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Author: Brad Mulvey

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If you are an entrepreneurial millennial looking for tools, tactics, and inspiration to take your business and your life to the next level, this is the show for you. Brad Mulvey created this podcast as a student of life, looking to build a foundation of knowledge that would support the dreams of his audience and himself.

In Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic Think and Grow Rich, he defines a mastermind group as, "the Coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." In this podcast, that coordination is created between you, our amazing guests, and Brad. Our definite purpose is achieving extraordinary results in your business and in your life.

Welcome to the Millennial Mastermind.

Following mentorship from trailblazers like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Simon Sinek, Geoff Woods, and more!
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Nick Reichert is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Denver based startup, The Good Couch. In 2017, Nick and his co-founders recognized an unmet need in a pretty niche market.   The Good Couch specializes in the sourcing, refurbishment, sale, and delivery of gently used couches, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and sets.    What's fascinating about this story is how they were able to recognize a need and build a lucrative business to solve it. The Good Couch team was featured in the Denver news when they climbed a couch to the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains (Mt. Elbert) to raise money for their non-profit partner.   Links: The Good Couch on Facebook Nick on LinkedIn
At 28-years-old, Luvleen co-founded BankMobile, which in just over four years has become one of America’s largest and fastest-growing digital banks. She now serves as their President and Chief Strategy Officer.   Under Luvleen’s leadership, BankMobile’s executive team created a disruptive, multi-partner distribution model, known as “Bank-as-a-Service” (BaaS), which enables BankMobile to acquire customers at higher volumes and substantially lower expenses than traditional banks.   Links Instagram Facebook
Joeel and Natalie Rivera are freedom junkies and prolific content creators who have launched over a dozen businesses. They have been coaching, speaking, writing, and teaching for more than a decade.   Their business had actually crumbled after Joeel was struck with a sudden illness that had him bedridden for a year. That's when they decided they never wanted to be in that situation again and decided to dedicate themselves to converting their training and speaking programs into online courses that would outlive them and provide passive income.   They quickly scaled their business to reach over 100,000 students from 191 countries in only 3 years. Today they are passionate about teaching anyone with a skill, experience or passion to share (which is everyone) how to monetize their knowledge in this new digital economy.   Links
Todd Palmer is the CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, an executive coach, and author who is committed to improving lives. He's a successful entrepreneur and business owner who is passionate about helping individuals and companies take action towards high-level achievement.   As the CEO of a 6-time INC 5000 company, Todd knows the struggles that businesses face around the areas of people, cash, strategy & execution. Through his firm Extraordinary Advisors, Todd is able to guide leaders to sustained profitability.   Links
Jason VanDevere is a real estate investor and entrepreneurial visionary. On January 1st of 2019, he left his day job to focus full time on his entrepreneurial pursuits.   Jason is the creator of the Goal Crazy Planner, a tool that helps you to plan and track your monthly, weekly and daily goals, review your day each evening, and track your habits. Oh yeah, and he's only 24 years old.   Links: (Use coupon code MILLENNIAL for 10% off your purchase) The Goal Crazy Planner on Amazon
Mat is the author of Embracing Failure, a book in which he shows you how to shake off the paralyzing effects of fear and move toward what you want most.   In this conversation we talk about why people are so paralyzed by the idea of failure, the scarcity vs abundance mindsets, and how to get comfortable with the unknown.   Links Embracing Failure on Amazon Mat's blog
Jake Baadsgaard is the founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising, a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of companies realize unprecedented growth and profitability from online advertising. In the six years since its founding, Disruptive Advertising has grown from two employees working in Jake’ s basement to a flourishing agency with more than 120 employees and a run rate of over $18 million- putting it at #145 on the Inc 500 list in 2017.   Beyond running a successful digital marketing agency, Jake also has a personal goal of creating 50 millionaires.   Links Jake on LinkedIn
In 2001, Michael founded and later sold two companies. Strategic Oxygen, a leading data toolset for marketers in the technology industry and Pulsepoint Group. He has been a group partner at Monitor Group and was the chief web officer and GM at Micron Technology.   Michael is a Forbes contributor, a global top 10 A.I. Influencer, and the lead author of The Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling book on digital transformation: The Digital Helix. He also hosts Forbes Insights' Futures InFocus Podcast. Really, when it comes to digital technologies, Michael is the guy to talk to.   In this episode, we talk about the advantages that entrepreneurs have over corporations and the abundant opportunities entrepreneurs have in today's digital age.   Links The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age on Amazon Forbes Insights Futures In Focus Podcast     Learn more about the Foundation Mastermind Community here.
Today's episode covers part three of our series on laying the foundation for your entrepreneurial success. We're talking about Finding Your Tribe.   As with part 1 and 2, this is actually just the audio portion from our video series. So if you want to catch the actual video, check it out at
This week we're doing something a little different with the podcast. I'm sharing the audio from our video series that is also dropping this week on laying the foundation for your entrepreneurial success.    This episode is the audio from part 2 of the series. This one covers Setting Goals. Feel free to enjoy the listening experience here, but if you want to check out the video, you can head over to
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Young Aspirations

it was an amazing podcast. fully motivated after listening to it

Jun 3rd

Rohit Ketkar

Was this a giant advertisement?

Apr 17th

Drew Piper

Really great motivation and practical advice!

Mar 12th

Dujon Blondel

infinite gratitude for this podcast. especially chunking up time. second time I've heard that today!

Feb 11th

Ulia Masud

Good talk!

Sep 30th

Ric Forster

The podcast is great. Hoping for new episodes soon!

Aug 13th


I'm the mom of millennials, and so far, I'm intrigued!

Jul 23rd


Such an inspirational podcast. I found this podcast two months ago, listened to episode 99 and decided I had to listen to ALL of this. I downloaded all the episodes and started religiously listening, from the very first episode, everyday on my commute to work and uni, while I'm cleaning, etc. Each episode inspires me everyday. Thank you for creating this podcast, Brad. You are a gem.

May 20th

Joshua Grant

Thank you for starting this podcast Brad.

May 4th

Alexander Raven

I totally am in awe of your podcast. The Jeffrey Shaw interview was my first. I have definitely subbed your podcast. This was very helpful indeed. Keep at it, and thank you so very much

Feb 2nd
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