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The Modern Revolution

Author: Peter M. Deeley Jr.

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The old structures of our global society are not serving us well.

We need to creatively destroy the ships that brought us here
and move in to the new land of the future with better tools.

Tools that keep us safer and healthier
that create more wealth for more people
that foster more intimate and rewarding relationships.

We need to leave behind what is not working.

We need a Modern Revolution.

26 Episodes
Maryon Stewart is a world-renowned healthcare expert who is referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement. Using her years of knowledge and expertise, she coaches women in understanding the information, tools and techniques needed to get well, to the point that they are able to be completely symptom- free. Over 27 years, Maryon Stewart pioneered a non-drug, but scientifically based program to overcome menopause symptoms and has been successfully helping over 100,000 women around the world to overcome PMS and menopause symptoms, reclaiming their wellbeing. She has written 27 popular self-help books, co-authored a series of medical papers, written regular columns for numerous daily newspapers and magazines, and had her own TV and radio shows. In 2018, she was named one of 50 most inspirational women in the UK by Femail magazine in the Daily Mail. She awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal for services to drug education following her successful seven year campaign at the Angelus Foundation which she established in memory of her daughter Hester.
Helping women step into their financial power and become money savvy in life and in business | money mindset | money coach | wealth builder
Lou Hamilton is an artist, author of Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless, and Dare to Share- a guide to podcast guesting. Her background is as an award-winning documentary director & filmmaker. She is the founder of Silk Studios – the podcast guest agency and host of Brave New Girl podcast. Brave New Girl podcast is a platform for stories of impact, courage and tenacity, told by entrepreneurs who are disruptors, creatives, change-makers and campaigners. Lou Hamilton interviews guests as they talk ideas, business, innovation, social and environmental issues, creativity, health and how they, as those who identify as women or non-binary, energise their circle of influence and beyond. It is a platform for voices who are positively impacting the world with a story they dare to share about how they found courage, purpose and passion, through all of their challenges and set-backs. It is for listeners looking to connect with a wider community, build a purposeful business, create a better life, be courageous in their vision and impact in the world. Listeners can find me on Instagram @brave_newgirl or @LouHamiltonArt Linkedin @LouHamiltoncreatelab
Emma qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist at Birmingham University in 1998 and has worked predominantly with children, running services for both pre-school and school-age children across London. More recently she has worked at City University supporting student speech and language therapists and also practices as a life coach. Emma is married and mum to 3 young and active children. Emma was born with Cerebral Palsy and has seen a significant decline in her mobility in recent years leading to several surgeries and having to give up work. It was her frustration at the lack of knowledge and understanding of Cerebral Palsy as a disability affecting adults that spurred her on to begin campaigning. In 2018 she founded the charity Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub to campaign for better support and services and give voice to the adult Cerebral Palsy community.
Chelsea Jetér is a Board Certified Holistic Health Specialist, Naturopath, certified NAET practitioner, and NLP Master Trainer, and for the past 8 years, has been focusing on functional medicine, epigenetics, homotoxicology, Immunology, nutrition, and trauma informed care. Her practice, Honeydew Health, is a Functional Health Concierge focusing on high-touch, immersive programs that create sustainable health transformations. She knows what it’s like to struggle with health issues and feel desperate for answers. She struggled with seizures, brain fog, autoimmune issues, countless food allergies, chronic low blood sugar, digestive issues, crippling anxiety, eating disorders, and acne and spent years trying to figure out how to heal herself. When she finally did, she decided to become a holistic practitioner and help others heal in the same way. She essentially became the person she needed when I was really struggling and is happy to support you in the same way. You can find her at: Tiktok: @honeydewhealth Instagram: @honeydewhealth
Julie DeLucca-Collins is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Coaching and the host of the popular Casa DeConfidence Podcast. Julie is a dreamer, a traveler, a visionary, an adventurer, a risk-taker, a loving wife, daughter, best auntie ever, and doggy momma. Julie has been a lover of books, activist, philanthropist, and, most of all, a supporter of women and their dreams. She has been a successful executive for 20 plus years. Julie started working with a life coach ten years ago and loved how it propelled her further into living a life she loves and had imagined. Her goal is to help others reimagine their life. She has extensive experience in leadership skills, Life Coaching, and a vast history of assisting people in finding success. Her individualized positivism approach helps identify and attain your goals. Julie holds coaching certifications as a Holistic Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Coach, and Mindfulness coach and meditation teacher certification. She is also certified as a Social Emotional Learning Facilitator and has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Listen to my podcast here: Find me on the Socials ClubHouse Handle: @JulieDelCo Get my book here: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” ― Henry David Thoreau
