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The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

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Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. The Mindvalley podcast brings the best minds under one roof to discuss powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work. Get results that stick
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Are you a victim of a man-made concept? What if everything we thought we knew isn’t real? Like a fish swimming in water, we don’t realize the rules we live in are due to our conditioning. What then, is our truth? Listen out for: (00:20) The concepts we exist in (02:54) The labels we create (04:46) Waking up from the illusion “Create your own thing.Push the boundary of the circle.Make that dent in the universe.”—  Vishen We’d love to hear from you!  Tap the reviews tab at and mention this episode or another in your review. Subscribe to have the next episode ready in your playlist. Tag us on social media and you just might be featured! Connect with us on Instagram @mindvalley + @vishen.
Can we craft our best possible selves and in that process make work effortless? Megan McNealy proved that it’s possible to heal through chronic diseases, failed relationships, and bounce back to create a vibrant life at home and at work. It all starts with a word. “It’s the message you send. Don’t just say this and do something else. Your actions need to match your words.” — Megan McNealy Listen out for: (03:54) The unlikely ‘Heroine’s Journey’ (13:21) How to start thinking about self-expression (16:36) How to decide on your mode of expression (19:05) Vishen’s journey to self-expression Learn to harness the power of your own Well-Being Wheel with Megan at   Grab your copy of Reinvent The Wheel at    Mention Megan’s name in your review and let us know your own One-Word-Description.
Are you willing to let go of your past pain? Many say they can forgive but they cannot forget. For many, it meant they’re still holding onto the hurt. If you are too, then listen out for: (00:19) The reason why most people are not quick to forgive (01:52) The self-defeating patterns we carry forward (02:55) Why we should stop holding on to the hurt “Forgiveness is about letting yourself walk free.” — Vishen We’d love to hear from you! Mention this episode or another in your review and subscribe to have the next episode ready in your playlist.
Are you really honest with yourself? The premise behind this incredibly courageous talk by Mindvalley co-founder Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani lies between the lines of emotions, questions, truths, and masks in pursuit of an authentic life. Kristina bravely shares honest and relatable stories on the beauty, power, and struggles of life as we know it.  Listen out for: (07:46) From being authentic children to adults wearing masks (16:17) Kristina’s personal story of growing up in the Soviet Union to life as a mother (22:36) What happens next after you find your path to yourself “Love the full spectrum of yourself.” — Kristina Are you ready to live by your own rules? Join Kristina’s Quest to create an authentic, extraordinary, conscious life you’ve always imagined for yourself… starting with your rules.
Are you growing and becoming a better human being every day? It isn’t exactly Father’s Day today but every day is a day to celebrate being a parent. With Nov 25th being the national #PlayDayWithDad, Vishen decided to share this beautiful message to his two children, Hayden and Eve. Listen out for: (00:46) Vishen’s advice to his kids (02:07) His hope for their future (02:54) The questions he hopes they start asking now We'd love to hear your message to your kids. Share it with us in your review!
Can influence and spirituality grow side by side? What happens when you merge your external world with your internal world? In this episode, we have the founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center and also one of Mindvalley’s celebrated authors, Michael Beckwith, sharing a powerful talk on surrender and growth at Mindvalley A-Fest Portugal 2019. Listen out for: (03:47) The importance of working on your Self (10:28) The source of being influential (12:58) The opportunity the world has for you (19:19) The Universe’s assignments for you (20:59) The definition of Success 3.0 (22:24) The question you need to ask your self "If you don’t do you, you won’t be done" — Michael Beckwith *** Let Michael help you tap into your soul's purpose. Reserve your spot in his ⠀masterclass at
Is your workplace adding or subtracting years to your life? We spend 70% of our waking hours at work. It’s only right that our work should rejuvenate us instead of the opposite. So how can we structure work to infuse us with all of life’s joys? The ideas you’ll hear in this episode will work with large teams, communities, schools, and even for solo entrepreneurs. Listen out for: (02:55) The five overarching keys to shifting your company culture (05:58) The two types of longevity and how Mindvalley started experimenting with both (19:00) The difference between happiness and positive optimism and why it matters (35:04) An easy practice in creating connections and meaning at the workplace  (50:51) The importance of nurturing growth-mindsets and cultivating a give-back culture *** Get The Code of Extraordinary Mind at and visit for more on Mindvalley Mentoring.
If you’re a parent, you need to hear this. The saying goes, there is no greater joy and no greater challenge than parenting. And yet no one hands us a manual. Shelly Lefkoe, is the founder of Parenting the Lekfoeway. Here, she shares the 5 most common negative beliefs your child might have and the steps you could take to counter them. "What if we could shift the paradigm of parenting from I am the boss of my child, to I am my child's guardian angel." — Shelly Lefkoe Listen up for: (02:40) The universal truths about parenting (07:39) Limiting belief No.1 (08:33) The positive action to take against limiting belief No.1 (17:58) Limiting belief No.2 (20:53) The skill that will keep your children from forming belief No.2 (22:57) Limiting belief No.3 (23:19) The antidote to take against limiting belief No.3 (28:40) Limiting belief No.4 (29:16) The thing you need to do stop limiting belief No.4 (33:00) Limiting belief No. 5 (33:25) What you’ll need to do for yourself and your child to change limiting belief No.5 This talk was part of a workshop at Mindvalley University Croatia 2019. Join a tribe of changemakers in 2020! Apply now at
