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Weekly insights into cool stuff I’ve read, saw, did or heard about that made me say WOW, Eureka, Damm! if it motivates and inspires you to reach your Goals then it shall be discussed.  Featuring guest interviews from high performers & people of influence, weekly awards for the best Mic Drop moment. This Podcast is guaranteed to leave you pumped up for the week ahead! Don’t just live life - Make life Boom
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Summary In this conversation, host Douglas Hamandishe sits down with Andrew Rolf to tackle the evolving landscape of digital transformation and its impact on the modern workplace. Delving into the toxic traits associated with transformation, Douglas and Andrew underscore the critical need for humor, humanity, and a strong sense of purpose to navigate these changes. They discuss the increasing disconnect employees feel between their tasks and the final outcome, highlighting the loss of fulfillment and the quest for meaningful work. The conversation also explores the importance of trust and connection in a remote working environment, the potential benefits of a four-day workweek, and the crucial balance of valuing time and technology's role. By reimagining education and work, they advocate for a future where efficiency, creativity, and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive but integral to the success of transformation projects and the well-being of employees. This episode serves as a compelling dialogue on redefining the essence of work and the path towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven workplace. Takeaways Toxic traits can arise in digital transformation projects, leading to resentment and disengagement among employees. Creating a positive and connected work environment is crucial for the success of transformation projects. The shift in the workplace and the disconnect between work and the end product can contribute to a loss of purpose and fulfillment. Humor and humanity play a significant role in fostering a productive and engaged workforce. Fulfillment and purpose are important in the workplace, and employees want to feel connected to the outcome of their tasks. There is often a disconnect between tasks and the impact they have on the organization, leading to frustration and a lack of fulfillment. Trust is crucial in the workplace, especially in remote work situations where the boundaries between work and home are blurred. The concept of a four-day week is gaining traction, but organizations need to consider how to maintain productivity and efficiency. Respecting time and value in the workplace is essential, and organizations should focus on optimizing customer journeys and driving efficiency. Efficiency improvements can be achieved through a focus on customer journeys and data analysis. Politicians need to understand and embrace transformation to drive meaningful change. Empowering teams and creating a safe environment is crucial for successful transformation. The future of work may involve individuals having multiple employers and pursuing portfolio careers. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Catching Up 03:05 Toxic Traits of Transformation 06:00 Defining Toxicity in Digital Transformation 10:03 The Shift in the Workplace and Loss of Purpose 21:59 The Importance of Humor and Humanity in Transformation 28:06 Creating a Positive and Connected Work Environment 29:07 The Purpose of Work and the Need for Fulfillment 29:36 The Importance of Fulfillment and Purpose in the Workplace 32:24 The Disconnect Between Tasks and Outcome 35:39 The Role of Trust in the Workplace 39:26 Exploring the Four-Day Week 44:34 Respecting Time and Value in the Workplace 53:13 The Challenge of Measuring Output and Outcome 56:03 Reimagining Education and Work 57:01 The Impact of Digital Transformation on Time 59:13 Respecting Time in Customer Journeys 01:02:14 Driving Efficiency through Journey Optimization 01:03:41 Improving Efficiency in the Passport Office 01:06:00 Politicians and Transformation 01:06:26 Empowering Teams for Transformation 01:07:46 The Future of Work and Multiple Employers 01:09:10 Portfolio Careers and Marginalized Groups 01:11:04 The Shift towards Flexible Work 01:12:14 Respecting Employees' Time 01:13:12 The Inevitability of Change 01:14:12 The Impact of Globalization and Technology 01:17:58 The Role of Creativity in Transformation 01:19:28 Unlocking the Creative Spirit 01:21:40 The Power of Fun and Meaning 01:23:18 The Integration of Design and Engineering 01:25:24 The Magic of Creation 01:27:18 The Limitations of Data Analysis    
🚨"Your Health, Your Legacy" 🚨 In our latest episode of the MIC DROP CLUB & Jabali Men's Network, we dive deep into the critical conversation about prostate cancer awareness, featuring the insights of Susan Piper, a Specialist Nurse from Prostate Cancer UK. This is more than just a discussion – it's a lifesaving mission. 🎙️✨ 👉🏾 Prostate cancer doesn't discriminate, but it does impact black men disproportionately. If you're a black man aged 45-60, this episode is a must-listen. Understand the risks, the power of early detection, and how the simple PSA blood test can be a game-changer. 💡 Key Takeaways: Early detection can save lives. Overcoming barriers and myths about prostate cancer. The essential role of the PSA blood test. Building trust with healthcare providers. 👥  We're not just talking; we're urging action. If you're in the high-risk age group, or know someone who is, make that appointment for a PSA test. It's a small step with potentially huge implications for your health and future. 🤝 Be part of the solution: Share your story, spread the word, and let's break down the walls of silence together.   #ProstateCancerAwareness #BlackMenHealth #PSATest #EarlyDetection #MICDROPCLUB #HealthIsWealth #YourHealthYourLegacy 📌 Remember, your health is your legacy. Don't wait, take action today!   Useful Links: Trail Risk Checker Specialist Nurse Service Prostate Cancer UK Jabali Mens Network        
