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Welcome back to The Migration Generation Podcast! This is my 5th episode and the guest for this episode is Jacqui Bester.  Jacqui is a minister’s wife and a mom to 5 kids! 5! As if that wasn’t enough, she is a teacher, a parenting blogger at One Messy Mama, she is the founder of the South African Parenting Blog Awards, and until the end of 2019, she was also co-owner / editor of Parenty, the parenting platform run by The Citizen newspaper. She is now a full-time homeschooling mom and just one of my all-time favourite people. Back when I was still planning out this show, I knew I had to have Jacqui on, for two reasons. Firstly, one thing everyone should always know about Jacqui is that she is always brutally honest. If you ask her a question, she will give you her honest answer and perspective. Secondly, she and her family left South Africa a few years back and went to live in America. They chose to return to South Africa in 2017, and so it has always been really important to me to get Jacqui on the show to add a bit of balance to the conversations I’ve been having on this show. It’s not every day to hear about someone moving BACK to South Africa so I wanted to ask her, WHY. If you want to follow Jacqui on her social media, the links are below. (Her actual blog is undergoing some maintenance work at the time of this podcast going out.) Facebook: @onemessymama4  Twitter: @onemessymama4  Instagram: @onemessymama  Thank you, Jacqui! I loved having you on The Migration Generation Podcast! 
In this episode of The Migration Generation, I chat with Liberty Henwick. A mom of 4, Liberty and her husband immigrated from South Africa to Ireland back in 2004. Whilst there is a lot of focus on people leaving South Africa in the last few years, mostly from around 2017 to now, the Henwick family left a long time prior to that. Migration is something that has been happening for generations, not just from Africa, but from all countries around the world, including her home country of Ireland.  We discuss issues like, what was the biggest problem when they migrated back in 2004, how they integrated into the local Irish community, and what their perception is of life in South Africa now.  Liberty is also an award-winning parenting blogger. You can find her at Her social media links are below:  Facebook: @libertyonthelighterside  Instagram: @libertyonthelighterside  Twitter: @libertyhenwick YouTube: Liberty On The Lighter Side 
Nikki and her family are making plans to move from Cape Town, South Africa to the UK. Cape Town is often considered to be one of the most beautiful and best places to live, so why would anyone want to leave?  Find out why this mom of two and her husband are leaving South Africa for a new life in the UK. You can also follow Nikki on her Instagram: @livingatthetip  #southafricanimmigration #migration #themigrationgeneration #movingtotheuk 
This is the first interview I've done for my Migration Generation Podcast. In it, I interview Laeticia Corder, a South Africa mom who immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 2019. When I met Tish, and for some time after, I thought she would be one of the last people to leave South Africa. But I was wrong. Obviously.  In this podcast, I ask her what it was that made her want to leave. She also had a fairly unusual route to her new home in New Zealand. She touches on the aspect of how they left South Africa, the paperwork, and visas etc. This is her story of how she left to start a new life in New Zealand, and why. You can read about it on my blog.  Please follow Tish on her Instagram and Facebook page at Candid Corders. 
This is my story of migration from Africa. The first time I left for the UK I was 19. I returned nearly 10 years later with my South African husband. We had our two little girls in Zimbabwe and then moved to South Africa 3 years later. After 5 years in South Africa, we then returned to the UK.  Everything was always fine ... until it wasn't.  This was our reality. These are the reasons we kept on moving. We are part of the migration generation.  You can read more in my Blog post - The Migration Generation.  If you'd like to be involved, please do get in touch. You can email me at  Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, share with your family and friends, and I hope you have a lekker day, wherever you are. 
Welcome to The Migration Generation Podcast. As a Zimbabwean, who is married to a South African and raising our daughters in the UK, I wanted to start a conversation for other expats like us to share their stories. Hopefully, by sharing our stories of immigration and our lives out there in the world we can provide help, guidance and support to others who are considering the immigration process.  I will also be talking to people in Africa who are supporting the #ImStaying movement and who don't plan to move or who have possibly even moved back to Africa after spending time abroad.  If you would like to get involved please do send me a message or contact me on social media at any of the following:  Facebook: @momoftwolittlegirls  Instagram: @momoftwolittlegirls  Twitter: @momof2lgs  Email: 
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