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The McKinsey Podcast, our new flagship podcast series, takes you inside our global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations realize their most important goals. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.
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Stress, social isolation, and unemployment is worsening America's behavioral health crisis, fueling additional billions in spending Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 36:06) >  
How can senior managers get better, faster business decisions from the meetings they attend or lead? Planning is key. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 40:48) >  
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended norms in retail, brand loyalty, and consumer behavior. Bold players are well positioned to accelerate growth. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 33:28) >  
Rarely have supply-chain leaders faced more complex, changing conditions than they have during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 29:09) >  
The journey to agile

The journey to agile


Here’s how organizations can use agile practices to transform their organizations. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 39:43) >  
Reopening schools

Reopening schools


McKinsey partner Jimmy Sarakatsannis discusses how to keep students safe and engaged as they embark on a school year unlike any other. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 28:08) >  
LGBTQ+ at work

LGBTQ+ at work


McKinsey’s Diana Ellsworth and Maital Guttman discuss new research on LGBTQ+ challenges at work—and how to address them. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 38:22) >  
Business building is vital to a company’s longevity. To do it successfully, an organization needs the strengths of an incumbent and the agility of a start-up. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 35:31) >  
Meet Generation Z

Meet Generation Z


The newest consumer generations—Gen Z and the millennials—are challenging traditional retail models. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 32:08) >  
Here’s how technology, data, and human insight are transforming the way we enact change. Fast. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 26:39) >  
The state of fashion

The state of fashion


Players in the fashion industry remain less than optimistic about the runway ahead. But those that align with the dominant trends – namely, sustainability, digitization, and innovation – are most likely to prevail. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 29:03) >  
Airlines and passengers alike are flying into a world of flygskam and flying taxis. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 33:39) >  
While the yellow metal does not tarnish or decay, the industry that mines, refines, and fashions gold is far less stable. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 24:48) >  
The competitive landscape is shifting across the region as consumer tastes change, new digital champions emerge, and governments deregulate. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 31:52) >  
Companies adopting AI across the organization are investing as much in people and processes as in technology. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 26:20) >  
The future of Asia

The future of Asia


Asia will account for more than half the global economy by 2040. What opportunities and risks lie ahead as ‘the Asian century’ unfolds? Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 28:02) >  
Around the world, women participate in paid employment at lower rates and wages than men, and are less likely to be promoted. They also tend to work in different sectors. The implications are everyone’s business. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 28:14) >  
Across the developed world, health systems must adapt to aging populations, changing patient needs, and advances in technology that could both reduce costs and revolutionize clinical care. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 33:11) >  
Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 25:53) >  
Large-scale organizational change is more likely to stick if executives apply equal discipline and rigor to the “hard” and “soft” elements that matter. Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 33:57) >  
Comments (17)

Fatemeh Vasheghani Farahani

it's interesting that the guests mention some limited number of countries in the middle east as middle east. i would like to ask you to change the subject of your podcast because it's not about middle east. it's about some favarite countries! and i didn't get what i expected to hear and learn!!

Oct 23rd

Victoria Muchiri

Great content. I'd really love to transcribe your podcasts. People who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, non-native speakers, or suffer from auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder may have trouble following a fast conversation. Transcription provides an avenue for them to absorb everything you are putting out. My email is Thank you.

Aug 9th

Bikash Kumar

would love to have links to the resources or framework or the paper.

Jan 23rd

Vishaal Bhatnagar

Excellent stuff! Great insights.

Jan 2nd
Reply (1)

Toby Thomas

This is wrong

Aug 15th

Hadrien Lbb

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior partner Stefan Knupfer and associate partner Swarna Ramanathan about what seamless mobility in cities really means, what it will take to get there, and the massive benefit it could bring to people, government, and business alike.

Aug 7th
Reply (1)

Hadrien Lbb

Don't be lazy, state the names of the guests and provide links to studies you mention...

Aug 7th
Reply (1)

Devashish Jain

I was expecting more out of it, but can't deny that I learned some new things. Looking forward to the next one. Some topics I am interested in are change management, future of office workspaces, future of documentation etc.

Apr 1st

Rickvian Aldi


Dec 13th

nethra nagiri


Jun 10th

Oguz Bayram

great podcast! what do you think about the brand effect in consumer decision journey. is it something a short cut to final consideration set or more overarching effect in the whole journey

Mar 28th

Сергей Зайцев

fish until

Mar 27th
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