Exploring New Frontiers with Shane: Agility, Authenticity, and Access in the AI Era Summary In this conversation, Shane shines a light on the importance of British small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution to society and the economy. He discusses the role of AI in transforming healthcare and the potential impact on employment in smaller companies. Shane emphasizes the need for agility in SMEs and the opportunities for new charging methodologies in the health technology sector. He also highlights the importance of authenticity and encourages individuals to be themselves. The conversation concludes with a focus on educating educators about AI and the potential for AI to improve healthcare and distribute wealth. Takeaways British small to medium enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in society and the economy. AI has the potential to transform healthcare and alleviate mundane tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on more complex cases. Access to technology, such as broadband, is crucial for marginalized communities and should be a priority. New charging methodologies in the health technology sector can provide fairer access and distribution of resources. Authenticity and individuality are important in mentoring and leadership, and individuals should strive to be themselves. Educating educators about AI is essential for the future of healthcare and technology. AI has the potential to improve healthcare and distribute wealth more equitably. Chapters 00:00 Shining a Light on British Small to Medium Enterprises 35:06 The Importance of Small to Medium Enterprises in the Private Sector 36:25 Shane's Role in TechUK and the Health and Social Care Council 38:36 The Impact of AI on Employment in Smaller Companies 39:39 The Role of AI in Alleviating Mundane Tasks 41:06 Using AI to Predict and Prevent Health Issues 44:10 The Importance of Agility in Small to Medium Enterprises 45:43 The Digital Divide and Access to Technology 49:36 The Need for Broadband Access for All 52:37 Challenges and Opportunities in Health Technology 54:29 New Charging Methodologies for Health Technology 57:02 Being Authentic and Encouraging Individuality 59:51 The Importance of Educating Educators on AI 01:03:41 Using AI to Improve Healthcare and Distribute Wealth 01:04:35 Inspiring Others and Making a Difference   Enjoy!   Reach out to Shane via LinkedIn
"Innovative Marketing Strategies to Unlock the NHS Digital Potential" Join us in an enlightening conversation with Dan Buckley, the Managing Director of Ocean View Marketing and the brain behind the revolutionary Patient Source podcast. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of digital transformation within the NHS, exploring groundbreaking marketing strategies that are reshaping healthcare delivery. 🔍 What's Inside: Dan Buckley's expert insights on digital innovation in healthcare. Cutting-edge marketing techniques tailored for the NHS. Real-world examples of successful digital transformations. Practical tips for overcoming common barriers in the digital journey. Whether you're an NHS professional, a digital marketing enthusiast, or someone passionate about healthcare innovation, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways. Tune in to discover how the NHS is evolving through digital marketing strategies and what it means for the future of healthcare. 🔗 Get in touch with Dan via Linkedin: My goal when working with a client is to open their eyes to the bigger picture and encourage them to #thinkdeeper about Marketing and Sales. Who are you really trying to speak to? Why aren't your leads converting into sales? Often the answers are more complicated than we realise, but by taking a step back, the truth becomes clear.  We offer free, hour-long marketing health checks to assist you with this, DM me to book in today.   #MicDropClub #NHSInnovation #DigitalHealthcare #MarketingStrategies #HealthcarePodcast #DanBuckley #OceanViewMarketing #PatientSource 👉 Don't forget to subscribe, share, and leave your thoughts in the comments! Let's keep the conversation going! 🌟
🎙️ The Mic Drop Club Presents: Navigating Egos for Effective Decision-Making with Andrew Rolf Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Mic Drop Club! This week, we're thrilled to have Andrew Rolf, an expert in business transformation, join us to delve into a topic that impacts us all: Effective Decision-Making and Egos. 🔍 Why Listen? Ever found yourself in a meeting where decisions seem to favour the loudest voice in the room? Are you struggling with balancing data-driven insights and gut feeling? Andrew Rolf unpacks these challenges and offers actionable strategies for making balanced decisions, even when egos and personalities threaten to tip the scales. 📊 What We Cover: The Ego Trap: How dominant personalities can skew outcomes and what to do about it. Spotting the Imbalance: Techniques for ensuring all voices are heard. The Data Dilemma: Navigating the fine line between data-driven decisions and "analysis paralysis." 🎯 Who Should Listen? Team Leaders Decision Makers Anyone interested in personal and organizational development 👉 Don't miss this episode if you're looking to elevate your decision-making skills while navigating the complex landscape of team dynamics and individual egos. 🔗 Join the Conversation Share your thoughts and experiences on effective decision-making using the hashtags #EffectiveDecisionMaking and #NavigatingEgos.
