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The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.
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Moms are great at planning the holidays. Check-listing the holidays. Executing the holidays. But for those of us who want to create lasting holiday memories for ourselves and our families, it starts a much simpler place: noticing small moments of connection, beauty, and magic all around us. In this kickoff to our special series on Creating Holiday Memories, Meagan and Sarah offer our thoughts on the importance of noticing, and how busy moms can incorporate it into their holiday season this year.The post Creating Holiday Memories 01: Noticing appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Feeling distracted, forgetful, or just sorta fuzzy? We've been there. Listener Erin asked about "mom brain" and how we've handled it over the years, as well as how to keep your adult conversation skills from completely atrophying when you're in a phase of life that doesn't provide a lot of opportunity for intellectually stimulating discussions. We dive into small talk, how to navigate awkwardness in groups of adults where everyone seems to know each other, and how to nurture interesting conversations in mixed company.The post “Mom Brain” & Making Adult Conversation: Episode 235 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Heartburn in pregnancy means babies born with lots of hair; boys are harder when they're little, girls are harder later on; third babies are super chill: These are just a few myths and supposed truths that beg to be tested by reality. We asked YOU, our listeners, to help us come up with as many mom myths as possible, and in Episode 234 Meagan and Sarah discuss whether they've held true for our combined eight kids.The post Mom Myths & Mom Truths: Episode 234 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Meagan and Sarah have been lifting weights this fall! After bemoaning our fitness situation back in late summer, we got (sorta) serious about doing trainer-led workouts--and we found a way to do it "together," remotely! In today's More Than Mom episode we're full of updates, from how sore we are to what changes we've noticed after 6+ weeks of weight training. We also discuss where we want to go from here with our fitness routine, tips for working with a trainer or accountability group, how we feel about smartphone apps for fitness, and more.The post More Than Mom: Fall Fitness Update appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Taking your child to see a counselor, therapist, or psychologist feels heavy...but it doesn't have to be. As our understanding of childhood mental health expands and the stigma associated with seeking help shrinks, the growth and support opportunities for our kids that exist with the help of a trained professional are worth approaching with curiosity, not fear or sadness. In this month's Voices interview Sarah chats with child psychologist, professor, and therapist in private practice Dr. Erin Lanphier. Dr. Erin explains patiently, and with all the detail Sarah loves, what the process of finding and working with a therapist for your child is like. We also discuss anxiety and childhood fears, how to know whether it's time to seek outside help, and more.The post Removing The Stigma Of Kids In Therapy With Dr. Erin Lanphier: Voices 42 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
The road to extracurricular insanity is paved with good intentions...or so the saying goes. Sarah has always resisted the pressure to sign her kids up for multiple sports, clubs, and activities, but somehow Fall 2019 landed the Powers family with a crazy after school schedule. Join Meagan and Sarah as we discuss how it happened, what it revealed, and how it's all coming to an end this week. Enjoy!The post The Fall Sarah Quit Everything: Episode 233 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
From gift giving to special meals, family gatherings and classroom celebrations, creating special birthday traditions for your kids is a multi-faceted affair. Even if you're not into big parties, there is still plenty to think about--and to keep you busy when multiple kids have birthdays in the same season, as is the case for Meagan's family. Join us for a thoughtful look at the family culture around kids' birthdays in Episode 232 of The Mom Hour.The post Celebrating Kids’ Birthdays & Family Culture: Episode 232 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Weirdest thing Meagan and Sarah are afraid of? You'll never guess in a million years (and please tell us if you share our weird fears!). And then there are the more typical things that creep us out, from the minor heebie-jeebies to the big-time stuff that truly terrifies us. Join us for a fun, funny, not-at-all-scary More Than Mom episode all about the things that scare us!The post More Than Mom: Things That Creep Us Out appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Roasts, stews, gourd-shaped baked goods, and soups that pair with a storybook read-aloud--we are leaning in hard this fall to cozy seasonal cooking. Join Meagan and Sarah as we discuss what we've been feeding our families lately, what we aspire to make and bake this fall, and how we like to bring the season to our table in both the food and décor departments. The post On Our Tables This Fall: Episode 231 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
From cars to houses to groceries to college, there are some functional elements to growing your family that give a lot of couples pause. We're not here to convince you one way or the other, but we do have experience to share when it comes to going from two kids to three (and then, in Meagan's case, to four... and five...). We also acknowledge the emotional and psychological implications of parenting a bigger brood, and we're here to discuss it all in Episode 230. Join us!The post What’s One More? The Practical Realities of 3+ Kid Families: Episode 230 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
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