Your body and mind are healing machines. In this episode, you’re going to immediately experience and apply the change you desire for yourself through a guided meditation with Britain’s leading hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer. Listen out for: (02:54) How hypnotherapy helped a young girl heal herself after an accident and a man to end his alcoholism (05:55) The power of self-healing through the mind by understanding neuroplasticity (08:34) The importance of using the right words and being clear with your mind (12:03) The PPP — If it’s not Permanent, Personal, or Pervasive, it’s not coming to get you and it can go away. (14:18) Marisa’s Hypnotherapy session: The Healing Vortex begins *** If you'd like to experience a deeper hypnotherapy session, prepare yourself to discover the technique of reprogramming your mind in a  free masterclass with Marisa Peer. Visit to reserve your spot now.
Are you dreaming big or tolerating the bare minimum? Using a unique set of tools, Regan Hillyer went from deeply in debt to building multiple 7-figure businesses. Through a series of personal stories, Regan breaks down 9 steps she unlocked to become the millionaire she had always envisioned for herself. Time to say yes to manifesting millions. Listen out for: (03:37) The Why and How to begin manifesting millions in your life (14:34) Step 1: Activate your multi-million dollar vision (18:42) Step 2: Become the millionaire first (21:38) Step 3: Shift your level of tolerance (24:21) Step 4: Rewire your money blueprint (27:19) Step 5: Release toxic money blocks (28:54) Step 6: Tap into the energy of Rich (31:00) Step 7: Physically embody the millionaire within (35:02) Step 8: Cultivate your inner millionaire circle (36:28) Step 9: Take aligned Action (38:24) A guided visualization to tap into the millionaire version of you Join other changemakers at the next Mindvalley University. Visit and apply. See you in the next city!
Choose the long route or take a quantum leap in your personal growth? This talk by Srikumar Rao is a deep well of anecdotes, analogies, and life lessons, centered around 3 of his Core Concepts to help you accelerate your learning curve. Listen out for: [03:20] Core Concept 1: Anchoring a Feeling — What people mean when they talk about making a quantum leap in their lives [05:45] Srikumar's manifesto for an ideal life [08:26] The difference between a rich life experience versus working harder for a richer life [12:25] Core Concept 2: The Illusion of Control — How we can begin to think differently [23:44] Core Concept 3: Mental Chatter — The negative effects it has on our lives and the correlation between our mental chatter and our mental models [32:27] How to make the choice of adopting healthier models and determine your emotional domain [37:22] The Alternate Reality exercise — Improve a situation in your life immediately with this quick exercise Discover a breakthrough method to dissolve toxic thoughts and engineer your own rich life experience with The Quest For Personal Mastery with Srikumar Rao. Join here  
Are you being too hard on yourself? Gelong Thubten, the monk who trained the cast of Marvels' Dr. Strange, shares an incredible concept about happiness. Breaking cultural myths, Thubten shares the easily applicable practice of Compassion-based-Mindfulness and how you can start to Meditate on Compassion. Discover the 3 phases of meditation with Gelong Thubten. Download Omvana on the Apple App Store to listen to Thubten's meditation anytime,
Face the world with a healthy bill of skepticism. In this reverse interview, Vishen Lakhiani is interviewed by Shaman Durek on the Ancient Wisdom podcast. They break down some of the biggest lies in the modern world diving deep into the notion of time, the pressures of hard work and hustle, and the different levels of personal development. We highly recommend getting Vishen's NYT bestseller, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind as a follow-up read to this episode. Get it at
Break apart your previous way of being. From Mindvalley's Los Angeles stage, clinical psychologist and parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, reveals how we're living in a conditioned version of reality learned right from childhood, and that the first step to awakening is recognizing the illusion we've been living in. Ready to start your own awakening and see the illusion you've been living in? Join Dr. Shefali's masterclass and start expanding your paradigm. Visit
How can we disrupt tradition and Culture? Miki Agrawal, a creative social entrepreneur and founder of over half a dozen businesses valued at over $100 million, reveals the secrets on how to creatively introduce a disruptive product to the market and shares the 7 key things that every person looking to start their own business needs to hear. If this resonates with you, come and join other change-makers at Mindvalley University! Visit to learn more.
Treat yourself like someone you love. From Mindvalley's A-Fest stage in Portugal, internationally touring spoken word artist, motivational speaker and conscious filmmaker, Adam Roa, performs an uplifting presentation on how the key to creating perfect relationships starts with the one we have with ourselves. This episode is also available on Mindvalley Talks' YouTube channel. Watch Adam Roa perform this piece here
Don’t ask for life to be easier, ask for you to be stronger. From A-Fest's Los Angeles stage, professional speaker and creator of Wildfit, Eric Edmeades, explains how all the problems we encounter in our diet, our relationships and in our social interactions are due to the discrepancy between our ancient genetic programming and our modern environment. Visit to learn more about Wildfit Mindvalley's Quest with Eric Edmeades
We're gods and we forgot. Following his visionary talk at A-Fest's stage in Bali on what the future is for us, we get a chance to personally interview fast-thinking visionary, futurist and film-maker, Jason Silva, on how to consciously live in a state of awe and creation. Jason and Vishen discuss everything from VR, AI, flow states, conscious modulating substances, and more. Tune in to get a glimpse of Jason's epic vision for the future and see what part of it you'll play.
The key to a great mentor is being as curious as you are wise. Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and former AirBnB's Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, shares the 4 step process on how to become a remarkable mentor that will create a meaningful impact in not only your organization but in every aspect of your life. Learn to transform your organization today at Mindvalley Mentoring and Mentoring for Business at
The life of your dreams is possible. From A-Fest's Bali stage, the one and only powerhouse couple and founders of Lifebook, Jon, and Missy Butcher, are back in action to dive deeper into their world's premier lifestyle design system and how it has the power to truly transform (all aspects) of your life. Ready to learn the formula to create the life of your dreams? Tune into Jon and Missy to hear how today. To learn more checkout: Lifebook - Mindvalley Mentoring -
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Great insights!