Discovering the Unexpected in Digital Progress: The Black Swan Effect 🎙️ Episode #87 - Finding the Black Swan in Digital Transformation: A Journey of Success with Andrew Rolf Back by popular demand! Dive deeper with us in Part 2 of our enlightening series. 🚀 🔍 What's Inside? Join us as we embark on a digital voyage, exploring the unpredictable corners of digital transformation. Andrew Rolf, a visionary in the realm of digital evolution, uncovers the elusive 'Black Swan' moments that redefine industries and alter the course of enterprises. ✨ Why Listen? Hidden Gems: Learn how unexpected events can propel monumental shifts in the digital landscape. Insider Insights: Andrew shares firsthand experiences, triumphs, and challenges from his illustrious career. Blueprint to Success: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to harness the power of unpredictability in your digital journey. This isn't just another tech talk. It's a map to navigating the unpredictable seas of digital transformation, highlighting the opportunities that lie in the most unexpected places. 🔔 Don't Miss Out! If you loved Part 1, this episode will take you even deeper into the digital abyss. Subscribe now and stay ahead of the digital curve. ✅ Available on all major podcast platforms. Tune in to "Finding the Black Swan in Digital Transformation" with Andrew Rolf, and redefine your digital strategy! 🎧🌐 Contact Andrew to find out more:   #BlackSwanDigital #AndrewRolf86 #DigitalTransformationJourney
Welcome to another captivating episode of "The Mic Drop Club Podcast", today, we have a special episode dedicated to the art of storytelling in digital transformation as part of a series of shows featuring esteemed Transformational Leader Andrew Rolf. Andrew is a results-orientated consultant with expertise in change and commercial transformation. Particular strengths in target operating model design, digital transformation and service design. The breadth of experience is drawn from 20+ years of consulting and delivery spanning media, retail, technology and professional services sectors. On-the-ground project delivery in Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.   Get ready to uncover why storytelling is absolutely crucial and how it elevates the success of digital transformation initiatives.   Before we delve into the five key reasons why storytelling is paramount in the context of digital transformation, let's briefly touch upon what digital transformation entails. Simply put, it's about leveraging technology to revolutionize the way an organization operates, delivers value, and interacts with stakeholders. The five vital reasons why storytelling plays a pivotal role in the triumph of digital transformation efforts. [Reason 1: Creating a Compelling Vision] [Reason 2: Building Trust and Alignment] [Reason 3: Simplifying Complex Concepts] [Reason 4: Fostering Emotional Connection] [Reason 5: Driving Adoption and Sustaining Change]   Let's dive right in!   Contact Andrew                
Introducing the ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets of successfully selling your company! 💼💰 Join renowned industry expert Rachel Murphy as she reveals invaluable insights and unveils the strategies that will help you navigate the complex world of business acquisitions. 🚀✨ Don't miss out on this enlightening podcast episode that can save you from costly mistakes and pave the way to a lucrative sale! 🎙️📈 🔑 Secret of Successful Sales: Discover the key factors that drive successful sales and maximize your chances of a profitable transaction. Rachel Murphy dives deep into the art of persuasion, negotiation techniques, and effective communication strategies that can make all the difference when selling your company. 🔑 Secret of a Successful Company: Uncover the fundamental elements that contribute to a thriving and prosperous company. From building a strong brand identity to fostering a high-performance culture, Rachel Murphy shares her expertise on creating a solid foundation that attracts potential buyers and enhances your company's value. 🔑 Secret to Selling: Learn the secret sauce behind successful selling strategies. Rachel Murphy unveils the proven methodologies and best practices to position your company in the market, attract qualified buyers, and secure favourable deals. Gain the competitive edge you need to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of business acquisitions. 🔑 Dodge 3 Expensive Blunders: Rachel Murphy reveals the 3 essential keys to unlocking business success. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding business owner, these invaluable insights can help propel your company to new heights. From effective leadership and strategic planning to financial acumen and adaptability, discover the critical components that drive long-term growth and prosperity. Listen to the full podcast episode here and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to avoid the pitfalls of selling your company. Rachel Murphy's expert advice is the compass that will guide you towards a successful and lucrative sale. 🎧💡 Don't miss out on this transformational opportunity! Tune in now and take the first step towards unlocking your company's true value. 💪💼💰 Remember to like, comment, and share this podcast episode with your fellow entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. Together, let's empower each other to achieve remarkable success in the world of business acquisitions! 🙌🌟 #SellingYourCompany #BusinessSuccess #PodcastPower   Contact Rachel  
