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Author: Peter M. Deeley Jr.

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The old structures of our global society are not serving us well.

We need to creatively destroy the ships that brought us here
and move in to the new land of the future with better tools.

Tools that keep us safer and healthier
that create more wealth for more people
that foster more intimate and rewarding relationships.

We need to leave behind what is not working.

We need a Modern Revolution.

9 Episodes
The Modern Revolutionary: Kimber Lanning
Kimber Lanning is founder of Local First Arizona and Local First Arizona Foundation, two distinct statewide organizations working in tandem to strengthen Arizona's economy. Lanning is an entrepreneur, business leader and community development specialist who works to cultivate strong self-reliant communities and inspire a higher quality of life for people across Arizona. Lanning’s passions, which are seen throughout her work, include fostering cultural diversity and inclusion, economic resilience and responsible growth for Arizona. Lanning has grown Local First Arizona into a widely respected organization that is leading the nation in implementing systems and policies to ensure a level playing field for entrepreneurial endeavors of all sizes.  With nearly 3,000 business members and four statewide offices, Lanning leads a team of 17 who work on a diverse array of programs ranging from healthy local food access, entrepreneurial development in underserved communities, and rural community development, each of which plays a part in building sustainable and resilient local economies. THINK LOCAL. BUY LOCAL. BE LOCAL. Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses. We support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Local businesses contribute to a sustainable economy for Arizona and build vibrant communities we're all proud to call home.
The Modern Revolutionary: Oren Molovinsky
THE MODERN REVOLUTIONARY: OREN MOLOVINSKY Episode 6 Opreating Partner OF Farmboy and Molovin Farm  Farmboy is a casual, counter-service restaurant that fuses the mouth-watering taste of smoked meats (aka barbecue), with the quintessential sandwich, soup and salad menu.  Offerings include pulled pork, chopped beef, and smoked chicken salad; while also featuring house-made veggie burgers, veggie chili, and 2-3 soups daily. Guests can expect a completely made-from-scratch kitchen, with quality rivaling most fine dining restaurants.  All dishes are prepared to order, and a variety of local meats are constantly emerging from the rotating wood-fired smoker, which is at the center of the restaurant. Guests at Farmboy enjoy authentic Smoked Meats and Sandwiches, in a rustic and comfortable environment.  The restaurant is designed specifically to ensure an engaging dine-in experience or a quick and efficient carry-out experience.  The meats are primarily smoked or grilled, using real Arizona wood, ensuring a “low and slow” approach to barbecue. The traditional culinary elements of Farmboy are accentuated by locally sourced ingredients, with meats that are raised and butchered nearby.  Long fermentation sourdough bread is baked on site, with Heritage grains grown in Arizona.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown by local farmers and are typically harvested right before they are delivered.  Farmboy strives to purchase whole foods and ingredients that are not processed, and if minimally so, they are handled by small family-owned operations that handle as much of the process as possible. Price points for farm-to-table cuisine are typically very high, and available only in upscale restaurants.  Farmboy solves this omnivore’s dilemma by utilizing the “nose to tail” approach to meat purchasing; taking advantage of the “lesser cuts” by using traditional smoking methods, which turns top rounds into tender roast beef; chuck roasts and briskets into rich cuts of smoked beef; and the trimmings for wood-grilled burgers (sliders).  Local poultry is smoked whole, one of greatest delights of smoked meats.  Pork is smoked by the “half hog”, with almost all the delicious cuts blended into pulled pork; all prepared in front of the guest in a large wood-fired J&R smoker; displayed for all guests to see the entire cooking process unfold. Arizona Craft Beers and Wines are offered and are carefully selected to pair well with our menu items.  Farmboy also offers a traditional Margarita cocktail, over ice, made with “Naked Juice” and 3 Amigos Organic Tequila, which is farmed and distilled in Jalisco, Mexico by an Arizona farming family. Farmboy highlights the best of Arizona; with an emphasis on excellent quality, and a menu that appeals to all diners.  However, behind the menu lies a deep-rooted passion for building the local family farm economy; and bringing farmers and producers together with their community. Farmboy Market, Meats, Sandwiches Oren has been working in restaurants since 1986; and in foodservice management since 1990.  With a rich career working his way up from a dishwasher and prep cook, through the ranks to Vice President of Operations for two large restaurant groups.  Prior to opening Farmboy, Oren has opened and operated well over 70 restaurants in his career; including Delicatessens, bagel cafes, hotel restaurants, fine dining restaurants, and most recently has been the largest operator of the rapidly growing Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.  Oren has led the opening of over 25 Freddy’s; and has operated Freddy’s in 10 states throughout the US. Prior to moving to Arizona with his wife Diana, and their 5 kids in 2011; Oren was the managing partner of several fine dining restaurants in the Washington, DC area for over 9 years.  In this role, Oren led a group of restaurateurs and chefs to form a local buyer’s group, which purchased meats, cheeses, eggs, vegetables and fruits from local farmers and producers; mostly in Virginia.  Oren personally coordinated the farm tours, purchasing agreements, processing, and logistics of getting all of these meats from “farm to table”.  This group, known as Farm to Table DC, purchase an average of $1,000,000 per year of local, natural & organic products.  