Laura Gavigan, MS  Owner/Teacher/Coach  Laura, owns MindfulMatters585, LLC, in Rochester, New York. Working as an educator for many years, she became interested in how life can inherently create stress, anxiety, and compassion fatigue. Having experienced this burnout firsthand, Laura sought therapy, professional development, and mindful meditation practice to understand the ways stress can lead to burnout and chronic health problems. Ultimately, she learned how to compassionately care for herself and thrive personally and professionally.  Laura has led introductory and advanced mindful meditation courses for several years. The Mindful Matters team offers coaching, mindfulness classes, guided meditation, therapy, compassion fatigue workshops, as well as reiki and yoga retreats locally in Rochester and internationally. The programs emphasize a mindful approach through insight, practice, and community to help people thrive, rather than survive.
My name is Yely Rivas-Staley, I am a Venezuelan born American citizen, who speaks fluently in English and Spanish and enjoy learning and studying. Before I became a Yoga Teacher, I was a Venezuelan Attorney with a master’s degree at Law from the University of Illinois. I lived in Chicago, Illinois for several years, and then moved to Silicon Valley California, where I was a yoga studio owner. With more than a decade of experience in yoga and meditation, I am now a certified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance with E-RYT 500 and YACEP certifications in Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Anatomy. Currently I collaborate with Yoga Medicine, Yoga International, and OmPractice by writing articles and teaching various online yoga classes in English and Spanish. I have been practicing Yoga since 2004 and Meditation since 2008 and have trained with some of the most world-renowned yoga and meditation teachers including Tiffany Cruikshank, Jason Crandell, Roger Gabriel, and Rashmi Bismark. I am currently enrolled to receive my Mindfulness Meditation certification with Sean Fargo. I am constantly refining my practice, studies and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with many other renown teachers so I can continue offering my best self to my students. Website Free Self-Care Toolkit 30 Daily Mindful Self-Care Practices Challenge
Natalie Jurado is the founder of Rooted In, a line of therapeutic magnesium infused moisturizers that actively calm and relax your mood. She is a sought after thought leader, educator and speaker and has worked at the forefront of the wellness industry for over 8 years. She’s considered an expert in all things magnesium and her mission is to spread awareness of this powerful mineral to all who struggle to live their most vibrant lives.
🏃‍♀️ Health Coach & Personal Trainer, Heather Katz uses natural and holistic methods to guide busy moms, women & families towards a more balanced lifestyle.   "I’m certified health coach, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and someone who is passionate about helping busy moms, individuals and families to live a more balanced and healthy life. I am a mom of 3 who stayed home with our kids for many years, but a few years ago, I followed my passion and became a health coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor who uses natural and holistic methods to guide my clients, who are overwhelmed but looking to find a way to include more balanced living and health and fitness into their lives. I help my clients to identify their goals, prioritize them, and break them into simple, practical and doable steps. I am a lifelong athlete, a former competitive runner and triathlete who competed at the national level, and I am also someone who has overcome a few struggles with eating and injuries, as many athletes do, which I mention because these experiences allow me to relate to people on a different level. My background is in education originally, as I taught elementary school for seven years and still lead Tinkergarten outdoor play based learning classes (they’re currently online), which means I always aim to educate and empower those I work with. I also like to use a holistic approach in my coaching and training, including multiple modalities in my coaching to help my clients to reach their goals, such as aromatherapy, reiki, muscle testing, mindfulness and energy medicine. I believe that by working with and guiding my clients holistically, I can better help them to reach their goals. I also believe that everyone can achieve a healthier life, no matter how busy they are, as long as they have guidance in setting their goals and focus so that they can work towards them in small steps, one day at a time, which truly works. A favorite part of my work is guiding clients to transform their bodies and their health through health coaching, personal training and yoga instruction, as it is such an amazing process to guide, support, watch and be a part of!"
n this episode, I'm joined by Lisa Kilgour, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), sought-after speaker, educator and writer who specializes in undieting. Refusing to accept a one-size-fits all approach to nutrition, Lisa teaches the skills to uncover your own unique health puzzle and find the way of eating that keeps your body and mind happy and healthy.    In 2015, Lisa spoke about the gut-brain connection at TEDx Kelowna and in 2010 was voted “BC’s Favorite Nutritionist” by Natural Care Canada. Lisa lives in the breathtaking Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada surrounded by local, healthy food and stunning scenery with her three rambunctious cats and partner Michael.   You can find out more about Lisa: Her book, Undieting: Freedom From the Bewildering World of Fad Diets: Website: Free Guide (5 Ways to Eat What You Want):
From Delia Scales Her site contains blog posts talking about common problems in healthcare, and covers issues in the USA as much as Australia. The page ‘health technology’ features the health tech services, sorted by medical specialty. More are being added all the time.  In terms of solutions for Americans - this is a great organization that is working with employers in the US to get them at least 20% off their health care costs by cutting out the middle men. Here are a few concierge medicine sites for people to look at and think about: Here is a new type of health insurance that uses big data to get costs down while giving quality care This is a pharmacy site that has been mentioned in several places as providing much cheaper medications Here are just a few examples of health technology for two major diseases  Asthma Diabetes Finally some humor!   ***You can locate all of A Well Run Life's Online Courses by clicking here:
