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The Mindset Movement Money Show

The Mindset Movement Money Show

Author: Khadija Jordan

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Teaching female entrepreneurs to break thru business growth plateaus by developing the right mindset, which leads to positive movement, then to money. I teach you how to train your mind for success and start seeing positive results in your professional and personal life.
7 Episodes
The holidays are upon us and its time to make some serious changes in how you are thinking about your achievements and goals.
2020 is right around the corner. In this episode, I talk about 8 key ways you can get your mind and business ready for the new year!
In this episode learn how to stop past traumas from affecting your business and professional life. Also take a dive into ways to build up to your highest ticket service.
Getting the right mindset is the first key to success. In this episode I give you over 40 positive "I AM" affirmations, specifically for the entrepreneur lifestyle. Say them daily or use them as inspiration to come up with your own.
Its easy to get caught in the hesitation cycle. In this episode I discuss the importance of being decisive and how to reduce "Analysis Paralysis".
In this episode we talk about Napolean Hill's steps for how to develop of the keys to creating SOLID habits and reaching your goals.
Ever feel like you take two steps forward and 10 back? That feeling of defeat and the negative self-talk that follows it is the subject of Episode 3. We go over how to conquer feeling defeated.
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