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Weekly insights into cool stuff I’ve read, saw, did or heard about that made me say WOW, Eureka, Damm! if it motivates and inspires you to reach your Goals then it shall be discussed.  Featuring guest interviews from high performers & people of influence, weekly awards for the best Mic Drop moment. This Podcast is guaranteed to leave you pumped up for the week ahead! Don’t just live life - Make life Boom
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“Perceptioning is the ability of going through a process ensuring that a particular perspective is maintained without lying.” - Dr Gyles MorrisonGuest Episode with Dr Gyles Morrison, who is a Clinical User Experience Specialist and Digital Health Consultant, improving the usability, accessibility and fun people have with healthcare technology. He uses knowledge and experience of behaviour change to improve the way technology is successfully used in healthcare. He has worked with the NHS and a variety of healthcare companies in the UK, South Africa and America on digital healthcare products including Electronic Patient Record systems, remote monitoring tools and digital therapeutics.Dr Gyles Morrison is passionate and shares many insights from his health experiences globally – Tune in and enjoy.Follow Dr Gyles PodcastThat Morrison Life is a showcase of black life, the Morrison way. Led by married couple and hosts of the Antiracism Book Club, Gyles and Vanetta Morrison, they are combating the negative portrayal of black people, through sharing their own lives as Afropeans (Black Europeans).Through That Morrison Life, Gyles and Vanetta intend to inspire, encourage and support people to live their best personal and professional lives. They provide a uniquely Afropean perspective on life focusing on: - Identity & Growth - Family & Relationships - Health & Fitness - Travel & Recreation - Career & Wealth
Today’s episode will focus on possibly the most important topics facing humanity, Unconscious Bias, AI Intelligence as well as the power in sharing your own personal story. This podcast was literally 10years in the making - tune in and engage to find out how and why? Smita Tharoor is the director of Tharoor Associates, a company that advises organisations on culture and behavioural change with a focus on the unconscious bias and co-founder of Cuturelytics a company where we use the power of AI to help leaders understand culture more accurately and provide data-based insights to transform culture for business success.Smita has spoken at conferences around the world and is currently hosting a podcast on stories of unconscious bias where guests from different parts of the world share their stories. This is a subject that she is very passionate about. You can hear that here.  Contact DetailsTharoor Associates Ltd35 Tradescant RoadLondonSW8 1XDMobile :+ 44 7736 721113 (UK)+91 9633082855 (India) http://www.tharoorassociates.comSkype :smita tharoor  
 "Embracing Eastern wisdom and technology to improve health wellbeing" Jonas Fröjd  Background Jonas Fröjd been a pro athlete with a martial arts background since 1990, he is a Blackbelt in Taekwondo and nowadays also a Blackbelt in BJJ (Brasilien Jiu Jitsu) and from his 2 around the world trips between 1995-2000 he enlightened the eastern wisdom and westerns science when he co-created in 2019 the concept Mindkicker together with a Mental Trainer for the Swedish National Team.Stress is not a new word for any of us, unfortunately, we all once in a while facing unpredictable or unavoidable stress situations. But is there any ways to cope with stress in such cases?We invited Jonas Fröjd from Mindkicker to talk about how to manage stressful situations and be in balance with yourself.  Mindkicker is a unique concept combining martial arts and mental training, the digital measurement from a heart research company and knowledge from world sports champions. Jonas will tell us how to recognises a depressed state in yourself leading to stress and prevent it. How to redirect our energy. How to cope with the impact and consequences of stress. How to raise the champion in yourself and make wise decisions in everyday life.  Enjoy - This Podcast was a revelation.   Thanks to Jonas and Marteka for the connection. Look out for the first of a trinity of three podcasts that unpacks his philosophy to help you achieve happiness. Contact Jonas 
This Podcast Nicholas takes us on a journey through technology,  Health and Social Care (CARE), his values and approach to empowering the citizens to make better informed decision concerning their health. Nicholas is the Chairman of Axela group which was set up to deliver on the vision of changing the way people view healthcare by supporting the care lifecycle and making care assessable to all.The group comprises of 4 companies who are in the care and health space. The key social care brands are Respect Care Services & Axela Care.Nicolas setup Axela Innovations in 2017 in order to designs systems and products for the health and social care sector. The business vision is based around improving the current model of healthcare through the innovative use of technology, particularly employing artificial intelligence (AI), to support, develop, & change how health & social care is delivered. We firmly believe that good data can improve decisions and save lives, and should be kept for the lifetime of a patient. We believe in creating systems that allow healthcare providers to have the best IT foundations they can build on and continue to use in the future.When we develop new technology, we don’t just rely on IT know-how. We actively engage with those whose work will be directly affected by our products. In order to inform the best possible system we can. We are determined to provide systems based on vendor-free platforms that will not only expand your choice of suppliers but will also encourage innovation and cooperation.I really enjoyed this podcast with Nicholas and I'm sure you will to. Reach NicholasBlog Post: 
This has been our most emotionally challenging podcast to put out. If like us you've been moved by the brutal killing on George Floyd by US police officers then you will also realise that Racism is still prevalent despite our technological advancements, and relative peace and prosperity. In fact many would argue that Racism never died, but has has taken on a new alias. Today we shine a light on Racism, it's creation and its roots. Then we explore the possible solutions that will enable us all to live together in the spirit of the late Dr Martin Luther King JNR. Tune in and engage - Racism Who's problem is it?   RIP George Floyd your legacy lives on. ALL is ONE!
