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My goal is to help all that are willing to listen. Whilst facing my own issues, I want to help you overcome these issues. With the man focus of mental illness and self motivation, I want to explore why we feel the things we feel and what the best course of action is to overcome these issues. Support this podcast:
45 Episodes
Micha and i talk about her transitions from Germany to the United states from her personal life and her business transition. We also discuss how she and her business is affected by the current pandemic in the United States --- Support this podcast:
Ann & I talk about the current situation the country is in facing the new adjustments to life COVID-19 has forced us to make. She is a grief & loss coach and she shares ways to stay balanced and positive during uncertain times. --- Support this podcast:
Kim & I talk about how she overcame bulimia and activity-induced asthma through meditation and lifestyle changes to becoming a life coach, business owner and even a marathon runner! --- Support this podcast:
Aimee and I talk about her earlier challenges in life including her journey to changing her life for the better --- Support this podcast:
Neil & I talk COVID-19 Quarantine and the things we’ve been doing to stay busy with new horizons on how we live day by day --- Support this podcast:
Joel and I discuss the struggles students, and high-school graduates face in a system that doesn’t always set them up for success. --- Support this podcast:
Kyle and I talk about the mentorship program he has started helping High school students and college graduates with forwarding their life. He helps them by coaching them into the next steps of life that hardly anybody is ready for. --- Support this podcast:
Dane & I briefly cover tai chi and how these mind-body practices pulled him out of having suicidal thoughts. --- Support this podcast:
Alison speaks about her experience through depression after the passing of her husband, her book, and how she’s helped young adults and children face anxiety & mental health issues. --- Support this podcast:
Matt & I discuss severed topics from business, motivation, societal norms, & how he has dealt with the stresses of life through putting his family at the for front of his “why” behind his profession. --- Support this podcast:
Tracey and I talk about her work with younger kids and teens. She helps the youth work through depression and anxiety, after writing a book about how she dealt with these issues on her own. --- Support this podcast:
Dawn and I discuss her history of dealing with her bipolar disorder and how she deals with it on a day to day basis. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Bolinger speaks with Darius about his own life’s challenges, being legally blind, beating cancer while fulfilling his career and taking charge of his life. --- Support this podcast:
Eli shares with Darius about his career being a therapist and talks about some of the struggles he faces. --- Support this podcast:
Jason shares his life changing experience from quitting corporate America & starting his own marketing agency. --- Support this podcast:
Marina shares her changes in life through changing to a plant based diet. She also discusses the benefits she's noticed through this lifestyle change. --- Support this podcast:
Chris shares his experience with OCD and how he used this diagnosis to change his life and fuel his career. --- Support this podcast:
Angela Marshall, ex NFL wife tells about her personal struggles despite what some may portray as a glamorous life. --- Support this podcast:
Neil shares his overcoming of alcoholism & drug abuse through meditation. Turning his life around 180 degrees. --- Support this podcast:
This episode Artisha Bolding talks with Darius about her most recently published books about her life’s transformation after enduring a sporadic change in health. --- Support this podcast:
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