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Irelands Premier Metal Music Podcast. The Metal Cell Podcast sets out to promote the Irish Metal Scene by talking to the bands, promoters, artists and fans of this musical genre. I hope to interview as many generations as possible involved in the Irish Metal community from those who create the music, design the artwork, promote the gigs or simply fans of the music itself. It's one of the most exciting times ever to be a Metal fan in Ireland with so many home grown and international metal bands touring our cities and releasing incredible music. This Podcast has become a solid link in communicating our voices throughout the world wide Metal community. The bonds forged in the Metal Scene are strong, loyal and lasting. Friendships created that traverse oceans and continents linking us to Europe, the America's, The Far East and even into the Eastern Block. Thank you all for listening and for your support, Richie. #supportyourlocalmetalscene
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I was delighted to welcome Darragh of Horrenda, Shannon of Aborted Earth, Tony of Restive Nation and Tom of Zhora to talk about the All Ireland Metal Project, an unique collaboration of over one hundred musicians, artists and film makers on this island of ours. The lads give us an exclusive track by track preview of one of the most anticipated releases this year, it's titled Aiséirí and it will precede another two releases further down the line. It's an incredible achievement and there's every style of music in there for all fans of the Metal genre. What's even better is that every single cent raised from Merch and sales of the album will go to Bernado's charity. The release date is Friday the 17th of September and please support it. Thanks Richie. Here's the link to the Bandcamp Page.
Myself and my co-host Howard were absolutely delighted to welcome Alex CF to the Metal Cell Podcast. Alex is a London based illustrator, author, and vocalist, who has been most notably known for his highly influential work with crust/dark post metal act FALL OF EFRAFA whose lyrical content was built around the mythology created by Richard Adams in his 1972 adventure novel Watership Down. Alex has been involved in lots of music projects and is currently the vocalist in MORROW, WORST WITCH and shares vocal duties in ARCHIVIST. Alex’s rich artworks revolve around the world of “The Orata”, an incredible encyclopedia of animal mythology that defined the depths of the world created in his first book, ‘Seek The Throat From Which We Sing‘ and he is currently waiting on his second book ‘Wretched is the Husk” to be published. He is also the curator and custodian of the Merrylin Cryptid Museum, a fantastical unique cryptozoological of specimens and owner of his own DIY clothing project called Animal Allies. He has illustrated numerous records, created engaging, poetic lyrics, and created a plethora of adventurous drawings and illustrations that could be easily revered as remarkable and spine-chilling masterpieces. Songs featured and permission granted: Fall of Efrafa - Pity the Weak (c) all rights reserved. Morrow - A City Of Gristle (c) all rights reserved. Links:
The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Metal Scene, review bands and discuss topics related to our favourite music....METAL! This weeks show is a cracker as we are joined by Steve Walsh, Riff Lord of Grey Stag. Steve gave us the low down on playing Bloodstock and talked about plans for the rest of the year. We review five new releases by Words That Burn, Ruined Family Vacation, Visualis, Summoners Circle and Grey Stag. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe to the show if you haven't done already. Thanks Richie. Songs featured and permission granted: Words That Burn (c) Den of Lions, 2021 all rights reserved. Ruined Family Vacation (c) Eat Me When I Die, 2021 all rights reserved. Visualis (c) The Search Relentless, 2021 all rights reserved. Summoners Circle (c) Of Black Horizons, 2021 all rights reserved. Grey Stag (c) The Adversary, 2021 all rights reserved. Band Links:
It was a pleasure to finally get to chat with Jason Christy (Drums) of Words That Burn. The band had just come back from Bloodstock 2021 after playing a blistering set to a huge crowd on the New Blood Stage. I was interested to see how their terrific new song "Den of Lions" went down and to see if Jason had any updates in relation to the new songs they had been working on during lockdown. Josh Schroeder (King 810, Of Virtue) is working with Words That Burn and going by what Jason says it will be an exciting time for fans of the band so hopefully we should see a few more single releases this side of 2021 If you like the interview please "Subscribe" to The Metal Cell on YouTube. Thanks Richie. Track: Words That Burn: Den of Lions (c) all rights reserved. Band Links:
I'm absolutely delighted to bring these interviews courtesy of Danielle Meehan co-host of The Metal Cell Forums. Danielle kindly volunteered to do this after I had no luck securing a press pass from the festival organisers. The fact that she managed to get six interviews done with a hand held recorder, as she like the other few thousand who attended had not seen a live gig in two years, was testament to her will power and devotion to the metal scene. Danielle put a lot of time and research into organising and meeting the bands who kindly agreed to do the interviews (Thanks everyone in the below mentioned bands!). Apologies for the poor quality of sound in some interviews as Danielle had to content with windy conditions and was not in a dedicated area to interview the bands. Respect and love to Danielle! Order of interviews and songs: 1. Ashen Crown: Under the Leaves (c) all rights reserved. Band interview. 2. Bailer: Gateway Drug (c) all rights reserved. Band interview. 3. The Crawling: Sparrow (c) all rights reserved. Band interview. 4. Elimination: Of God and Beasts (c) all rights reserved. Band Interview. 5. Godless Suns: Bones (Live at the Big Red) (c) all rights reserved. Band Interview. 6. Kingwitch: Body of Light (c) all rights reserved. Band Interview.
