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We talk about everything that makes you think. Breaking away from anything that may be limiting you
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Ive decided to embark on an eight-episode journey through a list of 40 “conspiracies” and my take on all of them. I think this is going to be a fun few episodes. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard
I was a guest over on Elisa Unfiltered! This was a fantastic experience and we will cross-brand absolutely in the future! I know you’ll love this show as I loved recording it! Lots of energy going back and forth on this one 🙂 Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have […]
This is a fantastic trend of people everywhere understanding their bodies just a bit more and removing things like piercings, tattoos and breast implants. These foreign objects we were all subjected to and convinced were a great idea may have been another test in the lab maze we all seem to be in currently. I […]
I really wanted to dive into this meme. I felt it on a personal level. I also believe that we often aren’t allowed to accept or even think things that weren’t programmed into us. Getting past our pre-programming is a fantastic experience Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your […]
Amazing to connect with so many like minded people on this journey. Today we were able to speak with Curtis and Kristy about how they feel it all works out. I liked this show. Simple and to the point. You can find more from Curtis here. Our Links: Call […]
I love talking about where we might be and the possibilities it all encompasses. Our Friend Jennifer over at JK_Ultra crafted out the perfect tik tok and I wanted to share it with you all while adding my piece to it. We will get her back on the show in the coming weeks for sure. […]
The Sound of Freedom movie had a lot of people buzzing. I had to share my take on this particular piece. There was a lot to unpack in it, WAY more than just what was on the screen. For example, The color purple produced by oprah winfrey was the first coming attraction trailer right out […]
I wanted to talk on this a little bit. Reality isnt what we think it is. Reality is what we create it to be. This is a beautiful mental transition once you make it. Being aware that you are the creator and observer of your own reality changes how you play the game. […]
In chatting with an Instagram friend, it was brought to my attention that I have probably never truly dropped my story as to how I became the version of me you see here today. So this is kinda that. Sorta … Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice […]
This one needed to be talked about. Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard
We lost a great entertainer on this day! Thank you Sheik for everything you gave us! I had to touch on the forest fires as well. Seems fishy. Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard
Ill tell you, who you think you are is who they made you think you are. You are not that person. You are so much more! Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard
What is “society” when we really get into it!? Yeah it is not what we think it is that’s for sure. Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard
Connected with Kristy Morrison on a myriad of topics. A very enjoyable conversation about breaking out of the norm and into a reality where its okay to love yourself and not live in fear, depression and anxiety. To see more of Kristy take a look at her work here: Call […]
This podcast has needed to happen for quite some time! Dan has a million ideas that are all coming out as they need to in his reality. If you liked what you heard here you can find more of Dan Through this link. And as usual, you can find more of us here: […]
It really becomes quite a test of the mind to be able to decipher all that may come your way when you begin to see things beyond what we’ve been shown. Call or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard) I also mentioned our friend Cherie from episode 162 in here, you can find […]
I like this depiction of the burnout better than the one where the person is losing their mind ; ) Instead we lose our rubber. Call or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)
#251: The Narcissist.

#251: The Narcissist.


There is so much that goes into a relationship with a narcissist. its exhausting and a waste of your time. UNLESS you use the experience to build your character and set extremely healthy boundaries. Call or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)
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