I'm always left feeling more uplifted, more energised, thankful and optimistic for the future after speaking with Rhys. We are so thankful Rhys managed to take time out from his busy schedule to contribute a miniseries of content that takes the listener on a journey through an emotional, personal, physical, and psychological transformation.  In this podcast, Rhys shares his passion and helps to break the Cycle of Pain by better understanding the connections between our values, beliefs, and upbringing.  “Our Values Can Either Amplify or Alleviate our cycles of pain” - Rhys Thomas   Enjoy    Contact
Pip takes over the Mic Drop Club, with inspirational tales to help you take back control, and reset your inner algorithm by focusing on things that truly matter. As a clinician, Pip Hodgson is no stranger to drama, violence and heartache but what strikes me as unique is her humility and willingness to help others in need. Listen as Pip recalls her journey to offer support to the people of Ukraine, the support she received along the way and the lesson learnt.  Making difficult choices like leaving her job to rebalance her priorities will resonate with many who have been sitting on the fence not having the courage to take the leap of faith.   Listen and Enjoy   Contact Pip    
Who better to kick off the 1st podcast of the year than Liam Cahill. In this show, Liam discusses ‘thinking outside the box techniques to achieve better human-centred digital transformation. Liam is charming and persuasive in articulating his approach to transformation. Debunking overly used words such as disruptive, getting down to the real fundamentals that need to be mastered to successfully transform people, places and things.   Liam is a strategist, speaker, self-confessed ‘wildling’ and the founder of Together Digital in 2009. He has a background in digital technology, systems thinking, organisational strategy and all things health. Liam previously co-founded an impactful, nationally respected social enterprise that supports the NHS to improve care around medicines and prescribing. His experience includes advising nonprofits, health systems, and health tech startups, as well as serving as a non-profit board member. Ready to start thinking outside the box? For more information contact:    
Charlotte is a chief operating officer at the Healthcare Innovation Consortium. Charlotte is not only motivated to challenge the status quo in healthcare and build an innovative healthcare company, delivering effective strategic and operational leadership of digital technology. Her commitment to transforming care through digital technology that improves people’s lives emanates from her deep-rooted faith in God. Charlotte takes the listeners on a personal, professional journey through transformation, asking us to take a closer look at the value faith brings to our lives and communities.  This is both insightful and inspirational - you shall be moved. A remarkable journey indeed, enjoy! Thanks, Charlotte, until the next one.   For more information:  
Stop Waiting For Permission To Answer Your Calling! This podcast is dedicated to every creative individual that finds themselves sitting and waiting - not for inspiration but for permission to go out and express themselves. It gives me great pleasure to share this platform with Dr Joel Brown, my brother from another mother to share his views, tips and experiences to help you stride confidently in the direction of your goals.  Joel Brown is a Family Physician who is passionate about primary care, digital health and global health. He is also a writer, speaker and educator. Clinically he has 10 years working in the NHS in a variety of specialities including Elderly Medicine, General Medicine, Surgery, A&E, and Psychiatry but honed his special interest in family medicine through 5 years in General Practice settings culminating in Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners.  Don't just live life, make life BOOM!   Enjoy For more information: LinkedIn: Twitter: @joelbrownmd      
Such a splendid title requires an equally special guest to bring it to life. Welcome Uschi Baumann to the Mic Ddrop Club.  Uschi is a Leadership Coach, Mental Fitness Trainer and Hypnotherapist. Uschi empowers Leaders and Teams to rethink and transform their impact & show up with purpose and authenticity. In this show, Uschi takes you on a leadership journey promoting mental fitness and compelling us to pay closer attention to patterns of behaviour that could hinder our rise to achieving great results.  Uschi reveals the mind-body connections from the conscious and unconscious workings, our internal operations system and hypnotherapy. Whilst bringing to light the 9 saboteurs that come out to play to scupper progress if we do not know how to reconcile, manage and triumph over them.  Self-reflection is key for all aspiring leaders to recognise that the way we think and behave is coming from a position of strength.  Enjoy and Thank you Uschi was a great, insightful conversation. For more information, contact Uschi via, or book a free Discovery Call here: This includes all the relevant ones, but it might be useful to share the most important individual ones also:
