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Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day. Monday through Thursday.
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Austin fights for his life on the cliffs of Aona.Episode available Monday, November 18th.
Is this the end of Trump's presidency? Do the Democrats have the goods or is it just "Russian collusion" round two? Will we ever find out how many whistleblowers it takes to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: Epstein didn't kill himself.Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing as they get to the bottom of these questions and more.For a limited time, use promo code “WarrenTears” to get 20% off Insider Plus and All Access memberships at!Become a Daily Wire subscriber!
Congressional Democrats call two “star witnesses” to testify in the impeachment inquiry today, Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, and Republican Jim Jordan reduced them both to a sputtering pile of mush in about 25 seconds. We will examine everything you need to know about impeachment.Then, a surprisingly sensible take on transgenderism from a notoriously senseless source: Hillary Clinton! We will analyze the Left’s gender fault lines. And finally, the Mailbag!
Date: 11-14-2019
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of “Make America Great Again.” It was the age of “America was never really great.” It was the election season of hope. It was the election season of despair. The Atlantic Monthly, and many others, thinks America is headed for a civil war, and it dedicates its entire December issue to how it might be avoided. We will examine our biggest divide. Then, a Canadian broadcaster loses his job for calling on his countrymen to honor their veterans. Honoring veterans is now apparently racist. Democratic senator Mazie Hirono admits that global warming is a religion, and Americans warm up to the idea of men beating women—at sports.
Date: 11-13-2019
Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell, destroying Soviet Communism and vindicating the conservative Reagan Revolution. But that great victory for freedom created a big problem for the libertarians, traditionalists, and Religious Right who made up the post-war conservative movement: what unites us all now? We will examine the rubble of the Berlin Wall.Then, Elizabeth Warren picks up an endorsement from the backbone of our democracy, the good guys get a win in the War on Christmas, and leftists try to save a convicted murderer and rapist from execution.Date: 11-12-2019
Don Jr. destroys “The View,” even more Democrats mull a presidential run, Nikki Haley blows the whistle on WH sabotage, and surveys show conservatives and hotter and more dateable than liberals.Date: 11-11-2019
Austin looks on in horror as a disaster threatens to become an atrocity.Become a Subscriber at to get early access.
The impeachers admit impeachment is nothing but a coup, Warren picks up a big endorsement, and Jeffrey Epstein’s brother thinks he didn’t kill himself. Finally, the Mailbag!Date: 11-07-2019
Bad news, fellas: Emma Watson is “self-partnered.” That’s the new PC term for single. We will examine the Left’s cult of self-love. Then, Kentucky goes blue, according to the MSM! The real election results are more complicated, so don’t expect to hear about them in the press.Date: 11-06-2019
New polling from the NYT suggests that Democrats have been living in a progressive fantasy world if they believe that they’re likely to defeat President Trump in 2020, which makes sense if they believe other fantasies like the narrative that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. We will examine how the Left can be so gullible when nobody believes the press. Then, an ex-Evangelical pastor who left his church, family, and faith is lecturing Evangelicals on how they’re ruining Christianity. Finally, the Mayor of Tent City Los Angeles claims, with a straight face, that LA is the model city for dealing with homelessness.Date: 11-05-2019
Comments (154)

Tony Kearney

Just because it's hereditary, tolerance for disgust shouldn't be enforced by the Government.

Nov 13th
Reply (1)

Rene Vargas

Why did this post at 5 in the morning? 😴

Nov 12th


Say whattttt? 😳😳😳

Nov 5th

Zack McElheny

i thought Elizabeth Warren invented the white indian...

Oct 30th
Reply (1)

Todd Smith

m bc v . I me be. my bn me mm mm v. by hh mmmv85n. be hi l me m pl by v m0 n curious how h 6 me in my 5lol on.. because, ,

Oct 19th

John Moore

Hold on one second. Did Knowles just make perfect sense and give real insight and perspective?🤯 Man made climate change is real and it's all happening in Hell.

Oct 18th

Gregory Taplin

No preemie baby has survived at 20 weeks, as far as I know. The current earliest baby was born in 2004 at 21 weeks and a few days gestation. love your show Michael! keep it up!!

Oct 17th
Reply (2)


As someone who's dating the same gender, I do not identify these people and I find democrats these days very disgusting.

Oct 14th
Reply (1)

James Anthony Schultz

Um... Prettysure Trump was being sarcastic in his tweet about China...

Oct 2nd

Lori Best

Excellent podcast! Love your point of view!

Sep 25th


Heard that Raycon ad on your show and just so happened to want a set. Not kidding. They are good earbuds.

Sep 20th

Connor Bunch

what the heck is wrong with the audio feed?

Sep 5th
Reply (1)

hola, yo no hablo espanol

I hate this kirk guy, tried to listen to his podcast, but it is so infuriatingly simplistic. He also called Poland an "eastrean" European country. That singlehandedly offends every polish man, or as it is known, some of the most conservative people of all time. This guy is not very intelligent; I would like to debate him to cut out the weak links of the republican party. He is an achellies heel, that needs to be cut and replaced.

Aug 24th
Reply (1)

Carter Schild

I agree with most of what the daily wire has to say. How ever the constant assault I'm single parents will drive me away read content. was a single parent I raised two very good kids are both married and Prince of your own kids. y'all need to back off a bit. just because you're a single parent does it mean your shity parent

Aug 24th

Michael Dat Nguyen

OMG 😂😂😂 The Rossie O'Donnell supercut is priceless.

Aug 13th
Reply (1)


What is a chile

Jul 30th
Reply (1)

Manfred Mann

bullying Swedish judiciary on behalf of an American celebrity, with no concern for actual justice is the jussie smolet saga on a global stage. trump is playing the villain he consistently claims to be the victim of.

Jul 22nd
Reply (3)

Ragnar Danneskjöld

Not having listened to Shapiro and his merry band of Never-Trumpers in a while, it was a bit shocking to come back and discover how stupid people at the Daily Wire truly are. Either I've grown tremendously, and you were never that smart to begin with, or success has made you soft and lazy.

Jul 21st
Reply (1)

Brett Behrends

sorry michael. I've been a fan for a while, but you could not be more wrong about soccer. maybe its internationalist sentiment is true, but that doesnt make it soft. you have to be fit, you have to be strong on the ball to protect it. you have to be vary intelligent to do the quick analysis and have anticipation. I would hold soccer right up there with basketball, ice hockey, football, and rugby. it takes the cake over baseball (and I'm a life long baseball fan). I understand the sentiment of the point you were trying to make, but calling soccer soft is a total fail. btw, would you really want you son to be a boxer knowing what you know about CTE?

Jul 10th

Gspec 5

soccer is insanely physical Technical and mental you have no idea what soccer is about

Jul 10th
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