Do you hate change, or love it? - It depends whether the change is imposed (like tax) or chosen (like marriage) - Philip Cox-HyndI reached out to Philip via LinkedIn and was delighted he agreed to be the show. This podcast was serendipitously inspiring, Philip provided a master class in his approach to change management with key lessons we can apply to our own lives.Philip's approach is refreshing as it turns on its head the outdated and sadly still practiced change transformation methodologies that rely heavily on top-down power, enforced and disempowering change initiatives. Instead, Philips approach is bringing about 'Change by Choice' by: Vision: Developing and communicating a vision clearly and often, so everyone could see what the future held. Power: Establishing a powerful guiding coalition, involving all those people who had a hold on the reins. Engagement: Enthusing staff to choose to be agents of change by first nurturing mindfulness and then spotlighting the gap to be crossed. Involvement: Organising volunteers to draw up and be advocates for a change manifesto. People support what they help create. Measurement: Setting early-win and longer-term goals and validating progress promptly in line with their fast-response culture.Philip implemented this approach at Ella's Kitchen now worth £100m, whose founder commended our change management for setting them up to continue their exceptional growth in "a better-managed and more focused way."PHILIP'S BACKGROUNDBased in Henley-on-Thames UK, Harley Young is an implementational consultancy, comprised of change gladiators!The co-founder, Philip Cox-Hynd, dovetails his expertise in human development with strategy and process improvement.In the human development field, his expertise was gained leading public seminars for Exegesis (the UK version of Landmark Forum) in the 1980s, working with the Human Awareness Institute of California, as well as collaborating with John Grinder, co-formulator of NLP.Philip combined this expertise with insights gained working with the inventors of business process re-engineering, work on strategy at Henley Business School UK, as well as hands-on experience on client projects over 25 years, delivering lasting corporate change.This combination led to Philip becoming a strategic and cultural change management expert and, through his company, Harley Young, he has designed and implemented growth-led change programs for large and small corporations such as Barclays, Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup and Ella's Kitchen.Philip is a Vipassana meditator - Vipassana is the origin of mindfulness - and he started this discipline in 2003, continuing to this day.In 2019, Philip authored a book Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice: Radical Leadership for Managing Change.A must-read for anyone seeking to master change. Sit back, tune in and enjoy, this podcast will make your life Boom!Thank you Philip - This will be a classic Show! Contact Philip Contact The Mic Drop THEMICDROPCLUBInstagram: Please enjoy!Listen to the episodes on Google PodcastsOvercast PodcastsStitcher PodcastsCastbox Podcast
I rarely find myself taking the backseat and lost for words, however on this occasion my feelings are well-founded. I've had the pleasure of interviewing the award-winning mentor, speaker and entrepreneur Fiona Small for the show. This being a conversation long overdue, and well worth the wait. Fiona drops pearls of wisdom from start to finish to keep you motivated and inspired during this lockdown and beyond.Fiona replays her journey, discovering her ‘WHY’ and answering to her calling, revealing the hidden motivators to her abundant drive, resilience and laser-like focus. Fiona shares how she has assumed responsibilities that many have shied away from – this journey has taken her around the world where she has received numerous awards. Never frightened to stick her head above the parapet, whether it is standing up for women’s rights, social justice and economic empowerment for women.This interview has something for every aspiring entrepreneur at a time when staying relevant, buoyant and connected has never been more important. Including a special teaser from her forthcoming eBook 5 Ways to Corona Proof Your Business.We look forward too many more collaborations with Fiona and welcome her to The Mic Drop Club family.BackgroundFiona Small is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is also the founder and director of the Young Mums Support Network (YMSN) CIC which has been going strong for the last 10 years. Helping young mums develop the skills to empower them to make better, informed decisions concerning their lives and relationships.Teaching young mums about self-worth and developing their employability skills by providing tailored career advice across a range of industries has increased their confidence and aspirations of what they can achieve.Fiona has featured as a guest on panel debates, round tables and mastermind groups to spread her message and has recently launched The Female Founders Club for founders of social enterprise. As a solo parent of two children, Fiona became familiar with navigating the challenges of returning to work part-time and taking the inevitable pay cut that comes with juggling professional life and parenthood. Thank you to Fiona for dropping some amazing Mic Drop moments. Sit back and enjoy this Epic podcast episode, make life BOOM! Don’t forget to share, subscribe and contribute your views on the show.Follow Fiona on Social MediaEMAIL: @FionasmallsWeb: @young_mothersInstagram: youngmumssupportnetwork"Mother of Magnificence Award 2018" Contact The Mic Drop THEMICDROPCLUBInstagram: Please enjoy!Listen to the episodes on Google PodcastsOvercast PodcastsStitcher PodcastsCastbox Podcast