Episode 134 is a brilliant one with Veil of Sound - lifting the veil from underground music! I was delighted to welcome Thorsten Schaeben and Pat O'Regan from @veilofsound webzine. When reading a review on Veil of Sound you are immediately aware how accurately the lads convey their feelings for the musical piece. The intimate tracing of the songs composition and careful analysing of its parts will lead you into the final few sentences that will imprint in the readers memory and help to decide whether to buy the album or not. Veil of Sound webzine is not only a page for music aficionados but also for the casual Metal fan who likes to check out new bands and releases. Hope you enjoy the show and please "Hit Subscribe" if you haven't already. Thanks Richie. Links:
It was a pleasure to welcome Gavin (Drums) & Taran (Drums) of Bicurious. The duo certainly have been making waves in the alternative rock scene with some terrific single releases and crushing live performances. The nine tracks of their new release (re)constructed thematically follows a timeline of events in Gavin's and Taran's life, which included a psychotic episode, fatherhood and a period of uncertainty that nearly saw the band split up. The album was recorded in Trapdoor Studio's in Liverpool (UK) by Tom Peters in 2020 and the lads give us a great insight into all the songs and future plans for the band. If you enjoyed the interview and please subscribe to The Metal Cell channel. Thanks Richie. Song: Bicurious (c) Deconstructed, 2021 all rights reserved. Band Links:
It was a pleasure to meet up with Luke and Keith of @dogtiredmetal to talk about their fantastic single release, a hook driven, slab of heaviness called "Feast". The lads have a busy few weeks coming up with a Bloodstock appearance and two pre-Bloodstock gigs, some tasty new merch and of course the best part, an update on new songs for an album further down the line. Dog Tired are certainly one of my favourite Scottish Metal bands and it's great to see them back with a vengeance. Irish dates will happen and it's only a matter of time till I get to Edinburgh to check out the incredible scene they have over there. Hope you enjoy the interview and don't forget to hit subscribe if you enjoyed it! Song: Dog Tired (c) Feast, 2021 all rights reserved. Dog Tired Links: 💀💀💀💀♠️💀💀💀💀 supportirishmetal #irishmetal #rockmusic #scottishmetal #headbang #studioviews_daily #heavymetalband #livemusic #metalmusic #metalfans #metalhead #metalshop #metalmulisha #heavymetal #heavymetalmusic #sludgedoom #sludgemetal #metalreviews #purerockradio #metalconcerts #heavymetalpodcast #metalpress #metalpodcast #metalradio #rocknroll #musicpress #metaltothemasses #metalcore #metal
The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Metal Scene, review bands and discuss topics related to our favourite music....METAL! This weeks show is a cracker! It's all about our favourite live Metal albums I'm sure there's plenty of them that we can all agree on! We talk about some of the best live performances captured on audio and also call out some more that were studio produced. Yes, there is a few Irish ones mentioned as well! We also discuss briefly the culture of expecting freebies in metal be it albums or merch and review five new releases by Hashmaker, SixTooLate, Tend, The Chris Rolling Squad and Hapless Wretch. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe to the show if you haven't done already. Thanks Richie. Songs featured and permission granted: Hashmaker (c) Gram Lines, 2021 all rights reserved. SixTooLate (c) Riot Police, 2021 all rights reserved. Tend (c) Boss Rush, 2021 all rights reserved. The Chris Rolling Squad (c) Trapped Inside, 2021 all rights reserved. Hapless Wretch (c) Natrium Myr, 2021 all rights reserved.
