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Author: Pete Matthew

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Pete Matthew discusses and explains all aspects of your personal finances in simple, everyday language. Personal finance, investing, insurance, pensions and getting financial advice can all seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and easy-to-follow action steps, Pete will help you to get your money matters in order.

Each show is in two segments: Firstly, everything you need to KNOW, and secondly, everything you need to DO to move forward on the subject of that episode.

This podcast will appeal to listeners of MoneyBox Live, Wake Up To Money, Listen to Lucy, Which? Money and The Property Podcast.

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We’re on the home straight on this New Accumulators season now, and we dealt last week with the massive subject of our behaviour around our money. Today I have something pretty special for you, or rather, someone pretty special…
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Except when you’re investing, when it tries to trick you. Constant Vigilance!
Of all the influencing factors that will determine the success or otherwise of your wealth-building, your own behaviour is the biggest deal of all. As New Accumulators, we have some lessons to learn…
We’re spending some time looking at some of the major biases that we bring to bear when we’re investing, and how they often hold us back from being really successful investors. Today, we’re talking about ANCHORING.
As New Accumulators, we need to understand that when we invest, we are converting our cash into assets which we hope will increase in value over time, so we can beat inflation and meet our financial goals. So we need to spend some time today discussing the main assets that we can buy as investors so that we know what we’re getting into…
Long-time listeners and viewers will know that I have a fascination with the subject of behavioural finance. This is simply biggest there is no bigger determinant of your future financial success than your won behaviour towards money. If it’s that big a deal, I figured I should dedicate a few videos to the subject, starting today.
Risk and Capacity For Loss

Risk and Capacity For Loss


Risk is an essential part of investing, and I want to say right off the bat that it is a GOOD THING! We’re conditioned to understand the word risk as a negative, but in today’s show, I want to reinforce the exact opposite. Plus, I chat with my friend Nick Lincoln of Values to Vision about his strong views on the idea of capacity for loss.
We've looked at what trusts are and a little bit about how they work, so let's cover some practicalities now, when it comes to YOUR financial planning
Invest in planning

Invest in planning


I know that you’re itching to get going with your investing and wealth-building, and I keep putting the brakes on. But it will serve you well to put a little bit of forethought into the whole exercise, and in my world, we call that financial planning…
Last week we talked about what a trust actually is, but this week we need to go deeper and look at the benefits, and the downsides and how they can be used in your financial planning.
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