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The Mindfulness & Grief Podcast

The Mindfulness & Grief Podcast

Author: Heather Stang, Author of Mindfulness & Grief

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The Mindfulness and Grief Podcast series, hosted by author and thanatologist Heather Stang, features meditation teachers and grief professionals who offer compassionate insights for coping with grief and life after loss. Designed for bereaved people and grief professionals, you will learn how a mindful approach to grief can help you deal with difficult emotions, cultivate self-care and self-compassion, and honor the relationship that remains. May these teachings be of great benefit. To learn more about Mindfulness and Grief visit the website at
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Thank you for this very important podcast. I have been working through the book as I process the loss of my youngest child. Almost immediately, i turned to meditation and yoga, and found much comfort in those practices. Hearing the stories of how many have experienced grief and then became grief counselors is very inspiring. Namaste.

Sep 6th

Heather Stang

JessicaVR Hi Jessica: Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. I hope the book and the podcast guests are helpful. Sending you a big hug and Namaste, Heather

Oct 3rd
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