When Clang announced that a Irish heavy metal festival was being held in spring 2020 and it would feature several Metal headliners along with over 20 Irish metal bands on two stages in the National Stadium Dublin, everyone in the Irish Metal Scene started texting each other. The majority of people were fairly dubious about the whole thing and nobody knew who or what was behind Clang. As the press releases kept coming there was a growing feeling that it was going to fall flat on it's face until COVID intervened and everything was rescheduled. Some more updates followed, a new date was set for 2022 with the announcement that festival was downsized. There was still a lot of uncertainty about which Irish bands were going to play or who to approach about getting on Clang. It was therefore a pleasure to welcome Rob on the show to clear up the whole Clang drama and to cast aside some of the negativity aimed at the festival. It remains to be seen whether Clang can be a success or not but at least you'll be left with a better understanding of the aspirations of Rob and his team, as myself and Howard were. Hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe to the show if you enjoyed it. Clang links: contact email:
It was a pleasure to welcome Keith Fay (Guitars/Vocals) of Irish Folk Metal legends Cruachan. They are considered one of the pioneers of folk metal along with UK based Skyclad and it was fascinating to hear Keith talk about how the whole scene evolved. Cruachan despite numerous line up changes are working on their ninth album and as an original founding member Keith gives us some great insights into the band, touring and favourite stories. Hope you enjoy the episode and hit subscribe to support the channel. Thanks Richie. Band links: Songs: Cruachan(c)The Marching Song of Fiach Mac Hugh,2014,all rights reserved. Cruachan(c)Pagan Hate, 2011,all rights reserved. Cruachan(c)The Hawthorn (2020),all rights reserved.
Greyface certainly will shake up the Metal/Alternative scene in 2021, mainly due to the music and what their image conjures up. Like something out of a Tim Burton nightmare, their goth/macabre influences comfortably sit alongside Bowie during his Ziggy days, all of which are embellished by Greyfaces infectious music. Roy/Shaye (vocals) gives myself & Danielle an insight into how the band were formed and future plans. Hope you enjoy the Promo and hit subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks Richie Song: Greyface (c) Underground Star, 2021 all rights reserved. Greyface Links:
It was great to welcome Carl King to The Metal Cell Podcast. Carl is a huge supporter of the Irish Metal Scene through his podcast Kingwoes Court which interviews Irish Metal bands. He is also the singer of his own band Two Tales of Woe (Doom/Sludge from Dublin) and has shared the stage with many bands from both here and abroad. Carl has been involved in many side projects as a frontman and I along my co-host Evan, were keen to get an update of his latest work for Aiséirí (The All Ireland Metal Project). Having survived a heart attack earlier this year, Carl shares his thoughts on it and the overwhelming support he received from the metal community. A family man first and foremost, with a huge love of metal, it was a pleasure to chat with Carl. I hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks Richie. Songs: Two Tales of Woe (c) Misery, 2019 all rights reserved. Withered Fist (c) This is my mountain, 2019 all rights reserved. Carls links:
Jim (Guitars), Brian (Guitars) & Josh (Drums) talk about their soon to be released EP "Attack of the 50ft Lobsters". The EP chronicles the exploits of the 5 band members as they roam the streets of Cork during a heavy sesh. However, the night is interrupted by the attack of giant lobsters rising up from the ocean, set on destroying the earth. "Attack of the 50ft Lobsters" is a melting pot of sounds, with groove, doom, and sludge being some of the main components used to tell the fantastical tale set out by the title. Formed in 2019, the band comprises of five members: Josh Langford - Drums Adam Graham - Vocals Jim Spillane - Guitar Brian Twohig - Guitar Conor Waters - Bass Band links:
It was a pleasure to interview Steve (Guitars) & Luke (Bass) of Belfast based band Puresonic Outcasts. The band have just released a killer e.p called "Reflections on this Present Condition" and along with the two other members Martin (Vocals/Guitars) & Graham (Drums) are ready to bring their stoner infused punk/metal shows to a hungry audience! Frontman/guitarist Martin was born in Argentina and moved to Belfast a few years ago to form Puresonic Outcasts. His unique voice along with the blend of all the other members influences allow PSO to freely explore a wide range of styles yet compact it nicely into their new release "Reflections on this Present Condition". You can check them out in the final of Metal2themasses in Belfast on July 10th 2021. If you enjoyed the show please subscribe to the channel. Thank you. Richie. Band Links: Song: Puresonic Outcast (c) Slum Dwellers, 2021 all rights reserved.