All of these funds went directly to the producers, there were no middlemen.  Oren became an expert in developing “nose to tail” menus; which is a culinary term for purchasing all the meat and edible items from the cattle, pigs, lamb, and chickens that the group could purchase.  This led to many farms and farming communities expanding their capacity to provide for the many chefs who were clamoring for local products. In 2011, Oren and his family had the opportunity to move to Arizona, to be closer to family.  He and his wife Diana purchased 3.5 acres in Chandler, AZ on a Maricopa County island, which is now Mo'lovin Farms.  Installing an irrigation system that feeds off of the Roosevelt Water District Canal, Oren & Diana have planted over 350 fruit trees and plants.  Additionally, they have successfully planted and harvested heirloom vegetables and will continue to do so.  The Molovinsky’s are committed to farming organically, without the use of any chemicals.  Growing organically ensures superior soil, and the result is superior produce. Oren serves on the Advisory Board for Playworks-Arizona, a non-profit focused on anti-bullying and inclusion in Arizona schools; specifically focused on Title-1 schools.  Oren has been involved with Playworks-Arizona since 2011. Oren is also a partner, and the President of a critically acclaimed restaurant in Arlington, VA called Mala Tang.  Together with his operating partners, Oren has been able to bring authentic Sichuan cuisine from the revered food city of Chengdu, China, with an emphasis on Hot Pot dining. DIANA MOLOVINSKY  PARTNER & FARM MANAGER Diana manages all aspects of the farm operations at Mo’lovin Farms (aka Farmgirl Produce); and also, has started selling the product through local farmers markets.  Diana will continue to be in charge of planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables that are core components of the Farmboy menu.  Many of the vegetables are able to be grown year-round in the warm Sonoran climate of Phoenix.  However, Farmboy’s menu will adjust seasonally based on what varieties of heirloom vegetables and fruits can be grown at that time of the year. Diana has a worked in restaurants and hotels throughout her career; and is a graduate of the Hospitality and Restaurant Management school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.  Diana has worked for large hospitality companies as a manager, including Marriott Hotels.  Most recently, Diana has operated farmers markets in both Virginia and Arizona.  Sourcing sustainably grown local produce, by cultivating relationships with farmers and then selling the produce in an open-air market environment.  Diana helps to manage the retail operations of Farmboy, which includes a fresh produce section.  Diana also coordinates the sourcing of local produce and other ingredients from local farmers and producers.
The Modern Revolutionary: Katy Steinberg
It is obvious from the nationwide decline in church attendance and the great increase in “nones”  (people claiming “none” as their religious affiliation) that the traditional spiritual offerings are no longer meeting the needs of the people. That said, there is a general increase in a sense of awe and wonder. So how will we continue to facilitate our spiritual wellness if not in churches? And what even does spiritual wellness look like?  Like every other kind of fitness, our spiritual fitness is not purely of a spiritual nature, but overlaps with our mental, physical and lifestyle as well. This insight is the impetus for Katy Steinberg’s vision for Missing Peace, a movement addressing the physical, cerebral, spiritual, and serving components of spiritual fitness.  Despite moving nearly 26 times, Katy Steinberg names Winter Park, FL as the place she is “from.” That said, she and her family comprised of husband Jeff, and their two children have been in Daytona Beach area for 10 years or “my whole life” as the kids would say. At 36 years old, Katy has completed a bachelors in Business with minors in Mass Communications and Economics from the University of Florida, and a Masters in Divinity from Columbia and University of Dubuque seminaries.  Amongst Katy's social contacts, it became clear 2.5 years ago, that there were inadequate venues for spiritual exploration and wellness for people who didn’t feel like they fit or didn’t feel welcome in churches. From this consensus, an idea was born for Missing Peace   A place where doubter and disciple could both gather for spiritual practices, physical activities, cerebral discussions, and serving opportunities.  To do this, they began meeting in August of 2015 as a nomadic community of sorts that would gather weekly and travel the area seeking these different experiences in order to connect with each other and the divine in meaningful ways. Over 400 people have come to check out this unique expression of life and faith in community, serving nearly 1000 hours and giving over $25,000.  Looking for ways to participate in your spiritual wellness? Follow Missing Peace on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, eNewsletter, or simply make time for a few deep breaths and listen closely to your own spirit whispering to you exactly what it needs.     Katy Steinberg Founder MISSING PEACE Text Alerts: text PEACE to 33222 Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter eNewsletter
The Modern Revolutionary: Matt Foreman