Kristal Garcia is a Self Love Coach, Transformational Speaker and Dream Facilitator. She is a survivor of covert sex trafficking and Human Rights Advocate of 20 years. As a former Dominatrix of 13 years Kristal Garcia is dedicated to raising awareness that BDSM is abuse and in this creating a listening for BDSM victims and survivors. 
1. Tell us a little about what you are trying to accomplish in the world. I am a storyteller and truth-teller. In our fast-paced modern world, people are yearning to reconnect to the energy, music and story of their spirit. I help people discover this part of themselves so they can be fully expressed and live their purpose in the world. When people are on purpose with their lives, stress and anxiety drop dramatically, and everything is much more fulfilling. Without it, stress remains high. I am trying to create a world where people are more naturally who they were before someone told them something else. 2. Tell us how you make people feel more connected and nourished. I lead people through experiences that enable them to get excited about being on planet Earth again, especially when everything has felt flat, meaningless and disconnected. Some of what I teach are specific embodiment and spiritual practices that work great for interviews, others are stories I like to share because people love stories for feeling connected and nourished. Sometimes I do intuitive readings on the air, if it is useful for the program. People are yearning to get out of the craziness of our modern life but they don't always know what it is they are looking for. I help them find that so their lives can truly bloom with color, purpose and passion. 4. Where can people find out more about you. See all my social links here:
From Tiffany Houston:   By age 15 I was 5’9” and 250 lbs and on my way to the grave if I didn’t make a change. Sounds dramatic but its true. So I began taking nutrition and weight lifting courses in high school to educate myself on living a well rounded healthy lifestyle. After high school I attended Arizona State University where I fell in love with group fitness and became an instructor. Fast-forward 10 years later and I am a healthy 160lbs. Along my weight loss journey I have helped 100’s of people change their lives and my goal is help and encourage as many people as possible. I understand the physical and mental journey one must go through to drastically change their life for the better and I am here to help!
From The Beer Research Institute's story:   "Not everyone knows our story. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, there’s a chance you’ve heard it. At least some of it… Like so many great American success stories, ours began in a garage. Let’s jump in the time machine and go back to the winter of 2005. I received a gift card for Christmas and immediately took it down to the local homebrew shop to purchase everything I needed to brew my first batch of beer. It was horrible but I drank every drop and it sparked a passion that I knew I would pursue. After a couple of humbling batches of beer, Greg came over and jumped in on the brew days. We were both hooked. We sought out every book we could, followed every beer blog and pod cast that was available. We joined our local homebrew club and continued to make as much beer as our schedules allowed. Through the process, like every homebrewer, we kept refining our process and adding equipment to make our brew days more efficient. Then, little by little, we started making better beer. Ultimately, the hobby was challenging and fun. If you know anything about us, you know we like to have a good time. About the only thing we take seriously is our craftsmanship and our brand."  
Andy is the owner of CrossFit LA (CFLA), one of the most successful CrossFit training centers in the world. Established in 2004, CFLA was the ninth licensed CrossFit affiliate in the world (out of 10,000+), and the first to be featured in national media. A former professional adventure racer, extreme athlete, and master white-water kayaker and mountaineer, Andy has completed three Eco-Challenges, one Raid Gauloises, and the La Ruta de los Conquistadores (a three-day mountain bike race known as the world’s hardest). A classically-trained trumpet player (Eastman School of Music) and a Marine Gulf War veteran, Andy was the oldest participant, at 43, to qualify for the 2009 CrossFit Games. Andy has been a CrossFit trainer for over 11 years and hold CrossFit sports-specific certifications in Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, the Pose Method of Running, endurance, and nutrition. Andy is a VIVOBAREFOOT running coach and a CHEK level 2 corrective high-performance exercise kinesiologist and nutrition and lifestyle coach. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Andy lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Julia, and their son, Dashel.
Our stories make us unique. Our stories awaken empathy Our stories elect connection.
Kimber Lanning is founder of Local First Arizona and Local First Arizona Foundation, two distinct statewide organizations working in tandem to strengthen Arizona's economy. Lanning is an entrepreneur, business leader and community development specialist who works to cultivate strong self-reliant communities and inspire a higher quality of life for people across Arizona. Lanning’s passions, which are seen throughout her work, include fostering cultural diversity and inclusion, economic resilience and responsible growth for Arizona. Lanning has grown Local First Arizona into a widely respected organization that is leading the nation in implementing systems and policies to ensure a level playing field for entrepreneurial endeavors of all sizes.  With nearly 3,000 business members and four statewide offices, Lanning leads a team of 17 who work on a diverse array of programs ranging from healthy local food access, entrepreneurial development in underserved communities, and rural community development, each of which plays a part in building sustainable and resilient local economies. THINK LOCAL. BUY LOCAL. BE LOCAL. Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses. We support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Local businesses contribute to a sustainable economy for Arizona and build vibrant communities we're all proud to call home.
Comments (27)

