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The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
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The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

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Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. The Mindvalley podcast brings the best minds under one roof to discuss powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work. Get results that stick
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Treat yourself like someone you love. From Mindvalley's A-Fest stage in Portugal, internationally touring spoken word artist, motivational speaker and conscious filmmaker, Adam Roa, performs an uplifting presentation on how the key to creating perfect relationships starts with the one we have with ourselves. This episode is also available on Mindvalley Talks' YouTube channel. Watch Adam Roa perform this piece here
Don’t ask for life to be easier, ask for you to be stronger. From A-Fest's Los Angeles stage, professional speaker and creator of Wildfit, Eric Edmeades, explains how all the problems we encounter in our diet, our relationships and in our social interactions are due to the discrepancy between our ancient genetic programming and our modern environment. Visit to learn more about Wildfit Mindvalley's Quest with Eric Edmeades
We're gods and we forgot. Following his visionary talk at A-Fest's stage in Bali on what the future is for us, we get a chance to personally interview fast-thinking visionary, futurist and film-maker, Jason Silva, on how to consciously live in a state of awe and creation. Jason and Vishen discuss everything from VR, AI, flow states, conscious modulating substances, and more. Tune in to get a glimpse of Jason's epic vision for the future and see what part of it you'll play.
The key to a great mentor is being as curious as you are wise. Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and former AirBnB's Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, shares the 4 step process on how to become a remarkable mentor that will create a meaningful impact in not only your organization but in every aspect of your life. Learn to transform your organization today at Mindvalley Mentoring and Mentoring for Business at
The life of your dreams is possible. From A-Fest's Bali stage, the one and only powerhouse couple and founders of Lifebook, Jon, and Missy Butcher, are back in action to dive deeper into their world's premier lifestyle design system and how it has the power to truly transform (all aspects) of your life. Ready to learn the formula to create the life of your dreams? Tune into Jon and Missy to hear how today. To learn more checkout: Lifebook - Mindvalley Mentoring -
Craft your life through Healing. In this interview, we hear from Renaissance man, tai-chi practitioner, and innovator of organizational development, Michael Gelb, on what we, as individuals, can do to contribute to healing the crisis the world's in. Michael explains how it first starts with an evolution of consciousness by consciously crafting a healing purpose for our life, our work, and our career. For more of Michael's books visit
If knowledge is power then learning and reading is your superpower. Jim Kwik, the world's top learning, and memory expert present to us live from Mindvalley's Los Angeles stage on practical ways we can apply what we know more effectively. As one of the top specialists in optimal brain performance, Jim explains why knowledge is only power if we use it. Don't wait another day to learn the skills to take your growth and impact to the next level. Enroll in the Superbrain Quest on Mindvalley now  -
Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. Britain's top therapist and renown international speaker, Marisa Peer, explains how our childhood experiences around money, relationships, and success have influenced our access to abundance as an adult. Bonus -  Experience Marisa Peer's meditation: iOS - Android -
Becoming an inspiring leader isn't a title or a position, it's a state of mind. Steve Farber, president and founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, explains how and why we need to choose to lead regardless of our environment. He discusses with Vishen why we should never underestimate our power to transform an organization and shares the key questions we need to ask ourselves to lead powerfully in not only our workplace but in every area of our life. Discover 4 powerful principles you can adopt today.
Your environment is a 3D vision board. Everything around you creates a vision in your subconscious mind. Marie Diamond, global transformation teacher and Feng Shui master, explains how we can use Feng Shui to align ourselves with the energy of the environment to create incredible success and abundance. Ready to create abundance in your life through a few simple switches in your environment? Tune into Marie today to learn what you need to do.
Comments (47)

Vicky Chiu

really like this episode. thank you Marie and Vishen

Oct 17th

Jeffrey Bowen

Well said!.. Didn't know you were an author. I'm excited to read your book!

Oct 17th

Sophie Duncan

loved this. what a way to start my day 😁 you're a poetic genius Adam.

Oct 16th

Aditya Raj

sir you have made my day.. I just got to learn lot...👌👌 thank you

Oct 11th

Maleesha Panangala

This is my first vishen's podcast and it's soo amazing! Thankyou so much Lisa! ❤️

Oct 2nd

shweta mathur


Sep 29th

Abdullah Dadarkar

Great episode. Someone should number the topics since he didn't.

Sep 20th


loved it

Sep 8th

Andrea Falchi

feels like a promo for the paid service

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)

Vicky Chiu

My 1st time tapping. That was wonderful. Thank you!

Jul 11th

Jeff Pringle

check out the Mankind project It is all about promoting and supporting emotionally healthy masculinity.

Jul 4th

Roopa s

Amazing... I never believed visualization works..

Jun 18th

supreeth prabhu

Such a beautiful story put together by Lisa, bringing in all the excerpts from the pages of history, just to make you find your voice!. Rise above your fears as she says, it was beautiful poem that she narrated. Thank you Vishen this will one of my favourite inspiring talk.

Jun 17th

homosapiens sapiens


Jun 6th

Orlando Ferguson

This was very encouraging and insightful...Thank you Emily for your energy!!! I permeate Love and Prosperity to you and yours!!!

May 23rd

Eliezer Matos

thank you so much for sharing.

May 20th

Katia Atoji Henrique

Thanks Emily for sharing your thoughts! You are amazing!

May 10th

Pouya G

it was amazing ❤👌

May 3rd

Lisa Calhoun

Just did this and it was amazing to see how overflowing the thoughts came and it's a little scary to see what I wrote down. Thanks Vishen!

Apr 28th

Beth Hollis

Thanks Emily for sharing! I loved your message and energy, can't wait to buy your book now!

Apr 23rd
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