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The Middletown Centre for Autism Podcast

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This is a series of podcasts created by Middletown Centre featuring interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of autism. The interviews feature discussions on strategies that may be helpful in supporting autistic children and young people during times of uncertainty and stress. We are hosting our international conference on 23rd and 24th of April 2021To join this click on this link
26 Episodes
Jody is an award-winning autistic writer and performer with over 20 years’ experience working in the theatre, film and TV sector in Ireland and internationally.Jody is speaking at the Centre’s international conference.  You can register now at this link:  
Today, on World Autism Day, the Centre wants to celebrate the evolving perspectives on autism, and recognise that different and unique minds positively shape the diverse world in which we all live.  In this special podcast interview, Dr Stephen Shore talks to Dr Fiona McCaffrey about how the global pandemic has offered an insight into autistic thinking.  He reflects on the work and lifestyle changes in the last year, and the potential long-term benefits for everyone. 
The Centre is delighted to share the link to its podcast interview with Professor Richard Grinker, one of the keynote speakers who will be presenting at the conference on 23 April 2021.  Richard Grinker is Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington and author of several books, including ‘Unstrange Minds’ and ‘Nobody’s Normal’.  In this interview with Tara Vernon, he provides valuable insights into Neurodiversity and the impact of the current pandemic on evolving perspectives of mental health. The Centre’s online conference will take place on 23-24 April 2021 and is open for registration at this link:  
The Centre is excited to officially launch its new podcast series, as part of the build up to the conference to be held online on 23-24 April 2021. In this first episode, Dr Barry Prizant, author of ‘Uniquely Human’ and co-creator of the SCERTS framework, talks to Jill McCanney about his perspectives on Neurodiversity and how unique differences enrich society for all. If you enjoy this podcast, you can hear more from Dr Prizant when he presents the keynote speech on Friday 23 April at the Centre’s international conference.  You can register now at this link:  To hear more podcasts from Dr Prizant’s, you can access his own series, ‘Uniquely Human’, at this link: 
Fiona Ferris is Deputy CEO of AsIAm Ireland and is the final guest on the Community Voices podcast series. Fiona discusses her experiences at school, university as an autistic woman and parent of an autistic daughter. 
In this final episode of the Centre’s ‘Community Voices’ podcast series, produced in partnership with AsIAm, Aoife chats to Fiona about school, college and her career as an illustrator and comedian.  She offers inspiration to young autistic people, encouraging them to pursue what they enjoy and how visualising ambitions can help them to become a reality.  She also stresses the importance of having one person who believes in you, and then trying to be that person who believes in others. The Centre would like to thank Fiona Ferris from AsIAm and the guest speakers: Grainne, Eleanor, Nicholas and Aoife. Today’s podcast and the previous 3 episodes are on Buzzsprout, Spotify and Apple
Today the Centre and AsIAm bring you episode 3 in the Community Voices podcast series.  Nicholas, a writer and documentary maker talks to Fiona, Vice-CEO of AsIAm, about both his positive and negative experiences in school, the importance of good support and how his skills and interest in writing and film making have led to the production of two highly successful documentaries. Please be advised that this podcast addresses the important issue of bullying, but this may be upsetting for some. 
Drama with Orla Week 4

Drama with Orla Week 4


In this Drama Therapy podcast, Orla provides some ideas for exploration and creative writing. Parents and teachers may want to pause the podcast at various points to give the child time to reflect on the issues discussed. 
Eleanor is a performer and advocate from Kilkenny, currently living in Dublin. 
Middletown Centre for Autism and AsIAm are excited to launch the first podcast in a four-part series entitled ‘Community Voices’.  In this episode, Grainne talks to Fiona Ferris from AsIAm  about how she navigated post-primary education, her current experiences of college education and her career aspirations.  This podcast will offer valuable insights for other autistic teens and their support circle. 
Drama with Orla Week 2

Drama with Orla Week 2


The Centre is delighted to invite you to listen to the second podcast in the Drama Therapy series, produced with Orla Gildea.  This week is about Physical Development so click the lick and get ready to move in a fun and engaging way! 
Drama with Orla  Week 1

Drama with Orla Week 1


The first episode in the Centre’s Drama Therapy podcast series is here!Please click the link to listen to Orla Gildea’s excellent podcast, this week focusing on the topic of Emotional Regulation. Click on the link below to get access to the Visual resources that accompanies this Podcast
Interview With Jessica

Interview With Jessica


Podcast Name: Siblings Jessica from Co Clare discusses life with her autistic twin brothers 
This is the Centre’s last podcast interview of 2020 and an opportunity to talk again to Claire Smyton and gain her insights into parenting a young person with autism.  This time Claire discusses her experiences of celebrating Christmas with her son, Jonah.  She discusses the things which make the holiday season joyful for him and the whole family, and the new traditions which have developed around his likes and interests.  She explains the challenges which Christmas can bring to those on the autistic spectrum but that by ensuring predictability and encouraging others to be flexible, the celebrations can be relaxing and enjoyable for all. 
Frances O'Neill

Frances O'Neill


This podcast is being released to highlight the Centre's forthcoming Classroom Assistant training programme.Frances O'Neill who developed and delivered the training discusses the unique role of the Classroom Assistant. 
Joan McDonald

Joan McDonald


In this episode Joan discusses strategies to support autistic students back into the post-COVID educational setting. 
In our final podcast (for now!) Jill McCanney, one of the Centre’s specialist occupational therapists, will discuss the challenges which personal care activities may create for many autistic people. The use of visual supports, calming strategies and desensitisation will be explained during the discussion which will focus on the impact of sensory differences on participation in self-care tasks and strategies which can reduce anxiety and support engagement.  
Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin


Question and answer with Middletown CEO Gary Cooper and Dr Temple Grandin. This podcast was taken from the webinar broadcast on 25 July 2020. 
In a follow-up to his two webinars Dr Jed Baker discusses strategies to manage anxiety during homeschooling and towards going back to school.
Kari Dunn Buron

Kari Dunn Buron


In this podcast author and educator Kari Dunn Buron speaks with Dr Fiona McCaffrey on emotional regulation and gives practical strategies to support parents and educators in providing their child or student with the skills to self-regulate their emotions.
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