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this really helps thanks you

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thank you

Nov 13th

Cyndi Jones

Great topic. Loved this session

Nov 9th

Elvira Nikolic

omg ! Vishen! Finally someone says out loud what I have thought and my opinion was about school all the years. I'm 42 years and have 3 children, its horrible what they teach here in Austria

Nov 6th

HaDiS Bn

Enjoyed the talk, super helpful for all the lost souls who once found themselves and again got lost into the darkness. God bless you Vishen, keep up the great work. Just wanted to let you know you are touching so many lives all at once. I wish we could have Mindvalley in our country Iran which needs tremendous help.

Nov 4th

Wolfgang Neigenfind

You two are such wonderful souls. And Vishen I can't wait to disrupt school worldwide. Be sure I am in❤️

Nov 3rd

Vicky Chiu

really like this episode. thank you Marie and Vishen

Oct 17th

Jeffrey Bowen

Well said!.. Didn't know you were an author. I'm excited to read your book!

Oct 17th

Sophie Duncan

loved this. what a way to start my day 😁 you're a poetic genius Adam.

Oct 16th

Aditya Raj

sir you have made my day.. I just got to learn lot...👌👌 thank you

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Maleesha Panangala

This is my first vishen's podcast and it's soo amazing! Thankyou so much Lisa! ❤️

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Abdullah Dadarkar

Great episode. Someone should number the topics since he didn't.

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loved it

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feels like a promo for the paid service

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Vicky Chiu

My 1st time tapping. That was wonderful. Thank you!

Jul 11th

Jeff Pringle

check out the Mankind project It is all about promoting and supporting emotionally healthy masculinity.

Jul 4th

Roopa s

Amazing... I never believed visualization works..

Jun 18th

supreeth prabhu

Such a beautiful story put together by Lisa, bringing in all the excerpts from the pages of history, just to make you find your voice!. Rise above your fears as she says, it was beautiful poem that she narrated. Thank you Vishen this will one of my favourite inspiring talk.

Jun 17th
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