Matt Foreman has been involved in Olympic weightlifting since the late 1980s. After beginning his competitive career as a junior athlete in Arizona, he was recruited to join the Calpian Weightlifting Club in Washington in 1993. As a member of the Calpians, coached by the legendary John Thrush, Matt rose through the ranks to become one of the best weightlifters in the United States in the +105 kg weight class, winning medals at top national championship meets for over ten years. Still competitive as a masters athlete, he continues into his third decade as an Olympic weightlifter. All the years of experience on the platform have given Coach Foreman an uncommon level of skill and understanding in the coaching realm. He has been a coach almost as long as a competitor, producing athletes who have competed at all national championship levels from youth to master, along with teaching countless clinics and seminars. A prolific writer, he has also published three books on the sport of weightlifting, along with hundreds of articles. In addition to national competition, Coach Foreman has produced dozens of local, state, and regional championships throughout his coaching career. Several of Coach Foreman’s athletes have won gold, silver, and bronze medals at these top national competitions.  Olympic Weightlifting Teacher/Lecturer/Writer (since 1991) Coaching Clinic Director at multiple schools, private gyms, and CrossFit gyms. Director of Coaching Certification with Iron Athlete, LLC. Featured Lecturer at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.Political/Administrative Experience in Olympic Weightlifting (since 1994) Political/Administrative Experience in Olympic Weightlifting (since 1994) Athletes Representative for the State of Washington (1994-2004) USA Weightlifting Board of Governors Member (1994-2000) Member-At-Large for Arizona Weightlifting Federation (2016-present Weightlifting coach (23 years) Currently employed as head weightlifting coach at Core CrossFit in Phoenix, AZ Currently employed as coach, seminar lecturer, and coaching certification director with Iron Athlete, LLC. 20+ years coaching experience with various programs in Arizona and Washington (high school, collegiate, private sector) Produced multiple national/international competitors in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting English teacher (21 years)- Mountain View High School (Mesa, AZ) Football coach- 10 years Track and Field coach- 20 years Published author (10+ years): Author of three books: Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete Olympic Weightlifting for Masters: Training at 30, 40, 50 and Beyond Olympic Weightlifting Programming for Masters Featured article contributor with Catalyst Athletics (7 years) Several articles published in various other magazines and journals in the fields of Olympic weightlifting, strength training, and track and field Educational certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership Certified USA Weightlifting Coach Certified Iron Athlete Coach Athletic experience: Competitive weightlifter since 1988 Two-time National University Weightlifting Champion Five-time American Open medalist Four-time National Championship medalist High School National Champion Two-time American Masters Champion 2004 Olympic Trials competitor 2000 World University Championship Team USA member 2000 National Team Championship Multiple state record holder Best official lifts: 90 kg class- 120 kg Snatch, 150 kg Clean and Jerk 99 kg class- 135 kg Snatch, 165 kg Clean and Jerk 105 kg class- 142.5 kg Snatch, 175 kg Clean and Jerk +105 kg class- 155 kg Snatch, 185 kg Clean and Jerk All results 100% drug-free. You can follow Matt's writing here: His books can be found here:  
The Modern Revolutionary: Deborah Frieze
Deborah Frieze is an author, entrepreneur and social activist. In 2013, she founded the Boston Impact Initiative, an impact investing fund focused on economic justice, which means investing in opportunity for all people—especially those most oppressed or abandoned by our current economic system—to lead a dignified and productive life. The fund takes an integrated capital approach, combining investing, lending and grantmaking to build a resilient and inclusive local economy. Deborah’s focus on resilience began during her tenure as co-president of The Berkana Institute, where she worked to support pioneering leaders who were walking out of organizations and systems that were failing to contribute to the common good—and walking on to build resilient communities. These leaders are the subject of her award-winning book, Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now, co-authored with Margaret Wheatley. After writing Walk Out Walk On, Deborah decided to build an urban learning center modeled after the pioneering leaders she wrote about. In August 2013, she founded the Old Oak Dojo in Jamaica Plain, MA, an event center dedicated to racial justice and a place where neighbors gather to rediscover how to create healthy and resilient communities. **** The Modern Revolution is a production of A Well Run Life. Subscribe to our 3 minute Podcast on our favorite podcast player: CastBox.
The Modern Revolutionary: Roza Ferdowsmakan
The Modern Revolutionary Roza Ferdowsmakan:   roza ferdowsmakan is a tech founder and slow food enthusiast who seeks to normalize farm-to-table for everyone, everywhere. she's the founder of bites, a free mobile app that connects foodies (those seeking to taste their way through life and open to world cuisines) with local chefs, such as home cooks, culinary students, and professional chefs, for in-home, farm-to-table dining experiences, with ingredients sourced from local growers. these local growers include urban farms, micro farms, co-ops, community gardens, backyard gardens, and family-owned small farms.   bites is a tool that facilitates an ecosystem where all of the participants benefit. what's in it for foodies, chefs, and local farms? for foodies, bites is about culinary adventures at all budgetary levels, so that more socio-economic levels can participate in farm-to-table. for foodies, it's also about celebrating diversity through the various cultures and cuisines that come into foodies' homes, and it's about community building. for the culinary talent on the app, it's about economic empowerment (jobs) - these home cooks, culinary students, and professional chefs generate an income with zero overhead, while setting their own pricing, availability and menus. for the local farms, it's about visibility and support. bites is interested in sending chefs and foodies alike direct to local growers, increasing their profits and decreasing their waste, while diverting from landfills.    bites can be downloaded from the app store or google play onto your phone. visit to learn more, check out whose talked about bites in the press, and follow us on our social media links.    with gratitude, roza ferdowsmakan founder 
Comments (27)