Myself and my co-host Howard were delighted to spend an insightinsightful hour or so in the company of Brad Boatright mastering engineer and the owner of Audiosiege Studios. He’s best known for his work with Skeletonwitch, Nails, Obituary, Sleep, Stranger Things, and many more. He has also worked with some fantastic Irish Metal bands as well. The likes of Bailer, Nomadic Rituals, Swallowed by the Sun, Abaddon Incarnate to name but a few have all benefited from his mastering skill sets. We delve into Brads creative elements in mastering, talk about when mastering engineers should involve themselves in bands decisions and the benefits of technology to lower the barrier to entry. There's also plenty of tour stories, vinyl collections and plenty of laughter as well. Hope you enjoy it and please subscribe to the show if you haven't done so already. Thanks Richie. Brad Boatright links:
The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Irish Metal Scene, review bands and discuss topics related to our favourite music....METAL! This weeks show is a fairly busy one. We have a discussion about how relevant the Metal Scene is at the moment, especially seeing a rock band from Italy win the Eurovision. The main topic of the night was Irish Metal bands that split up yet made a significant contribution to our lives listening to their songs. We review five new releases by New Mud, Requiem, Coscradh, Meniscus and Auld Blue Eyes. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe to the show if you haven't done already. Thanks Richie. Songs featured and permission granted: New Mud (c) L'appel Du Vide, 2021 all rights reserved. Requiem (c) Mind Rape, 2021 all rights reserved. Coscradh (c) Plagues of Knowth, 2021 all rights reserved. Meniscus (c) This Game, 2021 all rights reserved. Auld Blue Eyes (c) The Dog won't hunt, 2021 all rights reserved.
We jump back in time with Clive Bolger (drummer of Tasc), Brian Bowell (bassist of Worn Out), Dave Cleere (bassist of Bailer) and Dave Longan (guitarist of Aponym) to discuss the Waterford Metal Scene that sprung up in the 80's right up to a few years ago. When I heard that Def Leppard played to a packed pub in Tramore before they flew off to Donnington, it certainly made me sit up. The Waterford music scene has a rich history of music/concerts but I always thought it was more dance orientated or favoured trad based bands. Clive Bolger grew up in the eighties and played drums with many bands along with getting support slots to Def Leppard and Mama's Boys. He was also a promoter in the city until he finally left for Madrid. Another musician and promoter was Dave Cleere who both played in The Great Ocean Divide and set up Murphfest. Brian also played in Dave's band, was involved with setting up gigs and was very active in the scene. Dave Longan, who grew up in Dungarvan gave us some interesting insights into the student culture and the role that the Central Arts played in hosting Metal gigs. We also discuss pirate Metal shows on the local radio, different festivals and try to figure out how the scene slowly finally fizzled out. It was great to sit in on this with the lads and if you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button. Thanks Richie.
Nomadus are a three piece metal band based in Belfast, formed in 2016 mixing Thrash, Groove and Melody. Consisting of Fredy (Guitars & Vocals), Neil (Guitars) and Carl (Bass) they are one of the most exciting metal bands to come out of the Northern Ireland Metal Scene in a long time. Having just released these two killer songs: Dawn of Darkness and Silent Dusk, it showcases the bands strengths, in both composition and heaviness. Check out their links here:
NORTHERN IRELAND METAL PART 2. I was delighted to welcome two absolute stalwarts of the Northern Ireland Metal Scene, James Loveday @thedistortionproject & Wayne Donaldson @twkommedia. This is part two of a two part episode where myself and my co-host Evan talk about the vibrant metal scene in Northern Ireland. As the restrictions are being lifted across our island, James has come out with a series of gig announcements over the summer running into autumn. Will Northern Metal fans eventually get to see some of their favourite bands sooner than expected? We discuss that and many more topics related to Metal on this show. Links:
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