently resides in Maui, Hawai’i teaching Rivers of Love, a Sacred Sexuality course for couples, and is also a women’s self defense instructor through the FAST system. In this episode we cover a wide range of topics including: -The hummerbird cunnilingus technique -Native vs. Invasive species in the plant and human realms -Laws around self defense -How men can be both sensitive and strong -And much, much, much more Enjoy!
It is my pleasure and honor to introduce our first guest to the podcast, Mr. Mark Freeman, an NCAA Division 1 Gymnastics coach at UC Berkeley, a veteran Cirque du Soleil Performer, a European Gymnastics Champion in the Olympic Rings, and all around sexy beast. Mark is the founder of The Freeman Technique, a methodology based upon functional movement, injury prevention, gymnastics fundamentals, and acrobatic awareness.  We cover topics: Childhood Stories Legos Overcoming a ruptured bicep injury after surgery Finding Your Passion  The Distinction Between Labia and Labrum Tears I met Mark at a handstand strength and conditioning workshop he was teaching at the Maui Yoga Arts studio in Paia. His brother from another mother, Alex Golombeck, founder of an App called MindMassage, was also attending. Alex and I went deep fast after the workshop and found ourselves discussing the life-enhancing potential of Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, which Alex practices professionally in Venice Beach, California. I invited Alex and Mark to record this maiden voyage podcast with me, and they foolishly accepted. SO here we are. Please note that my microphone malfunctioned probably due to user error in the second segment with Alex, but you should still be able to make out what I am saying. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mark and Alex as much as I enjoyed having it!
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