Renee Zamora

First episode I've listened to and I'm glad your podcast caught my eye! Such great content and great points that she makes! as well as insight and awareness that she brings to these "touchy" topics ... thank you

Nov 30th

Brian Lee

Commies and anarchists are very different groups. I’m for individual liberty Think through neocon dogma.

Nov 7th

Rick Arden

Brian Lee That's why I used the word "or" in between them! When did I ever say they were the same? They are in fact all very different. Typical liberal, twisting facts and words to help support their arguement. You need to lay off the CNN and Huff Post!

Nov 19th

Gina B.

about higher education, frankly arid broad brushstrokes such as the commentary here on what education is doing, that one can informally educate themselves, is the most mistaken impression. don't be foolish about higher education. strive for it. truly. xo

Oct 31st

Nicholas Gerstbauer

Lol commies & anarchists get btfo'd. We'll never let you have power in this country ever again. Trump and Bolsonaro are the future, and you can't do anything to stop it.

Oct 29th

Nicholas Reed

Rick Arden is exactly what is wrong with this country, this world, and humanity.

Oct 23rd

Rick Arden

Nicholas Reed No, I am what is eventually going to fix it! Girls in Boy Scouts, calling girls boys and boys girls, gender x and the elimination or pro-nouns, people "identifying as the opposite gender (yes, there are only 2 and science has proven that) or identifying as a stuffed animal, unicorn or whatever other weird shit they can think up for attention. Along with open borders, at will abortions, blatant voter fraud and the left "finding" 80,000 ballots out of thin air, women lying about being raped in an attempt to blocl a Supreme Court nomination. AND communists protesting in oir streets (especially here in Portland) desrtoying public property and leaving the bill for repairs and clean up for the tax payers, antifa attacking people for wearing the "wrong"hat......those things are what wrong with America today. We have a political group trying to impeach the greatest President in modern times over something he said years ago, yet that same political group defended a President that raped an intern. He also received oral sex from her while shoving cigars up her ass IN THE OVAL OFFICE and then lied to the entire world about it on tv! His wife if funneling funds theough their "foundation" and using millions of dollars donated to help people in need but was instead uaed to out their daughter through college! All of that and the democrats STILL tried to make her President! That's whats wrong with the world!