Donald Thrill

The intro is great, but It'd be also great to know the subjects in title, so to find and listen to what I need, as the list of episodes gets longer, and reading every description difficult. Audio may need improvement too... Damn covid and "telework"❗

Dec 19th

Malachi D

horsepoop, we are killing ourselves working because we need health insurance, not fame. Our kids need it, were trying to keep ahead in bank account in a country with no adjustments in income against inflation in 50 years. The argument that were being dishonest about what were spending our lives outside a well rounded choice is fundamentally tied to our national narritive on economic needs. Arguments about fame and fortune are distractions people in economic security can afford.

Dec 28th


I can't stand the host. He doesn't articulate well and doesn't ask interesting questions when he finally spits out a few words.

Dec 24th

Renee Zamora

First episode I've listened to and I'm glad your podcast caught my eye! Such great content and great points that she makes! as well as insight and awareness that she brings to these "touchy" topics ... thank you

Nov 30th

Brian Lee

Commies and anarchists are very different groups. I’m for individual liberty Think through neocon dogma.

Nov 7th

Gina B.

about higher education, frankly arid broad brushstrokes such as the commentary here on what education is doing, that one can informally educate themselves, is the most mistaken impression. don't be foolish about higher education. strive for it. truly. xo

Oct 31st

Nicholas Reed

Rick Arden is exactly what is wrong with this country, this world, and humanity.

Oct 23rd

Ken Danielson

Great episode, #winwin for everyone is so right. Farmboy is awesome! Amazing farm to table experience!

Sep 12th

Eric Clayton

Rick Arden, because of your typical knee jerk ignorant non thinking redneck comments I knew this is a podcast I want to listen to. Thanks!

Sep 10th
Reply (13)

Schaught Kawkgrehl

love the point about deferred payment. also hearing about those 30 million plus subsidies that corporations are getting for new locations, how is a new or old mom and pop shop supposed to compete with that? ugh, with the subsidies it sounds like Walmart is an example of state sponsored corporatism- where public tax money and public services are used to subsidize private profit

Sep 2nd


So yeah I don’t see how “revolutionary” a show can be when its only guests are entrepreneurs. Consider a less misleading logo if that’s where your politics lie because I was expecting something different with a harder left lean from that

Jul 17th

Rick Arden

I already left, I live out where real Americans live now. You should take your own advice and leave the country if you hate it so much.

Jul 13th
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