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The Messy Truth About Leading People
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The Messy Truth About Leading People

Author: The Messy Truth About Leading People

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Digestible bites of insight and inspiration on the people side of leading organizations. Brought to you by The Messy Truth Leadership.
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Does everyday feel like a Monday to you? In this episode, we take a closer look at our current daily monotony and offer tips that business leaders (and all of us!) can use while at work. We briefly covered in a recent blog post but the topic deserves further discussion.
Nicki and Gavin explain the three categories of leaders who probably won't take advantage of executive coaching opportunities. From their "Who Should You Invest In?" framework.  ____________
Nicki and Gavin introduce their "Who Should You Invest In?" framework that provides a better understanding of which executives will reap the benefits of having an executive coach. Please note that since recording this episode, the number of types has grown to eight. ___________________________ 
Bullies are aggressive and threatening, while saboteurs try to undermine other people. How can leaders, or these people's peers, deal with them? -----------
Do you let your most recent conversation influence decisions that you and your team already agreed upon? Gavin and Nicki discuss the danger of doing this. -----------
When you are overly judgmental, you are defining yourself, and yes, others notice. So how can a leader get better about this? _____ Visit our website.
Nicki and Gavin discuss leaders who have an intense need to be liked.
Nicki and Gavin discuss the importance of building meaningful connections.
A discussion on the key ways mentoring is different than coaching, and advice to those interested in being a mentor or mentee. _____ Click here to learn more about our book.
Gavin and Nicki discuss the challenges women executive leaders face in the workplace and answer common questions they get on the topic.
Nicki and Gavin talk about the Glue Person and the influence this person has within an organization. Quick link to purchase our book:
Gavin shares his first leadership book recommendation and tells us why it's worth reading.
In this episode, Gavin and Nicki discuss the role of the leader in facilitating a high-functioning team and provide tips to help leaders create an effective environment. 
In this episode, we get down to all things executive coaching.  After working with many leaders and types of businesses over the years, we have some helpful tips for leaders who want to gain a better understanding of the benefits of working with a coach.  We also provide dos and don’ts for evaluating a prospective coach so that you choose one who is right for you.
Our two cents about the value of leadership training and how to get it if your organization doesn't provide formal training.
Most people agree that DEI is an important topic, so why are companies slow to implement good plans? In other words, why is it so messy?
Inevitably there will be conflict and different points of view on teams. But how does this show up in virtual meetings and how can it be addressed. Gavin and Nicki share some tips and personal examples.  To order "The Messy Truth About Leading People: It Ain't Easy!" click here.
The psychological safety we feel in our homes seems to be spilling over into our virtual meetings. In this episode, Nicki and Gavin discuss how this is encouraging more meaningful connections at work. To order our book mentioned in this episode click here.
It's time we take a moment to discuss mental health in the midst of everything going on and how that shows up at work. As always, we'll leave you with a few helpful tips that you can use.
Gavin and Nicki discuss some of the challenges of virtual meetings, and offer guidance to business leaders on how to lead well virtually.
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