Nov 19th

Ken Danielson

Great episode, #winwin for everyone is so right. Farmboy is awesome! Amazing farm to table experience!

Sep 12th

Eric Clayton

Rick Arden, because of your typical knee jerk ignorant non thinking redneck comments I knew this is a podcast I want to listen to. Thanks!

Sep 10th

Rick Arden

Eric Clayton "redneck" huh? Hmm, are you using racial stereotypes? Funny, I thought the left was against that type of behaivior?

Nov 19th

Brian C.

Eric Clayton You eat paint chips don't you?

Nov 17th

Schaught Kawkgrehl

love the point about deferred payment. also hearing about those 30 million plus subsidies that corporations are getting for new locations, how is a new or old mom and pop shop supposed to compete with that? ugh, with the subsidies it sounds like Walmart is an example of state sponsored corporatism- where public tax money and public services are used to subsidize private profit

Sep 2nd


So yeah I don’t see how “revolutionary” a show can be when its only guests are entrepreneurs. Consider a less misleading logo if that’s where your politics lie because I was expecting something different with a harder left lean from that

Jul 17th

Rick Arden

I already left, I live out where real Americans live now. You should take your own advice and leave the country if you hate it so much.

Jul 13th

Rick Arden

It is very simple, we have an established system that has worked perfectly for over 240 years now. If you want to live under a different type of government, feel free to move to a country like North Korea and see how great your life will be! It cracks me up how the left is always trying to compare America to Nazi Germany and all of that bullshit. The only reason they make those comparisons is because they have it so well here and have ZERO idea what it is like living under a dictator! I also dind it extremely ironic how the left is always talking about evil fascists and how horrible they are because they killed 6 million people.....yet the left claims socialism and communism would be so much better, nevermind the fact that communism was responsible for over 90 million deaths! Stalin killed over 20 million alone, yet liberals run around with Che shirts flying communist flags! So they are comparing the right to fascists and saying how evil they were in Germany for killing 6 million people while they support socialism and communism which is responsible for around 100 million.....typical liberal hypocrisy.

Jul 5th

Rick Arden

Sounds like a crock of liberal, communist or anarchist bullshit to me! Look, America is just fine the way it is! There is a real big world out there with tons of options as far as ruling governments go. Find a country that is run the way you want it and move there! America already had our revolution, and we are the greatest nation in the history of man because of that revolution! Your comments in the description of this podcast has tones of communism in it with your talk of class struggle and wealth redistribution. We do not want that shit here! I spent 8 years of my life serving my great country during trhe Cold War in the late 80s and early 90s. I have seen first hand how countries under communist rule REALLY are! Show me one example of a communist country flourishing! Go ahead and try....just one example! It has never happened and never will! Karl Marx's writings work just fine in books, but not so much in real life. Those countries always find themselves under a dictators iron fist.... every single time. People are always talking about how evil National Socialism is because 6 million Jews lost their lives, well how about Communism with over 90 million lost lives? Stalin was responsible for over 20 million alone! Strange how that is never spoken of huh? The left keeps everyone busy hunting white "fascists" so nobody looks into them. We used to have it right and we hated reds! Now, thanks to the left's lies and the political shell game they are playing, we have forgotten how evil the reds really are! I live in Portland, OR....commie central. These idiots are blocking roads, shutting businesses down and anything else they can do in their so called protests. One of these days I am going to be the first car in one of their road blockades and I will not be stopping!

Jun 27th

Rick Arden

Cassie McKeever So original! Typical liberal, way up there on your pedestal and if anyone has a different political belief they are a "nazi" or they are "insane." The left has forgotten that this is a big country and they just a small percentage of the population. To them, you are either with them or you're a "nazi."

Nov 24th

Rick Arden

Cassie McKeever You couldn't be more wrong actually. I don't "seek out" liberal podcats at all. This one was recommended to me by the app I use so I gave it a listen. After that, I came on here and commented on my opinion of it. You see, the left is just so damn full of themselves,you think I'd waste my time looking for crap like this? The one thing liberals can't seem to wrap their heads around is the fact that not everyone agrees with their whacked out politics!

Nov 22nd
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