Welcome to Part 1:8 of a series of shows focused on the hidden factors behind human behaviour.In order to achieve our own goals. It is important that we able to reflect without bias on our own behaviours and emotions, seeking to understand its root cause and how to overcome them. All too often people fail to reach their optimum potential because they are stuck in a loop of limiting emotions that drives non-productive/constructive behaviours.Equally, to become better communicators, it is vital we pay heightened attention to the signals a person is displaying as these can reveal their underlying emotions and processes to manage them.In this show we unpack the lowest level of emotion which shame. This emotion is rarely discussed, as the people tend prioritise other high-profile states of emotions such as Anxiety, Depression and Anger. To support this series, we shall be inviting guests’ speakers to delve deeper on the subject to help you to support yourself or others seeking to overcome their emotions:1. Shame2. Blame3. Despair4. Regret5. Anxiety6. Craving7. Hate8. ScornShame is an unpleasant self-conscious emotion typically associated with a negative evaluation of the self; withdrawal motivations; and feelings of distress, exposure, mistrust, powerlessness, and worthlessness.Don’t be limited,Enjoy don’t just Live life, Make Life BOOM!Contact The Mic Drop Club Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube:YOUTUBE THEMICDROPCLUBInstagram: Please enjoy!Listen to the episodes on Google PodcastsOvercastStitcherCastbox 
As part of a Stress Awareness Month, Marteka Swaby takes over show to share a special LIVE BAME Mental Health Panel Discussion – Challenging StigmaDay 22 - Reinforce, Energise & Focus Stress Awareness - Panel Discussion with Marteka Swaby, Eduardo Da Costa & Douglas Hamandishe Eduardo Da Costa, Art Curator & Mental Health Advocate. Sharing his personal experiences. Marteka has over 15 years experience improving emotional wellbeing through coaching, consulting and mentoring. She is an expert in mental health and is curating health & wellbeing programmes for individuals, teams and organisations. She has worked in one of the UK's largest NHS Mental Health Trusts. And practices as a Psychotherapist, specialising in compulsive & emotional eating disorders.Covid-19 has the potential to increase discrimination for vulnerable communities, particularly where there is existing discrimination. To understand why BAME communities are 20% more likely than their white counter-parts to experience psychological distress We explore cultural nuances to challenge the stigma of mental health In BAME communities, sharing some coping strategies or actions we can implement: - Creating different narratives across different systems - The role of discrimination within the treatment disparity - Mass Media stereotypes & vulnerability perceptions - Top 5 Actions or coping strategiesThis is a real eye opening show with great insights, focusing not only on the challenges face BAME communities but also on the solutions.Thank you Marteka for allowing me to share this discussion. Connect Marteka Contact The Mic Drop THEMICDROPCLUBInstagram:  
  Dr Cyrus Abbasian (Consultant Psychiatrist) is well placed discuss the social economic challenges and the far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the COVID-19 disease itself. Dr Abbasian opens the lid on the how healthcare workers are managing their own health and wellbeing, the shortage of PPE, ventilators, and a spike in deaths taking its toll. As well as the current state of services/teams inpatient and community; never has there been a time where integrated/coordinated care has been so important. Dr Abbasian has a been putting out great content his YouTube channel ‘From the Couch’ check it out to stay informed, it was a great privilege having him on the show to share his insights and we look forward to more collaborations in the future. From The CouchWe would let to extend a massive Thank You to All HealthCare workers putting themselves at risk to care for others. You shall never be forgotten!  Thank you for listening to this one. This is special – Stay Safe - Stay at Home – Protect the Health Service Contact THEMICDROPCLUBInstagram:
 We all from time to time wonder into hidden treasure troves of our minds where we tell and retell stories of past events, present challenges, imaged or real future battles yet to be fought and overcome. These stories we tell follow the Hero’s journey structure as defined by academic Joseph Campbell in 1949.This is the theme of today’s exclusive Interview with with Amazon Bestselling Author Stephen R. Marriot, as he shares his own person journey of inner discovery walking The  Santiago de Compostela, known in English as the Way of St. James, is a network of pilgrims' ways or pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried. Stephen R. Marriott is a bestselling independent author and traveller. He grew up in Portishead in the West Country of England. Although just a small-town boy at heart he has worked in stockbroking in the City of London and has visited 50+ countries. His writing career began in 2012 when seeking adventure, he took a very long walk across Spain and subsequently discovered his creative spirit.In this wide-ranging conversation, we go deep into his creative process, his values and beliefs and life challenges. Stephen drops loads of gems that will definitely leave you feeling motivated and inspired as only a author is capable of doing.Thanks Stephen (Atomic Mic Drop) Marriot, I look forward to catching up with you again!If you’d like to hear more from Stephen follow the links below:Stephen R. MarriottFollow my | facebook | InstagramWebsite: @stephenrmarriottBook links on Amazon: Candyfloss Guitar (The Reluctant Pilgrim #1):'s Guitar (The Reluctant Pilgrim #2):  
Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week for Christians all over the world, as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is one that proves the greatest Joy. We on behalf of The Mic Drop Club we would like to wish all Christians a very Happy Easter. However, the Christian faith just like any other religion, industry or institution is not immune to the effects of COVID-19 e.g. lockdowns = empty churches & auditoriumsIn today’s episode, we discuss, “Will The Coronavirus Break Religion As We Know It?” as we welcome back co-host Ndjingo who is currently taking precautionary measures to self-isolate after being exposed to a patient with suspected COVID-19. Ndjingo being a practising Christian shares insight into how Churches are responding to the outbreak with the help of technology, faith and willingness to adapt. This is an enlightening conversation you do not want to miss! Ndjingo’s Special Easter Message:Happy Easter is to all the Christians who are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ today.May this be a time of reflection and action in terms of bettering your relationship with Jesus Christ moving forward.   Follow The MIC Drop Club Email: Website: Twitter: influencer101Instagram: 
With the world becoming more and more uncertain and grappling to take control back control following the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been supremely fortunate to catch up with Richard Reid thanks to the wonders of technology to bring to you episode 39 How to appease the Reptilian brain to overcome change. “Self-awareness gives you the power to take back control and ultimately make better choices in real-time.” - Richard Reid   Richard Reid is a CEO and Founder of Pinnacle Wellbeing Services group of companies (based in UK and Isle of Man) - Keynote speaker on topics such as Psychological Resilience, Trauma, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Wellbeing, Leadership, Charisma and Collaborative Sales. He is the author of ‘Cure Your Phobia in 24 Hours’ and a presenter with Penguin Living. Containing proven techniques to help you overcome any phobia in 24hours. Richard is no stranger to media appearances on radio and television: including as one of the expert psychologists for Sky 1’s series ‘Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures’. Also, Richard has contributed and written several leading publications. Richard provides psychotherapy to high-net-worth individuals and top performers within business, sport and entertainment along with consultative services. Starting with understanding the nature of our primitive reptilian brains along with techniques to go from safety and survival mode to developing heightened self-awareness to take back control and ultimately make better choices in real-time. Richard being the expert coach deliveries bit size nuggets of wisdom to help us better understand the process for building reliance and not taking it for granted as it is a finite resource, understanding what we to do to replenish it is a complete game-changer. Richard encourages us to focus on the positive and not to take moments for granted, any paying heightened attention to where you place your focus.Other themes discussed:Dealing with compliments and criticisms.Mindfulness - where do you put your attentionOCD - Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)Self-compassion - How to genuinely love yourself, forgive yourself by connecting from your inner child.Dealing with Trauma using EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)  Sit back, tune in and engage and let Richard take you on a journey of self-discovery and mastery to enable you to thrive in these most uncertain times. “It takes 3 positives to counter 1 negative thought” Thank you, Richard, for helping us to not only just live life but to make life BOOM! Book RecommendationsMan’s search for meaning by Viktor E. Frankl to get hold of Richard: Follow The MIC Drop ClubEmail: info@themicdropclub.comWebsite: www.themicdropclub.comTwitter: influencer101Instagram: 
ZimNurses Association discussion about Covid-19In the show today we will be discussing·       The virus in Zimbabwe- when was the first case diagnosed·       What has been the government’s response·       How many cases has been noted and or death’s since have been recorded in Zimbabwe. So far there has been one well known case of Zororo Makamba but bound to be a lot more.·       The lack of resources in the country such as PPE for our doctors and nurses·       We will also look at the recent viral video about how doctors in France spoke about testing the Covid-19 and the ethics of this in this day and age·       Finally from the Zim Nurses Association we also send the message to all those back home, that this a serious pandemic, please respect the provided instructions to STAY AT HOME AND WASH YOUR HANDS ·       Links,
