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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast
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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Author: Pete Matthew

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Pete Matthew discusses and explains all aspects of your personal finances in simple, everyday language. Personal finance, investing, insurance, pensions and getting financial advice can all seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and easy-to-follow action steps, Pete will help you to get your money matters in order.

Each show is in two segments: Firstly, everything you need to KNOW, and secondly, everything you need to DO to move forward on the subject of that episode.

This podcast will appeal to listeners of MoneyBox Live, Wake Up To Money, Listen to Lucy, Which? Money and The Property Podcast.

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Listener John asks what I would do with a major windfall - I mean REALLY major. That's an opportunity for some thinking...
What IS Financial Planning?

What IS Financial Planning?


This season of the MeaningfulMoney podcast is called Planning with Purpose and is designed for those well-established on their journey towards financial independence. But if we’re talking about planning, then we’d better define what we mean by that…
I've had several guests on the show recently who all have different views on how you should invest your money. So am I sending mixed messages, or what? Let me explain...
Woohoo! It’s another new season here on MeaningfulMoney after a summer of Inbetweenisodes. I hope you have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had over the past few weeks. I’ve had loads of great feedback, so it seems like you have. It’s been a great few weeks, but I’m excited to get cracking on what is easily going to be the best season ever of MeaningfulMoney, called Planning with Purpose.
A point of clarification after some feedback received about this point. I believe that anyone can build wealth effectively on their own. But you'll make fewer mistakes, save money and build wealth faster if you do work with a professional financial planner...
This week I’m pleased to welcome back Tom Baigrie of Lifesearch for a bit of a study into Income Protection which, while misunderstood and underused, is inarguably the most important personal insurance you can have.
So here’s a little bonus episode that came out of a conversation between my good friend Andy Hart and myself. We’re noticing a pattern in the people who are getting in touch and wanting to work with us, and we’re concerned…
Today’s guests are giants in the FI/RE community. Their podcast and blog is massive and deservedly so as they communicate a clear passion for their subject and inspire others to follow them on their journey. Today I’m speaking with Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa from ChooseFI
Continuing in this series of interviewing other luminaries in the world of wealth-building and FI, today I chat with Andrew Craig, Author of How To Own The World and founder of Plain English Finance.
RESET with David Sawyer

RESET with David Sawyer


Today I’m chatting with Dave Sawyer, author of a book called RESET. A few of you have mentioned the book to me, and asked me to get Dave on. His book has received high praise indeed from none other than Monevator and also Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFI.
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