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A look at the latest news in the technology and open-source worlds.
20 Episodes
Episode 20: Mailbag #1

Episode 20: Mailbag #1


Lara on Twitter ( Oil and Water ( Lara on Goodreads (
Ubuntu on WSL ( Hayden on Twitter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter (
Rui on Twitter ( Rui's Site ( Mike on Twitter ( The Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter on Twitter ( The npm package "electron-cgi" ( The nuget package is "ElectronCgi.DotNet" ( Original Windows Store App (Memory Ace) that was ported to Linux ( Cross platform version of Memory Ace ( Source code for ElectronCGI (Node) ( Source code for ElectronCGI (.NET) ( ElectronCGI 1.0 – Cross-platform GUIs for .Net Core ( The story of how I created a way to port Windows Apps to Linux ( Reddit (text) browser to showcase two way communication ability ( Simple calculator demo (uses old version of ElectronCGI) (
System76 - Pop! OS ( Carl on Twitter ( System76 on Twitter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Mad Botter on Twitter ( Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter INC (
Full Stack Talent ( Matt on LinkedIN ( The Mad Botter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Show on Twitter (
Hello Blink Show ( Harris Kenny ( Shawn Hymel ( Harris on Twitter ( Shawn on Twitter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter INC ( The Mad Botter Earth Day Contest (
Episode 14: Zeno Rocha

Episode 14: Zeno Rocha


From $0 to $20,145.92 in 2 months with a side project ( Dracula Pro ( Le Cheese ( Zeno on Twitter ( Hyper Terminal ( Superhuman ( Roam Research ( Mike on Twitter ( The Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter INC (
GNOME ( Community Engagement Challenge ( GNOME on Twitter ( Neil on Twitter ( Mike on Twitter ( Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter on Twitter ( The Mad Botter INC (
Rebuilding Rails ( Mastering Software Technique ( Noah’s Twitter ( Noah’s Blog ( Mike on Twitter ( The Mad Botter ( Show Twitter (
elementary Website ( AppCenter ( Indie Gogo ( Cassidy on Twitter ( Cassidy’s Blog ( elementary on Twitter ( elementary AppCenter + Flatpak (
Avalonia ( Avalonia on Github ( Jetbrains Rider ( Avalonia on Twitter ( The Mad Botter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Mad Botter on Twitter ( Rabbot (
System76 - Thelio ( Carl on Twitter ( System76 on Twitter ( Mike on Twitter ( The Mad Botter on Twitter ( Show on Twitter ( The Mad Botter INC (
Episode 8: Eric Nantz

Episode 8: Eric Nantz


Resources * R-Project ( * R for Data Science ( * Advanced R ( Mike Online * Twitter ( * The Mad Botter ( * Mike's Blog ( Eric Online The R-Podcast ( Eric on Twitter ( Eric on Github ( Shiny Developer Series by Eric ( Eric's 'not quite' podcast (
What's PowerShell? "Those who don't automate are doomed to repeat themselves" Brief origin of PowerShell PowerShell going open source Introduction about me Avri Chen-Roth Just for fun exercise Open a PowerShell on your computer Win/Linux/Mac And run: Invoke-RestMethod PSAvalonia - Avalonia bindings for PowerShell UDForge "Native" Electron apps running Universal Dashboard Snek - PowerShell wrapper around Python for .NET to invoke Python from PowerShell PSKoans - The goal of the PowerShell koans is to teach you PowerShell by presenting you with a set of questions. Each kōan (each question) is represented by a failing Pester test (Unit test) ImportExcel - This PowerShell Module allows you to read and write Excel files without installing Microsoft Excel on your system. No need to bother with the cumbersome Excel COM-object. Creating Tables, Pivot Tables, Charts and much more has just become a lot easier. Building Lambda Functions with PowerShell Bash command completers for PowerShell Posh-git is a PowerShell module that integrates Git and PowerShell by providing Git status summary information that can be displayed in the PowerShell prompt Selenium-powershell The Selenium PowerShell module allows you to automate browser interaction using the Selenium API. You can navigate to pages, find elements, click buttons, enter text and even take screenshots. Making music 🎶 using PowerShell
Mark on Twitter ( Mark’s Blog ( VMWare ( Spring ( Kotlin (
Mercurial ( Thunderbird Developer ( Thunderbird ( Mozilla ( Matrix Protocol ( Ryan's Site ( Ryan's Twitter ( Mike's Site ( Mike's Twitter ( This episode is brought you by * The Mad Botter (, custom software development for the web, mobile, IOT and beyond. 100% USA development.
Episode 4: Meesa Back!

Episode 4: Meesa Back!


Pressures of Maintaining FOSS via Actix Actix - actix/actix-web: Actix web is a small, pragmatic, and extremely fast rust web framework. Project Moving Forward - Nikolay Kim, Original Maintainer - Yuki Okushi, New Maintainer - Feedback Reddit - Twitter - Show Twitter - Sponsor The Mad Botter INC -
Visicalc: Microsoft Flow: Slack Workflows: TMB Christmas Student Contest: Hire TMB:
-- Apologies for the audio issues in this episode but the content was just too good to give up -- Mike interviews Carl Richell CEO of System 76 in which they discuss System 76's use of automation in both their factory and back of office operations. System 76 ( The Mad Botter INC (
In this introductory episode, we go over in brief the current state of automation and goals for the show. Title intro is Algorithms by Chad Crouch via CC (
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