I managed to catch up with Kevin using the wonders of technology to bring you this episode of The Mic Drop Club focusing on the worldwide Rampant surge in Domestic Violence from COVID-19 Isolation. We joined forces to raise awareness and support victims of abuse by equipping them with the tools to regain their confidence, pride, self-esteem and ultimately take back control of their lives.Kevin is a long-time friend and founder of Kevin Dwyer of 1 Inspirational Step that provides Life Coaching, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Public Speaking. His journey is truly amazing and shall be covered in future shows.As we continue to be firmly in the grip of the Corona Virus pandemic Experts are warning of a sharp spike in cases of domestic violence and child abuse.   About one in four women and one in seven men have experienced severe physical violence from an intimate partner, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Adriana Mello, a Rio de Janeiro judge specialising in domestic violence reports a rise of 40% or 50% in Domestic Violence, and there was already really big demand. This is the hidden by-product from working at home which many people are currently coming to terms with. This unlike the Corona Virus is a different type of disaster of the humankind – the kind that has its origins in psychosocial factors that include poverty, high expressed emotions, poor education, lack of opportunity, stress, poor mental and physical wellbeing and crime etc.  Governments around the globe are trying to control the spread of the virus and this has provided fertile ground for abusers to exploit their victims by applying their version of lockdowns – quarantines. With nowhere to go the vulnerable especially children are at increased risk and must be supported.We discuss the importance of understanding the root of your WHY as it relates to your relationship values, beliefs and principles. This is so important to reframing GOALS needed to break free from the abusive relationship. We explore various books, audible books and technology to gain knowledge through other people’s experiences so you can also make the right choices and stay connected to support networks. “That's the thing abusers want, to be isolated at home with their victim and cut them off from any supports” As in so many cases of domestic abuse, children are often caught in the middle and can be the focus of abuse, we discuss How you can support and keep them safe. (Always contact the emergency services if you are at risk of abuse!) We explore how peoples limiting beliefs can negatively impact on their ability to choose suitable partners. We expose the Abuser Achilles heel – their desire to take away your power and control you because that is exactly what they have failed to master within themselves. “Abuse is about power and control,”Since you’re here...We officially launch #squeakaloud for anyone that going through or supporting someone that is a victim of abuse. Use the #squeakaloud to show your support and raise awareness across all your social media. We are looking to collaborate with people/organisations and charities to help support victims of abuse.It is far better to squeak, even if your voice shakes, you shall eventually be heard and get the support you deserve. With enough people squeaking the noise will be so loud it will warrant Government intervention offering better Support Lines, Educational Programmes, Outreach Services, Places for Safety and Stronger custodial sentences for perpetrators of violence.Plus, so much more.As you can imagine this is a weighty topic that requires more time and expert input from all sides to do it justice. Kevin and I merely scratched the surface and shall be continuing the series. If you would have been touched by this episode and want to contribute your views or be a guest, then please reach out on the details below.Thanks, Kevin, for your valued contribution continue to make life Boom! Kevin Contact Details Follow The MIC Drop ClubEmail: info@themicdropclub.comWebsite: www.themicdropclub.comTwitter: influencer101Instagram:  
Welcome to another show, hope you along with your love ones are safe indoors.As we move into another week confined to our homes, I thought it only fitting to keep you pumped up, focused and inspired. This is a transitional period and some people struggle with change, however this change is like no other as we all have no idea how long this virus outbreak is going to last including how many people it shall be affected. So in this shortened show, let me just remind you that you are not alone and share these quick tips for thriving in the home.Tips1) Quickly form new habits and routines, if you are used to waking up early for work then continue to do so.2) Organise your environment so it supports home working3) Take regular breaks throughout the day4) Let your family know how they can support you in this process5) Don't neglect your family6) Have patience, with peoples movements restricted tempers can flair so its important to give people space. Not every argument is worth the price in winning, remember you will have to live with the loser! 7) Read if you can, Be Read to (Audio Books) either way focus on learning and reading uplifting books8) Exercise 9) Avoid comfort eating10) Connect with colleagues, friends and family on a regular basis Stay safe out there! X
