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The Mel Robbins Show is a 1-hour talk show hosted by the leading global motivational speaker and best-selling author of the 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins. Mel helps real people transform their lives by empowering them with the tools necessary to conquer their everyday problems and life’s biggest problems. Armed with her simple, actionable, “no-bs” advice, Mel helps women build life strategy roadmaps. The Mel Robbins Show meets women where they are and pushes them forward in a time when life feels upside down for many. Each show provides highly sharable content and continues online where women connect and engage with other members of Mel’s community. Mel is funny, she pulls no punches, she’s a passionate voice for women and she’s asking the question, what are you waiting for?

The Mel Robbins Show is produced by Sony Pictures Television.
7 Episodes
It’s manipulative, destructive, and people use it all the time to get what they want: The Silent Treatment. Why we use it, and what do to when it’s turned on you.
Today, people’s lives destroyed by online bullies. Mel takes a deep look into cyberbullying, including one woman harassed online by her future mother-in-law and the tragic story of a 16-year-old boy who died from suicide after being cyberbullied by his peers.
Holiday Dread

Holiday Dread


She’s the mother from holiday hell…and her daughters are dreading spending the holidays with her. Can Mel help this family sit down together at their Thanksgiving table, or will they skip the holidays altogether?
Real women, catfished and scammed out of their savings. Mel investigates how catfishers lure in their victims, and why they can’t be prosecuted.
Complicated Grief

Complicated Grief


Today, Mel sits down with a man who witnessed something so horrific when his wife died that it haunts him every day. Can he move past the trauma, or will his dead wife’s ghost haunt his new marriage?
Today, marriages on the verge of falling apart. A husband and wife who have been separated for 6 months, still living together. He wants to work it out, and she can’t wait to kick him out! Can Mel save their crumbling marriage?
Today, inside the horrors of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Women who are addicted to plastic surgery, disfigured and destroyed by botched procedures, all reaching for the perfect body. Plus, a Mommy Makeover turned deadly.
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Aubree Barbosa

This poor woman, all of the women it is so tragic but the strength and determination when its needed most is remarkable but still I mean I cant imagine, any listeners who are interested further another podcast called Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

Jan 31st

Seventy Seven

this podcast deserve more listeners 🙄

Jan 24th


love you Mel!!!

Jan 9th

rolling Outdoorsman

I love Mel Robbins she has changed my life the show is great

Nov 8th
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