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Welcome to The Mike Litton Experience Podcast! Mike has over 31 years experience in real estate, finance and investing! He's passionate about being a father, a teacher, a Realtor, an investor and a leader! Everyone has a story and our passion is to help them tell it! We never want you to miss an episode, so please be sure to subscribe. Could we ask you for two quick favors? If you like our program, please tell a friend. Wherever you get your podcasts please leave us a rating. It helps us to connect with quality people just like you! Reach out to Mike on Instagram @littonrealty! Want to meet with Mike? Check out! Thank you for joining us for The Mike Litton Experience!
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Micah Nicholes was born in Newberg Oregon and grew up in Caldwell Idaho.  When he entered high school his dad moved them to Lodi Wisconsin. He was the fourth child of a family of seven children. He didn’t really like school growing up. He was excited to never have to go to school ever again. He started […]
Joseph Lenard was born and raised in Wyandotte Michigan where he resides today. He grew up loving the outdoors and the community of Wyandotte. He was inspired by a number of talk radio shows and their hosts over the years. He was inspired by Ronald Reagan and Dennis Prager in particular. At one point during his […]
Lawrence Sprung was born and raised in The Bronx of New York City, New York. He enjoyed playing sports growing up. His mom was diagnosed with cancer when he was a teenager. It shaped his priorities as a youngster. He learned a lot playing hockey, his favorite sport growing up. He decided to attend a […]
Katie Dunn was born in Chicago and grew up in Minnesota. She lives in Upper New York now. She loved being outdoors all the time. She is still super close with her friends she grew up with to this day. She loved science and math in high school. She later went into commercial real estate […]
Ellis Miah was born in New York City, New York and was raised there and in Southern Florida. He loved growing up there because of the freedom and the culture of the area. He loved growing up spending a lot of time at the local mall where he loved the mall culture of Staten Island. Miami was […]
Melissa Toole was born and raised on Manhattan Island in New York City, New York. Her parents were professional actors. Her parents both starred on popular soap operas. Her dad was the most influential person to her growing up. He encouraged her to write from an early age. She loved the diversity of growing up on the island […]
Shahpour Nejad was born and raised in Sari,Iran, a small town in Northern Iran near the Caspian Sea. He came to the United States at sixteen and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated high school and attended Cleveland State University where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He went to work at a pizza […]
Tressa Brady was born and raised in Southern Oregon out in the country. She enjoyed having fun outdoors and sports. In fact she and her sister were champion athletes growing up. She grows up and opens a health club, a lifelong dream. She obtained her personal training license. Her junior year in college she moved […]
Mark Steven Porro was born and raised in New Jersey. He enjoyed having the freedom to pursue what he wanted. He loved the arts as a kid growing up influenced by his mother. He went on to Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in Engineering. He moved to Hollywood and enjoyed a successful […]
Shawne Merriman was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland in a very rough neighborhood. It was near the muder capital of the world for five years! His coaches were the most influential people during his childhood. They showed him how life is lived in normal homes. He attended The University […]
Eddie Speed was born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi where he grew up just outside of Jackson to be a cowboy. He attended vo tech in high school. He moved to Fort Worth to live with his sister and went to work for The Fort Worth Stockyards. He ended up going to school at TCU and became a professional […]
Lane Kawaoka was born in California and raised in Hawaii where he lives and works today. More about Lane:”After 12 years as a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer, I fired the boss and began to focus 100% of my time on my investing and helping others in my Passive Investor Accelerator & Mastermind. I began investing in 2009 […]
Kitty Bogle-Sherman and her sister Coco were born and raised in Longview, Texas. After time away, they have both moved back with their families. They wanted to get into business together and they were sorting through over 50,000 photos and came up with a brilliant idea! Why not develop an app that allows you to play with […]
Zack Ellison was born and raised in the Brookline, Massachusetts area. He received a tremendous education even though they struggled financially. All credit due to his mom who made it happen. He enjoyed playing and excelling at sports growing up, especially basketball. Regarding Zack: “As Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Applied Real […]
Joe Apfelbaum was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and his mom was the most influential person to him growing up. He enjoyed math and science in school and after high school he attended school and became a Rabbi. He then decided to start a number of small businesses. After he and his wife had […]
H. L. Howard was born and raised in China where he loved to read. He had access to a room that was full of books growing up. It captured his imagination and he is very grateful for the opportunity. He made his way to America to attend graduate school. He has lived the past 25 […]
Hannah McKitrick was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up just south of Boston. The beach was her favorite destination growing up. She had a passion for food and cooking from early on. That passion has evolved into a lifestyle and a passion to teach others a better way to eat and live. She has experienced an […]
Jeff Hoffman was born and raised in Arizona to a single mom with three jobs and four kids. According to Jeff, he and his siblings never felt like they were struggling financially, he credits his mom tremendously for that. He wanted to study artificial intelligence and always dreamed of attending Yale University. When he arrived after being accepted, he was […]
Anne Montgomery was born in Grand Rapids Michigan,raised in New Jersey and considers herself a “Jersey Girl”. She was into sports growing up and wanted to be a sportscaster in an industry where there were very few if any female sportscasters. She went on to anchor ESPN’s Sportscenter and a distinguished career of 40 years […]
Tom Suvansri was born in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania and raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  He loved playing sports growing up. Football was his favorite sport. He attended Penn State and figured out that his future was in finance in corporate america. He worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for over 20 years. He learned through real […]