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The Millennial Mind is a podcast where proud millennial Pooja Singh finds out what this generation really wants and why. She explores millennials’ thoughts on pop culture, tech and society as well as their ambitions, fears, worries and what makes them happy. You can reach out to Pooja on Twitter - @pooja_sngh or email us at

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27 Episodes
A bonus episode with entrepreneur Vanshika Goenka, who’s building a strong community of women, who are helping one another navigate their careers. Tune in to hear this amazing conversation now!
Circuses have become a dying art in recent times of online information and entertainment. The industry has taken a bigger blow given the pandemic. Join Pooja Singh in this week's episode on how two millennials are using technology to start a new chapter of the century-old industry.
Over 100 million people in India have lost work since the lockdown started in March. In this episode of The Millennial Mind, @pooja_sngh will talk about the art of creating a new career after losing your job.
There’s been a 20% rise in sexual harassment cases since the lockdown started. In this episode of 'The Millennial Mind', @pooja_see talks about how mapping out sexual harassment cases at the workplace is going to be a big challenge and what can companies do to safeguard their employees.
Over 250,000 students from India will now have to decide whether they will attend in-person classes in the middle of a pandemic or study online from their home country. In this episode of 'The Millennial Mind', @pooja_see offers a perspective on the impact this rule will have on international students.
There are people who don’t want to be stuck in the hamster wheel anymore, even if it means more uncertainty. In this episode of 'The Millennial Mind', @pooja_sngh talks about the stress that is pushing people to quit jobs.
While the young workforce struggles to find a job in an economy that’s sliding into recession, older professionals have an added burden of health issues and convincing potential employers that they have a lot to offer
As offices slowly start opening up after lockdown, people are putting some serious thought into what kind of mask to wear. In this episode, host Pooja Singh talks about the new fashion accessory which has now become a necessary part of our wardrobe collection.
In this episode of The Millennial Mind, Pooja Singh talks about how traditional artists are using their art form to depict COVID experiences and current issues.
Longer periods of working from home won’t just cost us our mental health, but also the chance to connect with people. In this episode of The Millennial Mind, Pooja Singh talks about the repercussions of working from home. Tune in to hear more!
As the lockdown takes the role of a strict parent, lovers have found solace on roofs. Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh shares stories of couples who have kindled their love over rooftops.
A new generation of medical professionals are using social media to fight misinformation about COVID-19 and share personal experiences
From virtual booze parties to making TikTok videos, people are finding ways to reclaim their weekends during the lockdown. Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh talked with people who are just not ready to let go of their weekends.
What goes down when Millennials and their parents are locked together in quarantine? The new season of this podcast starts with a bang as Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh talks about what happens once the two drastically different groups come together.
The season finale of The Millennial Mind is about people who are away from home and are taking care of their parents virtually. Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh talks about taking care of parents through WhatsApp during the lockdown.
Few are working from home and few are suffering in home. How this new routine is turning out for people? What are they up to in this time of hardship? Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh shares her experience of talking with people who are affected by this Coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus outbreak in India is scaring people, Many people are working from home and many are just on a leave. But is work from home really an option for all? National feature editor, Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh shares her experience of talking with a cab driver and his opinion on Coronavirus.
Women's day is here! Pooja has invited Shraddha Bhalla, host of Five to Thrive and owner of the brand which is popular with about 80k followers, to talk about social media influencers and their lasting effects on self-image.
Delhi violence portrays a picture of Delhi, we are not familiar with. Why people are dividing people over religion? National feature editor, Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh shares her experience of talking with the people of Delhi who saw the violence very closely.
Chandni Chowk is the heart of Delhi but what about those who trade in that heart? National feature editor, Pooja Singh @pooja_sngh shares her experience of talking with the young businessmen of Chandni Chowk about their business, life & life choices.
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