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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.
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3 Announcements


Comments (42)

Bilal Dogar

Love that intro!

Jun 21st

Maurice Sawyers

aka the broke boys podcast

Jun 21st

Silvana Sebastião

I want to thank you for this last potcast. I identified myself a lot with what you said. I have a blog about food and recipes because is my passion and discovery. i like all your podcasts

Jun 21st

John Ledbetter

Hello frustrated novelists..

Jun 19th

Kim McKenzie

After listening to this podcast and kids story podcasts, I get frustrated with other podcasts that have ads. I appreciate that Josh and Ryan don't have ads besides for their show and patron support. Thanks for keeping your podcast tidy.

Jun 18th

Clare Gman

Some good advice and ideas here. I do think that it's a mistake to treat campaign finance abuse/corruption as the same thing as "crony capitalism," since while the spheres of politics and economics cross over frequently, campaign finance is very different from corporate corruption, and it isn't closely connected to the macro-economy. But that was just a minor detail - other than that, great show.

Jun 17th

Cathie Slabaugh


Jun 16th

Kimberly Fox

FYI - regarding the veteran - he can pursue a job, while getting paid OUT of his GI Bill...he doesn't HAVE to use it for college. I did that years ago because I am just not the college type, yes? It's a great way to utilize your GI bill AND get a skillset under your belt.

May 22nd


Regarding tops I have 12 of the same plain black shirt, 2 plain black polo shirts, 1 plain black long-sleeved shirt and finally 1 black Dream Theater (Images & Words 25th Anniversary) shirt to last me for 2 weeks before my wife and I do the laundry. It's an awesome life to live. Minimalism is life. But progressive metal music is lifer.

May 10th

Amos John

Thanks, CastBox!

Apr 26th

Rachelle Dixon

I really love the content and have definitely been inspired but if youre someone who has watched all podcasts it gets super repetitive and long winded.

Apr 7th

shaun raymond

another quality podcast from Josh and Ryan I'm always taking away something positive from every podcast.

Apr 4th

Chloe Lee

It helps me to ponder what's meaningful for me. Thank you.

Mar 16th

Laura Rach

Listening to you from Fargo. Thanks for talking us up.

Mar 15th

Nikki Sixx

Great podcast on educating people on why suburbs were built and how they came about.

Mar 14th

Riley Martin

Best one yet guys

Feb 24th

Kylie Barratt

Its taking months but i am up to date with the minimalist podcast. Now I have to find something to fill in while I wait for the next episode.

Feb 11th


meditation is the sort of awareness and witness of ourselves....i thought about meditation

Jan 16th

Linda L. Nehls

I am on your one month minimalize deal. Got rid of my first weeks worth already, and warned St. Vincent de Paul they'd be getting a whole lot more🤗

Jan 3rd

Todd Ulrich

I got rid of all my gear and bought all black clothing but I still have problems. I don't think I'm doing it right

Jan 1st
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