From having a successful ruby career for Wales, having fame, money and women to suffering suffered a heart attack at the age of 29, after a quadruple bypass and multiple operations in the coming years. Rhys is not a stranger to the shock of a physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional fall. Rhys my brother, joins for the episode, Just Like That, Mental Wellbeing Gone In A Heartbeat for The Mic Drop Club. This podcast was recorded to support Men's Mental Health Month. In this one, we discuss resilience, finding your purpose, triumphing over an alcohol addiction, beauty in strange places, spiritual rebirth and so much more.   Please enjoy!   Contact
Fungai Ndemera  - 'When Opportunity knocks - Rise to the Calling'  #77   This is the podcast a lot of you have been asking for!   Thank you to Fungai for dropping by to share some epic Mic Drop moments to motivate and inspire you. Sit back, tune in and enjoy, you're going to love it!   Bio Fungai has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and BAME health behaviours. She arrived in the UK as an immigrant and could barely speak English. With her GCSE level and a Diploma in nursing, she turned out to be a successful businesswoman and innovator. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, BAME/minorities and the health sector in developing effective inclusive digital transformation solutions. She is the tech founder of CheckUp Health, the only digital health platform and app with cultural and BAME engagement metrics, helping healthcare organisations, from GP practices to corporate organisations, monitor proactively and effectively support patients from various backgrounds by offering multilingual options.   URLs   Face book Linkedin Youtube  Instagram Website.
  Today we unpack and discuss BAME leadership at the boardroom level, with the help of Janet Idowu - Service Manager and Project Development Nurse Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Leadership at South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust. This is a must-listen for any aspiring BAME Leader and also for anyone seeking support in the spirit of allyship to ensure there is an equitable representation of people from diverse backgrounds at the boardroom level. Janet takes us on her journey from Law Graduate to a Service Lead in the NHS, she draws upon many experiences that people from minority groups can relate, with passion and conviction. Janet has been focused on Leading, implementing & managing BAME nurse development initiatives that facilitate non-registered staff, post registered nursing workforce development across the organisation. Oversight for the implementation of strategies designed to promote consistency, foster cultural and behavioural change within clinical practice learning environments Liaise with services and staff across the Trust to facilitate and manage practice development projects that support clinical development and help in managing the team’s business plan, progress and reporting risk and issue management    Thanks, Janet for a wonderful, insightful conversation.   Enjoy!   Make life BOOM!
The Mic Drop Club welcomes, Melary Kapapiro to show - a great friend and a rare Mental Health leader that is not afraid to challenge stereotypes in the pursuit of making positive changes to improve health and wellbeing. Melary breaks down the core issues behind covid vaccination hesitancy in Black and ethnic minorities in the UK. Offering areas for government and local community focus with practical solutions explored e.g. gamification in health. The role of community leaders to debunk the vaccination myths. How to provide a safe place for people to express their concern for vaccinations whilst respecting cultural beliefs and norms. Winning the hearts and minds of citizens to drive the vaccination programme. It’s not shocking to hear that ‘Control’ is a major issue concerning the vaccination programme, this view was shared by Novak Djokovic resulted in deportation from Australia. We even have time to recap the Naomi Osaka 2021 saga - when she was slated by the press for not providing a post-match interview to protect her mental health. This remains one of my favourite conversations in 2021. I thought this great discussion was lost, however, through a stroke of luck and good fortune, I found it on an old SSD drive.   Enjoy    Thank you Melary for sharing a great conversation   Whatever your beliefs , just try to be on the right side of history X  
It's been a while, sorry for the delay. We are back and have missed you all greatly.   One
As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, we shall focus on how to better support each other. Great tips shared that will help you get back on track. You matter, your mental health matters!  Topics covered Learn how to be better listeners so you can support others in need Learn the signs of mental distress before they escalate How to prioritise your tasks to become more effective Dealing with regret, loss and changes in work environment Mastering the 4 C's   Mental Health Awareness Week is from M Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May 2021. Be part of the fight.   Enjoy
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