Has Corona Virus (COVID-19) Destroyed your Goals? Here’s How to WinWelcome to another episode of The Mic Drop Club Scrambled Thoughts Session. Were we discuss anything and everything that comes to mind, no script and no hidden agenda, just motivation in its purest form. Free-flowing, raw and spontaneous!Today we ask the simple question has Corona Virus Destroyed your Goals? Or is it yet another excuse of deferred effort, focus, confidence and lack of belief?There is an opportunity in Chaos if we just remain positive and open to new experiences.We as always keep it 100% with you, as partners in this digital creation. Together let’s strive to motivate each other, uplift each other to reach heights once perceived out of reach.
 This podcast we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Victoria CAMHS Service Manger to shed some clinical light on the things we need to do and to cut through the frenzied hysteria surrounding COVID-19. Many people have never gone through a period of quarantine or self-isolation; however, this is increasingly becoming a reality for millions of people around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Self-Isolation presents a great risk to their mental health and wellbeing. Yet could it be an opportunity to reflect - Self Isolation a Gift or a Curse?We discuss this and so much.Follow the advice and links below and help keep yourself and others safe, good luck!When to self-isolateStay at home for 7 days if you have either:a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or backa new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying at home.Testing for coronavirus is not needed if you're staying at home. How to avoid Spreading it wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 secondsalways wash your hands when you get home or into workuse hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not availablecover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneezeput used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwardstry to avoid close contact with people who are unwellNote:Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean Links 
She is passionate about helping organisations harness the sometimes-latent potential of their employees using bespoke coaching, mentoring approaches to address workforce challenges such as Mental and Physical Health. Marteka has over 15 years experience improving emotional wellbeing through coaching, consulting and mentoring. She is an expert in mental health and is curating health & wellbeing programmes for individuals, teams and organisations. She has worked in one of the UK's largest NHS Mental Health Trusts.  And practices as a Psychotherapist, specialising in compulsive & emotional eating disorders.Marteka is a Mental Health Innovator through her company Benevolent Health specialise in providing expertise in mental health to NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Third Sector both in the public and private sector.Connect with Marteka 
Calvin discusses and shares insights with practical examples to enable you to self-reflect, factoring in inherent bias to formulate a new objective view of life, events and goals. Calvin’s approach is empathic, and his delivery is masterful as his voice is silky smooth. Not afraid to take the conversation into deep waters, tackling difficult challenges such as forgiveness, poverty mindset and victimhood.  It will become clear in minutes why Calvin has and continues to find success through the constant pursuit for interactive improvement. His methods compliment ‘The 140 Rule’ and heralds new exciting approaches to help you to self-actualise.This podcast is going to be a classic.Calvin Niles is a passionate communicator and mindful living coach making a positive impact on the lives of leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and wider society through his services and products. He combines the power of his experience in public speaking, coaching and business, to help people discover their voice and step into their power. One of his popular services is helping people find and tell their story and boost their personal brand. He helps people mobilise their potential, whether selling from the stage, networking or delivering their message to large audiences. Calvin has worked with hundreds of people from leaders in large corporates to SMEs, and from solopreneurs to charitiesI would like to give a big shout out to Brian O’Toole a close of mine, who put me on the path on self-improvement by constantly pushing me to develop my communication skills by attending Toastmasters. This was truly transformative as once I found my voice, it felt like the entire universe opened up for me with countless possibilities – my confidence skyrocketed as I no longer felt restricted by my ability to engage and communicate. It is through Brian that I have been blessed to co-produce with the show with the Calvin Niles the guru of Empowerment Coaching.Thank you once again Brain! Contact/Social Media @calvinclnilesAn Unfinished Mosaic: Life Lessons From a New Perspective
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