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The Mel Robbins Show

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The Mel Robbins Show is a 1-hour talk show hosted by the leading global motivational speaker and best-selling author of the 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins. Mel helps real people transform their lives by empowering them with the tools necessary to conquer their everyday problems and life’s biggest problems. Armed with her simple, actionable, “no-bs” advice, Mel helps women build life strategy roadmaps. The Mel Robbins Show meets women where they are and pushes them forward in a time when life feels upside down for many. Each show provides highly sharable content and continues online where women connect and engage with other members of Mel’s community. Mel is funny, she pulls no punches, she’s a passionate voice for women and she’s asking the question, what are you waiting for?

The Mel Robbins Show is produced by Sony Pictures Television.
6 Episodes
Panic Attack 911

Panic Attack 911


Today, the surprising way anxiety can trigger debilitating panic attacks. Mel explains how worry builds into anxiety, and eventually into full-blown panic, and what you can do to stop it.
Extreme Failure To Launch

Extreme Failure To Launch


Mel sits down with a 27-year-old who is sick and tired of paying her mom’s bills. Is her mom a moocher? When it’s time to cut off a family member in financial trouble.
Am I Raising A Narcissist?

Am I Raising A Narcissist?


Is a narcissist born or raised? Today, Mel helps parents whose 5-year-old son is already showing narcissistic tendencies, and it’s gotten so bad that he’s breaking things and drawing on furniture to get attention!
Today, party moms out of control! Mel’s intervention with a mom who leaves her kids with babysitters 7 nights a week to party. Plus, a mom $70,000 in debt who can’t stop spending at the club. When is partying okay, and when is it just plain irresponsible?
You’ve heard about addiction to opioids prescribed for physical pain, but today, Mel meets people who became addicted to opioids as a result of extreme emotional trauma. How the opioid epidemic is crippling Americans, and what needs to change now.
Extreme Mid-Life Crisis

Extreme Mid-Life Crisis


Today, how one man’s attempt to outrun his pain triggered a full-blown mid-life crisis. What he’s been avoiding, and what you can do to deal with the pain you carry. Then, is your friend convinced she’s always right? How to deal with a know-it-all friend without losing your cool.
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rolling Outdoorsman

I love Mel Robbins she has changed my life the show is great

Nov 8th
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